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  1. Hope so. We’ve had enough about their solo careers. It would be annoying as a fuck if they keep working and promoting their solo stuff while working on a GNR new album, IDK.
  2. Raz Cue - An Open Letter To Duff McKagan

    Oh my God, look at the band we've become fans for. Two rapists, a drug dealer and a car thief. And on top of that we expect them to behave like a normal band. How naive are we? P.D.: Is Slash the only one that’s not a criminal on this band?
  3. WTH Steven..Harakiri? Nah no way..To me just a stupid domestic accident. Get well soon you fucker!
  4. Seriously! He’s always right. The rumors that he publishes are always confirmed.
  5. Maybe but I don’t think so. To me touring is not his thing otherwise he would have done it on his own terms(free drugs and wherever ) to promote his solo stuffs all over these years but he just didn’t. Because that I don’t buy this “The 3 evils “ theory that goes around this forum. It’s not because money..Money is just an excuse to stay out of the game. IMO.
  6. Equally. ‘They Didn’t Want To Split The Loot EQUALLY’. I saw Adler w the guys in 2016 I screaming my lugs out when he walked onstage..It was a cool moment at the concert but that not mean I’m an Adler fan.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Absolutely not. Casual fans keeps him in business, not the hardcore ones. It’s the general public that fills stadiums and arenas, not us. If none of us take it, nothing happens.
  8. In a real and logic world you guys are right but..”Do you know where you are?” Sorry..
  9. Are you talking about Axl’s vault? Pufff..I think we have more chances with the ashes left over from the Universal fire.
  10. I interpret this as more of a warning about wasting time and lose your mind on something that no longer pleases you...on something that you have no control over it..And there’s a lot of logic on this. Sorry.
  11. All the versions of the band does deserved/deserve its share of criticism...The difference is that back in the day we had no Internet to make circles on the sand with the negatives things.
  12. How many strings did Duff, Slash, and Fortus have to change in those 3 months of rehearsal? You can’t compare the band's rehearsal with the singer's preparation. Unless you have discovered a shop that sells throats or vocal cords so that in case of excessive wear or any other problem, it can be changed like the strings of a guitar. It is obvious that a singer should rehearse, but not with the same intensity as the rest of the band.
  13. Well Russ, IMO, that of seeing only what you want to see can be applied in both cases...Some of us attach ourselves to the good things and we don’t do big drama with the bad things, especially those we do not have control or do not correspond to us...and others of us, we choose to attach ourselves to bad things, we ignore or despise everything that may be positive and we put a great magnifying glass on what we think is wrong...So what’s the point?