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  1. Thanks! I thought it was today. My bad.
  2. Actually he didn’t introduced them, he only introduced Duff..Before that he joked about bass solo or something like that.
  3. Sorry, not over here, on any occasion (it’s don’t matter if it’s a good thing) we need to bash someone or, IDK, to bring bad blood to the table. It’s our basic need. P.D.: IMO.
  4. Nice HD video man! Thanks for sharing!
  5. Sorry but It’s 2018, grandpa.
  6. Fly GNAIR

    In a real world you’re right. But I have a question for you..Do you know where you are?
  7. He’s not there probably because he couldn't get exactly what and the way he wants and as it’s about a band and he needs to work with other people...you know, it’s Izzy. Just take a look into his solo career, it’s him all about him. And to be part of a band you need to consider different POV and to some people things like that it’s too hard. So..No Izzy.
  8. Still so weird (weird good) the fact that they’re actually playing Slither. This is one more “not gonna happen” that I can exclude from my GN’R “no way” list!
  9. Well, you’re not that wrong, Pink’s Birthday was yesterday so... Anyway I think he was referring to the Queen Elizabeth, her birthday is in April but the parede celebrating was yesterday or something like that.
  10. I think he messed up bc that “holla back girl” it’s from Gwen Stefani, right?