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  1. Please don’t call what some of you do over here loyalty.
  2. Oh, my bad! I admit I hadn´t read his other messages. I had only taken into account his messages on this thread, especially the statements: - "It's all about Slash and Fortus on guitar. They are the entire world wants to see." Because obvious that´s not true. - " nobody needs Izzy to come back." Because Izzy´s fans need. And as you showed me the other messages from him, I correct myself. I don´t think he is a Fortus hater anymore. But hey! So are you asking to block a guy because he states he believes that a current GN´R member "sounds great", "will blow us away on the next album", "is very important in the sound of the band" or is a "Incredible player"? That's it? C´mon! Look, I quite understand that some people around here are extremely frustrated because Izzy is not in the band but to afirm that a guy is a troll and ask to block him because he likes a GNR member and, as a lot of people over here,sometimes shows that admiration in a wrong thread, is ridiculous! P.D.: And I correct myself one more time: People aren´t naive, people are stupid!
  3. Yeah..But I don´t buy it! I can see irony in his posts..So probably it´s just a Fortus hater trying to milking even more hate against him..And he´s getting what he wants..just take a look at the reactions..He´s good..he knows what he does.. God! Sometimes we are very very naive over here!
  4. Well, if you pay attention to both quotes I used the word "maybe". Do you know what that word means? Apparently not. Anyway... Quote 1: I said that maybe he wanted to do the tour, not that he had decided to do it. Between wanting to do something and deciding to do something there is a gap where people usually use to think about the situation. That´s it. Quote 2: I said that maybe he wanted things to be different compared to the NITLT not compared to the past!!! I mean different points of view of how this tour would be made: money,lineup, setlist or any other detail about how to do this tour. And as the others guys, apparently, did not agree with what he wanted he decided not to be part of it. Note: In that quote 1 "gap" he could easily have talked to the guys about his conditions to be part of the tour and as they didn´t reach an agreement he decided to stay out (quote 2). So, contrary to what you said, there are no adjustments in my words..In fact, my arguments complement each other. Dudde..you're really a broken toy, aren't you? Keep trying...
  5. Please, do it. Let’s see what I’ve been adjusting..
  6. No.I think that maybe to this tour he wanted things be different from what others wanted and because they didn´t do what he wanted he decided not to be part of it. Simple as that. With all due respect...Don´t be stupid buddy!!! I´m not against Izzy be in the band...I´m just concerned that people are throwing all the shit on the Big 3 like as if they were solely responsible for the fact that Izzy wasn´t in the band. And as I don´t believe what you guys are arguing I decide to talk more about it..Something wrong?
  7. Yeah, maybe he wanted to do this tour or do the reunion but then he realized that he would have to deal with what other people wanted too..he would have to deal with being in a band and not in his solo career where he does what he wants to do without having to take into consideration what other members want..So maybe we have a similar scenario to what happened with VR: "-Why did you reject the invitation to reunite with Velvet Revolver? Izzy: "I wanted it to be a quartet: Slash, Duff, Matt and I, but they really desired a singer, and as we know, singers can be quite problematic sometimes. So I simply decided to follow my own path." -Is it true that you suggested that you Duff would take care of the vocal tasks in the band? Izzy: “Yes. That would have been better." -How did they respond to that idea? Izzy: “I believe that Duff liked the idea, but Slash said no." " It´s all about what he want..It´s ok but in a band things don´t work that way. Don´t worry buddy... What´s your point anyway? What's making you so sick?
  8. You´re funny buddy! But please next time put the quote properly...here's all the text, not just a fragment out of context: And I reaffirm what I say in this quote. The songs themselves would not be able to sell so many tickets if they had not Axl and Slash on it. In the last two decades we have both played these same songs and they couldn´t even get close to what this tour is doing. Are the songs important? Of course! But these songs never stopped being played. Are the songs important? Of course! But these songs never stopped being played. What has changed is the Axl/Slash factor. That´s all.
  9. Hey buddy! I dare you to show me where I said the songs are not important. I'll be here waiting for you, after that we'll keep talking...
  10. You´re mistaken a lot of things, buddy...But anyway, yeah people are paying all this money to watch Axl and Slash play these old songs together and this is a condition without which it would not be possible to make this tour so successful. Take off Slash from the band and put Izzy in his place...Same old songs but now Axl and Izzy, no Slash..Did you believe it's gonna be as successful as the current tour? You can crying all day long but things are as they are. Wrong! Everything is based on those old songs played by Axl and Slash, without exception. In this context, without this combo there is nothing to see.
  11. Thanks man! Yeah on this interview there´s a couple points that we´re talking about on this board.
  12. Did you know that this big money that they are doing on this tour is because Slash is back with Axl on stage and not just because the songs? The money these old songs could make was already made a long time ago after AFD and Illusions tours...Now what is attracting all this money is the possibility of seeing Slash back to Guns N'Roses. That's what's selling tickets, not the songs themselves. Do you believe that if you changed Slash to Izzy this tour would be equally successful? Well, it looks like someone else besides Axl does not like dealing with power sharing...From a Izzy´s interview..Not guessing over here: "Before you spoke of the process of composition in Guns N' Roses. Since then, Slash became an icon, thanks to his attitude, his image and his style as a guitarist. Nevertheless, we who followed GN'R from the beginning, know that you were one of the main composers of the band. How would you describe the way you worked with Axl and Slash in those years? Izzy: “There was a chemistry there that worked well. Sometimes, our way of work was slow and difficult, if I compare it to what I do now, but the main thing was that the results were very good. Now, everything is easier for me. It’s much simpler to write for my band. Now I don’t have to discuss it with two other people whenever I write something." "
  13. Nope! We’re talkin’ about Izzy and clearly he’s much more faster then his former band. 17 years for him is a lifetime I mean 8 studio album and a bunch of singles..
  14. Woww..It´s from about 17 years ago Ronin. When you said that "in the last decade" I thought you meant the last 10 years or something closer to the time he made his last appearance with the band or even newer(because we know people can change their minds..just take a look to the Axl/Slash saga)..Anyway, on this 2001 interview I can see something much closer to a "whatever" than an "I'd love to". So this interview or any other that is not relatively closer to the time when they began to consider doing these shows, are not consistent enough to affirm that he wants to be part of the NITLT. Look I know that some of you guys(Izzy fans) are so fuckin´ frustrated because you saw in this tour a chance to see Izzy playing live music, maybe the only chance to see him at a show..but it´s not fair try to put all the blame on the band or try to demean this tour..Whether you want it or not, the evidences points much more to the possibility that Izzy doesn´t want to be part of this tour that for a evil plan to keep him out. What evidences? Izzy´s solo career (no tours,no band mates,no band) Izzy´s low profile philosophy and the "split the loot equally" demand. To me, those things are much more stronger then some random interview...How and what he do in real life is much more relevant than 17 years old "whatever" statements, especially in this case where we have a lack of information available. Yeah, I realized that you didn't follow that era. Just to remember, in 2014 Izzy was supposed to do one of those residency shows in Vegas..He never showed up.
  15. Clearly you have not been following the band for years...Since 2011/2012 he has begun to reduce delays and I can not remember a simple cancellation in the last 10 years.