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  1. Man! This guy needs help..To be honest it’s kinda sad.
  2. IDK, I think Slash deserves a better brother... It’s embarrassing!
  3. IDK, If you ask a teacher if he does not get tired of giving the same class for decades he will probably respond by saying that the content of his classes can be the same but the students change, the context changes and every class is as it were the first time because it renews the purpose of teaching and that is what gives you the pleasure and motivation to continue teaching without becoming tedious. So if, in due proportion, we translate this to what a musician does, we ask him if he does not tire of playing the same songs for years and years and years ... We would probably have a response very similar to that of the teacher. It may be exactly the same setlist for decades, but it changes the audience, changes the context, and feels the energy of the people there on the show, watching them entertain themselves is likely to rule out any chance of boredom.
  4. Where are Stuart and Amy?

    If I’m not mistaken, Stuart works w/4 Beta in a restaurant and Amy sometimes is around..In that 2014 Vegas residence she was in the backstage at some shows and some Axl’s party after show too.. Beta n’ Amy at Tom Petty Gig in 2014
  5. Hmmm...I don’t think so. To me they use the “YouTube mine” thing just because of the sonority...The lyrics and those people have nothing to do w GNR or YCBM.
  6. Your favorite "Axl Pose" moments

    Wow..Another shit thread created by one of those that are obsessed in take shit on that readhead guy. What a surprise!
  7. You can perfectly compare passion and enthusiasm, I can not argue against it. But you can not compare the voices, they are different types of voices. The voice we so much demand from Axl is the same voice that destroys his throat. Mick has no “angry rasp”. We can a little bit compare Axl w Brian Johnson but still, Johnson’s rasp it’s not that “angry”..And look at him w AC/DC before that ears problem..Sorry but rasp has expiration date, guys!
  8. Wowww..I can’t recall any other time that the audience has sung together in NR that way. Has this ever happened before? Pretty cool actually!!
  9. I'm sorry, but the fact that 99% of the people who paid for tickets have not yet seen this show is irrelevant. They need to shape the setlist thinking of those who do not go to the shows, those who watch the shows for free over the internet, over the years. Simple like that!