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  1. But man..They have been doing their things for over two decades! Absolutely.
  2. I don’t get Duff...He could easily go on tour with his side project(The Walking Papers), they just released an amazing album and instead that he chose to stay out.
  3. Cool but I can´t hear Axl´s voice on it..To me, It´s not him. About the female voice, sounds like Melissa but she have a general kind of voice so..
  4. Of course..That “opinion” thing again.. People over here don’t tell the band what to do(bc ppl can’t), people say what they “should!”do. But I’m pretty sure that you understand me. Anyway, in my OPINION you have many reasons to stay away from this band man..For almost 28 years they are no longer what you want. I mean, is not that enough time to move on? In my OPINION they need to do what they want, they need to play with the people that they want to..and If I like it, I'll buy it, if not, I'll look for what I like..as my OPINION, is my money, my time. In my OPINION It’s about art and I can’t keep around something that don’t pleases me..just my OPINION.
  5. So far I have not seen anyone laughing at Adler's diseases. And what people have been arguing about their absence on this tour is something as palpable as the difference between Axl's voice in AC/DC and GNR. Yeah, Axl sings waaayyy better with AC/DC and yes Adler’s diseases it’s responsible for his inconsistent career..As Youtube vídeos for Axl voice, we have Adler’s last 28 years of failure tours and rehab to prove that. And it’s not trash the guy, it’s a fact as that Axl’s voice thing. So I pretty much understand why they don’t want deal with him..And again, it’s their lives,their decisions..But hey, we have the option to not buy tickets..no one is forcing us to support them, so...
  6. I agree...But you know..It's so easy to say what other people should do when we have no responsibilities.. when is not our money, our career..when is not our life. The internet is generous, everything seems easier on it. We have solutions for everything.
  7. Nice job @fernomenoyde!
  8. OMG, people over here are getting crazy AF! She has a relationship and has not lived in Axl's house for a long time. And in this case at the Faena Hotel, as in many others, she has to play the bad cop role because they have a schedule to follow.. If I'm not mistaken they were leaving for Paraguay at the time they filmed this video and the whole band had already left for the airport, except for Axl.
  9. I may be wrong but ,besides those really dislike Myles voice or don’t care about Slash’s solo caree, when people says that they are not interested in this supposed SMKC album, that means they are on the hope for an album with GNR. I mean, they(including me) don’t consider (inconsistently or not) the possibility that there is “no music” by GNR. At all. IDK..Despite all the history and lack of evidence about it, we can not guarantee that there will be no new music. Yeah I know we can’t guarantee that will be either but still..
  10. I thought he would have a bit more to share about the band's first steps, but that was a long time ago and we can’t require him to remember every detail. Anyway, it sure was a very cool and historical interview with some pieces that help to complete a little more this puzzle that is the story of the band..And he seems to be a nice guy too. @Gambit83 nice job man!!! I swear I said exactly the same while listening to the interview!
  11. Man this is gold..the beginning of my favorite band ever!!! A lot of cool pics on this video too.. Thanks @Gambit83 and Raz Cue for sharing!
  12. @Gambit83 Thanks man! I was really looking forward to it!
  13. I'm pretty sure that Slash can delivery some great tunes with SMKC but man..Right now I have zero interest in SMKC, Axl/DC, Melissa & Brian, Dizzy’s solo album or any other solo project..That don’t means that I dislike those works or I blame them for doing that, nothing like that..I’m just not there, right now I’m all GNR stuff..So, for now I pass it!