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  1. Duff interview.

    Absolutely this!!! And If we go deeper we’ll find a ton of this kinda of hypocrisy w/ regard to the Izzy x The Big 3 saga! IMO, the main one is: “Do it for the fans” thing..
  2. Guns N Roses sues brewery

    We have some PHDs specialized in the “art of criticizing” over here...And I have to admit these guys n girl are fkn’ PRO! For example..They can transform something normal and expected from who owns something in pages and pages of unprecedented catastrophe.
  3. When he talks about traveling the world is he talking about GNR?
  4. I was about to ask the same.. But now I think it's John Connor.
  5. Does anyone have access to this interview?
  6. Brazil has been fucked up for a long long time, buddy! It was over 14 years of pain!!!
  7. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Yeah..They all have the same history of canceled tours because addiction troubles, Slash and Duff have the same vulnerability as Adler, of course! .. As Adler, Slash and Duff had their solo careers driven to failure because of problems stemming from their drugs addiction. You’re a genius putting they all in the same bag! So..You get real, buddy! You only can compare their addictions to remark how different each case is.
  8. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    His sobriety is ok until it’s not. Adler’s sobriety is vulnerable and always will be.
  9. Watch out! The crying babies will cry for you to be pointing their cry and will say that this is the place to express their “sniff sniff “ opinion and blá blá blá..Ops! I’m late, that’s already happened, sorry. Anyway..I hope it’s true I miss GNR GIGs!
  10. Happy Birthday Melissa Reese

    Happy Bday Mel!