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  1. But he didn’t said that. He just said that IN HIS OPINION Slash’s opinion is correct. What’s wrong with you people? Too much drama about that.. The World is big enough to have more than one “fuckin’ amazing guitar player”.
  2. It’s not rocket science guys! Izzy is not a “band guy”. Period! And I’m not talk only about GNR...So stop trying to incriminate the other GNR guys and start accepting the fact that Izzy is a lone wolf. His post GNR story is proof of that.
  3. I think Slash gives a fuck about this Perla’s party..He’s in an another level right now..New album and tour w his band, Meegan’s love, Axl/GnR,...IDK, looks like he have no much time to think(or overthinking) about his ex-wife’s teeneger behavior
  4. Exactly! Money has always been on the table when it came to a possible reunion..The variable in this equation was Axl move on from all the negative feelings about Slash.
  5. Exactly! I used to be sure that Slash would never come back, I even had a list of reasons why I believed he and Axl would never play together again and I used to laugh in the face of those who still hoped or believed that this could happen I used to called them naive. Well, 2016 proved that I was wrong...So hell yeah, let it be!
  6. Agree 100%. This is one of the side effects that some of us suffer from being a hard-core fan. We get so involved in this that we often lose track of what exactly it is, so we create a conflict-filled relationship with the artist and often lose all the fun and become ourselves in a kinda psycho-freaks-just my opinion-fans!
  7. Slowly they give us pieces of this damn puzzle. I try to be pessimistic but I think I'm failing. High hopes over here!
  8. Duff To Play Charity Event

    Yep! To be honest it seems some of us are really a fucked up psycho or at least act like one over here. Kinda scary all this thing! And I’m not joking.
  9. If Its Just Slash or Duff Who Came Back?

    I agree. Only these two guys (together) are able to fill stadiums and, as a consequence, cause interest in the media. Duff basically returned to the band in 2014 and the excitement was restricted to the fans and some segments of the specialized media. And of course all the 2 decades of drama around them helped a lot on this huge success too.
  10. Sorry but makes a lot of sense to me..What you said about Axl and Slash can easily describe Izzy’s behavior too.
  11. Well, IMO we can say that Izzy has the same “problem” as his friends. Otherwise, during all those years we would have several partnerships of him with other recognized musicians or even w other bands..