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  1. My bad! It was in Washington at Verizon Center, you right.
  2. From both cell and notebook just the regular ads here.. until now, no pop up.
  3. Yep, december 2nd, 2002 and we get a soundboard from that show. I hope to this one we have some good stuff too..I need some good new bootlegs. P.D.: Axl played at this same venue last year w Axl/DC.
  4. Too bad that basically we have nothing about this very first GNR show.
  5. I found this on FB Group Showtime: 7.30pm
  6. I can´t say that it will certainly happen but I would tell you to not give up. There´s always the possibility that at some point they will see your work...even more in the context in which we live today where the Internet somehow communicates all to each other. If you really want this, keep a folder with your ideas and arguments always in your pocket. You know that thing "right place, right time"..who knows one day it might happen to you and it would be good if you were already prepared to convince them with strong arguments. And there are brilliant arguments, you know that.
  7. @Sosso About Reckless..Between the demo and the mixed ones ... Which one do you like the most? I started liking the mixed version(Gilby) more but today I prefer the demo one.
  8. Reckless Life is on top to me, but I also like a lot Anything Goes, Rocker and Killing Time..From Rapid I like Prowler and Closure. Well it´s been awhile since I´ve heard these songs and I´ll back to this right now!! Thanks for the "up"!!Haha
  9. I swear I was about to tell you something like that...You should!! I I´ll tell you why..As a fan, besides the technical knowledge of editing and stuffs, you know the stage dynamics of each member, knows who does each solo and knows the evolution and particularities of each song...We love that PROSHOT thing but most of the time we are disappointed with the quality of the editions..That London 2012 with a million cameras is a good example of disappointment. they had all the technology in their hands and even then they did a very bad audio and video editing! Seriously it would be good for everyone if they had someone like you in charge of editing/producing a future DVD. You have my vote man!
  10. I hope this time he's wearing some underwear