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  1. Man, it's not worth discussing this here. It is very tiring and it is difficult to expose ideas in texts without being misunderstood, but respect the opinion of those who think differently. Just to clarify, when I spoke in indoctrination in schools I wanted to say about the way of thinking, indoctrination is done to put in the head of the student the thoughts of the left. I say this with certainty because I live this in my college, it is even difficult to state my opinion there because I am bombarded with curses. and about the "gay kit", the problem is not to show the diversities, but to its pornographic content and totally inappropriate for children.
  2. He is not against any of this. It is against indoctrination in schools, gay books for children, racial quotas that divide people between races, abortion, gender ideology and other absurdities. They want to destroy it because it will end the system. He was almost murdered! If you prefer Brazil in the hands of the Communists, the problem is yours, I do not want my country to become a Venezuela. I prefer a liberal capitalist government.
  3. Yes. They distort many things from the original context.
  4. He is not at all what they are saying, they are wanting to deconstruct his image because he will end the hegemony of the socialist left here in Brazil. And the people will vote for him because he is tired of these corrupt and destructive governments of the left.
  5. I just wanted to get in touch with the guys who sell these things. I would try to buy and share without problems, I'm not afraid of these guys here in Brazil.
  6. So was not Rick leaked? I read that he has the 10GB file, he said he will share? What else does he have?
  7. Sorry dude, I did not realize that.
  8. The guy who gave interview to the podcast will release the 10GB file?
  9. Can someone write a rundown on the history of the leaks and the house of blues please? I still do not speak English and I have to use google most of the time.
  10. Give me the contact of this guy that I buy and release for everyone
  11. How do you know that?
  12. Does anyone know who leaked the show on YouTube?