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  1. They also filmed some kind of documentary at the MetLife show in 2016.
  2. I think the show can be broadcast. If you search for Vive Latino Festival 2019 on Youtube, you will find several full shows from last year's edition.
  3. If they are going to play something "new", I think the most obvious is Hard School, since it was on the last setlist and it was confirmed that they rehearsed the song. I have no hope for more than that.
  4. You may notice that the beginning of this song is exactly the middle tone in which he usually puts his clear falsetto voice into Guns songs. He's not screaming here, as a lot of people say he only had the rasp in AD / DC because he sang screaming, but he can bring the full rasp without screaming at the beginning of this song. In my opinion he can still make his voice have the necessary drive but maybe he needs more effort to do compared to before. AD / DC shows were few compared to the amount of shows that Guns has been doing.
  5. For some reason my Groove Music sets the date of the song to 2020 even if I manually change it to 1999 it updates to 2020.
  6. Who are these people who also have the songs? If anyone knows who they are, ask them to leak or do it yourself if they are afraid. I only know that if someone sent me something I would leak right away without fear.
  7. he needs to give the material to an anonymous person so that person can do it
  8. it won't leak because everybody now knows that he has the material so it would be easy for TB to get on him I think
  9. As I understand it, the guy who owns these CDs doesn't want to sell?
  10. I'm a guitarist, but Axl is the fucking guy in this band.