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  1. As ludurigan said in "FTP could be Guns song" thread the songs simply need "the GN'R treatment" and "that all it takes for Slash (and Axl too) to fucking shine is giving them a good 3-chord progression played by actual rock n' rollers"!
  2. Unfortunately, dontdamnmeuyi2015 is correct, nothing they come up with would sound like the old days... But, damn it, they should know by now that the only way to produce some seriously cool and heartfelt shit is to be a BAND again, even if just for the preproduction and recording...they should "lock" themselves in a mansion or something (remember making of Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik by RHCP) for a few weeks and write off of each other, like a fuckin' r'n'r band should be doing, not some copy-paste nonsense. And build the songs the way they used to, with those mentioned bridges and codas that we all love...I don't know if it is an Izzy thing or what, but with Izzy in the equation it would be pretty close to the "organic" classic GN'R sound...wishfull thinking I'm afraid. Just "lose" a month of your life, put aside your comfort zones and give us and yourselves one last bitchin' GN'R record!
  3. Had Axl been more keen to keep Gilby (or if he had to go, to bring Izzy back) and had Slash not been stubborn with his "just shut up and sing" approach, we would have THAT GN'R album and, as far as I know, the only recorded indication of what that might have sounded like is the whistle melody over Slash's Back and Forth Again arpeggios...which is structured similar to FTP, just sayin'...
  4. Banzai to you all! Never posted anything anywhere, but been reading the forum for years now, Guns fan since '91...on topic - couldn't it be that Axl mistakenly mixed FTP with Back and Forth Again which we all know was tinkered with by Axl (makin' of Estranged)? Marvelously, btw!