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  1. Leeds 2002

    Oh no worries! I never hear that show in London mentioned actually. It seems to be totally forgotten about for some reason! If anyone's interested I can post some pics of the 'tour shirt' from those shows...with just two tour dates on the back!
  2. Leeds 2002

    See above for the views on The Prodigy! Not a good time for them, by any means. I was at the barrier and the black guy in the band said to the other sing, off mike "oh shit, this isn't going very well is it?" I heard, and being a bit cocky shouted 'NO' at him. To his credit he laughed and said something along the lines of "don't worry we'll be off soon"! Axl seemed in good spirits in some ways, but there were a good few rants both nights. I think people were pretty confused by Buckethead and what was going on in general.
  3. Leeds 2002

    ...I think when you look at the crowd towards the end of Paradise City on that video you can really see how sparse it was!
  4. Leeds 2002

    Not true- they played the (now bulldozed) London Docklands Arena a couple of days later. That was another odd show- quite a small arena, Axl had a huge rant about a review of their Leeds show he'd read which described him as 'as big as a house'. I went to that too- was a very surreal weekend, having seen them after so long in the wilderness. What was really strange was how little anticipation or hype there was about the shows outside of a very few fans. I'm not sure they even sold out the Docklands show (I could be wrong on that). The shows had come after two tours (both of which I had tickets for) that just never happened, and never got rescheduled. The second time the tour got cancelled it became the one night at the Docklands. I think that got announced before Leeds actually, but again I could be wrong on that. I often wonder how many other people spent all three days at Leeds, then packed up and got the train straight to London. I remember leaving stupidly early and I was pretty much the only person awake on the whole Leeds festival site, trudging along on my own with my bags! No buses running so wandered down country lanes for hours to get to the city centre and down to London. I did it all on my own- looking back it seems madness, but those shows stand out as something special to me. I agree that the potential for that lineup was immense. Still the best version of Nightrain I've ever heard.
  5. Leeds 2002

    Fantastic show- the atmosphere was off the scale- it seemed like very few GNR fans were there- maybe a couple of hundred of us right at the front, nervous as hell about whether they would show! Was both surreal and exciting. Looking back now it almost feels like it didn't happen- everything about it was so weird. Remember the guy that came out in a mask and did some weird nunchuck routine right behind Buckethead at one point? I never knew what was going on with that. Hearing the new stuff was off the scale too- first contact we'd had with it pretty much, as internet wasn't such a thing. Prodigy though-come on! They bombed sooooo badly that even the band gave an interview sayig they wanted to split after that show! Was grim. They seem to have picked themselves up since though. I remember a guy stood next to me in a Prodigy shirt saying he was embarrassed to have worn it!
  6. Excited About GNR future

    The reason is that the NITL tour is an event, and demand for it has been building for a long time. With U2 and Metallica touring regularly for all these years, it's inevitable that GNR could sell more tickets for one tour. A U2 or Metallica tour isn't such an event. But that will change- the NITL lineup touring won't be an event again. So it's unfair to compare them, on a sales basis, at this time.
  7. Excited About GNR future

    Having made that comment- I do think the setlist is fine, FOR NOW, as it's this tour. This tour is NITL, it's doing the rounds, most people see one show- that's all fine. I had a total blast seeing it- loved every second. I love the Chinese Democracy stuff massively- could even be the highlights of the set for me (controversial as that might be in some circles!). It's the future that is starting to matter now though, as the tour reaches it's final legs. New music is about more than simply whether it connects with fans - it's a statement, and sets a tone of expectation, and makes it clear nostalgia isn't the only draw. From those points alone, the inclusion of CD stuff is welcomed I think. OK, all the casuals might not like it, but they do it anyway. That's great in my book. But without new music, the only future is nostalgia...and that's the problem. Nostalgia is rank, fetid, horrific and the domain of the creatively bankrupt and the 'one gig a year' crowd. No one wants that. Equally however, there may be no future......
  8. Excited About GNR future

    I'm not much of a U2 fan, but come on- you can't really criticize them for not try to move forward, constantly. The reason they've managed to still be as popular as ever is simply that they've done this. No way in hell would they they still be filling stadiums across the world if they were playing the same setlist made up of 80s material over and over. Ok there might be an element of 'box tickers' at the shows, there to hear the hits, but they go and see the band once, then they're done. They don't keep going. It's people wanting to hear new and different material that come back tour after tour- fans in other words. U2 can fill stadiums because there are enough of the latter group, who keep coming back. I really don't understand any sort of argument for suggesting GNR could possibly do a stadium tour again without serious investment in new material. Arenas, sure. Stadiums- no chance. 95 per cent of the people at the NITL shows were ticking the box. They've done it now. Next year it will be Bon Jovi (or whoever else might be touring) for them.
  9. What happened to Steven Adler?

    There are also probably issues getting him work permits/visas for working outside of the USA, given his past.
  10. Wichita Lineman Discussion Thread

    Chatty crowd. Fucking hell, people like that drive me nuts. I've been in bars quieter than this! "Does anyone know what this song is?" Great version though- shame about the crowd.
  11. Regina show to be broadcast?

    Person who started this thread has lifted my post/thread directly word for word from another GNR forum- I was a little surprised to see it! I don't post here much, but read stuff fairly often, so it caught my eye!
  12. Regina show to be broadcast?

    Might want to change the wording SLIGHTLY when you're lifting stuff, hey?! I mean, I don't give a shit, as it's only an internet forum, but lifting the entire post word for word from me is a bit odd!
  13. Wanted - one pit ticket for LA November 29th. Why is it so fucking hard for a fan to buy a ticket at face venue in America?! Ticketmaster are wankers. Anyway- anyone got a spare for any reason, I'm interested.
  14. I went to a talk recently and the guy giving it was signing his book after. He asked the man in front of me what his name was, and he said "oh, can you not put my name on it, thanks." The author said "sure", and put the city, venue and date on it, then said "I like to do that so I know where things come from if they show up anywhere" with a grin. I thought that was great! Surprised more celebs don't do things like that.

    If they'd given me a time I'd have done that for sure. All I got was 'at the end of the show'. I naively thought while the lithos were known to be few, they might have a considerable stock of the shirts. Wasn't the only thing poorly organized at the gig!