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  1. You know that viagogo are a touting website right, who sell them at inflated prices? If not- avoid them like the plague and buy them at the proper price though the official Download website....
  2. Rumor of a new album???

    Those photos and the video couldn't look less like a rehearsal/recording if they tried! I'm all for wishful thinking on this one- but we're in fantasy land here. There's no equipment, there are flight cases/guitars clearly laid out to be seen. Most telling of all - the guitar isn't plugged in, and there's clearly a man taking photos! This clearly isn't any sort of rehearsal or recording, in any way.
  3. Rumor of a new album???

    Radiohead are massive in Europe. A huge deal - big shows sell out instantly. Comparing them to GNR in terms of popularity is impossible though- you're talking about a band who have toured regularly throughout a career that has seen continual album releases on one hand, and a band that.....well, haven't done those things. So what criteria can you ever compare them on? Album sales mean nothing, as people buy less albums now. Ticket sales aren't a fair comparison, as Radiohead have toured regularly. Anecdotally I know loads of loads of people who love Radiohead. And none who really like GNR. That means nothing of course, in the same way that someone saying "everyone I know hates Radiohead" means nothing. It depends on who you know. In the UK, and I don't say this at all because I want to, since UYI 2 the band have been regarded as the butt of a lot of jokes. I've had the piss taken out of my so so may times about my love of them. It is what it is- they just aren't regarded as a serious band by a lot of people, whereas Radiohead, Oasis, Coldplay, Muse, whoever, are. It is what it is- I think they're wrong. Getting played on radio is also not even a comparison or sign of popularity. The only place GNR get played here is a few minority 'classic rock' stations, which is fine. It's old stuff now- you can't expect a radio station wanting to play new music to be pumping them out. And why you want them to? If I want to hear GNR I have all the CDs/tapes/records I need. I'd rather be listening to a station on which I might hear some great new stuff rather than stuff I've had for years, and can play anytime I fancy. I also have no desire to hear my favourite band sandwiched between Bon Jovi and Saxon in some sort of nostalgia hell-fest radio station that wishes it was still 1989!
  4. Why I think new music is coming

    I'm sure that if they were recording something would have leaked. As someone above mentioned, the amount of people in and around professional recording studios is massive. Information would leak- in the same way it leaked when Axl went to rehearsals with ACDC. And that was just rehearsals, let alone recording. If something was happening, we'd know.
  5. Don't expect too many other bands on the bill then if that's the case! Band before it would have to finish by about 6 to give time for change around and GNR to get on stage for about 7 to meet a half ten curfew. Maybe even earlier. If music starts around midday, I think you're looking at maybe 4 other bands on that afternoon. Tough shit for people going who don't want to see GNR!
  6. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    UK. There are a lot of great newspapers and magazines here- not just about music, about many things. The US newspapers I've seen are pretty limited I have to say, but I wondered whether that was just the ones I'd personally seen......
  7. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    There's no substitute for reading a newspaper or magazine. The amount and quality of information in them is so much superior to that found online....not to mention the reliability and accountability aspects formed by ISPO and suchlike. Also (and this may just be a personal thing) you consume and retain things you read in them so much more. No distractions maybe? You scroll through stuff online- reading a paper or magazine makes you ACTUALLY read them. They also ensure you aren't only reading the news stories and articles you want and choose to (i.e. the echo chamber) and are instead being subjected to ideas and thoughts that may challenge you or stop you forming a shielded world view where the only thoughts and opinions you hear are those identical to your own.
  8. Just a quick further question- I use iTunes- can that play FLAC? I seem to remember being sent a FLAC once and I had to convert it to MP3 to play it.....
  9. Thanks! I'm about 5 years behind everyone in terms of downloading things! Appreciate the help.
  10. Can anyone help, as I'm bad at things like this- which of the two links is the best to download? What's the difference?
  11. Oh right! Got you! Nah, no worries! I wouldn't put it past 99 per cent of the crowd at these shows to be unaware who anyone on stage is other than Axl and Slash to be honest!
  12. I have no idea if that's sarcasm. If it is, I have absolutely no idea why your initial post was asking whey they didn't include him in the reunion.....
  13. Your post was: "wonder why they didn't include him in this so called 'reunion'. I know he didn't add much, but he did play on 4 or 5 songs on UYI" right? I was wondering why you thought Dizzy Reed WASN'T in the current GNR lineup!