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  1. Perhaps if they made the material available in high quality formats, officially, people wouldn't want to consume it via low quality versions for free? I'd much rather spend money on getting physical copies of things (as would most fans) - but that option isn't there.
  2. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    No, it's not a contributing factor at all - in fact it's the opposite. The reason things WEREN'T circulating was because people were trying to put monetary value on things and keep them worth money. As soon as that particular set of dis-likable individuals had their world bust wide open, and the fans got material, it was shared. For free. Hence those individuals fury and the aggressive tactics used to attempt to keep that material worth something. What you're talking about is doing things like turning up first at a gig, buying all the lithos, keeping them out of others hands, then feeling smug about it. You can understand why people on a fan forum might find that sort of behaviour, at best, pathetic. You're not going to get a pat on the back for it- you're also unlikely to find yourself front of the queue when it comes to fans sharing things and helping out other fans. Most people have zero interest in trying to make profit by keeping things out of others hands. That's an entirely normal way for fans to behave in relation to each other. I had people, from this forum and from HTGTH (that I'm more active on) send me things from the tour I wanted and you know what? They didn't charge me a penny more than they cost them. I've done the same for people. Sure you can say "you're stupid for doing that, current market value, etc etc" but you know something else? Most fans couldn't give a flying fuck about trying to make a few dollars out of another fan. I guess it's kind of the point of a 'fan forum': discuss stuff and communicate with people who feel as passionately as you do. Why the hell would I then want to make money out of them? Keep going with your little 'buy and sell operation' if it makes you happy. Don't expect us to respect you for it though.
  3. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    we all understand what you're doing - we're just mocking you for it. If you want to spend your free time driving round Target's trying to keep cassettes out of the hands of people that might want to buy them - that's your look out. But please don't think you're some sort of genius businessman for doing it, as you really aren't. You're the equivalent of the kid at school that buys all the chocolate bars up, and then doesn't understand why the other kids make fun of him. And also please don't think many people on a GNR fan forum are going to pat you on the back for it. I think most people find 'investments' and 'market value' debates to be the sort of think they turn to music to avoid and put two fingers up at. You can sit in your bedroom cackling and rubbing your hands in glee that you've picked up some cassettes, and aren't you SO clever for doing so. The rest of us will laugh at you for failing to get the point of music. On another note...I cant understand why anyone would want these things. The exact same album on plastic that's tinted blue? I'll pass and spend my money on an album I don't already have!
  4. Special Alert for GNR Fans!

    Yeah, sure, if you want to be a total jerk. "Ah, it's capitalism man, it's business, it's the real world, it's making money" etc etc. Yeah, fuck that. I'm happy to be the sort of person to sell things to other fans for the price they cost. As a result fans have sold me things for the price they cost too. It's all about 'not being a cunt' I suppose....which is something I constantly try not to be.
  5. I'd just wait. Don't expect much though. In about 6-8 months (I know of people who are still waiting long after that though) your stuff will turn up. That's really about it. There's not much more to Nightrain than that. You can use the forum on the website if you like; I presume you've already got a log in for that if you've registered. Trying to contact them is a nightmare - it's just a waiting game. Your water bottle and hoodie will turn up eventually I expect...but it will be a long wait. I know of people who still haven't received theirs though, that renewed when the new packages came in, so don't hold your breath!
  6. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    People are happy to write off Ed Sheeran as 'not cool' or 'not alternative' enough....but really, he's the one actually getting off his arse and battling these practices, at his own personal expense. Meanwhile so called 'anti-authority' acts are happy to carry on facilitating the flogging of their tickets at grossly inflated prices. Musically, he's not my bag, but I think it speaks volumes that it's him who is standing up for things rather than anyone else....
  7. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Can't moan about the touts if you're willing to pay their prices....you're the reason they do it! Shows aren't sold out - Ticketmaster are just doing their usual "sell at inflated prices to generate illusion of demand" trick. They're selling tickets for the doncaster show for £200-£250.....it's not sold out and they're available for face value from the venue website. Ticketmaster tactics are disgusting - making up their own prices to see what they can get away with charging. When people don't buy them they dump them all back to face value. Look at other ticket sellers if possible at all times (only use TM as a last resort) or just simply wait a bit.
  8. Ha! Getting my years muddled! Yeah - I meant 2019 of course! Australia/New Zealand early 2019 would be my guess. Do we know Slash is committed to SMKC early next year? No tour dates announced yet are there?
  9. As I recall Fernando also suggested that touring was the plan beyond this year. My guess would be Australia/New Zealand dates in early 2018.
  10. Fernando mentioned that there were no more European dates on the cards.
  11. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    Was on Amazon Prime about a year and a half ago. Izzy was on it, and the show appeared to be uncut (to my memory/knowledge).
  12. I have far too much (unwanted) free time, and would absolutely, 100 per cent run it for little or no payment, alongside a couple of other fans, aimed at fans. Live nation controlling it may seem sensible in the shorter term financially, but in the longer term, having people with some passion for the band offering what people want would see revenue rocket. I offered a few times on Nightrain itself (not a member anymore!)
  13. GnR event in London this weekend??

    How much are the shirts? If there isanyone going that might be ok with picking one up for me could they dm me....I'd be grateful.
  14. HMV in the UK is way cheaper than Amazon (for the super deluxe version) Still way too expensive for me...but for those who are interested!

    I bought one of the ones from ebay off the screenprinters - quality is exceptional, and looks better than the official one! Was really impressed.