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  1. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    UK. There are a lot of great newspapers and magazines here- not just about music, about many things. The US newspapers I've seen are pretty limited I have to say, but I wondered whether that was just the ones I'd personally seen......
  2. Classic Rock GN'R special mag

    There's no substitute for reading a newspaper or magazine. The amount and quality of information in them is so much superior to that found online....not to mention the reliability and accountability aspects formed by ISPO and suchlike. Also (and this may just be a personal thing) you consume and retain things you read in them so much more. No distractions maybe? You scroll through stuff online- reading a paper or magazine makes you ACTUALLY read them. They also ensure you aren't only reading the news stories and articles you want and choose to (i.e. the echo chamber) and are instead being subjected to ideas and thoughts that may challenge you or stop you forming a shielded world view where the only thoughts and opinions you hear are those identical to your own.
  3. Just a quick further question- I use iTunes- can that play FLAC? I seem to remember being sent a FLAC once and I had to convert it to MP3 to play it.....
  4. Thanks! I'm about 5 years behind everyone in terms of downloading things! Appreciate the help.
  5. Can anyone help, as I'm bad at things like this- which of the two links is the best to download? What's the difference?
  6. Oh right! Got you! Nah, no worries! I wouldn't put it past 99 per cent of the crowd at these shows to be unaware who anyone on stage is other than Axl and Slash to be honest!
  7. I have no idea if that's sarcasm. If it is, I have absolutely no idea why your initial post was asking whey they didn't include him in the reunion.....
  8. Your post was: "wonder why they didn't include him in this so called 'reunion'. I know he didn't add much, but he did play on 4 or 5 songs on UYI" right? I was wondering why you thought Dizzy Reed WASN'T in the current GNR lineup!
  9. Huh?! You know Dizzy Reed IS in the band right?
  10. For sure. This is my favourite band, but I can't possibly defend the prices to my friends/girlfriend when they are amazed by how much it costs. Especially as we're in 'second run' territory now. I can't play the "oh this might be my only chance to see them card"- I saw them this year! I get people's point about only going to one/two concerts a year, but as a music fan I don't want one gig to mean I can't attend any others!
  11. Seems to be that any of these shows that has a GC price of under around 160 euros is using the 'GC is half the standing area' setup. I guess that's the way to offset the sky-high prices somewhat, but perhaps a little misleading to call it a 'golden circle'. Still an absolute scandal what they're charging though. Constantly amazes me how people can afford multiple shows!
  12. I like the association of 'passionate' with 'rich'- which is basically what they're saying. Empty your life savings kids, or you're not a 'passionate' enough fan! Absolute bullshit. Sad that some kids might actually think that.
  13. No problem. There's a lot of stuff online about it all - and certain artists (Ed Sheeran and Adele especially) are trying to tackle it. The problem is that since the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger they are just too big. It's hard for artists to stand up to them,- and a lot don't want to stand up to them, especially when the money is rolling in. Massive respect to Ed Sheeran and Adele really for doing so. Ironic though isn't it? Two singers not regarded as 'against the system' in any way are the ones fighting the system....
  14. They are normal tickets- exactly the same as you buy at the price they are initially released at. There is no VIP element, or early entry, or anything along those lines. The word 'platinum' refers only to the price: it's over face value. So Ticketmaster sells tickets for the show, at, say for example $150 each face value. They then stop selling those, claiming the show to be 'sold out', and sell 'platinum' ones. These are bought and sold via their site, and can be sold by ticket touts, or, as more often is the case, Ticketmaster themselves. At any price they want (so a $150 ticket they might decide they want $300 for) They call it 'dynamic pricing'- to you and I, the fans, and everyone else we call it a 'scam'. Their official explanation is: "Ticketmaster Platinum offers fans in demand tickets direct from the event organisers. Dynamically priced according to forces of supply and demand, our mission is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to in demand areas." So, basically, it's a way for Ticketmaster to ignore the face value, and charge whatever they like. They win entirely because if people won't pay the prices they've pulled out of the air- what are they going to do? It's not like you can go somewhere else to buy your tickets for the show: hence the word 'monopoly'. They have the only tickets, their 'platinum; policy allows them to charge whatever they damn well like. As a fan, you don't like it? Ticketmaster shrug and say "hard luck, you're not going to the show". The way to deal with it is for people to never ever pay a penny over face value- to ignore Platinum tickets entirely. When they don't sell at these Platinum prices, Ticketmaster worry they will be left with unsold tickets. So they dump them all back on sale, at face value, or possibly even lower, just to get rid of them. Does that help a bit? It's a massive con, and difficult to get your head around, but essentially it's fans getting exploited by Ticketmaster. The real insididious thing I feel is that people get conned because they're on the 'official ticket site' rather than a ticket touting site. They just assume that's the price.