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  1. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    People are happy to write off Ed Sheeran as 'not cool' or 'not alternative' enough....but really, he's the one actually getting off his arse and battling these practices, at his own personal expense. Meanwhile so called 'anti-authority' acts are happy to carry on facilitating the flogging of their tickets at grossly inflated prices. Musically, he's not my bag, but I think it speaks volumes that it's him who is standing up for things rather than anyone else....
  2. SMKC announce European headlining tour

    Can't moan about the touts if you're willing to pay their prices....you're the reason they do it! Shows aren't sold out - Ticketmaster are just doing their usual "sell at inflated prices to generate illusion of demand" trick. They're selling tickets for the doncaster show for £200-£250.....it's not sold out and they're available for face value from the venue website. Ticketmaster tactics are disgusting - making up their own prices to see what they can get away with charging. When people don't buy them they dump them all back to face value. Look at other ticket sellers if possible at all times (only use TM as a last resort) or just simply wait a bit.
  3. Ha! Getting my years muddled! Yeah - I meant 2019 of course! Australia/New Zealand early 2019 would be my guess. Do we know Slash is committed to SMKC early next year? No tour dates announced yet are there?
  4. As I recall Fernando also suggested that touring was the plan beyond this year. My guess would be Australia/New Zealand dates in early 2018.
  5. Fernando mentioned that there were no more European dates on the cards.
  6. AXS "premiere" of London 2012

    Was on Amazon Prime about a year and a half ago. Izzy was on it, and the show appeared to be uncut (to my memory/knowledge).
  7. I have far too much (unwanted) free time, and would absolutely, 100 per cent run it for little or no payment, alongside a couple of other fans, aimed at fans. Live nation controlling it may seem sensible in the shorter term financially, but in the longer term, having people with some passion for the band offering what people want would see revenue rocket. I offered a few times on Nightrain itself (not a member anymore!)
  8. GnR event in London this weekend??

    How much are the shirts? If there isanyone going that might be ok with picking one up for me could they dm me....I'd be grateful.
  9. HMV in the UK is way cheaper than Amazon (for the super deluxe version) Still way too expensive for me...but for those who are interested!

    I bought one of the ones from ebay off the screenprinters - quality is exceptional, and looks better than the official one! Was really impressed.

    That looks like the Crazy Frog has had a breakdown, then been mauled by a dog. Good grief. Not for me!
  12. "Coldplay doesn't even qualify as music" was your comment. I'd say that's not starting from a fallacy of you not liking Coldplay at all. I'd say it's obvious you don't like or respect them because they don't make music you personally like. It's you saying they're no good to anyone at all, and shouldn't make music. There's no band that sounds like Muse. Or The Killers or Coldplay for that matter. They're all unique at what they do, and you instantly know it's them as soon as you hear them- all 3 have progressed too through their career. Nothing wrong with any of that. I'm not sure why there is any need to label Muse, The Killers or Coldplay as rock or pop. Serves no purpose to anyone.
  13. I'd say both are unique bands though - in that there's no one that sounds like either of them really. Both bands have also moved their sound on continuously - which I have to admire. I have no desire to hear Muse's foray into dubstep, or a duet with Rihanna of course! I just think it's harsh to run these bands down when there are so many 'rock' bands who are the most boring, dull, unimaginative fuckers you can imagine, claiming not to be, yet offering nothing to the contrary. Having tattoos and claiming to be 'hardcore' and all that crap is now about as 'different' as reading Harry Potter.
  14. Why? Because you don't like them? They're a hell of a lot more genuine than the landfill of bands who cover their arms in tattoos, put hoops in their ears, wear flat-brimmed caps, scream and shout about how individual they are, whilst doing nothing original or remotely alternative, while EVERYONE else they know and play with sound identical. Maybe Muse, Killers and Coldplay aren't your musical taste - but they're all bands with a unique sound and identity that aren't following the crowd. Good luck to them and their fans.
  15. Yeah - the concerts come as part of the Grand Prix tickets. They aren't sold separately. All the tickets include access to the concerts as part of the package. So basically it will be a gig full of car fans who've decided to wander in!