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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Who would feel cheated? I don't think anyone would care, if the album was good.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I suppose anyone with that sort of hair is always going to turn a few heads!
  3. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I'd argue that Steven, and Izzy especially, could go and watch a GNR concert from the crowd and barely get anyone recognizing them.
  4. A lot of the stadiums struggled on the last run. I don't think a single one sold out, and there were special offers for a few of them. Arenas, they could do. You're right about the second point - to be honest, a lot of the album tracks people don't even seem to know! If it's not on the Greatest Hits they're not interested. That shouldn't stop any band doing new materiel though - fuck those people.
  5. I think that probably hits the nail on the head- we're still not totally aware what fueled this 'reunion'. The cynics would obviously "money, money, money" while others believe it's more than that. New music would certainly help clarify things in that regard. I don't know either - a lot of money has been made in the last couple of years, but I sure hope there's more to it than just that.
  6. That's entire speculation though - we have no idea that's the case. For all we know, all decisions are still solely up to Axl. As far as I know we've seen or heard nothing to suggest otherwise have we? As for the Slash bit - no one is saying he's bullshitting. Most people firmly believe him when he says no work has gone on on new material, but it might in November......or he might do SMKC if nothing is happening. That seems pretty upfront to me....so where are people getting the idea from that new material is imminent?
  7. What's different (so far) about the current incarnation of the band and the CD era lineups? (other than the members obviously!) Genuinely interested to hear what you think, as the more I think about it, the more it seems the same. All I can see is that Axl seems more cheerful (and on time, as you say) and the venues went up in size for a bit as all the casual nostalgia-hounds came sniffing around. Other than that? Don't get me wrong here, it's cool to have go the chance to see this lineup, and I enjoyed the hell out of it, as I did all the CD era lineups, but in terms of operating differently? I'm yet to see any major changes.
  8. Don't be suprised? I'd be absolutely fucking astonished if a new GNR album appeared out of nowhere and no one even knew it had been recorded.
  9. It's not 'hate' though. It's saying that based on years and years of experience, cynicism and skepticism abounds as to whether we will ever hear new material. That's completely natural; you'd have to be some sort of maniac to have been a fan since the 80s/90s and maintain 100 per cent conviction that new music is imminent. You've also got the fact that one of the key players is now saying nothing has happened in interviews. There seems to be two forms of dealing with this: 1) The "things are different now" approach; one that gets touted a lot, but ultimately doesn't bear fruit. The only thing that really seems different to a lot of fans is the players in the band and that Axl seems generally more cheerful. Those alone aren't enough to convince anyone new music is on it's way. 2) Slash is 'keeping things under wraps' and not telling the truth angle. An odd claim to make, as there is seemingly no point to pretending they're not doing anything when they actually are (especially as that's out of keeping with other non-committal comments we've heard for many years about new material). The 'you people aren't fans, what will you say when it happens, you'll have to eat your words' type criticism of fans is ludicrous. People are entirely justified in thinking that new music isn't on its way, as all the evidence points to that being the case. There's no evidence whatsoever to suggest we are months (or even years) away from hearing any new material. It's THAT thinking that is the most absurd. To think it is is disappointment central. People can say "I've still got hope" etc, and I'm in that camp too. I certainly hope to hear new GNR material. But a lot of people are realistic, and are looking at the big picture. I don't think it's fair to claim people aren't fans, or hate the band, because their mindset on new material is operating entirely in the realms of learned experience, evidence and statements rather than fantasy and wild expectations.
  10. Not sure where I claimed you didn't! And there are no "assumptions" at all in my post. I'm simply confused as to why people want to pay to meet celebs or have them acknowledge/remember them; it's an odd one to me. My opinion is that it might make them feel validated as a fan, and more needed/wanted- a not particularly controversial or groundbreaking view. I can't see too much support for the concept of paying to meet bands on here, or anywhere else to be honest. In fact; the opposite recently. A lot of bands have been calling out bands that do it and highlighting their greed recently. No need to get angry and defensive- isn't the point of a forum "where one can express opinions" also a place where people can disagree with them? Or is it only OK if everyone has the same opinion? The old "if you say anything bad about GNR on this forum you get hassle" argument really isn't true is it? It's hardly wall-to-wall GNR praise on here at the best of times!
  11. Maybe because they're Skid Row, playing 1000 capacity venues and not GNR? I doubt they're inundated with fans desperate for a response on Instagram (for whatever reason people might want a response on Instagram from someone they don't know....) I'm not sure people who charge 90 dollars to meet them are not acting like divas or stars personally, whether you get to see them soundcheck or not! Or meet them afterwards. Why would you want to be sure to "meet the band twice" in the same night? What happens the second time?! Personally, I'll take not meeting Axl over pressing cash into the hands of members of Skid Row for a photo any day. I can't really fathom why people get so uptight about being able to meet bands, talk to them and have them "remember who you are". I couldn't care less. I suppose it makes some people feel happy, special or valued if they need a bit of reassurance in their life though. Anyway - my point is, paying to meet bands is shit, and I'm fucking glad GNR maintain some credibility by not doing it.
  12. "I spend quite some time and concerts with my other favourite band - Skid Row - in 2018. a meet&greet costs 90 usd. and band members also take their time to talk with fans after every show. it s about the music not about the money" suggests to me that you wish GNR offered the chance to pay money to meet them, no? Sure their VIP experiences are overpriced, but so what? We know this. We don't buy them as they're not good value, in the same way that many didn't buy LAL as they didn't see it as good value for the price. They're products, so are already monetized; the consumer chooses whether that monetary value has been set correctly. Paying to meet someone is VERY different- it's about monetizing something that shouldn't be: human interaction. That's the point- and it's possibly about the most greedy thing a band can do towards their fans. You say GNR are "money driven" but then claim a band who offer fans the chance to pay to meet them is "about the music not about the money". Surely you see that's a ludicrous thing to claim?
  13. Still shit. The guy from The 1975 was ranting about how awful it all was the other day. He raised an idea that made me laugh - make the artists ask for the cash, and the fan hand it over directly to them. It would soon stop it all then as the process would be so embarrassing. I like the idea of Metallica stood in a room, not looking at you with their hands out. Once you give them your cash they turn round, smile at you and talk. It's all just bullshit. People can spend their money how they like of course, but complaining about not having the chance to pay to meet GNR is an odd one! The whole scenario of paying to meet people is an absolutely absurd modern phenomenon aimed simply at making money and giving rich people a chance to claim how they're bigger fans than the poor ones who can't afford it. Bands should be ashamed of themselves if they get involved in it all.
  14. Paying to meet bands is a fucking joke, however you look at it. Meet your fans or don't if you don't want to, but don't charge them for it! I'm glad GNR aren't in that game. I can't imagine being in awe of any human being enough to give them money just to smile at me, shake my hand and stand for a picture for 30 seconds.
  15. I hope too - massively. But I've got realism too- they've simply not had enough time to work on anything new, so I can't possibly expect it. Happy to be proved wrong, but it's completely unrealistic and shows no awareness of how the band operates, both in the past and now, to expect new material so soon. Barely any band with the touring schedules the members have been keeping would do it, let alone GNR who haven't worked together in years.