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  1. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    Enjoying the new profile pic!
  2. Who put that video together? I can see myself in some of the shots- what a thrill!
  3. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    I actually watch that fairly recently - hadn't seen it before. What gets me about all this is that I'm the most anti-piracy person I know; I detest illegal downloading, see the damage it has caused to the creative industry, make sure I buy anything I like, etc etc. I'm a firm believer in 'if you like it, buy it' and the notion that I wouldn't expect someone to mow my lawn for free, so wouldn't expect a musician to pay for a studio, record and spend their time doing something that people don't pay for. There's a massive difference (and one most sane rational people without a personal agenda and inferiority complex appreciate) between piracy and sharing interesting clips of one off events that are (and will remain) totally unavailable commercially. So many times I've seen an amazing clip I hadn't seen before, such as the Zakk Wylde one mentioned above, and been reminded why I love GNR......but all that history, all those amazing moments are being lost because of a couple of silly little bullies hiding behind their computers. That's the most tragic part.
  4. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    No. It's him still, at the command of a very peculiar individual who has recently taken to sending out messages regarding a friend of mine to vulnerable female forum users accusing him of all sorts, in order to groom them. I imagine he also sets them off on these little tasks too. He's a festering sore of an individual, and it makes me angry to even think of the things he's told people regarding my friend - none of which are remotely true of course.
  5. Try explaining even a fraction of this situation to someone outside of the forum world. I tried with a friend of mine who isn't into GNR. It really highlights how ludicrous everything is when you see their reaction and total bemusement......
  6. I have never heard that before. Where does that information come from?
  7. Really? I remember them playing YCBM in Terminator Salvation briefly in the background. Did that happen in another one too?
  8. I'm not sure why people seem to hang on to this idea so much - it comes up with every Terminator film, and all seems based on the fact they did a song for one of the franchises films back in 1991!
  9. There's a constant stream of radio djs on 'classic rock' stations who play 'welcome to the jungle' then say "keep your ears open for new music from these guys very soon" after it. You might as well listen to the views of next-door's cat as pay it any credence. I'm sure people will start with the 'new terminator film coming soon....' nonsense too.
  10. Definitely a good idea. I think everyone is a frustrated as each other now. Time for us all, mentally, to put the prospect of hearing fresh stuff to bed again.
  11. I'm expecting nothing now. If something comes along....great, but I really think we're done here. At least for the present time.