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  1. Is there any way to watch the broadcast outside of the US? Anyone got any idea?
  2. The "New Album" Thread

    I get that all the time. I don't have one friend who understands why I remotely give a shit about GNR!
  3. The "New Album" Thread

    Yeah - I would say a very significant portion of the people interested in a new GNR album would want a physical copy.
  4. The "New Album" Thread

    Very good point- they went mad with that! Mysterious posters everywhere, that weird website with a radio station tuning in and out, a world map with spots being highlighted etc..... Being reminded of that pretty much seals it for me. Nothing new is coming in the immediate future.
  5. The "New Album" Thread

    That's a pretty honest and to the point answer. Can't fault him for that. Be interesting to know whether "have no idea and don't care" has altered at all in the last 10 years..........
  6. You know you'd go and see a Christmas show with your parents as a kid, Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, perhaps? The posters would always say - "an all new show for 1990" or whatever. And it would be- an all new version of Snow White. Different lights, different costumes, but still Snow White. It never really altered what happened. When I see "an all new show for 2020" being promised that's what it reminds me of. New lights, new visuals, maybe even a new stage set.....but ultimately the same. I can't think of one instance where a band has started a new tour and had to put "an all new show" on the promos for it. Fans that go and see, say Metallica, know damn well that if they go back to the next tour it IS a new show. They don't need to be told. The fact that we're being promised an "all new show" alone speaks to me that it isn't at all.
  7. The "New Album" Thread

    "Sorry guys, I know you're ready to go with the new record and eager to get it out, but we just can't see how we're going to let you put out this album that will make our label loads of money. It's going to take us a long, long, long time to work it out. In the meantime, you guys are going to have just get out there and tour. Please don't play anything new though, while we try to figure out this insurmountable problem we've got." What record label WOULDN'T want to bend over a barrel backwards to get this thing out?!
  8. The "New Album" Thread

    This is all speculation though. Are we even sure if they are still under any sort of contract?
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    No, I get what you're saying - my point is that an advance must be a total moot point for a band like GNR. They have no need to borrow money from a record company whatsoever at this juncture.
  10. The "New Album" Thread

    Exactly. Tool just released the damn thing. The CD looked good, was well packaged, and fans snapped it up. The whole debate around 'how to release' something is all just Trump-ist divergent smoke and mirrors.
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    You're defeating your own logic here....why would you wait for an advance to start funding a recording you'd already recorded? The advance is intended to pay for studio time and living expenses around that period. Hence the word 'advance'. it's money loaned to you based on future earnings The recuperation of that money to the record company comes when the record is out there and selling. Why would any band in their right mind take an advance they have to pay back to fund recording they'd already paid for?! Are you honestly thinking that GNR are wanting or needing to loan money from anyone?
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    Bands don't get advances to release albums. They get them to record albums.
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    Why is there more at stake than 'normal' releases? What makes it not a 'normal' release? Why does there 'need to be a more sold plan in place than other releases?' Yet again it all comes down to the same question: Why do these problems seem to only, ever, impact on GNR? There seems to be this constant idea that every other band is in one corner, GNR in the other, battling supposed 'problems' that don't effect anyone else.
  14. The "New Album" Thread

    No- you CAN just release an album into the wild and let it sell. Especially if you're just about to go out on a massive tour you can use to promote it! It's what EVERY other band does!
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    Absolutely. A lot of people will want to live off him when he's gone, as sad as that sounds.
  16. The "New Album" Thread

    I'm not even really that much of a Stone Roses fan, but to be fair to them, they reformed, and went straight to the studio and DID record. They released two singles, decided they weren't really good enough and canned the project. I respect that quite a lot- they gave it a go and had the self-awareness to work out it wasn't working. Rather than cash in and just release all the stuff they'd recorded anyway they thought it best to leave it. I don't think they especially dangled the carrot of new material- they just made no secret about the fact they were in a studio writing and recording. Which was totally true...that the results weren't good enough is totally fair enough. They'd lost their magic, and they presumably knew it. I wouldn't say either that they 'milked their fans to death'. They did a few shows, which seemed to go down well, then split up again as they saw no point continuing. Their initial reunion lasted tour just over ONE YEAR , and they did just 50 shows across the world, had a break, did some writing, recording, then did a few last shows in 2016/2017 before going their separate ways. Compare that to what GNR are doing.......
  17. The "New Album" Thread

    It certainly is. The challenges GNR face releasing anything are like nothing seen elsewhere in the industry!
  18. The "New Album" Thread

    They've had QUITE a lot of time now in which they could have got busy with getting out of that contract, haven't they?
  19. The "New Album" Thread

    "GNR would love to release new stuff" - now, now! Behave yourself! 'Plans changed'
  20. The "New Album" Thread

    I see your point....but do we know if that's the case? I was under the impression they had fulfilled their contract with Appetite For Democracy and were essentially without one now?
  21. The "New Album" Thread

    That's just not true. In the UK alone last year 4.3 million vinyl records were sold in 2019 and 23.5 million CDs. That's JUST in the UK. The BPI report from last year states that in 29 out of the 52 weeks physical accounted for over half of the sales of the number one album. It's a total fallacy that physical albums don't sell....they just don't sell like they used to in the 80s and 90s, for obvious reasons. Again, if the likes of Ozzy Osbourne can release a new album (or ANY OTHER band) then I don't buy any argument around "they need to be a bit creative to make an album happen". Even the fucking Who managed to put a new album out last year! You know, they toured it, promoted it, advertised it......and guess what? IT SOLD! The only realistic sticking point could be that GNR are expecting the sort of mega-bucks that were floating about in the 90s of course, and refuse to acknowledge that there isn't as much money in the industry as there used to be. So that's the excuse? GNR can never release new material because of an old contract? Come off it! Any label would bend over backwards to get a new GNR album out!
  22. The "New Album" Thread

    Perhaps for how to do it they could look at ANY other band and just do the same? I see your point on the positive, but, you know, we've been here before with comments like that.....