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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    I don't mind this show and enjoy getting the DVD out now and then......but I've got it out when others have been around who don't like GNR at the best of times and seen their reaction! Absolutely brutal.
  2. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I'd be quite surprised if when this is rescheduled it isn't in an Arena. With sales as weak as they have been, it can't possibly make sense to do it at the same venue....with even less interest than before after you've dished out refunds. But then it makes no sense they inexplicably and randomly stepped back up to Stadiums anyway, so who knows?!
  3. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Nothing has been said about refunds for Europe shows. Just have to "wait for new dates".
  4. Totally agree with this. It's always baffled me a bit why he's SO keen to tour. Surely touring is a bit of a pain in the arse, especially for older musicians? I understand that's where the money is, but it's odd that that seems to be all he wants to do, ever. It's not even like he seems to use the opportunity to see the world- he's never seen outside of the gigs, so I'm guessing is doing very little on the sightseeing/entertainment front. I'm not sure how much fun it can be for him constantly travelling from hotel to hotel really. Must be pretty tiring. But then if money is the only goal, you'd do it I suppose.
  5. Absolutely this. There really isn't anything to discuss that isn't a fuck-up or a let down at the moment. We're all longing for something to change or to look forward to....but it isn't happening. We can say 'well it's great they're still touring' but most people now are seeing that for what it has become- a cash cow that was milked dry at least a year ago, and can't possibly get enthused by the same setlist playing out for another year. We're all here, we're still waiting. Time for a change.
  6. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    Good to see that the piss poor handling of this is actually getting some media attention. Everything is always "out of the band's control" isn't it? Yet other bands seem to manage to handle it so much better. Let's see what happens when people try to get refunds.....it how long it takes them to announce rescheduled dates. Worth pointing out that every other band has already done this. I'd bet we don't hear anything until Christmas.
  7. Unofficial updates on 2020 tour

    I'd do a chargeback via the bank. Fuck Ticketmaster- they'll do anything to wriggle out of a refund. Have you looked into chargebacks too? Best thing to do I think given the current situation and the lack of contact from anyone about anything.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    He's 53! It makes him look 70.
  9. People will be quick to say "oh but the NITL is finished now, this was different" but we've seen absolutely zero evidence this is the case. Both shows this year have had the same setlist, with no indication it was to change in any meaningful way. There's no evidence anywhere to suggest this was anything other than a continuation of the same tour. And with ticket sales struggling, if you've got the (potential) boost of a few more ticket sales based on new material....why on earth wouldn't you play that card to drive those sales when it was most needed? The 2020 tour announcement for me was the clearest indication we ever had that there was nothing new being seriously considered in any way.
  10. Interview made me think, more than ever, that there really is no new music anywhere near getting released. Also, let's face it, it would make Fernando's life a whole lot easier if there was. He's as in the dark and frustrated by the state of play as the rest of us it seems. When touring resumes we might get Hardschool played live. That's probably the extent of it.
  11. NITL live videos on youtube

    Pricing it properly is key if it happens. Both boxes were absurdly over-priced, especially in comparison with similar box sets on the market.
  12. So I just dipped into this to have a listen, around the 1hr mark, and honestly.....I was sort of impressed. The guy talking to him (a poster here whose name I missed-sorry) wasn't kissing arse, was laying it all out, and Fernando was coming across pretty well I thought. As I say, only dipped in, so don't know about the whole lot, but Fernando seemed to be trying hard to explain his situation in a reasonable manner and take on board the comments.
  13. I have no idea. I often think the same.
  14. There were also two utterly bizaare 'hell tour 1985' shirts released last week, which look incredibly odd and basic and like zero effort had gone into them. 60 dollars too! https://gnrmerch.com/collections/fathers-day
  15. 2 hours long! I'm glad people are listening to this and telling us what's in it but.......you'll never get that 2 hours back!
  16. Yeah, this will mean he doesn't speak to fans again. But on the other hand, speaking to a bunch of random people on the internet, you've got to assume all that information is going to get passed on. If you don't you're incredibly naive.
  17. NITL live videos on youtube

    You can guarantee Slash isn't quiet behind the scenes though. He never sits still. He's just not positing inane updates about it all the time. and because of his past history of actually releasing stuff and producing tangible results, we believe that he is actually doing something! I couldn't really care less if any of them are personally 'engaging' (I imagine Duff isn't really, but probably has someone doing it on his behalf). I don't know these people, never met them, and really have no interest in seeing the petty details of their everyday lives presented as a PR exercise (which is essentially what most 'celebs' use social media for). I admire their desire to be private. The 'band promotion' side is totally different of course. No need for the members to be telling us what they had for dinner.....but every need to deliver on band promises and keep updated from the business side of things.
  18. NITL live videos on youtube

    Anything at this point to ruffle any feathers anywhere would be a major positive. I wonder how much longer Slash can hold on really. I suppose as long as he can nip off and do his own thing now and then he can continue the long march to obscurity that GNR seem to be currently on and pick up the cash. Things might change when the ticket sales see the venues getting smaller and smaller though I suppose.
  19. NITL live videos on youtube

    What a truly boring band GNR have become. Even the members must be bored shitless at this stage.
  20. NITL live videos on youtube

    Maybe someone lost the log-in password? It's basically just like spam for crap t-shirts anyway now it seems.
  21. Looks that way, yeah. They're very active at the moment I think- lockdown I think.
  22. NITL live videos on youtube

    What's the point people are going to start thinking 'yeah, not happening' in regards to this? Curious as to how long people will wait. Nick Cave managed to set up a YouTube channel showing 24/7 live footage, videos, rehearsals, interviews, TV appearances, you name it.

    When someone says bleach will kill you and you quote them and say "you're being lied to".....it does very much appear that you believe the comment is a lie. As long as you don't listen to that lunatic and inject detergent, we're all good.