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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I may have been a bit rash with that statement! Do think it's a great song tho, just raw and straight to the point and one of their best songs live now
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Shadow of your love is better than any song on uyi 1 and 2
  3. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Totally agree with one of those statements and completely disagree with the other! Tho I thought the Live and Let Die screams may have been " helped" around 2012??
  4. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    I'd buy them all! I bet all of them have some interesting stories
  5. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Great guitar solo and surprisingly good live in 2009 /2010
  6. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Couldn't agree more, I quite liked his early twat solos when he was using a Les Paul. Excellent solos from Bucket on CD tho If The World has one of the best guitar solos
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I would rather they played Scraped or Riad than SCOM live
  8. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Didn't Sorum recommend Finck? May be some interesting mentions on that
  9. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Yes, didn't like him in 92, got better after on Skin and Bones tour , and liked him in VR. I think Paul Tobias Huge may be in for a rough ride !
  10. If you gave them a random song to play on the spot Bumblefoot would probably be the most accurate
  11. All Axl had to do was sing Argentina, the work was done! Imagine if they were to have played it live in Argentina, the crowd would have taken the roof off! Such a cool guy to the fans, really miss him
  12. Robin Finck's GNR rig?

    His rhythm tone and playing was by far the best of any Gnr lead guitarist in my opinion
  13. Slash and Gilby

    Never heard that before, but maybe that was one of the issues Slash thought was personal
  14. Slash and Gilby

    Yeah. They must be ok now, as far as I can remember it was the late 90s/ early 00s. Probably was the pinball thing
  15. Slash and Gilby

    I'm sure I remember reading or hearing slash say what Gilby did was personal. Gilby did some great solo albums, but was never a huge fan of him playing live with Gnr, maybe because you couldn't hear him enough, which obviously wasn't his fault