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  1. GNR's most Danceable song

    Got to be Rocket Queen for me. Adlers drums and Duff's bass . Those funky Mofos!
  2. I don't think there is sadly. I'm regretting not buying the Queens Guard T-shirt from the Saturday. I've kept an eye on ebay and i've seen a few but they've gone for well over £50. Maybe the official shop will have an end of line clearance at some point. I doubt they sold everything! There's a few Lithos from London going for stupid money on ebay at the moment!!
  3. It's funny how people's opinions differ! I went to both nights (seated for both - quite close to the stage) and I thought Axl sounded better and was more pumped and up for it last night and Slash was better tonight! Slash seemed to flub a lot of the big notes last night and thought tonight he was more on. The atmosphere seemed more charged last night and the standing folk were more up for it. They were into it tonight too though. Sound seemed better tonight and I was happy to see Don't Cry and Whole Lotta Rosie. So glad i got to see both nights as there were highlights for both.
  4. I was thinking the same thing about Aerosmith. That would be awesome to hear some Mama Kin!
  5. Good idea! Might be tempted to do that myself!
  6. The cheapest I have seen are £57 on ticketmaster right now. They are seats though and very high at the top of the upper tier.
  7. If anyone hasn't bought their Saturday tickets yet, ticketmaster have sneakily dropped some of the prices!! The £84 tickets at the top of the upper tier are now £57 and some of the £105 tickets a bit higher than half way in the tier are now £84. The lower rows in the upper tier are still £138.
  8. I'm from London and even I think £6.50 for a pint is ridiculous!!
  9. The nearest tube station to the shop is probably Oxford Circus on the Central line. It'd be about a 5 minute walk away from there. For those travelling to the gig on the Central Line and want to go to the shop, it wouldn't be too hard to do. Stratford station (the nearest station to the stadium) is about 20 minutes ride away from Oxford Circus on the same line. Beware though, Oxford Circus gets insanely busy. Especially during rush hour! Doubt i'll go. I'm skint already from just buying a ticket to the gig!
  10. My tickets arrived yesterday. They were printed on a sheet of paper rather than card! I'm glad they've arrived now though!