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  1. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 27 - 2001
  2. TinyPic Closing

    When I signed up I was told to use tinypic to get an avatar size of my pic, but when I click on it, it appears to be saved here now. 😊
  3. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 26 - 1969
  4. TinyPic Closing

    I do use imgur and Imgbb also. Imgur keeps purging my pics for some reason. I lost a lot on there without explanation. Now I save them all to my external hard drive before using a hosting site to share them online.
  5. TinyPic Closing

    I think once you save it to your profile it's saved here. Maybe one of the admins can confirm that??
  6. TinyPic Closing

    I saved all of mine to my external hard drive so I won't lose them, but expect a lot of dead links to pop up on here. 😖
  7. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 25 - 2011
  8. TinyPic Closing

    For those of you that have pics stored at TinyPic, I got this message today when I logged in TinyPic is shutting down in 2019 TinyPic will be ending its image hosting service in 2019 because we can no longer support a free service that derives 100% of its revenue from ever declining on-site ad revenues. While you may continue to host images from our site until further notice, we encourage you to consider selecting one of the premium plans offered by our sister site, Photobucket. Thanks for using TinyPic for your hosting needs over the years. We apologize that we can no longer continue providing this service, but Photobucket is a great option going forward.
  9. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 24 - 1988
  10. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 23 - 1992
  11. Axl, you sexy beast.

  12. The Boxing Thread

    So sad...😢 https://www.espn.com/boxing/story/_/id/27195403/former-champion-whitaker-hit-car-dies
  13. Summer Song Challenge #8

    Day 22 - 1978