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I've been a GNR fan for thirty years. I used to be one of the admins on the old Gunnertemple.com website (RedHead). I recently moved back to the Atlanta area. Going through second divorce...what fun.

GNR always gets me through my rough times so here I am. Have been defending Axl for about twenty five years and always will. His words of wisdom and music gave me a swift kick in the ass about 26 years ago and literally saved my life, so I will be forever grateful. ?

Someone has been trolling my profile....I don't bite...unless you want me to....if you are wanting to ask me something please send me a pm in here or a DM on Twitter @bluejeanbaby728...I will gladly tell you whatever it is you want to know....this is starting to creep me out....

Still trolling my profile....speak up, don't be shy....starting to feel like I have a stalker.