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  1. Please Axl, do the next step....
  2. @Blackstar Zutaut talking about Axl is the Museum of Indiana episode? If is that, Zutaut has not right to tell that story.
  3. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    But he is dying to join the band...isn't it? If he not operate that way why the demand to be there?
  4. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    In what grounds? Matt wasn't under nda or contract....if he is telling the truth a lawsuit is not a problem...and even if is not telling the true, the band has not way to sue because is a case of he said, he said. Maybe is a covid related situation, because what I read that was posted here, is mild at best.
  5. The history of GN'R as told by GN'R (A4D)

    Incredible work! Congratulations!
  6. He took a Trump tweet and change some words....just saying....
  7. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

  8. @Gambit83 please ask this question
  9. Ridiculous! Fuck TB
  10. I love it Patience.....?
  11. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

  12. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    How he was demanding to be the GNR drummer if they didn't like how the things were running by Axl?
  13. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    Thank you!
  14. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    @LunsJail thank you very much. What he said about Axl? In general terms?