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  1. Your favourite live era

    1-85/93 *1993 2-01/07 *2007 3-09/19 *2010 I think those 3 years have the best Axl vocal.
  2. "What Movie Did You Watch?" - 2019 Edition

    Joker 9.5/10 Joaquin Phoenix 10/10
  3. If they play a new song this year...so I believe in this!
  4. It is impossible to only choose 5... Maybe one per album: AFD: Rocket Queen Illusion 1: Don't Damn Me Illusion 2: Civil War Chinese: Catcher In The Rye Leaks: HardSchool
  5. ''Soul Monster'' it's the only song that I don't care the lyrics...it's great as is.
  6. I can't stop to listening it! It's better that my world
  7. Why? Ashba have great skill.Adiction to the friccion is a cool album!
  8. My favorites are: 1-Bucket 2-Bumblefoot 3-Richard Fortus 4-DJ Ashba(young Ashba) 5-Slash For GNR: 1-Slash 2-Izzy 3-Bucket 4-Finck 5-Fortus
  9. What a beautiful time for be a fan of the ''new'' GN'R!
  10. If they play hardschool...Fortus will made the ending solo? Hehe
  11. Please give the following songs a break: LALD KOHD Patience