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  1. Just listened to all the leaks. I can see why they wanted axl to re record it all as it sounds sonically shite. The songs themselves are great and as a finished product. Axl was clearly too stubborn to re record it quickly. It would have flopped massively in comparison to velvet Revolver and it's just a missed opportunity.
  2. Why The Ashba Hate?

    He wears a top hat He plays a les Paul He sells water Do you need more reasons
  3. https://www.vulture.com/amp/2019/08/taylor-swift-will-rerecord-old-albums-to-spite-scooter-braun.html This
  4. The real reason to re record appetite is to cut out royalties to other band members of the original recordings by selling off the new rerecordings for soundtracks etc (and undercut by offering these versions to the originals) They probably sounded much shitter than the originals and therefore deemed a waste of time.
  5. I love you all so much xx Ps does anyone know anything or do you just enjoy pretending xxxx
  6. The more I listen to hard school the better it is. I agree about the lyrics aimed at slash - it certainly sounds like it. I hope everything else gets released and the band have no choice but to write new stuff. These have been massively overhyped
  7. What a mess. Snippet was rightous and the rest is awful
  8. Just heard a supposed clip of a version of rocket queen from 99 with pitman all over it. Don't know what to make of it as there are no vocals. Thoughts?
  9. Nah it's a good forum and I get it you don't wanna get sued. But saying Reddit isn't a link.  I love you all and we are all disappointed.
  10. Sorry but this is ridiculous. Can we talk about stuff or is that not ok in case we upset someone and this affects album sales or tour numbers? Someone said go on Reddit? That's it? Can we link to copyrighted material on YouTube or do I need to get a lawyer to check it's copyright first?
  11. A timeline for the reunion

    Wasnt it about tommy having a kid to look after?
  12. Luckily I have never listened to a full version of them playing wichita. I have really tried to get past 1 minute but it literally is the worst song i have ever heard let alone a GNR song. I was luckily enough to catch them early in the NITL tour and missed it and at download i went for a as soon as it came on. Literal dogshit in sonic form
  13. GnR Lies II makes total sense With 4 shitty live covers like Wichita, whole lotta rosie etc then 4 new ones including the new single rock the rock and ain't goin down