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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    Not a big wrestling fan anymore, but this guy kills me! His shoot videos on Youtube are hysterical.
  2. Very well done by Maiden; extraordinary, considering who knows what the world will look like next year (virus Phase II, etc) FWIW; We were just notified on Saturday that the Robert Plant show we were supposed to see on May 19th in Portchester NY was cancelled.
  3. That just popped up in my Amazon feed and I immediately came over here for the impending evisceration
  4. Exactly this. The fake set list photos, his reddit appearances...that certainly seems like-to me- Fernando just jerking the fans around for all the stuff they say about him. Especially now, with everyone stuck at home, I'm sure he posts stuff like that and then sits back and laughs at the response. Gotta amuse yourself somehow in these difficult times.
  5. Copyright Strikes....

    The only problem with that is, people like me, who have been "lurking" forever but dont post get kicked to the curb. I get all my info from here, but don't post because I dont feel like, in most instances, i have anything of substance to add. I've been following the band since 1987, seen then them 8-10 times, and consider myself a legit fan of the band. There are a lot of people here that have great info and insight into the band, and its nice to be able to come here and see it. If you make it so people have to have a certain amount of posts to get in, youre gonna get a lot of people who just post replies solely to get in. Has to be a better way. I got tossed out of Truth 2-3 years ago for posting that I liked the site better when it was run by MSL and his wrestling buddies - banned FOREVER; tried twice to re-register, only to be denied, and later contacted by someone from there saying not to bother trying again; me and my 15 posts werent welcome. So, punted out of 1 site for expressing my opinion, and then potentially blocked from another, far better, legitimate site for not expressing my opinion enough? THIS SITE IS WAY ABOVE THAT! I dunno - if you want to make it an exclusive site, where post count is the only thing that matters, would that be doing the legitimate, i love the band but dont have the time to post about them all day, fans any good? We aren't the issue here - its the pyschopathic, lonely, mentally disturbed people like fuckball at Truth that you need to block. I just think it would be a shame to tell people like me, who do no harm to the site (and in many ways help by not adding our 2 cents 20 times a day just to have our voices heard) that we aren't qualified to be members...thats my 2 cents...once.
  6. I"m sorry, but considering the absolute (deserved) beating that Fernando etc takes here on a regular basis, don't you think that maybe they throw some of these songs on the alt list just to fuck with the diehard fans - knowing that the list is going to show up on line either right before or right after the gig and get tongues wagging- to amuse him (them) selves?
  7. Completely agree about the earlier live versions - far superior. And as great as NR ended up, I would have preferred it to be an orchestra free, more acoustic beginning...
  8. Copyright Strikes....

    Dying. Thank you....holy shit.
  9. Copyright Strikes....

    Well of course there were fuck ups; its Guns N' Roses! But musically they were very tight, and it was less of a "show"; no back up singers, excessive costume changes, etc. A much leaner, cleaner version.
  10. Copyright Strikes....

    Probably the best show start to finish i have ever seen- and i was at the Chicago 92 show that was put out.
  11. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Holy shit - that sounds pretty god damn good. Glad Axl went with the lower voice for this one.
  12. Or not drunk enough. DJ Ashba is absolutely wretched; one of the worst stage presence i've ever seen, and can't play his way out of a wet paper bag. I was at their UCAP show at Terminal 5 in NYC and he made me cringe so many times that i actually left the show.
  13. There are tons of Buckethead songs that blow most of this stuff out of the water. But this one is catchy.....
  14. Did he actually sing on Death, Jail & Rock N Roll by Michael Monroe, or was he just in the video?
  15. Strong candidate for best (funniest?) post of the year 😂😂