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  1. Need your help!

    How about instead of going bigger and for more, go the other way and release something smaller....like make 1 really good CD out of UYI ? I’m sure no one has thought of that before. Seriously though, I’m not really a UYI fan, in fact there are aspects I really dislike, so mine will come from left field. To me it was a bad time for the band, most of the material was written with Adler, pre Dizzy/Matt and then when it was recorded it seemed quite dysfunctional with obviously Adler missing aside from Civil War, Izzy missing at times and as a result Slash’s influence growing on the guitar side and Axl’s influence over shadowing overall, so the balance the original band had was completely fucked. Then there are songs that come across more as solo tunes than band efforts. So coming from a point of loving Appetite and Lies and seeing the potential for UYI to really be part of that era before things got fucked up, well with a box set I’d try and make things right....hence 1) You can’t deny the era happened so some sort of remaster of the original 2 albums 2) Have the 4 “musicians” pick their top 12 rockers (ie Slash, Duff, Izzy, Steve), no covers, have Steve re do the drums, Izzy record where he is missing, strip them back to raw, cut the piano to only the tunes where it really adds something, perhaps rename this album, definitely new cover art. 3) Axl takes his 4 ballads and Does whatever he wants to do to modernise and the becomes the ballad EP 4) Do whatever they want to do with the rest of the tracks on another CD 5) Given 2 still won’t be real in that part of what made Appetite feel so right was the tempo shifts, put together whatever demos or rehearsals of the original band doing theses songs 6) Beyond that do whatever, it’s already long enough and I’m bored
  2. I found the book it was Over The Top the True Story of Guns N Roses by Mark Putterford, page 108 for those that have it. The show he is referring to is the first show at Milton Keynes 29 May 03. He says he was backstage at both shows and on the first night they played One In A Million and replaced it with Used To Love Her on the second night. He runs through the set list each night and I took a look at GnrOnTour and the set lists are identical aside from this point (and one song he didn’t mention on one of the nights that GnrOnTour has). GNrOnTour says there is audio of the show so I assume someone out there has it and Used To Love her is correct and the author made a mistake, but it is certainly strange that someone so familiar with the band who was at the actual shows and writing a book would make such a mistake. Any chance the song was cut from the audio ?
  3. I do have a magazine article or book somewhere that talks about a series of shows during the Illusions tour where they would bring a couch on stage and do some songs acoustically. The article says they did One In A Million on the first night but then dropped it. I’m not so familiar with the UYI era so can’t really narrow down where that was, but some else may be able to. From memory I think it was one of the latter legs of the tour.