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  1. I agree, definitely one of the best Jungles of the tour. Hopefully, they got it on pro-shot for the live tour DVD release...(which I'm sure will come out eventually).
  2. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    Wow Len, that's tragic...and sickening. Hopefully she finds peace in her life at some point.
  3. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    Yeah I'm not sure either...I think it's becoming more and more with whatever they "identify" as....so I guess that would include transvestites. And I'm sure most that fit into the category of "identifying" as another gender are regular, decent people like anyone else...but like you said, there's also sickos in every group....and things like letting anyone use any bathroom they want because they say they "identify" with it, could lead to abuse....people taking advantage of the laws, etc. If you had a 10 year-old child, would you feel comfortable letting her go to a bathroom, by herself, which would (essentially) also allow "men"?
  4. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    The trial had actually started on Monday...and ended yesterday...the articles were already a day or two old when posted. And the reason you won't find a ton of additional sources is because this story wasn't picked up by the national media or the MSM... because it wouldn't fit their agenda/narrative on transgenders....but that's an entirely different debate....
  5. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    Well, he was found guilty.... A jury Wednesday afternoon found a Casper resident guilty of one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a child and one count of second-degree sexual abuse of child in March after a three-day trial in Natrona County District Court. The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated for about two hours before reaching its decision to convict Miguel Alberto Martinez, who identifies as female and is also known as Michelle. (Featured in the photo above.) Martinez raped a 10-year-old girl in her bathroom of her apartment in March. In May, Martinez pleaded not guilty. With the conviction, state law says Martinez faces between 25 years and 70 years of imprisonment. Upon hearing the verdict, Martinez's mother cried and sobbed loudly, saying "we know you didn't do this." After Judge Catherine Wilking dismissed the jury, she granted Natrona County District Attorney Michael Blonigen's request to order Martinez be held in custody without bond. As he was being handcuffed, Martinez said he will appeal the decision. Other family members said they knew Martinez didn't rape the girl. Martinez said the trial was about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. After leaving the courtroom and being led in the hall for prisoners, Martinez shouted, "there is no evidence." The trial began Monday. The state rested its case before noon Wednesday after Blonigen called numerous witnesses to testify including family members, family friends, law enforcement officers, a sexual assault nurse examiner from the Wyoming Medical Center, a forensic interviewer from the Children's Advocacy Project, a forensic biologist with the Wyoming State Laboratory, and the girl herself. Public Defender Dylan Rosalez did not call any witnesses to testify. After the jury was dismissed before closing arguments, Martinez conferred with Rosalez and Martinez declined to testify on his own behalf, saying Blonigen has portrayed Martinez as an out-of -control drunk. http://k2radio.com/breaking-casper-resident-convicted-of-raping-10-year-old-girl/
  6. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    1 out of 5 still seems like a very high number. I've never studied it in any sort of detail so I wouldn't know...but I would hope they don't clump in college kids....when both the guy and the girl are wasted beyond belief, they have consensual sex....then the next day the girl regrets having sex sort of thing ..but anyway, like I said, I really wouldn't know.
  7. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    I know...I was just messin' with the new poster....she walked into the jungle around here.....
  8. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    Oh man...Dazey is back....when did they let him out of the asylum?
  9. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    I think for me it has more to do with the potential abuse. Basically perverts (not really trans but just act like it so they can access to women's rooms) can dress up as women, claim to identify as women, then either use a gender neutral bathroom or the women's room...with the wrong intentions. But I guess that could happen regardless of the laws ..so who knows..
  10. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    No, it's a real story. Trial started yesterday. But in fairness to him, he has not been found guilty yet.
  11. searching your roots

    No, they are mostly owned by the local regions and are museums now. It's funny because my co-workers ask me the same thing ...lol.
  12. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    I initially saw the article on another message board and that's how it was titled. I changed the title to the thread to reflect that it was just a "bathroom" since it's not mentioned in the article what type of bathroom, etc. But the point would still stand....if this guy is found guilty, I don't think I'd be happy letting people use any bathroom they want, just because they "identify" as such. LIke I said, if they're "fully transformed" I guess it would be different. But to be blunt...if the guy still has a penis, he needs to use the men's room.
  13. Transvestite Accused of Raping 10 Year Old Girl in Bathroom

    It's a real story, there's other articles about the case... http://trib.com/news/local/casper/suspect-pleads-not-guilty-to-charges-alleging-sexual-assault-of/article_5762304a-9bc8-5da9-bdd1-fa0c2a10f834.html The guy hasn't been found guilty or not guilty yet...but if he's found guilty, it doesn't bode well for transvestites and those that "identify" as another gender to use the bathroom they "identify" with. I guess it would be somewhat different if someone has "fully transitioned" to the other gender.
  14. "Trial begins for Casper resident charged with sexually assaulting 10-year-old girl Miguel Martinez, who also uses the name Michelle The jury trial for a Casper resident charged with sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl began Monday. Miguel Martinez faces one count of first-degree sexual abuse of a minor and one count of second-degree sexual abuse of a minor. If found guilty, Martinez could face up to 70 years in prison. Martinez’s public defender, Tracy Hucke, said at a previous hearing that her client identifies as a woman and uses the name Michelle. The 10-year-old’s mother reported to Casper police in March that her daughter said Martinez sexually assaulted her in a bathroom. The girl said Martinez, who is a family friend, invited her into the bathroom, touched her breasts and genitalia before penetrating her. Nurses at the Wyoming Medical Center completed a sexual assault exam and found redness and abrasions on the girl’s genitalia. http://trib.com/news/local/casper/trial-begins-for-casper-resident-charged-with-sexually-assaulting-/article_16c71547-9ea8-53ca-843b-ea9f19628ae3.html
  15. searching your roots

    Different region...but not too far off...and slightly before the Medici I believe....not as famous as those families either. There was a mention of certain members of the family in Dante's Inferno.