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  1. Amazon Fires

    I can't answer that. And maybe politics played a side in his argument. But the overall numbers/stats don't lie.
  2. Amazon Fires

    Believe the scientists? No man, this is actually really simple math and statistics. As in one college course of statistics. (Maybe another if your into it). No one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, bro. And I'm actually on your side to the extent that I would like to see the fires reduced.
  3. Amazon Fires

    No, it actually has not "Sky rocketed". Not from a mathematical perspective. I understand that math and statistics may not be your strong suit...and that's ok. Please understand when I tell you that from a mathematical/statistical perspective, it is well within standard deviation....especially when you can look back a few years and see close to the same numbers....I am telling you mathematical/statistical facts. (Theory) Not opinion. It's called "sample size". Us numbers guys ...when we see a stat shoot up one year...the first thing we do is look back 5 years, then 10 years, etc. That said, maybe the farmers felt they could "burn more" this year because they had a pro-business president. That could be a reason...among (literally 1000 other reasons) that the fires increased. From a math perspective, you would get destroyed in a court of law. But let's just say some of these farmers got excited since they had a "pro-business" president and burned more, So how do we control it? So i will ask you again.... How do we reduce the fires? How can we reduce the fires and let these farmers survive?
  4. El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie - October 2019 on Netflix

    I like it. Pinkman is obviously the new "Anti-Hero". Who else? Netflix produced films have about a 70% success rate (of being actually really good), imo. Keeping fingers crossed, this will be among the 70%.
  5. Amazon Fires

    Except the numbers don't support your agenda. NOTHING has "Skyrocketed". Not from a statistical standpoint when you look at the last few decades. That said, I really don't want to get into a political argument. The numbers from a mathematical perspective are slightly higher this year but not even close to be considered an abnormal deviation. That's the math. This is coming from a non partisan, independent person that believes the environment has INDEED been affected by mankind. So when you folks want to "cry wolf" keep in mind there are actually folks out here that don't give a damn about politics and only focus on the issue at hand. So if you want to reduce the Amazon fires, you should start with a realistic plan. Something other than "blaming the farmers because they are victims of capitalism and the West". How can we reduce the fires? How can we let these farmers continue to make a living while reducing the fires?
  6. Amazon Fires

    So when it comes i to the Amazon who is anyone to criticize another country? It’s a media frenzy because some people don’t like conservatives. It should have been a media frenzy 20 years ago. I remember trying to save paper... to save the rainforest. Never heard of the fires.
  7. Amazon Fires

    What do you think is a solution? What needs to be be done? What is a normal amount? If the Amazon is the world’s lungs then it should not be put all on Brazil. How much of the fire is out of control? How much is in control? Etc Fires are nature’s way of fertilizing the soil btw. If you leave it alone after it burns it will produxe fertile soil and come back better than before Brazil is a huge country. Almost as big as the US. And Brazilians are very cool people. The ones I’ve met in my life. Hard working. Very good at sales and marketing. And proud but respectful. And honest. And naturally good looking folks.
  8. Amazon Fires

    Yeah except it really hasn't. Other than maybe a side article in National Geographic, it's never been a main stream media and social media story. If you don't think politics has anything to do with this becoming a worldwide media frenzy, then you're just being naive. Either that or you're that far left that you believe everything is the right's fault. Smh.
  9. Amazon Fires

    The fires in the Amazon are saddening. No one likes seeing nature destroyed. That said, it's been going on for decades. But it takes a conservative president in Brasil for liberals to notice. That's about as shameful as the fires themselves. #foodforthought
  10. British Politics

    Oh yeah, I know. I thought it was funny.
  11. British Politics

  12. US Politics/Elections Thread

    There has not been a ‘formal investigation’ yet. Just inquiries.
  13. US Politics/Elections Thread

    My initial post was meant to state that Disney has no reason to ‘cook the books’. They’re a cash cow and have been for a while. That’s all that was. So when you put 2+2 together, no reason to cook the books + disgruntled, lower level ex employee, etc.... I cry BS. That’s my ‘educated guess’ based on the situation and what I know of Disney as a company. I could be wrong but I highly doubt it.
  14. US Politics/Elections Thread

    I should. In all seriousness, given her history and the fact that she’s already dropped her personal case against Disney, this won’t go far. I doubt it even becomes a formal investigation, which has yet to even happen. Does anyone really believe a huge conglomerate like Disney would allow lower level accounting employees to ‘cook the books’? Even if they tried, those books need to go through levels and levels of audits, etc. So even if she thinks she’s telling the truth, good chance it’s something she doesn’t understand in the overall accounting practices or if there were mistake made, good chance it was caught and corrected later. My best guess. We’ll find out soon enough. My money is with Disney though. (Literally).