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  1. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    It's more of a feeling that a "belief". At the same time, I understand evolution, science and theory. On a side note, do you believe the origins of DNA were created spontaneously?
  2. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    You should take a breather, my friend. And take a nice vacation with your kids. I know you like nature and photography, take some nice photos of you and your family. That's what life is about. And yes, I attribute that to the Spirit of God that is within us. You attribute it to DNA and self awareness. I do too. At the same time, I give praise to God. Science and God can and do exist in harmony. And it feels good to be humble and give credit to a "Higher Power".
  3. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Yeah...sort of like saying to a black guy "I have friends that are black". And good for you, you should speak with fervor against such things. So do we. It's an embarrassment to us and an abomination to our church. Pope Francis is on the same page and has promised prosecution by law to all those involved. Like I said earlier, I will not defend or make excuses for those pigs. They should and will be brought to justice. That's all that can and will be done and for anyone to be prejudicial against Catholics because of those pigs, it's a joke imo. Anyone who has traveled the world can testify that Catholics are among the nicest, most respectful people on Earth. If that's not enough for some, then so be it. (That has nothing to do with you, bud...I like you as a person as well. )
  4. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    What you fail to understand is that my faith in God is based on the universe and everything that exists within it. My post was a simple "Thank You" to our existence. I am humbled and grateful for the world around us. Not you, for say...but if some "atheists" would take a step back, take a breather...maybe they too could get a glimpse of reality. Sure. But you're Agnostic.
  5. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    You're Agnostic.
  6. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Smh. Yep. I have zero understanding of evolution and science. Contrary to popular belief, one can actually have an education and believe in God.
  7. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Do you believe that there is a "possibility" of a "Higher Power"?
  8. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    The origins of DNA?
  9. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Open your mind. I can buy a video game created by dozens of developers and can create my own virtual reality world. And we are in 2019.
  10. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    That makes sense to me. When I look at my son's eyes, when I see the intricacy of flowers, when I am humbled by mountains and the beauty of the sea, when I stare at the clouds by day and am silenced by the stars at night, when I look at the moon and gaze down on my palm, looking at every intricate detail... you don't need faith to believe in God.
  11. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I see your logic. And in a sense, you are on a very high moral platform. But how can you walk outside when your country has pedos running loose? Every nation has sickos. The Catholic Church is no different. And yes, it's extremely hypocritical when the largest religious nation in the world fails to bring these people to justice....and yes....it looks like the same old "buddy buddy" system of politics....and maybe there was some of that. But for someone to look down on another human being for being Catholic is no different than looking down on someone because of where they are from.
  12. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    I'm not going to defend the priests that did that shit. They are pigs. But to criticize the 99.9% of priests and the millions of good people that are Catholic is somewhat prejudice...don't you think?
  13. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    People were fucking savages back then. Of course the Old Testament seems stern to us nowadays. Back then it was the way it was. The Quran isn't much different and it was written hundreds of years after the Old Testament. The New Testament of Jesus Christ is God's way of saying..."Hey folks, this is the way it is now".
  14. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Agreed. Open your mind for a minute. If God came down and told everyone that he lived in another dimension and that that time was simply a dimension...how would people react? We live in a time that faith is closer to science than it has ever been.
  15. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    Pretty much. The extremists are actually "theists" of Dawkins.