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  1. I think a 4 song ep with an additional 4-6 live songs (possibly the covers) from the NITLT (similar to Lies) would actually be a nice release for the fans...and relatively easy for the band to release.
  2. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    I don't know but baseball players do it all the time.... So obviously it's not always a "sexual" thing to some folks.
  3. The Religion/Spirituality Thread

    There were dozens, maybe even hundreds of others during Christ's time (2000 years ago) that claimed to be the "chosen one", tried to gain followers, etc yet not one (or very few) are remembered today....and obviously none of them ever came remotely close to producing the largest following in the history of humankind - currently 2.4 billion+ people. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Major_religious_groups Why do you think that is?
  4. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    That's fair enough and I'm fine with someone stating what you just said. (We may not have the same opinion and that's ok) What I have issues with is someone stating that it was (without a doubt) sexual assault and in the same post comparing it to what Trump has been accused of. (Not you, btw).
  5. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    It would depend on the circumstances. In the Bush case (with him being in a wheel chair), I could see him not reaching high enough on her back and hitting her butt by mistake. You don't think that's possible?
  6. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    Probably slightly more because of a higher libido/sex drive etc. Still a very low % compared to the overall population though. No idea of the exact numbers or if it's factual...just an educated guess based on common sense.
  7. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    Seriously? Ok, to clarify. 99.9% ( or more ) of disabled elderly folks are (most likely) not perverts.
  8. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    1. That's not really true. I guarantee mistakes happen. People are all different sizes, weights, forms, etc. Someone could easily think their hand is on someone's lower back and possibly be touching their upper rear end and not know it. Or the other person may not be comfortable with someone touching their lower back and they may consider it their upper "butt" while someone else just considers it their lower back, etc etc etc etc etc. 2. I agree with just about everything here. Again, it's about "intent". And yes, I've had both guys and girls go a little too low on my back/rear when it either came to a joke, a picture, etc etc...and I let them know it and it was over with.
  9. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    Again with your straw man arguments, Len. I said MOST. as in probably over 99% And most probably aren't sexual because they don't have much of a libido. Not all. If you want to hang on to your argument that maybe 1% of elderly folks have perverted minds and are sexual predators, by all means do.
  10. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    Oh, that's my opinion based on the circumstances. No one can really know what was really going on in his mind. I just highly doubt his intentions were "sexual" in nature.
  11. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    I never said it was medically impossible. I said the opposite. I've been talking about the vast/overwhelming majority of people the entire time and you're posting specific individuals and attempt to show that it's "likely" that older people are "perverts" when statistically the EXACT opposite is true. Even at 1 in 1000 which, I said was way off, my point stands that 99.9% of elderly folks are not perverts. Talk about a straw man argument.
  12. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    Ok, so even if it's 1 in 100k does that change the point? Or even 1 in 1000? Even at 1 in 1000 (It's nowhere near that high, btw). That would suggest that 99.9% of elderly folks don't think that way.
  13. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    I couldn't watch it all since I'm at work but I get the gist. That guy is a monster if true. And of course there's monsters out there in their 90's. I was speaking of the majority of people that age and being disabled. Not the one in a million that you posted. And no, I don't think Bush falls into that "one in a million" category. It is for the vast majority of people. There's always that "one in a million" person that does that sort of thing out of some perverted mental disorder.
  14. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    It's about intent. I don't think Bush's "intent" was sexual in nature. Not when he was 93 and in a wheel chair. And of course someone who's impotent can commit sex crimes. Apples & Oranges.
  15. George H.W. Bush. RIP

    The combination of being 93 years old and being disabled. I don't have the statistics but I would take an educated guess and say that the majority of disabled folks in their 90's aren't very "sexual".