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  1. Fixed.
  2. I'll have to look it up but supposedly there's already some quotes floating around like "The presidency we fought for and won is now over" ...supposedly from Bannon....then him also saying he has his weapons back (or something along those lines).....and Breitbart said something like Bannon is about to go off on the Trump administration.
  3. That's not really true. I've got tons of family and friends in Pennsylvania, Florida...even West Virginia... who are moderates...lean slightly right or left, some registered Republican some Democratic, and they would cross party lines for the right candidate and have in the past. Not everyone in this country is as divided as the media wants you to believe.
  4. Haha....wish I was there for that. ....or maybe not....probably wouldn't of ended well.....
  5. Bannon is out...was reported by the WSJ about 20 min ago.
  6. Of course....non-radicalized, peaceful protests are what some of the greatest movements in this country's history were based around....and I'm all for that as well. I don't know how many times I need to repeat this around here....radicals and extremists (in most cases) are the downfall of civilized society...and that goes for all types: white supremacists, neo Nazis, Antifa, radical anarchists, ISIS, Al-Queda.....etc...etc...all rooted from the same type of evil and ignorance.
  7. ....I said most "sane people"....
  8. Since we're on the topic of films in relation to Las Vegas.... Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is about as good as a "scared straight" movie as it gets....makes most (sane) folks avoid drugs for days after viewing....possibly a lifetime....
  9. Are you saying it didn't happen? Because the video in the article clearly shows it did happen.
  10. Antifa vandalizes and tries to bring down a statue they thought had to do with the confederacy but was actually a "peace" monument. http://www.dailywire.com/news/19861/oops-antifa-protesters-vandalized-peace-monument-emily-zanotti "Unfortunately for Antifa, who were clearly too busy opposing fascism to read a plaque at the base of the monument (which is printed with the words, "Cease firing, peace is priceless,”) or do any basic Google research, what they thought was a pro-Confederate memorial turned out to be a monument to peace." Fools.
  11. It does seem as if it's him against the world at this point. I knew when he directly attacked CNN towards the beginning of his term, that it most likely wouldn't end well. I mean, even if he truly believes there is media bias (which there is) there's ways of going about it vs directly calling them liars....over and over again. And the more he did it, the more they attacked him. Basically spiralled from there to just about everything you mentioned. If Pence isn't the president before the next election, (by via either Trump stepping down or impeachment), I'd be surprised. There's no way he can do this back and forth with the media for 3 more years....heck, unless he really starts going media silent (which I'm not sure he's capable of) I'm not sure he lasts even another year at this pace.
  12. Not sure why that's surprising. From my understanding Robert E Lee sympathized with the North before deciding to fight for the South...and the main reason he decided to fight for the South was because he couldn't find it in himself to fight against his home state and the people of Virginia...which he would have been forced to do had he fought for the North.
  13. I've been a Guns fan for almost 30 years now. I always liked Coma but never spent the time to appreciate it. This is the one song they sound better on now than they did... ever. It's a musical masterpiece, more than likely Gun's best work, artistically. It's fucking awesome. Slash takes the guitar work to new levels, and Axl is right there with him. Side by side, note per note, they are perfectly in sinc. This song defines the talent level of both Axl and Slash. Masterpiece.