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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I always think of traditional songs, they are just like UTLH, all kinds of ancient ballads about getting rid of unwanted marital partner, cuckoldry, jealousy, messing up with dead ones, men and women, you name it. We still sing them for fun. Usually the older, the more violent and detailed description is there. Some folk artists still make new songs in this style.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yay, rabid DV bad bad Axl discussion again! Axl has no record of any violence in years, so what's the point? He did some hard work on himself to not to be threat to people and things around (and himself, he suffered alike). He is not an average person, he is contradictory and it's his nature and personal magic/charisma to be so. He was born with it anyway, it's no way to get it or get rid of it through your life. It is in his androgynousness, he rocks some finest feminine traits and it's far more difficult to man to get away with that than when a woman posses typically masculine traits. He grew up in environment where being berserk aggressive was a way to cope with much bigger people threatening him. It's also partially because in men are not accepted traits like vulnerability, or overall being emotional, only accepted are joy and aggression. So any negative emotions fear, insecurity, vulnerability, sadness, anything an emotional boy learns to turn into aggression. He moved to an environment where aggression and unpredictability was the thing, nice boys don't play rock'n'roll; long story short, he was lucky to have his intelligence and will to figure things out and make them work, even when it lasted decades. That is what differs him from average guy who repeats behavior he learned at home forever. I know way too many misogynist bollocks to consider Axl misogynist. I don't say it's okay to be aggressive, but actions against it should be in extent that person should not be subsequent threat, yet not unnecessarily harmful, even to culprit. It's complex problem to establish any kind of universal solution for aggressive behavior or any complex problem. When you are intelligent, you just need some thoughts food. Weird and contradictory is the tastiest one. Being fascinated by historic characters I consider as normal. They are just interesting, not average, straightforward people, that's it. What's weird on trying to figure out some twisted mind? I know, I know, many people love it, they love to judge and ostracize, once you make something and you are called for it forever. Is that really how it should work? Who of you did perfect all your life? You judge young years of some guy and compare it with current actions of a late middle-aged man, who is supposed to be more mature, if anything. Also, Axl moves between rich and famous for decades, groupies, hookers, golddiggers of all kinds, I am sure he can spot hooker (like... (recovery) junkie can spot other junkie far better than an inexperienced person, too, if anything). Basically, if he even wanted to do anything, to show compassion or whatever, he would be despised by some people because of some lyrics from '88. Seriously, it's 2018, calm your tits.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    No, Axl would have to have Charlie Watt's concert expression to wear this shirt. Axl doesn't match now. Rather some thick socks, and pack of dogs and cats, maybe some kids around... I think he has people to care about his little zoo, not just cats.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Wichita Lineman is of the three most important songs for Axl during current tour for me, where the biggest pieces of his heart is. Other two are, despite struggles This I Love and November Rain. But Wichita Lineman has certain something, maybe some far memory of his; strange song, his version, like when he sung It's All Right during UYI, Wichita having some similar quality, but being mature man's song. Axl's basic singing voice is soothing. If you start to think about what Axl wears onstage as a kind of armor, it starts to make sense. Basically, Axl performs skinless, heart on his sleeve, and therefore very vulnerable. You can exactly see how he feels about performance by how much he gets rid of certain parts of garderóbe, namely I swear on shades and tablecloth. The more happy and assured Axl is, the less trinkets. He is known to be sensitive on his ankles, I guess he has some massive socks stuck in that cowboy boots, and straps around ankles work the same. As far as I've seen concerts, he starts with bare head and fluffy hair, then he moves to scarf and he ends up in hat because sweat pours down him and he's aware that it doesn't look as hot as in Marquee '88. I think for him each and every piece he wears makes sense and is important. It's performance, he can wear normal shoes outside. Now when I have cold ankles because I put on improper socks, I think of Axl. There is definitely something on warm ankles. I think one problem with Slaxl is Slash being high on guitar during performance. Slash can be called back to Earth for a while with flying bras (he discussed one during the show with Duff, both guys intensely hand-gesturing) or some rail boobs that would eventually deserve extra standing ticket (I saw him boob-struck which is again a kind of sub-cortical primal state, not conscious). He can register Axl walking backwards and step away in last moment. Maybe Slash has some auto-pilot or very hard-working guardian angel. Axl knows Slash is high on guitar and he disturbs him accordingly to his ability to interact. Yes, I cannot channel Slash, too. But I must have had seen the show to tell you. Axl sometimes does little jokes and this no-touch kind of bonding. Or lovely moments when Slash is wildly soloing and Axl calls all the other members and he's like look at that guy, he is f*ckin' awsome!. Or Axl shimming on Slash's melodies in stage "hideouts" like no one is watching (his ass). Richard is lovable shy guy. It was great when I was front right and he stayed with us and was having fun and interacting and really appreciating that we love him - as soon as he got that it's him who we cheer. In Berlin he really tried hard to uplift the show and he was so cute. Other thing is that when Axl is around, Richard goes shit-scared and petrified. But he was awesome when the show was going sour and tried to make the show working and played his soul off. When the show was going smooth, he held backwards. As much as Ronnie Wood-ish he is, I wish he was as self-assured as Ronnie (of The Stones) is. He doesn't deserve the usual neglect! First time seeing Duff, I was right opposite his spot on rail, It's so Easy I almost pissed my panties a lil' when they hit the stage. This guy is not normally hot, he is essence of hot, he is epic, he is comely... having read what that man came through made him even more epic in my eyes it was like my book hero standing there alive, vivid and palpable, tall, and noble, and grounded, on his long legs and yes, that guy is cool, groovy base player cool with totally charming smile and truly interactive with fans! I think being cool is in base player's specialty narrative. Axl ain't cool, Axl is on fire! I love live sound, there are some extra sound layers you just can't hear anywhere else (mainly Melissa's job) like sub-bass and other thickening layers and overall, the sound is much fuller and juicier and more exciting and omnipresent... Gio, head of the security, sweetheart and fluffiest teddy bear if you behave, but never ever mess up with Gio. Nor disturb behaving fans - or he will pull you from crowd by neck. He's the hand to Axl's eyes. People do faint during the concert, depends mainly on weather and promoters, if they hire good healthcare, otherwise people go dehydrated, exhausted and they faint. Sometimes it's collapse from excitement. Berlin disappointed me, I thought I'm in developed Western Europe, but I haven't seen single medic there. Security guys helped us with their water, you know, once stuck in the front... In Poland, many people suffered from heat and lack of promoter care. All the concert memories! Hope you had awesome time and don't mind turn-offs.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Three meters and, yeah, that intense gut feeling of his presence is the nearest I managed to get. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you'll get what you need.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I am a Queen fan, I loved the movie, totally. I think Brian and John must have had their faces cried off several times during the production, I've seen some recent actual documentary about Queen and Freddie's last days, or, basically after Wembley, issue was still very emotional for residuary members, especially John Deacon; he goes emotional way faster than Brian. I have great respect for Freddie as a singer/songwriter and also his working morals. I loved film Brian, he was like some and... it was almost exactly a year ago I met real Brian May and he is of the nicest people I've ever met (he was also mentioned in some GNR bio that (not sure if band or Axl himself) he is of the nicest people you can meet in business). I'm not good in remembering exact details but my take home messages (Axl and GNR related was...) Of course they had to push all the career into a 2 hours of working film, I think it's even way more difficult than making a movie from a book... so some imperfections and adaptations are okay with me. It's a story, where everything clicks together and makes sense, which is not like actual life works. I cannot find the quote now but at the beginning Freddie is talking the clicking with the audience, the very moment when he is true and all himself and that's what made him a quintessential frontman. The band also mention the parts when audience sings their songs, when they are all together. Too young to see Freddie, it's THE thing I really love on Axl as a performer. When he hits the note unexpectedly well, when he sees that he made you happy, when he can give you all he is, all he went through, share it, he is of the genuinely happiest people I've ever seen. Shines like a batshit crazy diamond. You can feel him under your skin. Queen was one of the bands which mastered this clicking with the audience. Freddie carried a hint of insecurity all his life, another component of his art as a performer In some moments of the film, seventies, I was like... guys, do you know that there's a boy in Indiana secretly listening to your music under the sheets on a crappy little radio or wherever he can? When I was a kid, I was told rock n' roll wasn't music. It wasn't art. Queen was my proof, my evidence, that these people were wrong - and they meant everything to me. Queen has always been my favorite band. Freddie is the greatest singer, ever, is the way I look at it. The other thing about Queen for me is they embraced so many different styles. Look at Illusion, there are so many tributes, tribute to soul-searching Roger Waters, tribute to versatility of Queen, piano play of Elton John... also now I think that the costume thing in UYI had a lot to do with Queen and Axl trying to make the show some complete art, performance more than playing album(s), incorporate theater. All that emotion, storytelling, fantasies, everything. What poke me was how easily was Freddie cut out of the band, which was his family, of all the relationships with people who genuinely cared about him, by some manager(s). The music industry is ugly business. People want you to care about them or their lives, their kids, but in the end, you are just a commodity. He must have felt hell alone in the world he created and payed for, all the parties, one night stands, house full of strangers... The moment when he found that out, kicked out the manager and finally found people and told "Call the mothership". When he told all the band members what does he love on them, that the great music is not made by some musicians doing exactly what you tell them to do, but by the tension inside a band where everyone brings his own ideas (and even fight). Beautiful, warm, humbling moment. This Freddie's ...sorry, I'm late. Did I hear it somewhere? *I loved the coffee machine scene Italics are actual Axl's quotes
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Being a rail junkie, the moment I looked directly into Keith's eyes rounded with black kohls, it was like looking into the eyes of history... Talking about grandpas, Angus is Grandpa
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    For sure, for me, for science, and stuff.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Stones are grandpas, named gents are still uncles
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Cat just has smaller iris than is usual in the species, probably some developmental defect, so you can see it's eyes moving. That means no. In some men, as they age, the skin on palms goes incredibly soft and warm and pleasant to touch, but I've never hold or shook Axl's hand, someone just found it interesting enough to mention that. Fun fact.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I don't know, it's k´just normal hand to his body type and age. I've heard Axl's hands are incredibly soft to touch.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Since there was discussed everything from eyline for hooded eyes to football to politics... whatever.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Thanks, it's SLR, what you see in finder is what exactly goes through lens because there's a mirror mechanism inside... that's why I know it under name "mirror glass" (one-eye-mirror-glass to translate term commonly used in my language). I am sorry, I just didn't do major vocabulary research, only described key feature of the camera class. Tako has some good pics; I think mainly due to number of shows she goes to and number of published pics overall - she is, after all, adjusted to the show. It's on everybody to have a preference on certain photographer. There were really good amateur pics on various pages during the tour. If you ever heard about Annie Lebowitz, she also uses minimum gear, like one camera with one lens and... it works. There are pit photographers - journalists who almost cannot pass through narrows because of the cameras hanging all around them and... the magic is not in gear. Other thing is that, after all, Axl was choosing not just photographer, I guess he knows many, but someone to join the fishbowl touring band is; there are many more required qualities than just photographing abilities. After all, Axl has his own, specific demands when it comes to choosing people and I'd say he, after all, operates with his kind of perception which is very specific, he literally feels people, so he sees the world in a way which is quiet different (and so are his choices) and grown enough to trust it (he's happy now, after all - so I guess it works for him). I like Kat's point of view and that's it, the way she sees people, portrait photography it is. It's seems to me that it is that thing which clicked with Axl and created the bond and why some of her photos are so specific and speaking to me. It's art, after all. There's no right or wrong in art.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I sometimes photograph local acts for fun with my beloved mirror-glass; concert photography is a tiny subgenre. There are some actually really ugly folks and half of those acts and people are boring AF... but soon you can learn how to make them look at least decent and show as something you would be eventually sad you missed. The thing is that it's after all it's always really repetitive, even if acts change - not just one act again and again. Some angles just look good and some almost never and then there's not much place for further creativity. Ask me about how many from thousands pictures I made I take as really good/creative/... and I can pick really few. Local acts with mirror glass and major bands with toy camera. From some shows there is just none like that. For me it's fun, I don't make money from it. After few shows each and every band is mostly repetitive and predictable; also they won't line up the way it's good for composition without any stuff (or staff in major acts) in your way just because you wish. Miss half a second and flying Slash is back on the ground or like million things break any attempt of solid composition, or it just doesn't work anymore, focus didn't work properly, definitive picture is blur, just doesn't look as good as you thought in the moment you pressed the trigger... It's not possible to have one killing shot per show, that's how rare they are. Flock of professional pit photographers who publish next day in news also have pics that are 99% boring and repetitive; random fan with toy camera will be probably the one to get the shot of the day. As far as I know from interviews, published pictures (at least his portraits for sure) must be approved by Axl in person to be published. You cannot compare quintessential photographs in most dramatic situations which happened in time of our ability to photograph with daily bread of some celebrity photographer. How many stars have those defining pics which always come in your mind - like Jim Morrison portrait? Few. It also has a lot of with marketing and stuff... There are killing shots that a lucky photographer makes once in the lifetime. Be it famous person magazine cover or award winning war or disaster picture.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    By the way, there's other photographer with free pass, there are other photos apart from Kat's ones which could be done only from the gap between the stage and fans - I saw a man taking pictures there during my shows. They are standard good quality rock photos, but don't have that extra feeling Kat's ones often have. Guns din't have photo-pit like most other bands do for the tour, as far as I know.