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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I always wondered how Slash could be high on heroin & booze and remember all those people and things that happened. Amount of people makes me wonder even more. Like... this guy is f*ckin` social.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I`ve got bass, that instrument is huuuuge (and heavy, as you see in the video), only Duff makes it look like a normal size thing .
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Even small local groups have this kind of followers, they know each other - even birthdays. From nice and polite just quiet over the top hyped to true attention whores degrading themselves for every little bit of attention. Sometimes you get used to somebody you don`t like so much just because you share time and space with that particular person, even if mostly arranged by that other one, and these people are hungry for recognition. Birthday wish is a little favor (which made women`s thread explode a little ). There are always people like that around bands and if you put down one, another takes the spot. Maintain known faces is good move, they are smart enough to feed their star-struck-ness and to not cross the line of legal consequences I`d guess. Tako overproduces photos and propagates band on her own account, even made her name by that in community, so why not to keep her? (these Asians tend to look ageless until they turn 130 or so) It is said that Keith Richards will hold speech on his own funeral: "It`s good to be there, it`s good to be anywhere."
  4. It got so bad reviews on Amazon that I didn`t buy it Slash`s book was really nice read especially that I got it after reunion, it was so heartwarming Slash taught me to listen to bass line and drummer. Mick Wall`s Last of the Giants was interesting, okay, you already know most of the stories from other sources, but here it is in a package - and also has that kind of view of understanding from distance of years. Other musicians books I found interesting: Keith Richards, who taught me about importance of silence and muted strings, he has some great insights on making music, recording music, going cold turkey, longevity and dealing with lead singer in his book Life and it`s overall very good read. If you are into band dynamics and recording stuff, you will enjoy it. Not a single mention of GNR. Nikki Sixx (feat.Slash) Heroine diaries. Enjoyable raw piece on Sex, drugs & rock`n`roll with notes from present. Steven Tyler`s autobiography: some very good insights on how is it to be a lead singer (and deal with your lead guitarist), how it feels to perform in front of huge audience, how music`s born and Steven Tyler has overall interesting imagination. Includes GNR. Janis Joplin - Scars of sweet paradise. It was written long after Janis`s death mostly from interviews and talks with her friends, it does not focus on her escapades, drugs and scandals as most of books did, instead it`s trying to understand her, her endless efforts to proof herself and find happiness; how is it to loose a band which is your family and replace it with hired... A highly intelligent, sensitive weirdo with feelings right under her skin. If you are into these one of a kind sparkling strangelets, it`s a good read. I`d lie if I hadn`t seen Axl in her a thousand times... Written by non-musician, so not much talk about making music.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Do you think this could happen in 90s?
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Go through that Don`t Cry documentary, Axl destroying a gravestone with his name talking about how 1991 or 2 was very suicidal for him (also fight over gun in the video...). There are earlier reports on him being ehm... not so okay even before GNR became famous. No, people don`t cut themselves because they overflow with happiness; Axl being all mess in pain for no obvious outer reasons (and raging)... And Angus is true gift to him * I won`t armchair diagnose and because some terms are used in normal talk and not always so precise, it may be difficult I understand that fans point of view that it`s asshole behavior not to be onstage on time (when there is no other physical reason) but also that "inside" point of view that people want theater they paid for and many people want paycheck and you may be dying, but they expect you to go and play and then microscope the performance. It`s a burden of performer. I have no answer on what is right and what`s not. *edit: It`s always much easier to perform if you are wasted, sick, whatever, if you are instrument player.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Twainwreck alert If you read mangers interviews and other texts, you see lots of numbers. That`s how they perceive the world - through prism of money. Even financially-wise artists put art over money, because other way they wouldn`t make it to the top. There were interesting fragments of information on this, I don`t remember all sources properly (sorry): it`s usually the very top of iceberg which is seen: Background: all the band except Axl was high on drugs, so they did not bother many things as soon as they have supplied their rock`n`roll fantasy. Axl was more and more cut from band, I can just guess how much it was his mental state and how much it was an activity of management to put him onstage in any price (I remember in Nikki`s book how he developed this f*ck it attitude towards this because he (even high on drugs) felt like he is not a human being anymore, but a thing to be used by management to pass money from fans to touring band juggernaut). His life was in shatters, relationships ruined, he couldn`t return to his roots and albeit he was artistically peaking, he was down and suicidal (Making the f*cking videos - don`t cry). And the tour was too big to stop because some whiny diva singer doesn`t feel well. Insanely gifted people often suffer from impostor syndrome and are insecure about abilities for which they are admired. Axl is insecure, he even maintains it until today, it works for him and makes him an uniquely perceptive performer. Suicidal people question reason of their very existence. Axl must have known about Alamont concert in `69... and you don`t want another Altamont right in front of you because of some Hell`s Angels hot heads can pass anything to front row. You don`t want to be grilled alive because the stage set was changed and safe spots are not that safe. Other interesting peg is that GNR were the most dangerous band in the world and in some interview Axl mentioned that they wanted them to be both wild, dangerous, and unpredictable and calm, business-wise (like...people had some switch or so), Axl chose authenticity. Artist praised for his emotional, fiery, impredictable performance (and very existence); back then when songs emotions were raw and unprocessed, tiny child who learned to be aggressive to cope with the world, angry young man to become estranged and disillusioned when he found out that rock`n`roll fantasy is well disguised hell and no money and fame guarantee white picket fence happy life - or any kind of happiness. Other think is a persona, and exaggerated version of self an artist creates as a public defense against own vulnerability (Read Janis, she has lots of answers!) which may get under the skin so much that it cannot be distinguished anymore. With Axl`s acting talent and sense of humor... I think Axl is business-wise, but not money-driven. He didn`t mind much financial consequences back then (to repeated Steven Tyler`s astonishment) and I don`t think even he learned to control himself well, there may be triggers which make him overlook money, in good or bad. Like meet Angus`s performance habits. Other noticeable difference is his peers are back and sober (different from watching them slowly killing themselves). In so many things he is driven by his inner motivation rather than outside forces or what others do.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    You never discussed weird sh*t with co-workers? Like... bath mats... or if color of drapes and carpet meets... or other soul-searching...
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I would be careful, even I have quiet strange and rare surname.
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It is said that when you name your kid, you find out how many people you hate. Your name represent you doesn`t matter how silly it is. You get both your appearance and name from your parents so laugh your ass off because someone has weird look or name... speaks more about you than the other person. Gypsies here tend to name their kids by soap-opera characters, so you have many oddly spelled Argentinian names in particular eastern European communities. You know what`s on TV if you go through newborn names, so... They want their kids to be rich, beautiful and lucky like their soap-opera heroes. You don`t necessarily be in touch with someone to have (platonic) relation. If you name your child by some saint or medieval king or grand-grandma you never met, why not a singer? Archaic traditional names sound weird, too. You can pick traditional, widely used name which doesn`t fit surname... Here you can`t name kids with impersonal names or things, it can`t be the same as surname and must be grammatically correct and few other rules, so with a bit of paperwork you could have baby Axl.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    There is enough photo evidence that you don`t need to assume from incomplete data.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I `m sure Axl can sing emojis and I also think you can make .gif out of it.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Bring high waist men trousers and long hair back! Please, please, sugar coat on it! Those narrow hips...
  14. Happy birthday Axl!

    I guess I`m late, but happy birthday and keep that smile and attitude!
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I love you for this (without quotes)