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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Like... back then he was wearing micro shorts and some tee (and few less pounds), nothing more... I wouldn't like to get and impact from any oh his jewelry and other accessories... And since he has Gio, no more lame ass security.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I was nerding around some Nirvana and associated stuff lately. Maybe I shouldn't, but... Appetite GNR is mid 80s band. Mighty post-pill pre-AIDS period which will never return; make noise, bang chicks and enjoy the life, highest standard on "how to be a rockstar" was set by bands like Zeppelin, Arossmith, Stones, The Who... With underage groupies (they were 14 or so and purposefully went for sex with those guys), drugs, booze, sex (almost) freely disposable, women wanting sex and women having nothing to offer but sex... Guns were in gutter around strippers and prostitutes, women who will sleep with you to have a place to sleep, good girls from noble neighborhood who loved dirty boys... what should they sing about, chastity and Jesus the savior? It was their world of white trash kids trying to make it, but way too often ending up in a dead end, few of them were smart enough to actually make it to at least decent living. Men act towards you the way you act and present yourself. If you think different, you will end up in disappointment. Axl was violent towards people, yet, even if his dad and step-dad were actual misogynist, Axl found that not working and changed it. Was he putting down women who were smart and classy for being women? Does he now? I don't think so. He was friends with women even when he had massive problems and violent erotic relationships. Misogynist guys don't change, they see excuses for their point of view everywhere. GNR sing about what they had seen around, it was what pushed them in early days, there were all the kids who moved to the city and appreciated raw honesty of their songs. Things from past not always make sense through current optics. Nirvana came on scene in completely different settings, economic recession, people were scared of free, unleashed sex that rocked the scene since 60s and got epic in 70s to 80s, Freddie dies on AIDS, your friends are infected... but it's not gay exclusive, you don't know who's next... Sex is no more fun & games... Continuing in legacy of big rock'n'roll bands didn't make sense anymore. I don't know if Mick or Keith said this, but they said that every period has its rhythm pattern and good musician is the one who recognizes the pattern. Axl was aware that grunge is the new sound, he offered Nirvana touring and help and all he got was spit on offered hand by someone who hated himself yet thinking himself above anyone else. Okay, I know many people who are bunch of pain, who hate themselves, yet they don't spit it on world and hate everyone. Before music industry became fabricated, safe industry, the pattern antagonized itself every approximately five years, once great bands were dinosaurs for new generation of teenagers. Clubs abandoned by successful bands on world tours became filled by different, new sound, be it Zeps after Stones, punk in mid 70s after Zeps... Five years, a teenage generation. Kurt Cobain assaulted a mentally handicapped girl, killed an innocent cat, purposefully injected young touring musicians with black tar heroin, cheated on his girlfriend, threatened to kill a female journalist, spat in a fans face, smashed a guitar full force in a bouncers face, (would graffiti his hometown, steal), make fun of people with illnesses and hang around with scumbag drug dealers. He admits some of this in Montage of Heck. Some people want to maintain broken because it brings them attention. Okay, he blew his brains on the rise of his band, (leaving his infant alone in this world rather than to solve his issues and be a father) which whitewashed many of his aspect. I actually didn't want to find and know this, but... If Kurt is a feminist guy, seeing him how he copes with life and issues, I prefer misogynist Axl. If Axl killed himself in like 1991, his legend would be most probably untouchable and brightest of all, but I rather enjoy him and his wardrobe choices and who he eventually became. I went to Nirvana tribute show, Kurt boy was nice and all smiles offstage, they sounded authentic, yet the music was somehow disconnecting, here we are now, entertain us, people were rather stuck inside themselves than having fun together and feel connected. That was new sound and the way music was moving. Sadly, the industry took a new direction and now is everything calculated, prefabricated, copy-pasted and autotuned to plastic. Perfect, disposable, generic product.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It's bone dry humor with a hint of pitch black, of course. I admire GNR guys that they were able to solve their issues and keep recovery addicts - or not getting into addiction in Axl's case. Slash back them mentioned that way many people around GNR on their rise ended up dead or seriously damaged (bio, 2008 or so). It's a hard job to keep clean once you were addict, not much of a luck.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    We should also ask how many of his fiends and idols are already dead form the pool of friends and idols Duff has. Rockstars and people around bands tend to have shorter lifespan than national average, to say. It was nice from Axl to call him and say he's sorry.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    My conclusion: your friends and idols eventually die.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    When I was talking with people even about hard drugs, even people mostly occasionally use stuff like weed or acid, there are occasional users of all kinds of stuff. Axl wasn't seen with cigarettes for years, I see Beta reliable because it fits with everything else, I think she said he even avoids having smokers around now. Apart from rest of the band, Axl can have a beer or two until this day *** And happy birthday to Izzy! *did I tell you that I love Izzy's eyes? The shape is perfect and I am totally into that dark circle around the iris.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    This is what I got, actually, you go through all that drug prevention programs as a student (some extra if you get leadership courses for working with kids) and they all tell you that once you try heroin you are lost. You believe it until you meet unfitting pegs, people who didn't fail into addiction despite high accessibility of drugs and even doing them occasionally, people who tell you that heroin is either bullshit or it frightened them... That drugs and people couple, they pick them really like actual medication, and, first, they use it alike. Axl talked drugs by the beginning of nineties his opinions are unorthodox, ain't no "Kids don't try it" but rather "stay safe and don't build up an addiction, problems float on heroin anyway". I went through that interviews, because he described it well, like... he rather used drugs, mostly psychedelics, for "research", "artistic" purposes. Maybe he gets privately high on shrooms or whatever fits him until now. Thing is that Axl, apart from suicidal attempts (pills, searching for dope to OD until he found friends and they had Christmas together in early nineties), didn't feel the urge to escape his head, that's why people use drugs, even weed, if excessively. And yes, it's even more interesting if you take in count how massive psychological problems he faced. Many of those alike tried to drown their issues in drugs. Sometimes, when you just aren't neruotypical, people assume that you have to be on some kind of drugs, when it's just how you are and you cannot go normie just because someone asks for it. It's also hard to find the way when you are different, then usual ways just doesn't work. Again, I cannot explain this rationally, but the moment I saw actual Axl Rose two-three meters near I somehow got why he got stuck with New Age. Sometimes people take a path just to find out that it doesn't work as a whole, but they keep findings from that route anyway through their life. If Axl believes in soul-traveling, reincarnation and stuff, it also might have been a thing which kept him from pulling the trigger. If you believe that you will be born again and again until your issues will be solved, suicide really doesn't make sense. Although you are having self-doubts in extent you can't see your existence as worthy.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Like... you cannot argue the crucial importance of Bonzo and Jonesy for Zeppelin sound, but still, Page is the mastermind behind. Izzy as a leading force in the band was diminishing for long before he definitely left - look at the way he contributed on Illusion... If you read how they composed songs, it was usually they were throwing out noodles until Axl caught something worthy and eventually polished it into the song... or he made them to play the idea until it gave proper feeling (Appetite) Izzy and Duff eventually with Adler constructed the backbone of the song, Slash added lead guitar and Axl made it to a whole song. This continued for other albums, but also the band members were becoming more and more estranged, not making it together but rather separately. There are different stories and points of view about that... No one of them made shiny solo - or as a contributor - career comparable to their original band after the breakup. How many times Slash wished for normal, hard working band like Metallica, instead of dealing with idiosyncrasies of crazy lead singer... It's a package deal, Axl differed them from the pack on Sunset strip and what he actually did is unique, yet he can be major pain in the ass (but maybe he behaves now ). *** Courtney has reputation which makes Yoko Ono nice lady. For me she's plain vulgar and as far as I know, apart from Kurt, nobody liked her presence. In the story... Axl literally didn't want to smash her mouth so he asked Kurt to shut her up as far as she didn't understand that she crossed the line (you are really not obligate to bear extensive amount of sh*t), so he asked Kurt to do something so she won't continue... Is there Axl's part of the story or here we go again, bad, bad Axl? I had some vague information about GNR back then... I didn't care much until I got more interested. Last year when I took some extra shifts to get money for tickets, I was like I was here because I was gonna see Guns'n'Roses and colleagues were like: "Axl Rose? That fat junkie?" Me: "Say it once more and you lie on the ground with tube down your throat." I honestly didn't have much of an opinion before, it's something you have to dive into to get it and I found it interesting. Axl's "not using cocaine because of throat" is alike Kurt excusing his heroin habit by stomach ache. Both are rooted somewhere else. Axl has this unusual perception based on overall feeling and being conscious, which is easily compromised by substances, so one thing is to get high in safe, controlled environment (with psychedelics) and other thing is to be in a state when you need the substance for your daily functioning.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Axl was the driving force, the catalyst. Since the beginning of the band. And, at the end, a mastermind behind the band as Izzy started to diminish. He ain't no solo artist, of course I am pretty sure that if they had more "normal" lead singer, the band wouldn't take the course they did. Axl is insecure and vulnerable. It makes him a kind of performer he is. On the other side, he, since being small, fragile built child in hostile environment, learned to protect that with aggression. Family should learn children to understand and regulate their emotions, but, if a child lives in constant threat, where adults aren't capable of self-control, it inevitably becomes hypersensitive even without being highly emotional by nature. If it's a boy, it's even harder, because for a boy is hard to find a role-model and boys are forced man up, to be stoic and unemotional. Other thing is that with hypersensitive nature, "skinlessness", a person like that can be overwhelmed by inner or outer stimuli, which are, for most people, not even on their radar. He ain't no macho, he is quiet opposite of that for me. Axl always loved to be with children. *** Being an owner of a pussy is not a thing which deserves respect itself. So goes for age. If you behave like a bitch, you are treated as one, even if a women sitting next to you being classy is usually treated like a lady. It's bullshit to ask for respect because of sex, age, if you meet harsh honest person, even your social status doesn't matter, you are treated as you ask for. Drug abuse during pregnancy and breastfeeding puts a child under higher risk of developmental, psychological and health problems, they have higher mortality than normal. Keith Richards' and Anita Pallenberg's kids are also mostly normal adults, only one of their sons died on sudden infant death syndrome, which is more common in addict mother's children. Growing up in addicts environment puts abnormal pressure on kids. Children of some stars and groupies died because their parents were high on drugs and the child was left unsupervised... They all knew the stories. Like, imagine there is this beautiful child and it's parents are constantly out of their heads and there's nothing which can eventually call them for responsibility...
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    There is no accessible parallel reality (at least for me) in which GNR hoked on Appetite sound and kept with its image also staying in five original members, so I cannot say exactly. At the end, Axl got lost in all that so he couldn't hear himself, they ended UYI nibbled away to bare minimum, and it still worked. It happened to many bands... The only available alternative is what they created through the time, take it or let be. I started my dive into GNR world figuring out why Kurt is dead and Axl alive (2015). Found out that despite the reputation, Axl was a non-junkie, occasional user, which is something I still find utterly fascinating. Getting more information about people from drugs oozed environments, talks with junkies and observations inspired by this I found out many interesting things, I was even having a tribute lecture on drug use for national congress based on my findings. Not being substance-dependent is always good.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    It would be good, if it was Beatles - Stones kind of animosity, which was basically for media to create fuss and contrast around those two bands. They actually loved and respected each other since ever and coordinated things like publishing to get maximum out of it. Now they are just genuine friends also publicly. This is the way good guy Dave Grohl can be friends with people now also in public. He was a drummer in Nirvana, who cares about drummer's opinion? Most band members of both Nirvana and GNR were high as kites on drugs. Junkies are always morons with narrowed point of view. No exclusions, ask them. Axl was a non-junkie oddball in this pack. He turned GNR from sleazy club band to monstrous stadium act with horn section, backup singers, you name it, million dress changes, complex, elaborated songs... It's actually kind of normal in many acts as they explore music and get fame and possibilities. Kurt wanted to keep Nirvana shabby pack doing rather simple music based on loud-quiet dynamics, yet it seemed to him that band is evolving, selling stadiums and stuff, him becoming the poster boy, Kurt somehow didn't want to adapt to that and Axl was impersonation of it. Axl as a persona, a guy in tiny lycra shorts and his stage antics... Kurt seems like taking it all too much personally and also being unable to bear demons he created. If you ask recovery junkies, they will tell you that looking back they see many people trying to help them, they just weren't able to grasp the safe rope. Kurt is dead, he shot his head high on heroin. There is Axl for those who read OIAM lyrics to the end and those who not. Remember when all were almost shitting their pants how will end up Freddie's tribute concert and meeting of Axl and Elton John? I don't say Axl was never violent and/or dangerous, he is just quiet different from your average misogynist Joe. Courtney had nasty reputation back then to say at least. She was doing heroin while pregnant and continued while raising the infant, which Axl couldn't bear. So don't cherrypick the tip of an iceberg. Axl cares, if he decides to. Also is mentioned by everyone as harshly honest and authentic and genuine and abnormally responsive to the way he is treated. If you go through the bios, you see that Axl genuinely cares, but also way too many times his efforts turned to a complete fiasco and deepened the abyss between him and others.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I don't think it was just about befriending the popular kid. Those two had way too many demons, and, be it then and be it on a long run, Axl showed to be more successful to deal with them. It seems to me that Axl actually felt some kind of connection? compassion? with Kurt, but there was that concept of Axl in Kurt's head, which was basically evil, something to fight, something to be opposite to. Kurt built his art persona around this a lot. Of course Kurt couldn't privately meet Axl as a person, because then this would crash in pieces and lot of what Kurt built would not make sense anymore. People do insane shit to keep things as they know them.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Not for all shows that happens, but the eyeliner works for cameras and photos, just the balance must be set delicately, on one show I've been to it was really good and other he had quiet light lines, so with that pale skin, bright lights, ginger lashes and light colored eyes without remarkable darker circle around iris it asks for a bit post-production to get nice results. But thin brown line looks okay (he used brown one for the recent tour). Axl has hooded eyes, now even more, in this situation any thicker line just blurs all over your eyelids when you wink and you end up like a panda. They wear lots of powder because they sweat like horses, then it goes down them the like a pancake dough Mascara is a solution if you are a lady Stage lights are more often than not extremely strong daylight white ones, it makes face flat, mainly if they are directed horizontally.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Hooded eyes is when your eyelid is covered - it's either inborn or it happens/worsens with aging. Axl's right eye is hooded on this picture and it's tricky to do even an eyeline on eyes like these. Any advise is a good one
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @LillieStill, I have to agree that Axl could do far more complex make-up than I ever did myself.