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  1. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Axl tends to act what he sings, it seems like he was carried away with the song. Rocket queen, makes sense. First I guessed Axl being high on singing Mr.Brownstone, he usually does those hand moves along the micstand pole, now he grabbed a tee and - voilá! ...but this also makes sense.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    No one (or at least me not) compared staff to Nazis. Organization was far from perfect, but nothing to be compared this way. The only mention was a number on forearm, which comes more striking at certain places, but feel free to blow things up. .................................................... OIAM makes sense as a whole, and, as a whole it tells different story that you usually get (I went though it after people picked it in discussion). If you do what you did with the mention, pick like half of the sentence and start to overthink it, you will get the reaction OIAM got in public. Cherry-picked and overblown, it had nothing to do with Axl`s actual patterns, who he was friends with, who were his idols... Next people were surprised about how Axl really is and that he has no problem with different races, sexual preferences, whatever. It`s sometimes funny to be contrary to your public image. A young man which arrived in LA was angry young man, he was told what`s right and what`s wrong, black and white world of a little town church community, and he had to rethink everything he knew, because it didn`t work when he immersed deeper into LA dregs. It`s all there in the song, a story. Maybe he was pale white man, but far from privileged, a disowned worthless white trash kid no one cares about. It`s Axl`s story and if someone told him it shouldn`t be tell, it just triggered his sense of harsh honesty and reminded him about gaslighting he went through as a child. Calling out Axl and OIAM for what people say or do is same as call out Salinger for John Lennon`s murder. Even if you are pale white, it doesn`t mean you have won in life. Every human being is complex and has something which overtops other`s abilities and set of crippling mechanisms. Usually the more outstanding gifts are, the more crippling traits come in package. If you are envious, you see gifts, not a whole being. When we stop talking about certain things openly, if you forbid and try to erase things people remember that once were, it will start to boil under the surface or become even unconscious and hard to grasp, but present. I don`t think it`s correct to forbid some signs or books or songs or whatever. If people feel silenced, grievance, envy, and misinformation grows and this is the path to not just some big-mouthed acts, but to true hate and violence. You can polish your public image by telling just things which are right to say, correct, deny all the stuff which is presented as incorrect or offensive or whatever. For me, people who exactly know right from wrong are always more dangerous.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I also recommend to go and see Hiroshima nuclear blast memorial (I did), it`s really a strong thing and whole different point of view on history of WW II and Japanese army and their concentrating camps (apart of the fact they were forced to maintain only defensive forces, they never apologized), plus with still present possibility and potential results of nuclear war... Another topic to explore is for example is how Americans treated Asians, particularly Japanese immigrants and their descendants of west coast during WW II To say, it was not Hitler in person who killed all those people, it was too often their neighbors, collaborating people. My country was thrown as a peace scapegoat in 1938 to Nazis. And in, like, Ukraine, Nazis were surprised about cruelty of locals towards their own neighbors which over-topped theirs, often there was nothing left to do for them and they were welcomed. Hitler didn`t appear from a blue sky, he was just a tip of a massive iceberg, an impersonation of it. Put your keen eye on different stuff, on slow pushing people where they don`t want to be, to defend and outline themselves, all 20th century genocides began when people living together got an idea that someone is milking their sources and needed to outline themselves from that, not in phase where there was visible line between them, but in times they were strongly mixed. Then for whatever reason those people started to fight them, it`s always the same, pick a dictatorship, or Rwanda, Serbia (end of 20th century, long after people were aware of WW II). Today`s political dynamics in Europe is also interesting from this point of view. Topic interesting enough to research is how can genocides actually happen and how your neighbor or relative or even you can become a part of war machinery that kills, and, that`s the most scary part, how easy it is. I`ve seen that trait of obedience to authority, to mainstream opinions. That`s other scary part that after seeing memorials like this you could take it as far past, something which cannot repeat, but it can. You can take opinions of then-people as insane, but masses shared them, and took them as perfectly normal and correct and modern. People are aware of Nazism as something bad, so next it will appear in a coat people will not be aware of. Nothing comes from blue sky. Feel comfy with the fact someone is not Hitler and you may be surprised in future.
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Ay, Chorzow! (Alja`s long-ass review, because this show does deserve much appreciation) Cheap Early entry, so when we came there at noon and saw all the people there, it was like f*ck, how I`m going to make it to the rail and my favorite spot there?! I got a maker and I got number far over 100. Then some chaos around two o`clock, so I moved nearer to the front and hoped for the best. There was hell lot of people, they said half cloudy but clouds were on completely different part of the sky than sun and the hell on asphalt rose worse and worse, no one cared about the crowd, people were told they can leave their spots if the have numbers, but mostly they stayed anyway, security was not speaking English, my little advantage was that I mostly understand Polish because of language similarity. Then they started to call people by numbers, okay, I can go ... myself with that high one. First one hundred got into the space between end of the original queue beginning and actual gates. The earliest ones were there since early morning, but at least there were some accessible toilet boots. Soundcheck in Prague was shaking the metro station glass walls like a heaven entrance, Berlin was almost like a regular concert, this was short and rather messy. By four o`clock they let those first hundred pass and then opened the EE gate for the rest of us with no order, me running like a hell to the stage pretending that I always calmly walk like this around security, running shoes, comfy jeans, special waist bag which doesn`t hinder while running or dancing... entrance was on the Slash`s side, ton of people already there, so I continued running further and then suddenly people drew aside and a spot on rail in front part opened in front of me. I had some local teenage girls around and it was their first show, they were super cute and trembling excited, eyes shiny and thrilled. Sun was burning like crazy onto our backs and crowd became tight very soon, even before first opening act. There was no sign of medics or some care team and the heat was almost unbearable and no one provided any water. I went to get some water in stand for me and girls - and then successfully kicked residues down when the show really started. Security was unusually strict, like, I liked anti-smoking policy, and, as far as I know, no available alcohol inside, also beer was only non-alcohol. From overachieving part security explained that if Axl sees banner he will storm away and concert ends and other 90s legends and antics... Some banners were really nice, I`ve seen them in different shows, people talked to Gio and it was no problem as usual. Both opening acts, Tyler Bryant and Volbeat were solid acts with vivid live show... like... that opening act scheme with little drum set front first, bigger drums behind and then GNR equipment, know your spot. Both bands were interactive with fans and ran around and employed all the space onstage available, which is pretty rare in opening acts. Also sun went behind the stadium rooftop so the heat became at least a little more bearable. The last blast of heat came from crowd pushing towards the rail with the beginning of intro-video. With shadows longer and after new animation (yes, I increasingly hate guts of that tank part) the band hit the stage right on time, and it`s always a think which blows you, It`s so Easy topped with slightly nasty Mr.Brownstone tune and Axl`s signature dance where all you want is to get treated like his micstand, sound was clear and sharp and Axl was happy from the very moment he hit the stage. I have no idea what he did prior the show, but I haven`t seen him that happy and enthusiastic before. It looked like is walking up on pure energy, crowd was wild and rocking and... as much as Slash gets high on guitar, Axl gets high on crowd. Prague was excellent show and stays in my heart as my first time, but this was even more. Axl took banner You are in Poland, baby, to the stage, wore Poland scarf someone threw to the stage, he had a lot of fun with fans, interacting all the time, cheering, doing all that silly-funny stuff. It seems to me that he even didn`t go so deeply grieving and sad in pieces like TIL because how much he was soaked with happiness. And, as far as Axl is totally contagious, everyone was happy. Tons of Slaxl (touching, snuggling, little appreciation acts... and Axl really enjoys Slither) and Anyoneaxl, crowd people interaction included (Just Richard usually petrifies when Axl passes around). Of course Axl did his closet rounds, but mostly he was onstage and when he wasn`t in spotlight, he was dancing like no one was watching, just by himself on Slash`s solos somewhere in the backdrop. Others give much more stable performance, so as far as it was my third time, I enjoyed them. I always enjoy how music flows clearly through that guitarist who`s name Axl couldn`t remember so he had to ask crowd like three times... Slash it is, he makes the music flow to strings and to us, his little songs inside the song (I also sometimes play "find Slash with neck pose" game, when he appears near). Groovy, long-legged (and long-necked) peaceful warrior Duff. I was shooting on continuous and watching them outside the little screen an I got one cute smirk from Duff, later I found out photo is just not sharp. Richard was holding back most of the time and wasn`t that much stiff as he was in Berlin (still, that guy is so Stones` Ronnie Wood-ish, yet Ronnie is totally self-confident and easy going. Richard always looks sweetheart, too, also a bit frightened, even outside the stage), but as far as others were always somewhere near, sorry, Richard. The more shows I see, the more I appreciate Melissa. She has really nice singing voice and you would painfully hear if she wasn`t there (I`ve heard that she also stores some treats for guys when they pass around). Also that sub-bass thing which shakes your chest... The background sound filling every inch of the space. The show was Axl`s heyday. He always introduces them all, Dizzy two times (durin Estranged and then with others), Melissa with gentleman`s love and appreciation. Applause increases with every member and peaks with Slash`s introduction, yet no one ever introduces Axl. He deserves a round of applause, and this time the crowd would tear down the house, that`s how he rocked. He can command the crowd with a move of a finger and crowd answered as one. He talked and introduced songs little less than usual, but I anticipate bigger language barrier as usual, and he has inimitable body language anyway. I fell for Axl`s bow at the end of the song in Berlin, enjoyable moments of little humble man, heart on his sleeve, giving you the best he can, all he has. Poof! concentrated Axl magic in that moment. As a bonus, he had shades only during like first two or three songs. I got my beloved Yesterdays (as irregulars). I love Wichita Lineman, the way it`s "unplugged", clear thing, Axl singing in his basic voice, call it saving, call it whatever, but it`s full of feels and pure and simple, no forcing, no pushing, like... home. Like It`s All Right cover back then. He cannot do super-high clear notes like in times of recording CD, and has to catch rasps in some other, older songs, but still he has massive voice power through all the show and thing that really matters is the live show and the feels you cannot get from record. As far as the show was going great, Axl had the power, the confidence. And his little special magic, a soul of a child. First time surprise, now something I go for. He`s so clear and translucent, heart on his face, November Rain magic where his heart is, tranquil focus on piano of a child for whom the music is escape from the madness of the world, and that feeling that from all the songs, this is the one which matters the most (and I swear I somehow saw a little Elton John tribute inside the song). There was Slash`s solo Only Women Bleed on black double-neck at the beginning of KOHD, Axl didn`t sing, but it scratched my soul anyway (it`s one of my most soul-scratching songs). With the continuing show, bras were flying towards the stage (I have never seen that amount of stuff thrown onstage on any GNR show), and rather than "I`m going home" guys discussed the size; there was a lady in the front who should buy another standing ticket for her boobs with big Mrs. Slash sign on them, was appreciated. Axl also got some plushies (how the hell they snuggled it when only A4 size bags were allowed?!), a rose... Also mostly due to total lack of care, people collapsed and had to be brought away much more frequently. Axl asked people not to push somewhere before Chinese Democracy and mostly it was OK, security guys were bringing their own bottled water, you got a sip ant then they took it and gave to another one. I really have no idea what about people in 4+ row. Encore came almost endless, five songs, Rosie included, Madagascar reappearance, tablecloth went down during The Seeker (second time and definitively), and, finally, Paradise City. On one side I was happy, because I was running out of energy and mainly dried out; Axl wasn`t. He was running around, enthusiastic ferret, cheering all the people on the sides of the stage, last blast, pass it on, take this feeling home and keep it in your heart. Three and a half hour and he looked like he could continue on a spot, if others weren`t tired. My best show ever (and massive treat after Berlin, it was unbelievable contrast). Sadly they closed the merch stand so I didn`t get to buy a tee. They also closed the soft drinks stand and although they still had supplies, you couldn`t get any water. It was great to see people excited, awe in "my" girls` eyes. I talked to random guys in train home in tees and one was like he bought cheap ticket last minute and they totally got him. That`s how it works. I had pretty massive post-concert blues/hangover, no more tickets for this tour, recovering. ___________________ *edited because of some comlpaints on my cynicism and stuff to be politically correct.
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Axl was doing this and much more all the time, I knew he can get high on crowd, but this was much more than I`ve ever seen. He can command the crowd by a move of a finger and it`s great to be down there when he does so. It looked like he would continue to the morning if others weren`t tired.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    How do I feel listening to that version of November Rain:
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Theory behind: From the stage you can see like three to five rows, rest merge into undefinable mass. There are rich ass posh people who buy the most expensive front row tickets. Superfans. People who went to show to be seen or those who had seen show thousand times, so it`s a hard kind of crowd. When the best catwalk spots are taken by EE, here run their souls kids who had less money, but more enthusiasm. They get the side spots and they groove. Here it goes: I had two front spot, my first was on Duff`s side. It was beautiful because they went there to have a rest, to have fun outside the limelight of cameras ant they were just all themselves. Fortus is funny guy and mostly stays on his spot when others flee away and he is really interactive if you came to have fun with your beloved band. Duff is also nice and all smiles and Axl is more easy going and he goes for some of most emotional pieces to these parts of stage, I think because the audience is more responding and grateful there. You can see him just enjoying people enjoying the show from there. On front spot fronting catwalk you see GNR in their power, it`s a spot where they push more energy, more epic, more limelight (basically camera goes either for Slash or for Axl, so they must behave, like mimicking fans may look weird on big screen). On that spot you get full-blown November rain, which is really beautiful. You probably won`t get the rail spot, but still it`s good. Slash for me is difficult, because he is very little interactive. They are all running around anyway, so you miss a lot of moments because you just have no idea what to watch first. Enjoy!
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I`m afraid my bra is not big enough
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    We should find out how to replicate this magic for upcoming shows
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Seeing kamikaze-performing Axl from 80s would be interesting, for sure, but I don`t think it would be something that is sustainable; Axl had to learn to perform without hurting himself; like, entertainment value of that much powerful stuff, okay, but no one is meant to go onstage so intense to get hurt. One of most amazing things I`ve witnessed was Axl`s ability to switch off and on again really intense emotions, he has control over them now. Which means no longer truly angry (young) man carying vibe of the song long after the show has ended. Still, Axl can reach level of honesty authenticity which is rare even in top performers and if he`s not worried, he really can connect with moments which were there, when he wrote certain songs, to mention live Estranged, I was gazing to a moment which was borderline real because of the authenticity. I believed it all by heart, brains might have screamed in the backdrop that it`s just an ageing man, he wasn`t. He was exactly 28. Most of the audience goes to the show to see the legendary band while they are accessible, they go to sing along Sweet child and KOHD and go bananas during WTTJ. As I see them roaming the stage, authentic music describing current state of their souls, dominantly Axl, could eventually be disappointment for many. Time of rock`n`roll as a major force in counterculture is over, enjoy residues (you may but may not bring your lactose-free, gluten-free, raw, vegan, local sourced, hand crafted bites with you). No Stones, no Guns can change it now, new kids are not coming. I have my Stones ticket and I`m going to see an original band performing stuff which shares birth year with Slash and it`s Satisfaction. You can`t always get what you want, they said, but if you try sometimes, you`ll get what you need.
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Look, who were punks? They were desperate, disowned by school, society, often their families, kids left to grow alone in desperate, industrial, monotonous environment; kids who were told they have no perspective, who didn`t fee like life is about having a work in a factory day by day, have some kids and leave them grow up in same desperate environment; punks were kids from broken families, where adults were addicted to pills and TV shows and flatness, with their souls bored to death; kids too smart and sensitive not to feel the boredom and emptiness of existence which was offered to them and unable to figure out how to escape it, kids making love from despair, feeling cold and alone anyway, trying drink and drug away that desperate place in the middle of their souls alike that around, kids for whom their music was their moan and their warcry from the deepest bottom of their existence. World has changed, circumstances have changed since then. Their kids are now late teenagers. Music industry changed. Young lady from nice, loving, higher class family cannot get this punk authenticity.
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I laugh hard because that`s what I was always telling, that Stephanie loved a lot of things, but Axl wasn`t one of them. Many made mistake thinking that GNR is normally working band, it wasn`t (reason was Axl). Many dreamed rock`n`roll world fantasies from the outside, yet from the inside it was cleverly disguised hell powered by coke and smack (survivors agree on this). She went for poster boy, big rock band frontman in his prime, rocket fuel for model`s career... to find out being in relationship with idiosyncratic, volatile and vulnerable guy with ton of issues... I think the way she treated him is the thing which caused people from Axl`s tight circle call her bitch. She didn`t get her fantasies come true, she wasn`t able to cope with the situation, because even with the price it brought her recognition and publicity, and I think she started to punish Axl for that. Maybe not with physical violence, but physical pain is just one kind of pain and with Axl`s then volatility very, very bad idea. He always reacted violently on his inner pain in those days and was pain in the as for much more balanced personalities. Keeping to be sour after all those years is also, ehm, interesting. Those feelings tend to vanish as people grow to understand people and situations. Looks like Axl understood and changed (if you take change as sorry) and I am not aware he would speak about her after process. Not sure about her, or maybe it was just a shallow and pathetic gesture (and a difference between Erin and Stephanie). Speaking bad about someone who clearly changed is shallow and pathetic. You have all the right to do so, of course. To be shallow and pathetic.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    80s, when not natural, padded shoulders were a thing in ladies` fashion back then World needs more of these androgynous guys, it`s utterly fascinating.
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Good show at the end is personal experience I cannot argue and each and everyone of us goes to the show for different reasons, expectations... I bet some people don`t like when people around are moving too much and bump against them. I like eastern European crowd because we are not cold yet not dangerously wild. Then there are things you see as a pro in terms of how is organized crowd safety, too. I wrote more about the show and factors in review and it`s vicious circle in which you can`t say what was first. For me there are subtle signs like how people react on gates or how they behave while waiting for a band. Concert energy is very dynamic and difficult to grasp and when it works, it`s something thick in the air between performers and audience. From the stage you see clearly like max five or so lines, they are the key ones. Sound issues with slightly asynchronous unbalanced muddy instruments sound are problem. Not so fit frontman for whatever reason is a problem. Cold audience is a problem. I can`t change anything what happened and I can`t blame Axl solely, for me it was interesting - to see what`s possible if most factors play against you.
  15. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I`ve had rail spot in Prague and almost rail spot in Berlin (I held the rail to keep balance there). If I compared Prague Axl and Berlin Axl, there was massive difference. The difference was connection and in Berlin he really struggled establish it. He was far less energetic and easy going (yet still more energy and more unique than you get from most other frontmen). You could see he`s trying to break through. After KOHD his certain something was definitively palpably back, although never reached Prague. It`s a thing I go for in concert, so I`m sensitive on that. It wasn`t shitfest, it wasn`t skyrocket concert high experience, but from not immediate point of view rather interesting. Don`t forget eastern Europeans, we are pretty enthusiastic, too. Another Prague date would be excellent, Czech organizers make really good backup for concerts. And, @Lio much more partying cheering people there!