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  1. GNR WOMEN'S CHAT 2020 *NEW*

    But show this to guys and they start to refrain and be kinda distressed: ...yet once upon a time, when giants walked the Earth, this booty graced the stage.
  2. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Most probably it was just squeezed under the hat...
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Some Slash interview this summer, as far as I remember it contained this sentence: Cause there's a bond that you have that's never [broken]. And then what happens is the bond makes the negative side of it that much worse, because you're forced out of it."
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I think between the lines, they always felt the bond being there and being violated. if there's nothing to continue between two people, the animosity won't happen. I love the part where Slash after feeling it all back onstage in Troubadour searched for Keith Richards, gave him big hug and told him that back in the '92 or so, Keith was true about that feeling onstage he can only have with Axl (originally, in 90s, Keith told Slash to persist. Keith was experienced with diva lead singers and band breakups. I think every cell of Keith's body is built to persist, it explains his existence).
  5. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    I am aware that big touring band is a big circus and sh*tload of managers, lawyers an many other people on many levels are needed to run it. Apart from shipping merch from fanpage, it impresses like some kids are doing it in backyard house when all other chores are done. One level is people in direct contact with band members, personal management. Seems like Axl additionally created interface with the world this way; having professional personal manager is not nurturing experience and Axl doesn't have regular family to nurture this needs... Axl, different from many others in similar position, doesn't hire people in direct contact - he adopts. You are on the board, you are adopted, protected and treated like a family member (all these people refer themselves as GNR family - and have been at least since 90s, which is not present in other bands as far as I'm concerned). May not be always a win situation. Tasks to manage for some of GnR family may be quiet simple and not completely clear, but still, you are not a free man, you are minion. Also, there was a time when Nado was sent to business school to become a band manager. Did anyone ever give that kid chance to be what he wants to be? I don't think so. I am quiet aware that band functioning and touring doesn't stand on any kind of his managing, just thinking he might be not as rich, but maybe happier and actually self-confident outside the circus. I've seen situations like that, small town knows everything, it tends to end up in a very love-hate relationship with person who provides money, prestige, everything which comes with it (like out-of-your-league wife, "friends") and knowing that basically everything you have comes not because of you, but intense push from someone else, you are a step, the bottom feeder. So you enjoy the ride as much as you can, try not to piss off people who do real stuff why still trying to fake your importance and impress anyone available...
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Someone should finally let that man be what he is built to be, not a band manager, that would solve a lot of problems. That's all.
  7. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    [] I am a big fan of @Andy14 imagination, creativity, humor and all these virtues, but, honestly, no new material from the band - interviews, videos, very few backstage pics, this forum is more dead than alive and long are the days when jokes flew freely here...
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    When the most dangerous moment of the most dangerous band in the world is that lead singer could break his hip... That's why you live in NZ, you balance the Northern hemisphere...
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    What to do if your friend falls and it didn't look threatening (not that first few moments it doesn't hurt anyway): Laugh your ass off, then eventually pick friend's ass if he wants (or needs). Most people are okay to pick themselves and not to cause unnecessary turmoil or poor me scene. It's funny to see how Slash is absorbed during solos. He really knows nothing then (and I guess that otherwise he reacts just on supra-normal stimuli) I also guess no one from stage crew did see the wet spot prior, because they would remove it. They always clean the stage just before the show, too. Axl detected problem and the range of it, Axl solved. Looks like he remembers how to do chores The man is down to earth at the end. Today he's maybe a little bit butt hurt, but it looks okay. He had even tablecloth to soften the fall. You don't feel the pain as soon as you hit the stage anyway (that bitch waits...). I like that Axl doesn't turn back to the audience until he isn't at the very back part of the stage. A really nice way how to show an appreciation to the crowd. Axl wears his boots because they ARE slippery and light: he dances. Boots are good for running and stopping on a spot as he did through Illusions, but slippery are good for dancing, shimmys, (signature snake dance) and all this stuff. How many times I went through iced town to see some band, and hoped I will make it without fall... in my favorite slippery shoes, because they are good for dancing. I cannot dance in proper winter shoes, they have grips. Axl didn't fall through most of the long tour and if there wasn't some wet spot, he wouldn't even now, probably. Those boots he wears are tight and those straps he wear... I cannot decide how much it's installed to actually work, and how much it's a feel better stuff, but whatever, it was his feet, his ankles, he knows. That's what the life is, balance between dynamics and stability, having things done and safety... *** McKagans and Jason Momoa's family had met before and they are friends, on mutual photo McKagans looked like pack of midgets... Can you imagine Jason Momoa with Grandpa Angus?
  10. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    He has moments when he looks completely normal dude and age proper and moments when he looks... plain epic... young at heart, only 28... the thing is you believe him everything he does and sings onstage and now I'm spoiled with this magic which is hard to find in this world... Lucky you in Wichita!
  11. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Some people tried them, just coasters. *Edit: In case an idea of new music came on your mind and what not...
  12. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Locomotive! My favorite power shot! Breakdown would be a dream... Actually, Duff made Dead Horse highlight of his solo/Shooter show I went to, I liked it, it has the power most of his recent work lacks.
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Ugly truth about life is that if you have a pool of people interested in being around you to pick from, you will pick good looking ones. We like to be around good-looking, healthy, vital people. We instinctively pick people with more symmetrical features and usually people who look "our tribe". In Axl, add self-confidence and brains and whoa, here you have intelligent model who can keep with his mental pace. Which is important if you have high-speed, wide topic thinking like Axl has. I liked a story of a lady in Apollo Theater Show afterparty, that one where fans massively complained about amount of "models" on rail: certainly Axl tested her conversation abilities and left the conversation, because when it went out of scenario she prepared, she had lost the thread and he had no reason to keep it going when he didn't enjoy it. This was a kind of show for sponsors, entourage and all kind of people who also love to be around good-looking women (and are not picky with brains and stuff). Axl is pie in the sky to attract (also a golden goose), but there is a lot of bottom feeders to feed. If many people for some reason want to be around Axl, and he wants someone with specific abilities and skills and there are more candidates, he can pick and he picks by looks. We all would do the same in this position...
  14. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    ... if someone poked Axl to the back so he straightened up more often, that would do a lot of favor to his figure. Just saying.