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  1. So anyway, back to the tour lithographs...
  2. Sit back and enjoy your Kobe. Oh wait...
  3. Do whatever you want, that trash still ain't making my list lol But if you're going to start adding in non-tour lithographs into a tour lithographs list then we all might as well call it a night if we can't agree on the very premise of what these thread is about haha Come to think of it, you don't need to create a different thread to list the pop up show posters - there's a "2016/2017 Official Merchandise Thread" where it would fit in perfectly. It's official merchandise but it's not a tour lithograph, no?
  4. are they official GNR lithographs? absolutely. do they have anything to do with the tour? absolutely not. the artwork is kinda pop art cool in its own right but the posters from the Chinese Democracy tour have more in common with the tour lithographs than the pop-up store lithographs.
  5. The first two words of this thread title are "tour lithographs" - You said it yourself that these pop-up store lithos are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album, not the tour. And even THAT is a stretch. They BARELY have anything to do with the album. One of them doesn't even have ANY words or images associated with Appetite for Destruction. It lists Harley Davidson, Off White and Maxfield though... and the address of, you know, the store - so kinda hard to see how this has anything to do with the tour. They're promoting the store more than anything else. Those "limited edition" lithographs they sell on the website have got more to do with Appetite for Destruction than those pop-up store lithographs. At least they say "Appetite for Destruction" on them but nobody seriously thinks they're official lithos except for that loon on Ebay trying to sell them for $399 when they're still available from the website for $40. And declaring it a "GNR event" is using the term very liberally. For me, the actual band has to be present to be considered an event.
  6. I'm collecting the official concert merchandise lithographs - ie, the lithographs that commemorate a specific concert on the Not in This Lifetime Tour. VIP giveaways don't count. Who wants that lenticular crap they gave away anyway? Popup store lithos don't count. They don't even say a THING about the tour! Not a single one says "Not in this Lifetime" on it. You want to celebrate a pop-up store then wooooo, knock yourself out. The "Pirates of the Caribbean" lithograph isn't fanmade but it borders on 'official'. The artist is a guy by the name of Dave Berns and he was commissioned by LiveNation to do the design. I've received conflicting information that either they were sold in a VIP section merch stand only or that they were VIP giveaways at the Miami. Either way, they are at least as 'official' as the VIP giveaway lenticular crap they gave away in Australia/New Zealand and I suppose the mini-litho they gave away in Vegas that looked like the back of a playing card. For those who just might want it, the regular version is available officially from his website: There was a foil variant of the design limited to only 10 copies which is now sold out on the official store. However if you look for it on Ebay, you'll see that Dave Berns himself is auctioning #2/10 of the foil variant himself. No bids yet, starting at $99 The design? It's a legit design and the litho exists. Did nobody go to the Orlando show notice this? This was on the stage. And this is the litho: I doubt the one on Ebay was legitimate, but there are definitely legitimate ones out there - just not very many.