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  1. even if they were legit and numbered, that's still a ridiculous price
  2. Not anything particularly noteworthy. I do know however that artists commonly submit multiple designs for a single city, so it's not usually a case of submitting one design and then hoping it is accepted or rejected. They might submit two or three designs and have one or two accepted or all of them rejected, for example. There is no particular protocol for the submission process. Some cities have multiple designs from multiple competing artists, some cities have had a particular artist in line to do the design early and then they've played around with concepts until they settled on one they liked.
  3. It's definitely a far more appropriate image and has more gravitas, right? When swapped around and substituted for another city, it just doesn't feel the same. I think that's the reason that I love the design of Cincinnati but it just doesn't win me over completely. I understand the reference but I still think the astronaut would've been better for Houston or Orlando. As for the resulting Cleveland design... well in its defense, if it had been printed as it should have been (instead of so horribly dark) then it would've been significantly better. At least you can actually read the text at the bottom, which can't be said for the real life litho.
  4. Okay, so I thought I'd stop being lazy and reveal some information about the Tulsa litho. I've known this information since about July of last year but just never got around to sharing it since it had originally been shared with me in confidence. But since the topic came up again here recently, I decided it might be interesting enough to make sure it was okay to divulge this information and I have received the all-clear to do so. The Tulsa lithograph was originally designed to be used for Cleveland (the artist's home city), however was eventually bumped further down the tour schedule to be used for Tulsa and was appropriately modified. The original Cleveland design showcases the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge's iconic stone statues entitled "Guardians of Traffic" and was originally designed to be 12in x 36in specifically to be able to display more of the statues and in turn compliment and echo the vertical nature of the guitar illustration. The original Cleveland litho looked like this: but was obviously turned into this:
  5. I discussed the lithograph with the artist a long time ago and even though I'm not sure if I am allowed to share what he shared with me, I can at the very least say Don't Cry and the Hard Rock Hotel are not inspirations for it.
  6. Didn't you just buy the Cincinnati from me like, a couple months ago? And you're already trying to flip it for a profit? I just don't understand some people...