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  1. Lithorati has the artist's name for Madrid listed on the Madrid page. The Colom Monument lithograph doesn't exist, so there is no page for it. I don't mean to be rude, apologies.
  2. That's fair, but the site has been mentioned here many times as probably the best source of litho information. Even if he just browsed the last few pages, he would've seen it come up. Like @estrangedtwat said, definitely should be the first place people look for litho info!
  3. Why do people still ask questions that are answered on the Lithorati website?
  4. Whatever the cause, it must have been high up the food chain. There were no shirts with that design either. The shirts are done by a different company than the lithos and arrive later and separately from all the other merch, so if both the lithos AND the shirts were not made available for sale, clearly it was not just a matter of the production company being late.
  5. Yes, it is. Because your request is seriously, seriously naive and idiotic.
  6. Why stop at all the rarest and most expensive ones? Why not ask for all of them? For free? Delivered to your door by naked supermodels? Maybe also a free house, a fleet of Lamborghinis and hell, throw in a jar of cookies that never runs out. Some people, really.
  7. A true fan or a collector are the last two people who are going to trade or sell something like Slane for a bargain price. A true fan is going to keep it because it's rare or maybe trade it to a good friend. A collector knows that the one on Ebay is pretty much a fair price. Slane is unfortunately rare for multiple reasons and asking for one more than a year after the concert, you're lucky there's even one on Ebay to buy.
  8. It's the same artist that did Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton - Johnny Crap
  9. The first two Vegas shows had 1000 lithos each. Last year, Hameenlinna and Prague had 80 lithos each. How the fuck did we get here? GNR obviously loves to make as much money as they can from willing fans but they're so obviously leaving money on the table here. Just so so strange. Plot that on a graph and I'm half expecting that by the time Abu Dhabi and Johannesburg roll around, we'll be required to hand back lithos
  10. Agreed. People rarely go to concerts and festivals alone and you're always doing favors for friends. One person waiting in line while a couple people park a car or go to the bathroom etc. 1 per person is just a little too restrictive. Lots of other bands have plenty of reasonable solutions to this problem. I think Metallica sells a few hundred at the show and a few hundred online. Seriously, what is wrong with this idea? Of all the items GNR sells at their concerts, the litho is easily the most delicate and the number one merch item you DON'T want to try to protect while rocking the fuck out at a concert. Selling them inside the venue, preventing people from taking them back to their car or hotel room while also not allowing them to bring in a protective tube - that's just mean and inconsiderate. At least some of the concerts, the staff provide the option of leaving the merchandise at the booth for collection after the concert. That's a great idea but isn't implemented with any consistency. You have no idea whether that option will be available until you're standing there at the merch booth. At the Forum shows last year, they sold Uline tubes at the merch booth, which was a great idea! But again no consistency because I don't think they offered them for sale at any other concerts. A lot of us love to joke about Metallica's merch monster but dammit, at least they've got a lot of it running like a well-oiled machine. I would love for GNR to step up their merch game.
  11. Comparatively, yeah. Everyone goes crazy for shirts.
  12. 16 of the 23 lithos from Europe last year were 150 or less. These are normal numbers for Europe.