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    The photos are taken from Facebook page of Harley-Davidson Metropolitan Bangkok (HDMB) which is one of the Harley-Davidson dealership in Bangkok, Thailand. The HDMB posted on the FB page about this release yesterday and they claimed that these are the official merchandises. The HDMB is offering a pre-order for these GnrxHarley merchandise until August 7th. Not sure whether these are the same products as the one at the Maxsfield pop up shop. For the IG, this is an example of a seller who offers a pre-order for the merchandise and charge with marked up price. So people who don't know about the release can order from them and they will make profit out of that. This type of IG (including FB page or website) is so common in Thailand. Sometimes they offer original or fake or both types of stuff, it depends.
  2. I see. If I remember correctly, the godzila lithograph was produced for 500 copies. There were a lot of Godzila lithographs on Yahoo Auction Japan right after the Japan tour as well but I rarely saw one on the same website these days.
  3. To make sure whether it is fake or not, why don't you request seller to send you actual detailed photos of the litho to you before bidding or buying.
  4. You mean the shirt or lithograph? For the shirt, if the price is very low, it should be fake.
  5. From my experience, the GNR shirts for Not in This Lifetime tour have various tags. For North America tour, I found only GNR logo print with no Gildan tag on the original shirt. For Australia and Thailand tours, only Gildan tag and no GNR print. For Japan tour, most of them have GNR logo print with "Made in Japan" print on it as well. But some of Japan tour shirts have gildan tag with no GNR print and Made in Japan on it. However, only because of the shirt has gildan tag, it does not mean it will always be original or fake. I found that some Thai sellers sell fake GNR Not in this Lifetime shirts (Australia and Thailand tours) by using authentic gildan shirt. The same guy also sell some of the GNR japan tour shirt with fake GNR print and fake "Made in Japan" stamp on it as well. However, the screen itself look so obvious that it is fake. So no matter how good the fake is, the screen may look alike the original one but the color and the proportion of the screen still look off and you can easily tell that it is fake especially when you already have the original one. Also, for people who are hunting for GNR Thailand tour shirt (Demon and Elephant) on Yahoo Auction Japan, please be careful. I saw a seller (username is garyroses777) posted the fake Thailand tour shirts on the yahoo auction in the following links. So if you are currently bidding on these items, they are fake. https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x487319438 https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x487715764 So if you are hunting for GNR shirt on Ebay or Yahoo Auction or wherever, try to get as many clear photos of the shirt itself from the seller and you may post the photo or link here. I will try help you check it if I can. Or if the price is too low and the seller has bad rating or is from south east asia or Hong Kong or China, it has a big chance that it might be fake.
  6. I agree with your comments on the Bangkok lithographs. The designs are very nice but poor quality. For the Bangkok shirt, the elephant design is glow in the dark. It looks like a regular shirt but the skeleton elephant is hidden underneath the elephant design so you can see the skeleton elephant pops up in the dark.
  7. 02/28/17 - Bangkok, TH - SCG Stadium

    Nope. They never play in Thailand before.

    Cool merchandises!
  9. Japan Merchandise 2017

    I understand you especially for the sizing which most Asians are not as big as people from other region (US or Europe). For the issue of wear out, I also had some t shirts in the past (90s) which I really like and now it's worn out or gone and sometimes I miss them. So these days when I see t shirt that I really like, I try to buy couple of them. But as you know, Cause Nothing Last Forever Even Cold November Rain. So when the time comes, everything, including us, gonna be worn out or gone anyway.
  10. Japan Merchandise 2017

    Thank you for your info. The problem is I never use Yahoo Auctions at all and from my little research, I may a need more time to get used to its system. Maybe I will try getting reliable proxy to help me on this.
  11. Japan Merchandise 2017

    As an Asian (but not Japanese), I am more into t shirts than Lithograph as well because I like the arts on the shirts and don't want to put anything on my wall or on the table. But that just me and people are interested in different things which is a good thing. Also, from what you explained, that's quite alike my family too. We always hang out outside and rarely invite friends (except relatives) to have a party at our home. Maybe because we are lazy to clean things up after party. Ha Ha Ha
  12. Japan Merchandise 2017

    I would like to thank estrangedtwat and amaninjapan for information. My friend went there and got t shirt for me (Not the Godzilla one, of course T T). He told me that even with the long line but the system was good so the line quite moved faster than his expectation.
  13. Japan Merchandise 2017

    Thank you for your suggestion. I will try telling him to do so.
  14. Japan Merchandise 2017

    Can we buy during the show? Since my friend will not watch the concert anyway because he has no ticket.
  15. Japan Merchandise 2017

    Oh thank you for your quick reply. So they are selling the stuffs until the end of the concert? I plan to ask my friend to go there and buy some t shirts for me but not sure what should be a good time to be there.