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  1. http://www.hennemusic.com/2019/01/guns-n-roses-top-billboard-facebook.html?m=1 Scroll Down to Video
  2. https://www.antimusic.com/news/19/January/20Guns_N_Roses_Top_Chart_With_Classic_Song_Performance.shtml Guns N' Roses are No. 1 on the latest Billboard Top Facebook Live Videos chart with a performance of "Sweet Child O' Mine" from their December 8 concert in Hawaii. Billboard reports the footage earned top spot on the monthly chart of videos streamed on Facebook Live as tracked by media analytics company Shareablee, with rankings determined by a formula that blends reactions, comments, shares and first-seven-days views. "Sweet Child O' Mine" led the chart in two of the four metrics, including reactions (26,000) and views in its first seven days (447,000). The Honolulu date - which closed out the band's three-year Not In This Lifetime reunion tour - was also their first-ever concert in Hawaii. "Mahalo Hawaii!," posted GNR after the show. "Thank you for an unforgettable closing night." Watch the video and read more
  3. Pearls wishes she had that body 😂🤣😂
  4. I would also love to hear the Corey Taylor recordings. Just the fact that they had Corey Taylor wanting to be their singer sounds like a missed opportunity. You ain't gonna get much better in this day and age.
  5. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Yeah, it definitely is. I just liked seeing something different printed on the tag
  6. GN'R fan from the very beginning, I still remember buying Live Like a Suicide in 86, and how blown away I was when the It's So Easy 4 song 12" Single was released.

  7. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Strange that the You're Crazy shirt has a Guns N Roses tag instead of thed GNR Lies tag the Long Sleeve Lies shirt I bought has. ... Does the Mama Kin shirt have a GNR Lies tag on the inside?
  8. I just looked at pictures of this CD on Ebay. Beautiful Dangerous was also cut from the tracklist 😐 A compilation CD like this really needs to have 1 or 2 new songs to make me want to buy it. I edited the my original post
  9. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    The long sleeve Lies shirt I got is more true to size than my 2017 30th Anniversary Nightrain Fan Club shirt.
  10. Maybe the crowd was filmed more at the LA Show. It's the only show I have heard that notices were posted about the filming
  11. From what I remember they hung notices around the stadium telling people they may be recorded/ show was being recorded for future release
  12. Another project that could see a release was the 2016 Show at Dodger Stadium that I believe they announced was being filmed for future release as a DVD, Blu Ray.
  13. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Very strange, it says right at the top of the page 25% Off through 1/17, yet nothing is on Sale anymore. It is still the 17th as far as I can tell 😞 I wish I had got me a Mama Kin shirt when I ordered the long sleeve.
  14. Yup, No Standing in the Sun, Back From Cali, Starlight, Anastasia, By the Sword, Ghost, Driving Rain, etc It's like a hits EP mixed with a Deep Cuts EP
  15. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Yes, The shirt came wrapped in GN'R LIES packing paper