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  1. What's happening with the new unsurfaced pro-shots?

    I can’t wait for an extremely good version of Dead Horse. I feel that the Argentina version is ok. These pro shots are turning out to be better than the rerelease.
  2. The first thing I noticed when I watched it was the mic stand. I thought exactly what you guys thought “wasn’t that from the illusion tour?” I also thought it might be because of those tight short shorts Axl is wearing that show off mor if his ass than the girls in the video.
  3. I think the best show to have would be the Inglewood 1991 show. They played so many great songs and even played Locomotive! I would kill for a recording of Locomotive and Breakdown (highlights of UYI II in my opinion)
  4. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Last month I listened to every Disturbed album. This month I’m going through and listening to every Iron Maiden record for the first time. Obviously GNR when I’m not listening to an Iron Maiden album a day.
  5. I was surprised how close the actors look to the band members. If you look at pictures of them side by side they look nothing alike, but if you look at them in costume they look pretty damn good.
  6. Ever since I have started looking on iTunes (2014) I haven’t beeen able to find the videos on there. I would occasionally look at reviews for GNR albums and there were quite a few asking where the videos were. The reviews went from about 2007 all the way until 2015 saying that the videos weren’t there. If they were for you, I don’t know how you could see them and I couldn’t.
  7. Its take a long ass time, but the GNR videos are finally on iTunes. It’s even been announced that the “Its So Easy” video will be there soon.
  8. Your Dream Concert

    All of these concerts are shows I would want to go to. It’s interresting to see how many times Locomotive has popped up. There are a lot of lesser played songs from all their early albums and a surprising number of CD songs. Very cool to think about how each lineup would play the different songs.
  9. Your Dream Concert

    Im not sure I understand what you’re saying. I like both Hair of the Dog and CD songs. I accept that CD is part of Guns and I actually really like the record. I don’t think it’s by a different band.
  10. Your Dream Concert

    It’s just a hypothetical. What you dream would be able to happen. I know it wouldn’t happen but I would love to see it. Some of the other guys are putting Chinese songs on a skin n bones tour. It’s not meant to be realistic.
  11. Your Dream Concert

    Based on the UYI era lineup, and about the same setlist structure as the current shows. Line Up- Axl Rose Slash Duff McKagan Izzy Stradlin Matt Sorum Dizzy Reed 1. It’s So Easy 2. Mr. Brownstone 3. Chinese Democracy 4. Welcome to the Jungle 5. Double Talkin’ Jive 6. Better 7. Estranged 8. Live and Let Die 9. There Was a Time 10. Reckless Life 11. Rocket Queen 12. You Could Be Mine 13. Sorry 14. Dust N’ Bones 15. You’re Crazy (Lies version) 16. Patience 17. Attitude 18. This I Love 19. Prostitute 20. Civil War 21. Dead Horse 22. Pretty Tied Up (The Perils of Rock & Roll Decadence) 23. Coma 24. Sweet Child O’ Mine 25. Breakdown 26. Used to Love Her 27. My Michelle 28. Out Ta Get Me 29. November Rain 30. Yesterdays 31. Bad Obsession 32. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door 33. Nightrain Encore: 34. Move to the City 35. Locomotive (Complicity) 36. Ain’t Going Down 37. Madagascar 38. Don’t Cry (Original) 39. Catcher In the Rye 40. Mama Kin 41. Paradise City
  12. Your Dream Concert

    What would the setlist be for your dream GNR concert? Try and set up the setlist based off of any era of GNR. Use your favorite songs (studio versions for time) and try and make a playlist under 4 hours. I would be interested to see what songs would want to be seen live.
  13. Glad to see GNR getting some chart success. I could only imagine how good it would be if they released some other demos (Ain’t Going Down, Crash Diet, Bring it Back Home). I wish we could get versions of those songs.
  14. Downloads for Soundboard or Pro Shot

    If any of you have multiple versions of the same concert please post them here so people can pick and choose their favorites.
  15. Downloads for Soundboard or Pro Shot

    I already know about that one, but I was thinking just putting different versions of each of the concerts. That site only has one version of each concert. I wanted people to be able to choose which version of the concert they want.