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  1. What Are You Listening To 2018

    Evolution by Disturbed. Deluxe version has a live Sound of Silence with Myles motherfucking Kennedy
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen May have looked like Freddie, but he is mostly a comedic actor and his performance may not have been able to capture Freddie correctly. From early reviews I’ve seen Rami Malek nails Freddie as a person and not just in looks. I think if enough searching was done, a respectable cast could be made that even resemble the members of GNR.
  3. What Are You Listening To 2018

    I couple weeks ago I listened to all of Black Sabbath, last week was all of Mastodon, this morning I’ve listened to the first three Aerosmith records.
  4. Idk, they found someone to be Freddie Mercury, and from what I’ve heard he did a fantastic job. If someone can nail Freddie, I think someone can be found for the band.
  5. Slash's Universal Monsters Maze Soundtrack Album!

    South Park was right, there is no way this man can exist with so much shit going on. Off the top of my head; GNR tour and back in the band, new SMKC album and tour, Motorcyle game he scored, this that he’s scored, the movies he’s working on.
  6. The Walking Dead Season 8 Discussion

    I’m hoping with everything I have that they don’t kill Rick (but they did it with Carl so who fucking knows). If they weren’t going to kill him off he could get on that helicopter we keep seeing and it might lead to another place that shows up later in the comics. If they do kill him, they are shooting themselves in the foot by killing off the main reason I watch the show. It was said that Daryl will become the main character, and he will have to change to be a leading character. I also heard that Jon Bernthal (Shane) is coming back and I heard Rick’s death is supposed to be in episode 5 (if it happens).
  7. LTD tour shirt

    That’s what I was hoping wasn’t true, but thanks. Is there not even resale?
  8. LTD tour shirt

    I went to see Slash but didn’t get a chance to get a shirt I wanted. I was wondering if anyone could point me to where the specific shirt is sold. If not, that’s fine. The shirt was of the LTD skull but it looked more realistic and it had the tour dates on the back. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  9. Just sold my tix

    I think I blew my voice out screaming and singing along to every song. The show was fucking amazing. The setlist May have been the same as the night before, but I don’t fucking care. The new album is a lot better live. I would say almost every Slash song sounds better live.
  10. Best Bootlegs?

    This has a couple that only have a few songs and then the nuGNR era.
  11. Best Bootlegs?

    I have all but Rio 91, and Rio 17. If I could find a way to share them I would. There are a couple of threads in this download section of the forum that can help. There is one talking about a website that got taken down that had all the bootlegs, but I believe they set up a discord with them. I’ll look for the thread and then send it. Edit: I found one of them, I believe there is another this one has all dead links unfortunately but, I believe it has some shows I may have forgotten about
  12. Best Bootlegs?

    All the concerts I can think of that are soundboard and pro-shot are- Ritz 87, Ritz 88, Marquee 87, Tokyo 88, Indiana 91, St. Louis 91 (riot show), Paris 92, Chicago 92, Oklahoma 92, Tokyo 92, Argentina 92, Argentina 93 (both nights), Saskatoon 93, Perkins Palace (I forget if it’s 87 or 88), Melbourne (87 or 88), Apollo 17, Forum 17, Rock In Rio 17, Rock In Rio 91 (both nights), Inglewood 1991 (not soundboard but just look at the stlistabns you will see why I recommend it).
  13. Best Bootlegs?

    Are you talking about different bootlegs of certain concerts? I can’t name any of the different bootlegs but I can name almost every soundboard/proshot that’s not from the CD era.
  14. Changes in the upcoming leg?

    What about Promise? They could honor Chris Cornell, not have to do Black Hole Sun, and play a good Slash solo song. It’s a win win win
  15. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Great Pretender was played for the first time tonight. Also looks like they added a couple of more songs back to bring the setlist back up to 21 instead of 18.