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  1. I wouldn't put it up for sale, but if someone offers I'm not gonna turn it down!
  2. Doesn't seem to be any interest at that price though. Damn shame, because I've got one and could really use the money.
  3. Oh yeah, Marc's book is great. Slash and Duff's books had a couple of interesting tidbits too, but if you're looking for anything in-depth you're out of luck.
  4. Whether or not the fact that Izzy personally asked him to pull the book is true, the author is glossing over a lot. I was one of the few people who managed to actually receive a copy (I preordered it back in the day) and it is a steaming pile of shit. How much of a steaming pile of shit? He spells Izzy's name wrong on the first page. I'm gonna say that again, because I can't emphasize this enough: He spells. Izzy's name. WRONG. On the first. Page. A lot of the material was straight-up stolen from the old fansite, and he didn't bother to get permission to reprint any of the pictures or articles he used. The original material was so badly edited (not even spellchecked!) that it was incoherent, and didn't give any new information. When I posted my review to beenafix, Jake Brown showed up and called me a f@ggot. It's interesting that he's saying now that Izzy personally told him to pull it, because back then he told me that the book getting pulled from Amazon was my fault and threatened to sue me. So yeah. Fuck that guy.
  5. I would honestly not be surprise if he was under orders from Axl to look as much like Izzy as possible.
  6. I'm not sure about syringes specifically, but just about everything made of plastic in the early 80s (unless it was dyed) was that color, yes. Example.
  7. Guys. I really hate to rain on your parade, but he's holding a syringe. The bit behind it is his left thumb.
  8. I think that's what infuriates me the most about her. Fucking a whole bunch of famous dudes isn't striking a blow against the patriarchy, it's just...y'know...fucking a whole bunch of famous dudes. And there's nothing wrong with that! All this "feminism" nonsense, as far as I can tell, is just a desperate attempt to convince people she's a special snowflake since those other stupid groupies don't have sex as an empowering feminist act. Strip all the pseudo-intellectual bullshit out, and what's left is, ironically, incredibly misogynist.
  9. Normally I'd agree, but he gave me the impression that he was a bit more...um...intense...than your typical Izzy fan. Especially if they heard him yelling at that poor receptionist.
  10. I think my favorite part of the guy's whole story is Izzy's wife immediately just nope-ing out of that whole encounter. I just picture her seeing this disheveled, probably hysterically gibbering lunatic barreling towards her husband and
  11. It's weird how both his and Slash's attitude changed so much ever since Axl started signing their paychecks. Jesus tapdancing Christ, just own up to the fact that it's not a complete reunion. There's no need for this "Izzy wasn't as important to the band as you think" bullshit.
  12. Don't know when he started surfing, but I can confirm that Lafayette is landlocked (My wife is from Anderson which isn't too far from there). Technically there's Lake Michigan about 4 hours north of there, but AFAIK the waves aren't good enough to surf.