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  1. In terms of teddy still talking to slash, duff and matt seems the whole band minus axl, had a special camaraderie and friendship on the illusions tour.
  2. Not sure why the guy would only talk about himself.
  3. I havent listened to the interview yet but does teddy still speak to any former or current members of the band?.
  4. Matt always seems to cocky and arrogant with an ego the size of the grand canyon, but during his time in guns he always had the musical chops and skills to back it up.
  5. Hopefully we will get that in an official statement. Im sure they only have to read gnr facebook or their own twitter replies to see that many fans want a new album. If slash and axl feel that they dont want tto release an album for whatever reason then a press release would be appropriate just to shut people up. If they just want to be a touring band then so be it, but you can only ride that horse for a certain time. When Fernando says "we are only getting started" it makes you wonder if an album really is in the works at some stage. What happens after their europe shows will be interesting.
  6. It was only axl that kept the records of who wrote what. I remember steven saying as much in an interview.
  7. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    More like no honour amongst theives.
  8. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    Street of nightmares Double talkin panda Sweet loot all mine
  9. I like this theory. However axl has said in his interviews when izzy did tour during the CD tours axls management (TB) were the ones negotiating the dollars and conditions and axl has said he didnt want to know the details. So i guess in axls mind these negotiations for NITL would be no different compared to other tours negotiated in the past, except there is more money to be made and more fans interested in the band with this tour. It's always the issue with guns....to many middlemen.
  10. (Crosses fingers) please let this happen with a new song or two thrown in. I think they have exhausted the north america market which means remaining are europe, asia/oz and our kiwi fans across the ditch and one last south america visit. Unless they end the tour in NZ.
  11. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Well it would be the same 10% that know attitude.
  12. I cant help but think axl has never been able to move on from all of this and put it behind him. Off topic im starting to think team brazil are an extended version of doug goldstein. From all of this and hats off to izzy for the way he tried to reach out to steven, he never got sucked into the managers and other hangers on and always never saw the rest of the band members bigger than themselves. To him the band were always the same 5 guys from gardner street. Im sure the reason why things got so out of hand was the lawyers and goldste in whispering different thing's in different band members ears because i think the label were looking to invest alot of money into the illusion recordings.
  13. Slash Solo, Rocket Queen 2014

    I agree. I think its something he shoukd have done after snakepit 2 or after the slashs blues ball tour he did way before things eventuating with VR.
  14. Which songs should they add/drop?

    Hmmm i view godfather as a chance for a piss break and a trip to the bar. Slash has played that solo piece even during skmc so i think its time to be dropped. They could add reckless life instead.
  15. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    Theres another also called guns n roses the band that time forgot.