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  1. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Id like to know how axl feels about singing scom. Mainly because it was about erin and the history of their relationship, and he really must hate singing it by now.
  2. Skinny is what he was in 91 and 92, especially the photos where he is on stage in the american flag colour bike shorts. The photo of axl in the grey top in the thread, he has a gut. Its not because he is wearing 2 or 3 layers of jumpers or shirts. Yes im fat shaming him.
  3. An oversized headband for exercising?.
  4. I do...its either stomach filled out or something under his shirt. The photo you posted ftom axl being on stage i think he looks good. But he looks like either face wise a small face lift or maybe botox injections have been done...just looks different.
  5. The beer gut he has now is not at big as what i see in this photo.😯
  6. Theres no way in the world he would look so round from kickboxing.
  7. Are the guys from the second photo from Indiana?.
  8. Was this for RIR?. And a wider stomach.
  9. Gee a change to the fit axl from the Illusions tour. 🍬🍫🍰
  10. Which is the same look when getting photos taken with fans during nitl tour. Except he looks like a cranky grandpa that looks like someone is on his front lawn.
  11. Your Least Favorite Among the GN'R Hits

    Hands down, scom and sftd.
  12. From reading the word used in some forum posts, i thought axl officially described that he was woke in one of his twitter posts. I thought his medication (speculating he is on it) made him have,as some alcoholics would describe, a new found moment of clarity.