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  1. Member Picture Thread

    Nice shirt!.
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    The muscianship and general commaraderie seem so much better in skmc than current gnr. If frank couldnt drum for gnr we have found the replacement.
  3. Patience cough bullshit

    Welcome fernando
  4. Free, new album by Iggy Pop

    Im surprised he doesnt have his own radio show i think he would be a good interviewer. Ive seen some music forums hes spoken at and he makes an interesting person to listen to. Also i reckon hes done more drugs in his life than keith richards and hes still alive.
  5. Top Gun: Maverick (Trailer)

    Im VERY much looking forward to this. Thought val kilmer would be in the trailer somewhere.Whats with the hornets i thought we would be seeing F14s again.
  6. 26 years ago today- the end

    "He didn't know what he wanted with either the music or his own band mates" the above is the reason why axl should have done some sort of solo album away from gnr after the illusion tour then in 95/96 come back and reassess which direction to take guns.
  7. 26 years ago today- the end

    If Navarro didnt work out for the chilli peppers, i have no idea why axl thought navarro would work in gnr of all bands.
  8. The Bon Jovi Distaster

    Sounds like hes singing abit slower. But he certainly doesnt have any power in his vocal delivery anymore. I think when it gets to this stage, where you just cant do the songs justice how they should be done either hang it up or maybe change the setlist alot.
  9. 26 years ago today- the end

    With zakk who is a lead guitar player like slash said it would be like priest or thin lizzy. I like zakks playing when he first joined ozzy and love the guitar solo in "fire in the sky"but his constant pinch harmonics give me the shits, and turn me off really quick. Of all ozzys guitarists i prefer jake e lee. Nice one. Wonder why axl tried to rip the photo off him?.
  10. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    The vegas residency wasnt something to crow about. By then with the flying piano and ashba i dont think axl could have taken the gnr brand further into the ground. The emo guns version had run its course. The 12 songs slash had referred to in his book that he wrote with izzy where VR was in the early stages, i would like to know what those songs were.
  11. 26 years ago today- the end

    Ill never understand axls thinking of potentially having zakk in the band. Also having tobias play SFTD over slashs guitar work.
  12. Did acdc ever celebrate any album anniversaries. I thought BIB would be the album if any, now that brians back to do an album anniversary tour.
  13. 26 years ago today- the end

    I thought after the illusions tour they should gave done theatre tours to promote TSI. Just a small tour with no major expectation.
  14. I do. Melissas social media has been quiet. If she was working on other artists or have something else going on she woukd be posting about it. Same with frank and fortus. To much quiet shit going on with their social media. Something has to be brewing.
  15. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    I dont know about flaky. Matt sorum did an aust radio interview where during the illusions recording the whole band minus axl were recordibg together. Matt in one room izzy, slash and duff in the other cutting the tracks to then send to axl. On tour izzy wasnt the one going on late. He was there until he left travelling in his own bus as a way of not being around the bands decadence.