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  1. Well i guess whatever sorum writes will involve slash and duff, so i guess it has got those 2 pretty worried what may come out and dont want to have to impact the gnr money train. Makes 2 of us, social media just doesnt interest me. I dont see any purpose to axls rants.
  2. Kudos to do a review while being super stoned im lucky to be able to pick up a phone let alone text and put thoughts together.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    He is referring to izzy.
  4. So how do we answer the part in slashs book where izzy calls out of tge blue and wants to jam and lead into what became VR. The songs that VR did can we tell what songs had something to do wirh izzy?. Also izzy is credited with a thankyou in the liner notes on Contraband.
  5. I so hope he doesnt hold back and i so hope he gives us info about the holy grail 94 to 96 rehearsals.
  6. Dean delray comes across as douche. Losses track of the conversation, talks about mindless things, plenty of other stuff to talk about in terms of illusions type material hopefully one day seeing the light and he wastes so much time talking about what shirt he wants to wear on a given day. His speech is almost on par with ozzy. I also call bullshit on him not reading social media stuff about the izzy loot drama. If he has twitter im sure he would have looked at peoples comments. For someone who got fit and went to college, hes a bullshit artist. Hes the sort of prick if you worked in the corporate world he would be very two faced and be careful what you tell him. He would have a very good sense how much this tour is financially making.
  7. Considering Slash and duff had already left so no point in him sticking around. I would take matt on the drumstool than frank any fuckin day of the week. Never get tired of his instagram posts during his time with the band. Greatback 90s flashbacks during the bands pinnacle of their success.
  8. Slash must have a small and tight nit recording crew in the studio.
  9. ACDC New Album News

    I wonder if angus would hang it up after a possible back in black 40th anniversary?.
  10. I always wondered if axl has wanted to see what slash could do with those songs and wanted a reunion to happen at some stage.
  11. Id like to know why slash never has worked with eric dover again?.. For slashs next album maybe he needs to change things and use a different vocalist.
  12. Interesting about back in black 40th anniversary though. Im convinced having a listen we will get a gnr album.
  13. In terms of the next terminator , i hope history will repeat itself.
  14. Someone should ask if the band will do an illusions boxset for the 30th anniversary in 2021. Also if there are plans for an official illusions live release.