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  1. Well would he be honest and say "all things considered it was a very musical album but its not my cup of tea".
  2. Nitl was the second highest grossing tour. More than during the nuguns era. Axl kept the brand alive because he had no choice. He was tied to it. He was the only original member left. He took control of whatever the word or brand "guns n roses" meant. One could argue slash kept the gnr brand, and spirit, going from 2010 onwards. From an interview with slash in 2000 Is it really Guns N’Roses without him in the band? He thinks for a moment. « I can’t answer that. I just wish the fucker would get the fuckin’ record out so I could see why he took something so cool and systematically, destroyed it. I want to hear where he was headed, and what he was trying to communicate that none of us in the band could relate to. »
  3. Lets be honest if slash left the band, axl and whatever form of gnr he would put together can kiss playing arenas and stadiums goodbye. The fans now after nitl, casuals and certainly purists, wont accept anything less. With ashba in the band, the band were a complete joke and axl really took the gnr brand and flushed it down the toilet. 06 was where some small fans were becoming open on what that lineup could acheive, but people no longer cared or lost interest.
  4. So where and when was the video taken?.
  5. When AFD came out the 5 guys in that band seemed to me to be irreplaceable. They were in the videos, the magazine posters, the AFD booklet photos , interviews etc, so that to me defined who gnr were and are back in 88 when i was 13. So on an emotional sense considering how much AFD meant to me then the music and those 5 guys made an emotional connection to me. Fast foward to 1990 when steven was out and matt sorum was in and so was dizzy i had no idea whether this lineup would be as ghood as AFD era. When i got the UYI records as soon as they came out and saw a photo of natt and dizzy in the illusion booklet photos i thought how is this going to sound. After listening to those albums back to back the question of whether dizzy and matt were legitimate members was never a question in my mind. Though i did follow steven in interviews when he joined davey vain and was part of the band roadcrew. With dizzy and matt in interviews and photos i accepted them and was never an issue even when gilby came in because izzy was still doing interviews when he put ju ju hounds together, so i still followed izzy. What i consider gnr is axl and slash. Axl has always stated in interviews the business end of guns was always decided by both axl and slash. I can accept fortus but thats where i draw the line. Sorum may not have had stevens swing but his drumming i always liked. Its like every member during the illusions period who came in, came with a set of muscianship that enabled the band to rise higher than the AFD lineup. Mel and frank dont take guns musically to another level and frank doesnt have the skills nor the coolness factor of both steven and sorum to help the band go higher. I can take fortus but thats where i draw the line.
  6. I always thought roger was to much of a pretty boy to be a member of tthe who. He should have been a solo singer, and i never worked out what he brought to the band apart from vocals. The who to me will also represent moonie, townsend, and entwistle.
  7. Wonder if their berlin show make the cut. Maybe in a bloopers disc.
  8. Not unless they want to start heavily modifying the setlist.
  9. 2 Duff Boston MA for sale

    Im sure duff makes it known so we dont forget.
  10. Dizzy and frank would be the most dispensible in the group.
  11. slash and duff must have been so drunk during these clips.
  12. well i suppose other bands have done it.