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  1. Ghost which is played on some radio stations in Oz as much as GNR.
  2. then I would like to know why interscope records name appears everytime I get emails from the GNRMERCH site. Sounds like Interscope maybe still involved with the band on a touring/merch related level but not on a recording contractual level.
  3. The most under rated band from grunge would be alice in chains. I remember reading the reviews when inutero came out and it was mixed to say the least. By that time kurt had changed his clothing style dramitcally and didn't look like the washed out looking guy from 91 plus he was seeing Courtney around that time and close to be married which I think turned people off. If I remember the reviews Inutero was generally getting 3 stars out of 5, not the 5 out of 5 that nevermind was getting. I guess fans were particularly fickle around that time.
  4. Iam as well. I like the music and is close to guns as we can possibly get and he plays theatres and smaller venues so fans at least can get close. I certainly believe if slash walked tomorrow away from guns axl would hire one of the other nugnr players like ashba in a heartbeat. Irrespective of whether the fans know what without slash he would be ridiculed.
  5. In terms of duff charging that wouldn'rt surprise me. Make no mistaker $$$$$ is important especially if he has to pay for his wifes handbags.
  6. I dont think he is signed to any major label as he has his own company (dik hayd licencing) much like axl does and just uses major labels like sony for distribution.
  7. I think it raises the bar higher in terms of what axl will bring to a potential guns record and whether axls ideas are if not better than SKMC3.
  8. Im sure alot of fans will do the same.
  9. Perla fired her and took over managing Slash's career - I understand that reason alone is why Axl never wanted a reconciliation with Slash is because Axl never liked her. If she wanted guns to get back together it would have been so she can get a slice of the pie. Im sure their is an interview with marc canter where marc has told perla that if axl and slash do meet at any stage to bury the hatchet she wont be going within a 10kms radius of them.
  10. I remember reading (not sure if its there) on arlettes twitter of her comments when slash was divorcing perla, needless to say arlette was none to kind in her words. She thanked meeghan and congratulated slash on finally leaving her.
  11. Yep that was taken i think when they toured here back in 2007. The animal axl is with is called a kangaroo. It seems when they tour in australia they go to the zoo. Axl did the same thing when the band toured in 93.
  12. Axl needs to do something about that hair. Hes starting to look like doc from back to the future.
  13. well talking about whoring we can also include the way duff whores his family on instagram but that's a separate topic of conversation. The GNR site is disappointing, you only need to have a look at metallicas to see how well they treat their fans. Slash's site is good and you can tell he has a small but well competent team and managed organisation, and that shows as young bands do approach him with business type questions when they are starting out. The other question is say another 5-7 years whats Axl goingdo in terms of music. If the NITL do another album and lets be honest his voice isn't aging well like a freddie mercury or mick jagger there is no way his voice can do a 2 year tour unless if the NITL lineup will be touring of only playing certain a grade cities not spending 2 years on the road. Whatever Angus young does I think IF he does another album this will be his last under the ACDC name. Axl has mentioned he would like to branch out and do music for film scores so maybe IF they do one more album and a thankyou and goodbye tour he may retire from performing all together. If axl lives to 80 whats he going to do for another 20 years?. I got an email from Motley Crue fan letter and they actually wanted to do a survey to all fans with one question "what would you like to see" in terms of what product would I as a fan like to see. I put down a "behind the music" type doco on the making of their individualalbums from 81-91 and also la live dvd of those tours with band commentary. Now if only GNR would do that.................................................... Also around what record company they would go with I thought Interscope is still in the picture because when I get emails from Team carnavale it does have Interscope in those emails, same when I get merch emails as well....