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  1. Posters

    Any chance of a photo of these posters?. Im in australia so i could be interested.
  2. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    I cant see how they are chalk and cheese ...i think some of the cd songs and cd in general is an extension of some songs on illusions (estranged and twat). Cd also seems like a poor concept album.
  3. I hope the band remaster the albums come 30th anniversary time. I would prefer studio but was it ever done live i wonder?.
  4. Its unfortunate they didnt cover the story of izzy peeing in the aisle of a plane.
  5. New GNR merch sale + discount code

  6. Dont damn me has one of slashs best solos in my opinion. Plus i love the breakdown after the solo. "smoke'em if ya got'em".
  7. why was Estranged retired for many years?

    Because axl thought the cd era songs in general was more superior than illusion songs.
  8. Locomotive vs. Coma Live

    Ah.....my thoughts are his breathing is an issue. There were times especially the last LA shows were i thought he was going to self combust. Some shows he sounded like he was struggling to breath. I think he should drop the song and add songs his breathing and vocal range can acheive.
  9. I always thought you could only have a certain number of sugeries on the throat...
  10. Both albums were also a away of cleaning the slate so to speak ..
  11. British Politics

    The one issue about reading up on things is that you dont know how correct one writer is. The united nations in my view should be dismantled as ive never seen the point or value of certain countries being signitories to the UN. And im sure there would be a whole level of corruption within that organisation.
  12. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Yes the mama kin one does. Id say the lies tag is just branding from the gnr merch store.
  13. New GNR merch sale + discount code

    Ive ordered non night train shirts from the site before and the shirts are true to size. I have that same your crazy shirt but in an orange and it has the guns n roses tag on the inside and the shirt is true to size. The black one will also have the guns n roses tag on the inside so should be true to size. I have the mama kin one and its true to size.
  14. Whatshisface from Neighbours is a Sex Case

    Thats correct. They wernt allowed to vote until. tthen. We then had mabo which was recognizing certain land as aboriginals as the traditional owners until the early 90s. Its utes without the Y.