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  1. Im terms of slash branching out hes already done the blues ball played on ray charles album. Some rock guitarists just stick to what they know (example angus young) and im certainly not expecting slash to release a jazz guitarist album anytime soon. I think slash is playing the CD songs to keep axl happy until the tour finishes. What slash does next and the musical quality is the 64,000. 00 question.
  2. Zakk needs to really stop playing the pinch harmonics. Hes done them to death since 88.
  3. i would really like to know when and why the music industry thought they could fuck the fan by increasing ticket prices to the price they are now. I routinely see comments on band forums from north american fans who reminince when they saw bands like van halen and maiden in mid 80's in their prime and only paid less than $10.00 for a ticket probably between 3 to 5 bucks and i think those prices were normal. But how the fuck promoters can justify prices being what they are and thats not including VIP pricing. My thoughts are bands wernt getting ripped off back then in terms of pricing and the economy in some countries hasn't vastly changed. So how did pricing end up the way it has?
  4. Agree love this song.
  5. at this stage in his life why does he want to go down this path. I hope we aren't going to get multiple books about it like nikki six.

    And now a white pair, https://gnrmerch.com/collections/mens/products/bloody-bullet-white-shorts
  7. The cd album is not for me and ive tried to listen witb an open mind. When the band played in sydney everytime a cd song came on they looked either disappointed or just wanted the band to hurry up and play the next song....i didnt see alot of interest and i was surrounded by fans of all ages. 2 cd songs would be enough considering axl has spent nearly 10 years touring and nuguns have toured aus twice. The fans wanted to either hear appetite or illusions songs ....if axl hates songs off appetite then throw a bone from the alt setlist....perfect crime maybe. If i was seeing the band again i couldnt pony up the money for the amount of cd songs they are doing.

    I see the shorts they were selling during the US run are in the gnr webstore.
  9. I remember reading interviews with Izzy when he left the band and I remember him saying the band had gotten so big it was no longer fun anymore. Add to this the no shows, riots then I understand why he would have left.
  10. Not a JBJ fan but I don't why he doesn't get back to that sort of lyrics and music pre 91. Always thought since 95 the band has become to "country rock" and has stayed that way. Unfortunately that sort of music breeds other artists such as keith urban
  11. "I'm positive both band and crowd (and Axl!) would benefit from a slightly shorter, more dynamic setlist." My own comments are I think the band need to get rid of the covers and longish guitar solos (lose the godfather) and compact the setlist to make the remaining shows easier for Axls voice and makes the shows more punchy and to keep Slashs interest. Poor Slash must be completely uninspired at this point, 2 year tour and no major changes to the setlist not good for someone who has released and toured consistently since his solo record in 2010......wonder if he is sick of seeing Meeghan all the time. When Slash toured here is Aus back in 2015 he changed 1 or 2 songs per city to keep things a bit fresh. Even back then i could tell something was on his mind, his playing was flawless but he never spoke to the crowd once when I saw him in Sydney. Back then i suppose was when him and axl were conversing for the first time and was in the beginning stages of legal proceedings for divorcing perla so quite a few things on his mind. After seeing the RIR shows on youtube I must admit im yearning abit for SKMC again. If this is Axls voice for the remainder of the tour, theres no way any new Guns or guns touring into 2018 is feasible. His voice needs a good rest. Really wish Slash would add "doin fine" to any SKMC shows in the future.
  12. "I think had Axl given in for once and let Slash do his cock rock GnR album, it may have saved the band. But if Slash had requested no changes and to "Just shutup and sing" - well, then it's no wonder that fell apart". Wasn't this the case?. I remember seeing an interview and I cant remember if it on this site where Axl talks about how slash approached the illusions sessions where Slash is in the studio and axl is doing vocals and slash was wanting axl to sing a certain way and threatening to burn the masters if axl didn't agree. Would liked to have been a fly on the wall during the illusion recordings.
  13. This actually made the nightly news here in Australia. I remember the news lady saying "guns n roses were stranded in south America as part of their current tour while authorities searched the plane for drugs. No drugs were found and the band was then allowed to depart. I thought 2 things, 1. if they did do drugs how much did they pay off the authorities to let them leave and 2. id like to meet the crew member who completely hid all their gear in wherever they could on the plane with little to no warning. The person would have deserved a promotion!!!!
  14. can we change the options and have " I enjoy listening to the albums as a 29 song consecutive playlist without My World"
  15. Yes please steven and put sydney on your list.