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  1. Wasnt it a 58 or 59 sunburst model?. I seem to remember slash talking about that model in his book that he used it during the illusions tour and on the first velver rerevolver tour but only uses it sparingly nowdays. For civil war i thought he mainly was using a double neck gibson guitar.
  2. Songs you wanna see GNR cover?

    The setlist has to many covers as it is!
  3. Use Your Illusion tie-dye t-shirt

    The used to love her shirt im interesred in depending on size, price and condition.
  4. I like how matt sometimes throws up a photo from 91 to 93 every once in a while.
  5. Agree i think they all wondered if past hurts would resurface again or whether they would feel fulfilled in getting together.
  6. Like this post 👍. In terms of the financial benefits its not crass at all. Im sure now hes happy he can tour and make alot of money without knowing the record company or an ex band member is wanting to sue him and no longer has those worries in his mind. He can now financially enjoy the fruits of the success of the tour and not feel he has a mountain on his shoulders anymore in terms of making business decisions that he didnt feel he had to. He has slash and punk as fuck willing to share responsibilities if required.
  7. Its really good to see him smiling and enjoying the energy while singing. I think we can say hes in a musical and mentally better and happier space.
  8. Izzy so he can bring back 14 years and dust n bones ti the setlist and cameo appearance by matt.
  9. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    More rants at least an occasional one.
  10. For all the shit the guys in nirvana used to say and laugh about guns in the early 90s it seems now every band wants to jump up on stage with them now. Dave grohl you can ride GNR coat tails as much as you want but your band will never be at guns level.
  11. I reckon the tour is missing the odd axl rant every now and again.
  12. Fly GNAIR

    That should say aeroplane aisles are slippery when wet.
  13. Fly GNAIR

    Its a plane and after scrolling through the last 2 pages its a plane. All we need are the 2 guys including tattoo from the 80s show fantasy island ( da plane da plane) to do a full advert to promote the plane and this tour.
  14. Fly GNAIR

    How does a photo of the bands plane constitute 8 pages or replies?.