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  1. Craft Beer is everywhere these days. Sounds a good show with plenty of interesting topics. Let's get it rolling
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    How many tour legs has USA had? 4 I think. How many shows has UK had? 3
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    I'm confused. Does the Vegas venue only hold 4000 or is that the ticket price?
  4. Good story dude. Judging by sales the band were right about all the gimmicks. I wonder who it was at the record company insisting on including temporary tattoos. Someone must have felt strong enough about it.
  5. limited edition Duff

    Ah no Believe In Me was a great record Dude. Man In The Meadow, Swamp Song, The Majority. Happy memories
  6. I prefer Contraband but I think Libertad has it's moments. Gravedancer is fantastic and I think Get Out The Door and Just Sixteen work well live. But I agree it's criminal not having Messages and Gas And A $ on the record.
  7. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    Wow that's a great offer. Even if you hate Baseball it's well worth going
  8. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    It's really good song. One of the best they've done. The Great Pretender is another. I wasn't crazy about this song until I heard it live. The intro really works well live
  9. You mean you couldn't find a use for the Purple banner? How about a beach towel or to cover your sofa when decorating. And Just imagine a ring on every finger and those tattoos. Too cool for School
  10. Fernando will be having a Yard Sale soon. He can't get his car in the Garage
  11. MYGNR forum members bands

    Cool name for a band. Nice tune. Bruce Lee and Mike Clink! Fuck yeah
  12. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - Velvet Revolver were much better than NuGNR - Slash should stop doing The Godfather theme - Witcheta Lineman is the worst GNR cover ever - Gilby Saved Guns N' Roses
  13. From 1996 to 2018 just think how that Discography has grown! They wouldn't need many extra pages
  14. Will we ever hear SMKC cover of "Rocket Man"?

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will. It was a great choice. I would love to hear Slashes take on it and think it'd suit Myles nicely