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  1. New Melissa Reese Article

    Yeah I know. I wonder what she thinks
  2. New Melissa Reese Article

    So GNR have a member still in their 20's. I wonder if she really thinks GNR are a bunch of old farts. She obviously wasn't a fan if she just knew the mega-hits
  3. Oh yeah I did like that Toby Rand original but Headspin was awesome too. I liked both singers. I probably favoured Rossi. The Supernova album was top notch. It's On was another great tune. Supernova only did one little tour and that was that.
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    They were well received on Nightrain. Why wouldn't he take in to account what people think on there. And Reddit had some positive comments which seems to be his site of choice. If you add up how many people made negative comments on here it's not really that many. I know diehard Gunners that have never even been on a forum. Fernando said they should have already been out, they'll be out sooner than Soon, he wants to bridge the gap with fans. Releasing 3 songs then nothing seems to be winding people up more than anything. A poor show Reddit is the place for that
  5. We should be talking about whether GNR are going to release a 2nd album since the return of Slash N Duff.
  6. I very much doubt he would have hung around with Axl fucking about, cancelled tours, album release dates put back and not sure what he would have made of Team Brazil
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    Half ass everything! I wish they did that much.
  8. Awesome band. Contraband is one of my favourites. VR were the greatest band of the 2000s for me
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    Wow what a article. Top music journalism there
  10. The Illusions 30th anniversary release could overshadow a new album release. Or it could be an excuse not to release a new album in 2021
  11. I remember someone gave me a audio of this in 2004. It was a really funny interview with Stern. Scott always had a good rap with Stern.
  12. Have you met them on holiday and they hogged all the sunbeds? I heard they're worse than German tourists for that. Of course they were scallywags in their day but they've matured now. I think they took your advice and grew up
  13. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Yes that's good news. I already have tickets for a few of these. https://www.aerosmith.com/news?n_id=2635
  14. Your (Postponed) Concerts in 2020

    Yeah Aerosmith cancelled some Vegas dates but they also have a European tour booked. It starts in Italy in a week. It hasn't officially been cancelled.
  15. Good chat 👍 it's ages since I've listened to Give In To Me. I loved that tune. I'll give it a blast now.