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  1. I don't think they've had a live gig there yet. It's touted as the best stadium in the world and has the longest bar in Europe. It does look pretty cool
  2. Copyright Strikes....

    I think you're way off there. Either that or he has played me like a Fiddle
  3. 30 times! That's impressive. I agree Scott is very much irreplaceable. He was in VR and definitely is in STP. I saw STP at a Festival last year. Jeff Gutt was an impressive frontman but very much a Scott clone. He was very interactive with fans. I feel for him a bit. I think they'd win over fans with some kind of Scott tribute at shows. Nothing too much but maybe mention his name and dedicate a song to him. That's up to the DeLeo brothers to do that. To be fair to Jeff he was the only one on stage showing some energy. The brothers were dull as dishwater.
  4. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    I really like Myles, and his voice, but I think he lacks a star quality. Probably because he made it big in his 30s & doesn't have his head up his own arse. The Conspirators band is really awesome. Todd Kerns is cool as fuck and a really good singer. What struck me on the last tour is how fantastic Fitzy is on drums. He makes the band tick and is so much better than Frank.
  5. Green Day are headlining 11 June and Chili Peppers 13 June... No headliner announced for 12 June yet
  6. Copyright Strikes....

    Have you ever met him?
  7. Solutions

    Personally I wouldn't be too bothered if I missed a few live vids. My numbers are piss poor so I wouldn't make the exclusive club. But what you really need to do is starve the prick of attention. He'll be reading this thread whilest masturbating and high fiving his dogs. He might even have his wig on or that ridiculous cowboy hat (I see you Sebastian 😉) Everyone on Nightrain ignores his threads and most regulars have blocked him. All he has is Emu to gush over his 'art' @RussTCB @downzy you could take threads like this to PM with some regulars and get some sort of private section for video content only.
  8. Cool guy that Todd. I've seen Buckcherry many times. I'm a little shocked that he said they worked day jobs before 15. I thought the first album was great with Lit Up, Related, For The Movies. Todd would have been a good fit for Slash N Duff but I'm glad they ended up with Scott and VR.
  9. 5 minutes to get out of Donington car park? Were you in a Monster Truck? The crowd were pretty insane. We sang our arse off. Yes France always has cheaper tickets. They don't take shit from promoters and Ticketmaster
  10. That Marc can talk! Scott was definitely the most stylish member of VR. Remind us @Gambit83 where is Inverness?
  11. Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and Poison 2020 Stadium Tour

    I always thought I should have got a % of Vince's fee as I sang more than him. You missed out Nikki. His energy makes a Crue gig special.
  12. It's odd how Tallinn is one of the 5 shows that broke $10m. It was a big crowd but cheaper tickets. Around £90-95 for Gold Circle compared to £150 in England and a lot of other cities in Europe were €150.
  13. I hope they don't turn in to Aerosmith who haven't played North of Donington since 1997! Guns have sold more albums in the UK than any other European country. 3 gigs is piss poor