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  1. MYGNR forum members bands

    Cool name for a band. Nice tune. Bruce Lee and Mike Clink! Fuck yeah
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - Velvet Revolver were much better than NuGNR - Slash should stop doing The Godfather theme - Witcheta Lineman is the worst GNR cover ever - Gilby Saved Guns N' Roses
  3. From 1996 to 2018 just think how that Discography has grown! They wouldn't need many extra pages
  4. Will we ever hear SMKC cover of "Rocket Man"?

    Unfortunately it doesn't look like we will. It was a great choice. I would love to hear Slashes take on it and think it'd suit Myles nicely
  5. Illusions Box Set 2021... $1991
  6. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    Slash is English. Of course he's going to give the middle digit to the Scots
  7. Anyone meet Slash after his solo shows?

    He was a lot younger and drunker in the Snakepit days.
  8. Another wave of copyright strikes?

    @allwaystired Sad little people, nothing in their lives, very peculiar individuals. Who on Earth could you be talking about?
  9. Oh yes all of them. Locomotive would be amazing. I thought they should have Played Get In The Ring as their first song back together at the Troubadour. It would have been so awesome for the 800 lucky buggers there.
  10. Nice Boys would be really cool. Fair enough if you like Witcheta. But the problem with Witcheta for me is where it is in the set. Right after Sweet Chilld the crowd are pumped and the people who sit down are off their backsides. Then Witcheta brings it down. Axl sings it well but it's boring live and I don't have any attachment with the song. Most people in Europe I've spoken to think the same.