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  1. That's true. I have a ticket for Rammstein. I forgot about that. But I don't know why any band rep wouldn't give an update even if it's just a generic update. It's weird that you go on the GNR and Rammstein sites and the first thing you see is about tickets for sale.
  2. 06/25/20 - Glasgow, GB - Glasgow Green

    The Tickets will be collector items. They'll go for a fortune on ebay. Some mug will buy them especially if they're a low number
  3. I think it's more down to that there's supposed to be a tour starting in 6 weeks. Any generic response/update would be handy. They're looking to reschedule, they're hopeful of playing this year, wishing fans good health. Jarmo posted an article on Nightrain yesterday stating all gigs in Austria are cancelled in June! He works for Team Brazil. GNR were due to play Austria in June! So have Team Brazil been watching the news?
  4. 06/09/20 - Vienna, AT - Ernst Happel Stadium

    A walk of shame moment. GNRTaxi next?
  5. 06/09/20 - Vienna, AT - Ernst Happel Stadium

    Ha that Hoodie us hideous.
  6. 06/09/20 - Vienna, AT - Ernst Happel Stadium

    You're right there. GNRAir is out of business. All pens and pins are not for sale
  7. You think those songs are that good! Fair play to ya. I don't have them up there but definitely great tunes and I wanna hear more. Not having the songs on a official CD takes something special away for me.
  8. Wow...My World!

    It's just on Use Your Illusion II. Released in 1991. It's a fun tune. A good driving song.
  9. The "New Album" Thread

    That's quite the dream there. Hopefully the question mark tracks aren't covers
  10. Not a bad idea. They could finally do their MTV Unplugged or do a set similar to the Skin N Bones tour with the acoustic set half way through. That'd definitely help Axl out.
  11. I wouldn't have a problem with shaving 30-45 minutes off the set if it helped Axl sing better. The show doesn't need to be 3+ hours. 2.15 to 2.30 would be fine. Aerosmith only play around 1.30.
  12. Haha you're right there. 30+ years and they're still making the same t shirts
  13. I bet the t shirts will still have the Bullet logo and Appetite Cross though
  14. And that didn't go too well. Even Corey Taylor wasn't good enough
  15. The worst April Fool ever was on this day in 2008 when Velvet Revolver played their last show as a band. 12 freaking years ago!