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  1. The "New Album" Thread

    That sounds like a regular Saturday night round my way.
  2. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    That appears to be popular opinion on MYGNR. You're in good company
  3. I don't know like. Sporty Spice challenged Liam Gallagher to a punch up and I imagine there were a few riots at gigs when fans were queuing for Haribo
  4. The Boxing Thread

    I avoided the result and watched it on YouTube for free. It was a pretty dominating victory. It was like a Home Crowd for Fury
  5. I miss those days too when music was real. These click bait sites make stories out of nothing. But I really can't take reading another bullshit interview about a new album.
  6. The Boxing Thread

    Awesome performance by Fury 🇬🇧 . I don't think Wilder will want a rematch anytime soon. That guy in Tuscaloosa can suck it!
  7. You never know Edinburgh may yet be announced... 'Due To Popular Demand!'
  8. Yeah I know. I was just stating the obvious... A bit like Captain Obvious 😉 You never know... A new tour might bring a new album!? Or tuther way round
  9. Good shout but I don't think Matt was impressed. If Corey Taylor wasn't good enough I don't think there's many out there that'd cut it. I'm grateful I made the most of the VR years and saw a lot of gigs. When you think about it VR only lasted 4 years which is less than the current Guns reunion. 2 albums to Zero
  10. The Boxing Thread

    I'd be down for that. Easier than going to Wembley
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Fair do's Deano. That intro gets me down with the boogie and I love the Blue Haired Babes vocals. Maybe Uncle Axl's vocals are the least good parts
  12. The "New Album" Thread

    It is my favourite off Chinese. And I like it even more now
  13. The Boxing Thread

    That's true sometimes you just gotta pay for it and enjoy the moment. It's a once in a lifetime thing... Until the rematch at Wembley next year.
  14. There's only one person stopping GNR recording. I'm pretty confident we'll have a new album with Slash on it by this time next year.
  15. The "New Album" Thread

    It's excellent. Better is one of my personal highlights of the show
  16. The Boxing Thread

    Holy shit £77 to watch a big screen! How much is a pint?
  17. As a tribute band yes. I don't think they'll be selling out many gigs. Jeff Gutt is actually quite entertaining live but Scott was by far the star of the band. You could say he was the WildStar They tried. I think that ship has sailed now. They even turned down Corey Taylor after recording songs with him. Now that I would like to hear
  18. Unfortunately No Scott No STP and No Scott No VR
  19. The "New Album" Thread

    With the kids down with the digital music do they call them E Sides? Let Melissa sing it. She's great on Better
  20. What Are You Listening To? 2020

    I've been listening to Dirty Honey since they supported Guns. They currently only have a EP out. It'd be great if they support Guns in Europe
  21. Jon does need Richie and Desmond Child would be handy since he wrote a lot of the hits. Axl is a level above JBJ lyrically and Axl needs Slash to make a new GNR album successful. And he's got him baby!
  22. Cheers Chief. You keep me right
  23. Hell yeah. I'll be meeting up with a crew in London. I'm looking forward to hanging over with them for a few days and rocking out at the show. I'm not as excited about the show as I was 2 years ago but it won't be a miserable time! That's for sure
  24. Definitely. It just takes one song to blow up. And the set will still be stacked with all the classics as they just need to replace covers with new songs.
  25. Avoid the setlists and you might just get a surprise. But someone will probably tell you the set order when walking in to the stadium