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  1. what's tha name of the band/people doug mentioned (correct me if I heard it wrong) were originally from Brazil but were in England now for 40 yrs?
  2. Yeah, probably, problem is: of all "gnr cover bands" that I've seen here, they're just interested in actually being covers of the version of Guns N' Roses that existed between '85 and '93. I really would like to be a part of a "not in this lifetime" or nugnr version of Guns. Guess I'm a bit of a lunatic anyways.
  3. I mean, he obviously had erractic behaviour before - for a number of reasons that have been discussed here - but then he was still "artistically hungry" somehow. It just got worsened.
  4. I believe Axl's had severe depression at some point (maybe his recluded years?) and that's the reason. He's an human being just like any of us. Once you get It you never get actually "cured", one can only "manage" it with therapy &/ medicine to manage their emotions and daily duties and that's for good. You never get to be the same again, even though in some cases you get close enough to "normal" again, although not fully. Just taking a shot though, have no actual idea.
  5. Do GNR cover bands exist in NYC? How possible/realistic would be for a guy from Brazil like me move to NYC and find a cover band needing a lead cover singer so I could join them and live my dream?
  6. Untitled Axl Rose biopic

    Just a gnrcentral video with another branding to it.
  7. Yeah I know they acknowledge it for a living but I just meant in a more fulfilling kind-a-thing (?). Theoretically they could/would have been having a blast touring the world getting all this love (and $) with their old songs, but can we be sure they fully enjoy the being stuck in constant repeatedly reviving their musical past? Sometimes judging by their current performances I wouldn't doubt they don't, in this sense I'm thinking.
  8. i can't state any more clearly why I think the whole "wages" perspective is not nearly the most important thing in making music than what I've already written at the very post you quoted. And I don't even think I need to explain the use of " " also in the post.
  9. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    The opioid epidemic ia ultimately what has broken Guns N' Roses up - besides the gosspip-n'-many-middle-men-also-bizarre-background-stories-BS that came alongside with it - with being also linked to direct episodes of nearly taking the lives off our rock heroes' bodies, like multiple times. Axl had the wisdom to decide some shit back then to which many still criticize him today for, but it's what actually he found he could've done @ the time.
  10. Was having this trip yday, to which I'd like to share a few moments tho: When thought of GnR, I think somehow these guys are beyond tired of being "slaves" to shit they wrote in their teens-20s. I mean, once you've been signed, get money ect. you also become assets of the industry, thus getting this sense of liability, in counter-parts. So now you're a professional performist and need to keep the wheel spinning around. Your art isn't as raw as before, nor as artistic anymore, but you gotta keep "commited" to It somehow to get biz done. No wonder why they were high as kites back then, I'm just glad the 5 of them are alive.
  11. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Axl does care a lot and would make It better for himself if he only cared less.
  12. My 2 cents: The Perils of Rock N' Roll Decadence. Need I to say more?
  13. I dont care how Axl looks, but for a frontman that likes running around losing a few pounds would make wonders to his overall form, yet his breathing, thus his singing. Set adjustments also could help but.. we know how GnR operate.