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  1. Overall, I feel like: Devius Bastard, Zodiac, Oklahoma are ALL awesome. Same for HS, Perhaps, SoG, and what a killer is Atlas! Dub Suplex is pure genious. In contrast, Billionaire is a bit too excentric for my taste. Neither do I see value in Dummy. Particularly, I feel Zodiac as a bit Velvet-Revolvet-ish of a song, idk why, but It is good, anyway.
  2. 10/04/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    well, in advance I apologize to my oppositors but what a fucking boring of a setlist.
  3. Fuck you, motherfucker! Long live AXL!
  4. any good Aliexpress vendor for Mike arimi jeans
  5. Beautiful instrumental! I LOVE all the leaks so far, and would've loved these songs had they came out officially before.
  6. Of all the leaks, the one I liked the most is Atlas. Been liking more each time I listen to It.
  7. Awesome song, def. would've had potential in a record as a finalized Studio version.
  8. Has anyone else seen how Fernando liked a comment on a @gunsnroses post on Instagram saying "fuck you" in response to another comment that said "GNR should have Matt/Gilby" (something along those lines)?
  9. when ur high off weed and axl gets talking into your head explaining how he was severely depressed in the late 90s and attempted suicide in 1999
  10. What 'bout the Drunk Fux? Just came across this today, never knew it existed once. Does anyone have more info on this? Or any downloadable audio/video? (besides the one that can be found on youtube)