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  1. So that's it: they're looking very seriously into that.
  2. btw is there anything else pointing that intro is actually The General besides Axl once saying "you might have heard it somewhere" to someone and people assuming it was it?
  3. I would like to hear a Guns cover of Working Man by Rush.
  4. "hired a Satan specialist to cast spells on Axl and myself" Now that's some real deep shit.
  5. an album made of faux leather oh my god i can't even buy this
  6. Southamerican tour announced!

    Fun thing I'm brazilian but am going to be in the US at the time of these shows lol. Gladly I've been to 2 NITLT shows, but would be cool to see Slash in a smaller venue.
  7. I.R.S. 2005 demo redux - Buckethead w/retail mix

    I'd like to check it out. Both the remix and the 2005 demo if possible.
  8. Ain’t It Fun

    I have similar feelings regarding TSI? and CD; I like a few of the songs on them and don't care at all to few others, but overall I think both are underrated some ways. And indeed, Ain't it fun is one of the best (if not the best) songs on TSI.
  9. Media training in rock must come to an end.
  10. Not sure If classic but IMO it's the best version of the song.
  11. Happy Birthday to McBob

    So here's what you get From Hollywood Cake N Roses