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  1. Media training in rock must come to an end.
  2. Not sure If classic but IMO it's the best version of the song.
  3. Happy Birthday to McBob

    So here's what you get From Hollywood Cake N Roses
  4. Check out Alice in Chains' new record and you'll hear what I mean.
  5. Of course I prefer Izzy but wouldn't mind if It had Fortus on It; Frank bothers me though. But Steven can't help himself so most likely Axl will keep Frank. What I'd like to hear music wise would be an attempt to combine the strengths of the songs the old band wrote with somewhat of a modern approach to make It actually credible as an artistic effort and not just some commercial generic shit, but without the problem (I.M.H.O) of CD'S overproduction.
  6. Question is who wasn't offered a place in Guns? Even Ashba was offered to stay for NITLT.
  7. Steven should help himself. Get a haircut, get some media training, change the whining atitude and just get past gnrs breakup. And follow through.
  8. My fav. part: The idea of fuckin’ four kids getting onstage and just playing their fuckin’ asses off with just a couple amps and a drum kit, and just playing their instruments, as opposed to having all this other fuckin’ shit going on, you know, that’s really healthy
  9. Impossible reading through and not thinking of@sidman69 true story videos!
  10. Sorry if I'm missing shit here but how/when exactly Beta in persona attacked the fanbase? I'd never heard of that before.
  11. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Rio, November 15th 2016. Axl was great, the crowd, the band was much better than RiR 2017, very good show.