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  1. Seems kind of odd to be broadcasting this knowing this is no longer the last show of the tour. It the last show of the year but this date has no longer any significance. Cool we get another soundboard concert but not expecting anything big for this.
  2. Hopefully no one throws a bottle of piss at duff at this show.
  3. Upon further review, this is probably been one of the most disappointing songs to hear on this tour. Axl voice is weak on this, way to long of solo (with an unnecessary fortus solo), and franks drumming. This song would have a lot more life in it if Steven was allowed to play this song with them.
  4. I strongly believe axl is dictating the setlist or at the very least has the final say what is going into the setlist. Example: slither and perfect crime were both in the alternate setlist.
  5. Her background vocals are fine. I can tolerate her on stage. Im just glad pitmans gone. PSA: don’t drink and tweet when your in something worth millions of dollars. Dumbass.
  6. It would be awesome if she knew how to play harmonica. Then we could hear bad obsession in the setlist.
  7. You know what, that’s not a bad idea actually. It would be awesome if during slash solo part, they play an instrumental version of one of the gnr songs such as locomotive or maybe even the garden of eden. I recently saw Metallica and they had a solo spot where Kirk and Robert played an instrumental version of I disappear and Robert played anesthesia (pulling teeth) during his bass solo.
  8. Rate: Garden of Eden

    Like the song a lot not my favorite deep cut from the illusion though. 7/10. Shocked this was even played once on the illusion tour.
  9. It seems it’s been awhile since out ta get me was played. It’s one of the best sounding songs of the tour as well. I personally rather hear that more than this I love or prostitute but then again I’m not that big on Chinese democracy as well.
  10. No 🍿 tonight. Another missed opportunity. Oh well. 😒😒😒😒
  11. Hopefully we see some 🍿 from this show but I doubt it.
  12. I feel like the encore has too many ballads or slower songs In it. I don't why bad obsession or pretty tied up has not been played on this tour. Those are lower register songs I could see axl singing plus their higher energy songs unlike there was a time or Madagascar
  13. It's weird though every show on this tour has had an opener. Even the apollo show had an opener
  14. It's weird the show is tomorrow and no opening acts have been announced. Considering some of the shows start times have been moved ahead, could we be seeing an extended set?
  15. Bands performing albums in their entirety

    I think Aerosmith did all of toys in the attic in 2009. Motley Crue with dr feel good and Metallica with the black album are other ones I can recall. I don't know why guns couldn't do all of appetite this year. Only 3 songs they haven't played on this tour yet.