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  1. It’s appears Woodstock is coming back for a 50th anniversary: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.syracuse.com/entertainment/2018/12/woodstock-50th-anniversary-concert-site-dates-confirmed-for-2019.html%3foutputType=amp Yes I know GNR didn’t come up as a rumored band in the article but what are the chances the band could be on the bill for next year?
  2. Kind of odd but a great Christmas surprise and axl doesn’t sound too bad on it. I personally don’t think the guitar is slash or angus btw.
  3. I wouldn’t say this tour validates the album but it definitely made me look at the album with a better look (no pun intended). I don’t really consider it a gnr album but it’s not terrible by any means. I think seeing slash and duff was cool for a minute but It became a bit overkill when every new song that was added into the setlist was either a cd song or a cover and then having over 5 cd songs at one point in the setlist I believe. They’ve played about 9 cd songs out of 14 on this tour and 9 out of 12 of appetite. Kind of surprise considering even casual fans going to these shows don’t really know cd songs.
  4. I wouldn’t rule out gnr new music. I think a good opportunity to record new music is for the next terminator movie coming out and do one song for it. Would be nice to see izzy record with them since touring is probably not an option (personally, it be good just see him record new music again) . It’s all hopeful thinking but since slash and duff aren’t ruling it out, it’s possible. You never know with this band.
  5. I think even though izzy was probably distancing himself from the band at the time during this era, when he was there he made it count. Showed off his vocal abilities and more of his writing abilities. Obviously he’s no axl but his voice works on his songs like dust n bones and 14 years. I always wondered why he sang DTJ on the record but axl sang it live
  6. Yeah I thought they debuted in 2002 but then I remembered rio 2001. It’s not a show along with the vmas that I watch a lot so kind of easy to forget for myself
  7. Shit I forgot rock in rio 2001. At least it sounded alright in 2002 even though the overall performance at the show wasn’t good.
  8. Well at least he showed up for rehearsal. But yeah these were dark times for gnr and that performance is possibly the worst show In bands history from axls voice next to the bridge school benefit. I feel the rehearsal for this isn’t worth blowing a ton of money for either. But hey what do you guys prefer: Madagascar debut but the classics sounded like shit or a whole show sounding like shit but at least we got pitman waving a towel. 😂😂😂
  9. I know there’s another leg of this tour coming up in a few months but her post kind of sounded like a farewell to me. Wishful thinking but it would be kind of cool if the band went back to being a 6 piece like the skin n bones tour or when izzy was still in the band during the first part of the illusion tour.
  10. the thing I don’t get about the bands setlist is the amount of covers that are in the setlist that just drag the shows along. I’m perfectly fine if those songs such as black hole sun and witchita linemen and the seeker are not played if it gives axl a little bit more stamina. I’m ok with a setlist that’s skin n bones length to be honest. It does frustrate me that songs that have been rarely played live that the band could pull off today are not being played such as so fine, bad obsession, and pretty tied up. I’m not sure how much he would of factored into this setlist, but if izzy was in the band some of those songs that we haven’t seen live a lot such as dust n bones, 14 years, and think about you would surely make an appearance. I’m surprised think about you hasn’t made an appearance on this tour considering axl played that song a lot from 2001-2006
  11. I wanna see all the songs that have been in the alternate setlist the last two years in the setlist at one point. Slither was one of em, perfect crime, think about you and you’re crazy would be nice additions.
  12. Definitely a step up from Berlin. I doubt this happens, but with shadow of your love in the setlist and axl doing a decent job on it if other fast tempo songs like perfect crime, right next door to hell, or reckless life could be played?
  13. I Really hope there not alternating patience and don’t cry again. I’m wondering if there doing that with black hole sun and Wichita linemen as well.
  14. Don’t forget Think About You
  15. Don’t cry wasn’t played? Right?