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  1. Rumor of a new album???

    My guess is that it’s either gnr or smashing pumpkins. Man I wish mike clink would produce their next album if they happed to do one. If not him, I could see brenden o brien doing it.
  2. I agree that axl probably doesn’t want Steven in the band and that the back injury story is just a cover up, but then why ask him at all. Why let him play more than one show? If you want throw him a bone, then you did it by just one show. I thought after the Nashville show, he would be a tour regular guest appearance after that. There is certain things in this band that don’t add up.
  3. Does anybody realize that Todd kearns (bass player for the conspirators) is playing with dizzy reeds band hookers and blow right now? I’m wondering who it affects more, guns or slash’s band? Probably slash cause if they were to make a new album, I don’t think they need dizzy reed to write.
  4. If a new album was made, there are so many questions I have with it that honestly i don’t know if the album would be any good. There not gonna have the experiences they were going through appetite and illusions for writing material. How much would fortus and frank would bring to new material considering they didn’t having any writing credits on Chinese democracy as well as not being the main rhythm guitar and drummer on the album? How much of izzy not being there makes an impact? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see axl and slash collaborate again but since I’m not a really fan of Frank’s drumming plus what are we getting from a musical standpoint, more of axldc or Chinese democracy two? It’s just a shame we are long gone from the days of the band being a unit with 5 kickass musicians that made huge impacts in their own individual ways.
  5. It’s very interesting to ask what’s more likely: Steven and izzy rejoining for a tour or this lineup writing new music? Both of these options I see unlikely. I will say if gnr want to continue playing in stadiums, one of these things need to happen.
  6. If you loved Chinese democracy, this is was your dream show. I’m not big on the album obviously. However axl did sound good and really emptied the tank for the last show of the year and for awhile. It was a pleasant surprise to see out ta get me return to the setlist. I’m wondering if Steven, Matt, or brain were the drummer, would they have broke the record?
  7. No the only time I recall him doing that was in Vegas last year.
  8. so fine is one song that should be in the setlist. I know axl sings part of that song but duff has played it in loaded, he can just sing the whole song anyway.
  9. Seems kind of odd to be broadcasting this knowing this is no longer the last show of the tour. It the last show of the year but this date has no longer any significance. Cool we get another soundboard concert but not expecting anything big for this.
  10. Hopefully no one throws a bottle of piss at duff at this show.
  11. Upon further review, this is probably been one of the most disappointing songs to hear on this tour. Axl voice is weak on this, way to long of solo (with an unnecessary fortus solo), and franks drumming. This song would have a lot more life in it if Steven was allowed to play this song with them.
  12. I strongly believe axl is dictating the setlist or at the very least has the final say what is going into the setlist. Example: slither and perfect crime were both in the alternate setlist.
  13. Her background vocals are fine. I can tolerate her on stage. Im just glad pitmans gone. PSA: don’t drink and tweet when your in something worth millions of dollars. Dumbass.
  14. It would be awesome if she knew how to play harmonica. Then we could hear bad obsession in the setlist.
  15. You know what, that’s not a bad idea actually. It would be awesome if during slash solo part, they play an instrumental version of one of the gnr songs such as locomotive or maybe even the garden of eden. I recently saw Metallica and they had a solo spot where Kirk and Robert played an instrumental version of I disappear and Robert played anesthesia (pulling teeth) during his bass solo.