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  1. I don’t know why it keeps getting banned In yet ritz 87, Oklahoma and Chicago 92, and noblesville and St. Louis 91 are still on YouTube. I know if it was the band with the copyright claims, it would be likely say Guns N’ Roses on the claim or Universal Music Group if it was the record company and the claims haven’t been from them. I have never even heard of the people who made the claims either. This is annoying as hell.
  2. I’m not upset about it, but just seems odd for it to come out this year and last year would of made more sense.
  3. You know when a good time it was to release a box set or a re release of appetite? The actual 30th anniversary of Appetites release. This band really loves the motto: better late than never.
  4. This is starting to sound like what happened last year when billboards popped up all over America and they ended up announcing just more tour dates. Although they just used a regular gnr logo then, why use the skulls? Why all the effort for a billboard for just a remastered or re release of appetite? Nothing makes sense with this band.
  5. I am trying so hard not to be optimistic about this and being let down. The struggles of being a Guns N’ Roses fan.
  6. I just have a feeling he won’t get that chance. Don’t get me wrong love to see it though.
  7. Ok this doesn’t make any sense if it’s afd 5 cause of Stevens comments plus he’s playing shows with adlers appetite.
  8. Ok maybe not a release but in this case just a reissue of appetite or something that’s what I think it’s likely if not more tour dates. Maybe their doing no another run of gnr radio.
  9. As a Guns fan, I’ve seen this movie too, we get our hopes up and then ends up being more tour dates, or some release, etc. If this is for a reissue, it’s a waste of fn time.
  10. The importance of Mike Clink

    I think clink is an important figure out when talking about the success of the band. Better choice than Paul Stanley. Sucks he never really had big success outside of guns with the exception of Megadeths rust in peace. To think about it though, appetite for destruction and rust in peace is on your resume, that’s good enough for me.
  11. I’m mixed on Axl In the last two years so I have decided to put my thoughts in a pros and cons list. Pros: 1. Making amends with slash, a reunion nobody thought would ever happen. 2. Being on time for most of this tour. 3. Having the energy to front acdc and gnr in the last two years and sounding good for both although more so with acdc. 4. Not canceling the vegas gigs after his foot injury. 5. Giving Steven at least a opportunity to appear on stage with the band again. Cons: 1. Steven seemed more capable to perform more songs and it still seems he (along with slash and duff) still view him as a liability. 2. More of a chance to record new material for acdc than guns when there is more of a demand for new gnr music. 3. The setlist being the same all throughout the tour and most new songs added are cd songs and covers. 4. Despite playing with izzy when nugnr was around, can’t make agreements for him to appear. Axl definitely in my mind has proven people wrong on this tour and has gained some respect for his new professionalism and he sounded good on this tour although not perfect which I didn’t expect him to be. It’s just a shame that what I hoped for was new music, doesn’t seemed to be happening in the foreseeable future and a possible AFD reunion happening. For now, just gonna have to take what we can get.
  12. At least she’s not waving a towel every night.
  13. Yeah kind of knew this was gonna happen. I like The conspirators but definitely prefer gnr over it. Kind of think the angry anderson comments about axl working on a acdc album have a little bit more validity now.
  14. Dj ashba should of just sent him a case of water to get into the party.
  15. So close 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️