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  1. does anyone ever think will we get a full pro shot video of the Troubador show from 2016? Or even any show from NITL ? Slash brought out a live album from SMKC in London recently & its amazing sound
  2. I don't know if your being sarcastic haha...but totally agree. would love to see 2/3 VR songs added the set. Sucker train blues same deep tone as ISE, would be epic IMO
  3. I would argue that Contraband is very memorable. Fucking love that whole album....didn't need a NR or Estranged had its own FTP & LTA. Standout album of the 2000s for me
  4. My jaysus...did you really just pull all that outta your arse??? Laughable..... heres one for ya! in the off chance that dat is the case, why doesnt the band or anyone fucking say something....like anything?? Say its a legal or money issue...stop this insulting bollox of "stuffs happening"! Throwing around fake record deals worth 15 mill... have a day off mate!! And also Rich Fortus would want to take a long hard look at himself as a musician. Clearly zero ambition...in a band 20 yrs n released one record. Better off in a tribute band apart from the pay...its the only diff
  5. Fuck the set list its the new Album thats pissing most off id imagine and thats down to Axl clearly because Duff and Slash both released material since theyv been back and i think that speaks VOLUMES! So let Duff and Slash play this out i guess is where iv ultimetely landed....end of the day most these songs they havnt been playing for the last 20 years. My angers with Axl sitting on a vault of music, that will never get released!! Such a fucking waste of talent to release one album of new material in what, fucking 28 years
  6. May aswell delete this whole section and "new album thread" cos i just seen the ad for the US tour "next chapter". Are you fucking joking me...fuckers labelled the european tour under an "all new show" banner. We again are the mugs iv forked out nightrain tix and im just so defeated with this whole thing. Very very thankful Duff Slash Axl got back with Axl for a run but they need to leave guns again if they have any self worth. They are better than beating this dead horse...how fitting its added to the set. We are not getting a new album and meds up Axl is gonna die with a vault of music untouched. Atleast i can I look fwd to the next SMKC album and Slash is better off keeping his own riffs for his music. Fuck Axl at this stage
  7. where do people get the vids of this show living in Europe?? All I can see is shite handheld cameras on youtube of an AWFUL sounding dead horse.. not asking for links just a direction
  8. We all ready for an unchanged setlist ti kick off 2020 on friday 😂🙈🤘🏽
  9. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    MCD promotions in Ireland released the offical concert ad for tickets going on sale in the morning....promoter spefically says "the next chapter.....brand new guns n roses show" Soooo take from that what you will
  10. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Matt Sorum > Stephen Adler. Yep....all the above. Iv been on the Matt Sorum over Adler mountain a long long time. The Goat of GnR drummers.....welcome aboard
  11. I am optimistic that new material will drop this year...but lets be realistic it aint gonna be a new album. 2 singles MAYBE a 6 song EP like "Lies" that will have live songs or covers on it aswel.... But i do think the fact that Slash and Duff being back in the band will push it to happen...if it was left up to Axl all his material would die in his vault🙄 Slash n Duff between themselves have released 10 albums to Axls 1 since leaving the band...13 if you include Loaded and thats not to mention the other various appearances on songs etc.....they will get us new material dropped 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    No i was only 4 yrs old in 1992😂😂😂😂 pity tho. Rte put up a clip of intervewing Slane goers in 1992...ill try find it
  13. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I have....saw Axls Guns in 2006 & that was fucking epic. I wasn't expecting much as I had become much more a VR fan at that stage, but 06 guns was class. the 2010 Guns however, git the full Axl tantrum storming off stage for 2 hours experience. and yet when he came back in 2012 I was there with more money haha
  14. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    probs...but a chance I didn't take for Slane or Marley park this time. just incase
  15. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I like it....saw The white Stripes & Aerosmith there. Like any park venue really...long walk in and well spread out
  16. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    Just got my nightrain pre sale tickets for Dublin Marley Park....as pissed as i am with no new music or announcment and the fact they dragging the NITL tour on into 2020.....i still said fuck it TAKE MY MONEY. 159e GC tix. I regret nothing
  17. Im sure its been mentioned & discussed somewhere along these 80 pages BUT.....is there anything to be said for the fact that the Mickey Mouse voice is 100 times worse coming from phone videos as it is actually live?? Therefore people are blowing these Axl performances way out of proportion & this tour proves it. Iv been lucky enough to see Axl 3 times live in Ireland, 06, 2010 & 2017 Slane and could not fault his vocal performance (albeit he stormed off stage in 10' for over an hour). Anyway back to your bickering
  18. I have no idea what the bitching and moaning is about....I loved it. As a die hard fan how can you not??? They showed real human n band emotion winging it to the finish...THISNIS WHAT WE WANT!!! If i was to guess it was thrown im last min and they said fuck it lets have fun....i suggest the fan base take the same approach and enjoy these little alt appearances. I honestly give up with some of this fanbase
  19. this is great stuff....thanks for the work man!!