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  1. Just a stupid Spotify playlist that covers some of gnrs songs from their set and then also covers songs from the openers
  2. Pretty sure I shat myself when I first read this, now I’m a sad gnr fan still
  3. Don’t be dissing breakfast sandwiches they’re smack
  4. Some January announcement we had guys..... so happy to have our “insiders” here with us
  5. Gnr Missing Out

    The service has other bands included like Pearl Jam and Phish
  6. Gnr Missing Out

    Forgot to mention that the 12.99 a month is entry level, if you want high res audio it’s 24.99 per month
  7. Gnr Missing Out

    Recently Metallica announced that they joined a streaming service to stream the audio of over 600 of their previous shows, I think it costs $12.99 a month. I cannot fathom why GNR wouldn’t just make some money like this streaming their soundboards from over the years. What’re your guys thoughts?
  8. Lots of old Recordings

    Oh my bad I misunderstood your job role, I thought they were just left there with no intent to be ever taken back. My bad
  9. Lots of old Recordings

    Why wouldn’t you make copies??? That could’ve been our only chance to hear demos from 1995
  10. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    The rasp definitely sounds a little deeper on this which is very cool
  11. Fortus Interview KSHE

    Fire the whole band let’s start fresh now
  12. Agreed favorite part of the afd release was the piano demo of November rain, after listening to the low quality one on YouTube for so long it was amazing to hear such a high quality version of it
  13. Knowing Fernando he probably just has a phone with a 4K camera and is bragging about it
  14. It probably looked awful because you either didn’t change your output resolution when you connected your pc to your tv, or the file wasn’t 1080p