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  1. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    This show has forced my hand and I will now buy tickets to the Metlife show when the time comes
  2. For Axl to sound this good on a one off show he must’ve been previously putting work in in the studio
  3. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    RIP I hate that I care
  4. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    Can’t wait to hear the opening riff of seeker
  5. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    Great Rocket Queen!
  6. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    That’d be lit if they opened with Pretty tied up
  7. 03/14/20 - Mexico City, MX - Vive Latino Festival

    Interesting to hear hard school with this lineup, Axl sounds ok
  8. T-4 minutes until we see the truth and only the truth
  9. I think I remember reading that LiveNation is still putting on shows on March 12th and 13th so we may be good for this show Edit: Nevermind I got my dates wrong
  10. If gnr drops anything new tomorrow my fat ass will go run a 5k
  11. The "New Album" Thread

    Might as well make it 100 edit: shit
  12. Someone should copyright strike these assholes for stealing Frans’s content
  13. The "New Album" Thread

    That definitely seems legit
  14. First Single Guesses?

    The version of Ain’t going down with full vocals (not the pinball version) absolutely kicks ass