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  1. Fortus Interview KSHE

    Fire the whole band let’s start fresh now
  2. Agreed favorite part of the afd release was the piano demo of November rain, after listening to the low quality one on YouTube for so long it was amazing to hear such a high quality version of it
  3. Knowing Fernando he probably just has a phone with a 4K camera and is bragging about it
  4. It probably looked awful because you either didn’t change your output resolution when you connected your pc to your tv, or the file wasn’t 1080p
  5. Luckily for everyone who doesn’t have Blu-ray players, they’re a hell of a lot cheaper than they were 10 years ago
  6. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    The best TWAT was Mexico 2016 his voice didn’t crack and he nailed the high ass note a ton better than San Diego 2016
  7. Every person that thinks a live album would have awful Axl vocals, did you somehow forget about the 2016 US run lol
  8. Of the people in the band to be involved in a new album other than the big 3 I’d expect Fortus to be the most involved in composition
  10. Those bands that tour endlessly with nothing to promote are also playing amphitheater’s and small arenas on their tours (with the exception of the stones) gnr doesnt want to do that they want another stadium run
  11. Yes McBob, he’s the one that also introduces the band before shows when they did it
  12. The double album thing wouldn’t necessarily mean that there could be studio stuff on one album, a full concert would need to be split into two and I wouldn’t put it passed them to release part 1 and part 2 of a show like the Tokyo dvd
  13. I sure do hope so this needs to end it’s been a great run tho If anyone would do it, it’s gnr..... you fail to realize that they haven’t had their AFD locked and loaded tour yet.... more details to come
  14. At the forum gig last year they were also calling that the last show of the tour too so you really never know with these guys
  15. RIP in peace my friend sounds like your pc just shrugged.... if only you had the Atlas computer wow I make myself cringe