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  1. If you would add me to the link pm list that’d be swell!
  2. Slash always did that with Myles
  3. Nope from what I’ve seen about the same, we’ll see how he sustains later on the set
  4. I feel like everyone’s watching the World Cup this show thread is dead rn, and from the little I heard it sounds like the typical 2017 show from axl
  5. I see Axl wearing the bandana now do you think he saw the reaction from last night and is rolling with it now?
  6. Wishlist (Not Setlist!)

    I wish for the 2010 Axl vocals to return
  7. Just ripped it off of YouTube then it got taken down 3 minutes later.... that was a close one boys
  8. At this point I really only listen to Chinese democracy, I don’t know what it is but I cling to those songs more than illusions, people can call me a fake fan I don’t really care it’s just how it is for me right now
  9. I hope he throws Ashba water into the crowd
  10. Good point I hope so, it’d make sense
  11. My friend said to me the other day “dude it must really blow to be a gnr fan it’s been a decade since they’ve released anything new” like yeah dude tell me about it, it sucks
  12. Ah not available in the states what the hell
  13. Could you send a link in here?
  14. Not on Spotify at this moment
  15. This whole thing has just fueled my desire for CDII