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  1. Why I think new music is coming

    Having “Slash” at the beginning is a bigger attention grabber than just “The Conspirators” so having Slash in the name sells better
  2. What a great 2 years guys I joined the forum later in the tour at the beginning of this year but damn I can think back to hearing how Bumblefoot and Ashba were no longer in the band and hearing all of the rumors then I just remembered the night slash posted an old GNR bullet logo on instagram and I was so pumped
  3. There is no way that the Download Festival comes close to being that amazing
  4. Hahahah my jaw dropped for a second there and I almost had a heart attack thinking we might hear something amazing
  5. If I hear any rasp on November Rain I’m gonna lose my shit and pop open some champagne
  6. If they do the slow bluesy you’re crazy the rasp is about to be out of this world
  7. Is anyone recording the screens for the whole show tonight by chance
  8. I’m calling it now Axl comes out onstage for Maddie with a Jerry Rice, Raider jersey
  9. Axl just made himself sound so old by saying that😂
  10. We got our prostitute wish people tonight’s a good night
  11. Jesus Christ the fucking tempo
  12. I know like his 2017 voice is inferior to his 2016 voice but I’d rather have these 3 and a half hour shows with him sounding not as great than the 2 and a half hour shows
  13. Our man is giving it all he’s got tonight people