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  1. Please refer to infamous interview above: If fernando is family, why (during his teenage years) does he occasionally visit the home where beta lives with Axl?
  2. Forget the website, how accurate is the interview? We'll never know unless one submits the original version in Portuguese for refutal.
  3. I get my information from her very enlightening interview where lots of things become apparent, predominantly how in love she is with her employer. More to the point re Dylan: "Q: So after the breakup you stayed with Axl?B: He asked me to stay with him when they broke up. But I was the child's babysitter so I was worried about him. He was only two years old and Stephanie was always traveling, she was never at home." http://ladydairhean.0catch.com/Axl/Interviews/article0155.htm
  4. The fact that she was a nanny and abandoned her principal (Stephanie's son) to work for Axl is a strong indication of lack of maternal instinct for which he treasures her. The fact that she's an opportunistic gold-digger is evident. Their creepy relationship would be more accepted if they'd been married, because really Axl doesn't need a supermodel and he would have a much healthier relationship with a woman of average looks and superior emotional intelligence. Lastly, how on earth does the very intellectually challenged fernando with zero corporate sense run the biggest band in the world?! Why not Duff's daughters then?
  5. I've met her 3 times, she's anything but genuinely nice - a good psychologist, tireless hustler who knows what she's doing and protects her place under the sun. She will lose all if Axl wakes up to the reality of his twisted relationship with tb. Wonder why his biological family aren't in his life and what role Sasha plays in all this.
  6. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    And how are tb (tuberculosis) taking care of it?
  7. Ah the idyll of strolling with the nurse...
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Does anyone know how hangers on like Andrei etc managed to latch on successfully? What about that weird sports coach guy whom no one apart from fernando seems to need?? TB (literal bloody tuberculosis of the soul!) eliminate everyone but sometimes the oddball slips in - how does that happen?
  9. He didn't make it to 6: "My growth was stopped at 2 years old"
  10. What is "steady"? Is he medicated? Why is that before beta's arrival he had relatively healthy desires such as getting married and starting a family, and post-beta he's gone off the radar? Clearly tb don't want him out of their grasp because god knows who else he clings to like he did with beta and then poof the breadwinner is gone. I don't see tb as his saviors, if anything they twisted and manipulated a mentally fragile man and deprived him of any normality including his half siblings.