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    defending the integrity of real guns n' roses against the evil tide of believers in fake lineups of axl employees, fake tours under the gnr name and an album of axl solo material written by employees then sold shamelessly as guns n' roses.

    no, i'm kidding… I'm just here for the buffet.

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  1. let's not get crazy... because they offered Gilby the chance to come out and play one song does nothing to right the fact they sold out izzy in cold blood over MONEY. The three remaining members of gnr are greedy pigs. whether they replace IZZY with Gilby, bumbleface, chicken bucket, DJ Doucheba, Richard, me, you, my grandmother, YOUR grandmother... it doesn't matter, they are all replacements for the master, they are all hired employees working for their boss axl rose because they'll work cheaper and accept having zero say in the process. Izzy was available and willing, had he NOT been then Gilby was the organic replacement and the gig should've went to him over axl's Yes employee richard.
  2. could've worked, they could've had their "mick Taylor" period with either him or gilby. but maybe not, maybe the song quality would've been shit without the master izzy stradlin writing and filtering.
  3. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    if slash goes back to smkc and axl does a fake ac/dc record it will just be the BIGGEST waste of an opportunity for these guys to finally get back to being a band and writing new material. if there was any sort of proper managment in this bands orbit, after they make their money off the tour, theyd be wrangled together, forced to write and izzy would be begged to return. no izzy, no guns. i remain hopeful up until the point I remember this is axl rose and Team Yes. As far as axl doing a VR song or a Snake Pit song KEEP DREAMING. Why won't axl do "Slither"? the answer is easy, he knows it's a better song than EVERYTHING on CD and he doesn't want to deal with it, he doesn't want to hear the crowds reaction that would dwarf the response to his own bullshit solo songs that he and Team Yes will try and legitimize as gnr till the day they die. Slash and Duff play Axl's solo songs, yet axl can't find it in his EGO to do one of theirs because he's threatened, and he's still not accepted that his expensive solo masterbation album written by employees will never be gnr. so if slash goes back to smkc I blame axl and I blame Team Yes.
  4. Guns N' Roses cancer support shirts.

    fuck cancer is right. glad they're doing something positive. good for you three remaining members of Guns N' Roses and company. we've all lost a loved one to this horrible disease and I'm sure that includes the singer so let's give axl a break, he was hurt and he was angry when he called Slash a cancer, I'm sure he'd love to take that one back at this point.
  5. Excited About GNR future

    Downzy, i don't agree with everything you say but your posts are smart and well thought out and I found the back and forth in this thread to be very interesting.
  6. Will there be new songs at RiR2017?

    Ronin is the izzy stradlin of the forum. fact.
  7. Duff on Talk Is Jericho

    I haven't listened yet... does he say anything about feeling any sort of shame or guilt about selling out izzy?
  8. Danish article about Ole Beich

    once again Ronin is the only one making any sense.
  9. Danish article about Ole Beich

    Ole Ballsack. these "lineups" I keep seeing are hysterical. desperate attempts by axlites to legitimize his solo record and shitty employee solo bands that covered gnr songs all over the world. the math is simple friends: NO IZZY, NO GNR.
  10. Danish article about Ole Beich

    What a load of shit. I love all the delusional people, past and present, who think they are or were members of gnr. I get a real kick out of it. before gnr there was no gnr, after gnr there was no gnr. Axl's illegitimate fake clown "lineups" will never count no matter how hard axl and Team Yes try. And rob gardner, traci guns, and the others were never guns, never close. No one believes this except the two or three CD fans who really want to believe there were multiple lineups of this great band so as to legitimize axl's lost years and lost record. facts.
  11. Dear Melissa, i like you and understand the role you play onstage. BUT... to be clear YOU are not IN the band, you are an employee hired by your boss axl rose. you, bumblehead, bucket toes, the drummer from axl's solo band, not one of you is, was, or ever will be a member of Guns N' Roses. Sorry to rain on the parade of delusion axl and his enablers feed you.
  12. I would love to see all the bands collaborating on an agreement that "the seeker" will never be played or spoken of ever again.
  13. Excited About GNR future

    they should get in a room and write face to face and put together one of the biggest rock n roll renaissances in history. but this is Axl Rose being "managed" by Team Yes so you can expect dysfunction, missed opportunities and a fake ac/dc record.
  14. I don't know that it's an official ban but more of a courtesy from axl's two band mates. axl is the only one who would be put in the position to answer questions about stealing the gnr name, touring the world solo as gnr with no other band members, not to mention the questions about his fake gnr album made with hired employees. If axl were painted into these corners by journalists he'd melt, he'd be forced to relive and justify the destruction of his prime years and band all lost to ego and terrible management. it's all about protecting axl from the truth of the mess he made.