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  1. MSG Monday Oct 16th 2017 was a great one.
  2. great picture. what section/row is that from?
  3. TICKET SOLD - I have an extra pit ticket for Thursday's (10/12) show at the Prudential Center show available at face value if anyone is still looking.

    is the merch truck outside the venue yet?
  5. 09/08/17 - San Antonio, TX - Alamodome

    $150 Face Value PIT 1 Tickets for San Antonio on Ticketmaster site right now.
  6. The Days of Guns, & Raz's

    yeah the book has lots of stories I've never heard, including a great one about Axl's parents encouraging him to go to recording engineering school rather than return to LA at one point: 'he gave some serious consideration on taking up the offer to stay in Indiana and enroll in a trade school. He then spoke of an older rocker dude he occasionally saw walking around his hometown, with head hung low and a sad, shuffling stride. Axl described the guy as stylish and charismatic, while possessing an undeniable air of coolness. But Axl saw him as a broken man who never realized his dreams and returned to Indiana with tortured soul to daily regret the decision to give up on his dreams. I have no idea if that person ever really existed, or if Axl imagined what his future would be if he abandoned his own dreams by fleeing back home to mommy and daddy. Either way, Axl decided to “give it one more shot with L.A. Guns.”' it sounds like the author was really close to the guys and he offers a very interesting perspective on the early days. His timeline on Slash & Steven joining the band also differs slightly from what I've previously read before. I always read that they got Slash and Steven because the previous guitarist and drummer didn't want to travel to Seattle for the 'Hell Tour'. Here the author writes, ''A few days before that first show with Slash and Steven, Axl happily reported of Duff arranging for G N’ R to play a gig in Seattle. By the time they hit the road, it had become a handful of West Coast club gigs, ultimately dubbed the “Hell Tour.' This timeline implies that Slash and Steven were already in the band by the time the Seattle dates were brought up.
  7. I randomly came across this book on Amazon that has tons of stories about the early days of GnR. It has lots of details and stories about Axl's time with LA Guns and more, I'm only part way thru it. the book is described as: 'In the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-five, a little ol' band called Guns N' Roses formed in Raz Cue's living room. And thus, Cue became the band's first manager... to be fired. With absolutely no hard feelings, Mr. Cue remained a trusted member of G N' R's inner circle for the remainder of the decade, allowing him to witness the iconic band tour the world's stages as they rose to the pinnacle of rock 'n' roll. When the Guns N' Roses party quit being fun for him, Cue stepped away from the swelling ranks of backstage hangers-on so that he might fully enjoy the band's incendiary performances from a fan-in-the-audience perspective.' has anybody else checked this out? http://amzn.to/2vpnlE2
  8. hopefully there's a great one today for Montreal!
  9. I totally agree with you about the pop-up store lithos Uzi! They were official GnR items celebrating 30 years of AFD and were limited to 100 each. The grim reaper holding the appetite playing card litho is my favorite so far this summer.
  10. 08/16/17 - Buffalo, NY - New Era Field

    the litho would be great if Steven 'Popcorn' Adler was sitting in tonight.
  11. it remains to be seen if Pit tickets will become available at the last minute for the Arena shows. the pits are definitely much smaller for the arena tour.
  12. here's a lithograph from the popup store in LA today. there were two limited lithographs that looked to be limited to 100 each.