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  1. Yep I gotta agree. Special piece of art this one. If anyone just happened to have a spare to trade, hmm well.....
  2. The shirt I bought at the merch stand inside the stadium has a Gildan tag, I presume it's legit.
  3. Found a few guys selling knock off T-Shirts on Ebay with this image. Is this the official artwork for the German gig?
  4. The shows in Australia must have been set up differently I'm guessing. The WTTJ package was the only way to get access to the front pit which extended all the way along the front of the stage and went back for a fair way. I watched the GA race to the rail about half an hour after I got there and they were a ways behind us, with a two metre barrier with security separating the pits. I did hear of people getting upgrades from seated to the GA pit but not of any upgrades to the front pit. Anyway, like many have said it probably wasn't great value but if you have a bit of spare cash burning a hole in your pocket, well.....
  5. I bought the WTTJ package in Adelaide, from memory it was the third most expensive VIP package, with the PC package having a pre-show "party" and then the backstage package. Neither of the more expensive packages got access to the front pit and there was no meet and greet of band members. Like others have said, the merchandise packs (the same for all VIP packages besides the lanyard) were ok but not why I bought the package - mine is untouched and if any one is after one to buy or trade I'm open to offers. With the VIP tickets you get early access, which means first crack at the merch stands inside, and for the packages with GA tickets a chance to get on the rail. It also got access to cash bars that only VIP ticket holders could access (people were lining up for over 30 minutes at the other bars) and toilets. My wristband also got me to the front of the line at these bars. None of this was really worth the cash I paid, but being in the front pit was. This was the first time the Gunners had played a show in Adelaide with the old line up (minus Izzy and Steve obviously) and I would do it all again if they came back tomorrow. Meeting the die hard fans was also great, and the sound from the front was amazing. That's my two cents anyway.