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  1. yeah, but she type of body seem tall by nature.
  2. How tall Meegan is! I never realized it, she look as a model.
  3. if you read Blabbermouth comments is kinds same comments we has here in this forum
  4. TinyPic Closing

    All about the Internet change very quickly, or you adapt these changes or you die.
  5. TinyPic Closing

    You advise me to my profile pic about i use TinyPic.
  6. A sequel with Freddie resurrection $$$
  7. Funniest lyric

    If you like "fat girls with big titties" , yes can be a paradise...
  8. You are right, but is Axl's choice in TB favour. Look to he weigh most his personal life , rather that TB bad management.
  9. Funniest lyric

    By today standards this Paradise City line would be not PC.
  10. If Axl fire TB, he will lost emotional support.
  11. How is the people racist about Frank❓ but this same people isn't racist about Slash❓.......
  12. you are right, Frank have Cuban heritage.