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  1. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    Same with Sympathy. Hate You re'crazy.
  2. Many years he is GNR management, but still not learned nothing of treat fans with minimun respect.
  3. how horrible said it Barbara Streisand i think she had a son...
  4. Fernando is GNR " PR KING".....always fight with fans...
  5. I don't know if is true, but i read time ago, this song was Duff idea.
  6. Forum Question

    Me too.
  7. A quick question

    Agreed, look's outdated.
  8. Who was the designer of Axl's assless cheaps ❓
  9. You are right, i read in Google his curriculum, and he is respeted, he was writter in NEW YORKER too.
  10. This, what happened with FEDE ❓ he not appear anymore .