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  1. true, but would are better take off full show, but already is late , the world tour in december finish ☺
  2. Agreed about table cloth , already 3 years of tour ,still he not take off it.
  3. Or they just want shit over Axl❓
  4. Your favorite "Axl Pose" moments

    Top level St. Louis incident.
  5. Anyone following the wacky "Threatin" story?

    Is only one more of many "fake news" of the Internet , he looking for reactions , just bit more original that anothers "fake news".
  6. Songs you wanna see GNR cover?

    I think Axl would sound good , don't think this song has too requriment to Axl,just my view. Always call my attention he never back sing it song, rare.
  7. Axl, you sexy beast.

    Beautiful photo!!
  8. Yay, misteryous and dark intro.
  9. True, realized me after that Melissa's hair had effect in Slash top hat.