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  1. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    Absolutelly it, i remember in some GNR gig isn't many time ago an Duff photo with part of his Irish family.
  2. Accord Rick account twitter he maybe going to Vegas show.
  3. Incredible i not find you tweet, but call my attention cause look many at aim about to take down, then i think at least few would be members on this Forum.
  4. Few comments point in GNR twitter about it take downs. I wonder if them are forum members ?
  5. Yesterday was winner Locomotive, today win Coma for small margin.
  6. This litho look as pos-mortem Axl......
  7. Like both, but go with Locomotive.
  8. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    Bailey isn't his true last name, is Rose, last name of Axl father.
  9. Axl Rose - Polish American?

    I just read that Axl have Scottish and German descendant, never read about Polish.
  10. How fast SCOM reached to 1 billon views! Few months ago just had 700 millons.
  11. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    This leg of tour they always start late.
  12. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    You mean three letter about Axl name?
  13. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    I just throw an little idea to Rick
  14. 10/13/19 - Manchester, TN - Exit 111 Festival

    Would be to Rick a good excuse says " i'm just are here for Alter Bridge....i never heard about GNR....?
  15. I wonder too which is the reason TB isn't put the same "passion" about ban this guys that take down videos? They have free pass? This guys to claim they have TB approval.... Which is the reason that TB just went after Rick❓ and Tom Zutaut the responsible principal about this locker?. I think this guy is an easy target, cause he not hide and show all time, maybe he is the most weak link. TB doesn't banned MSL about attend GNR shows.
  16. I guess that an Festival isn't exclusive to GNR fans, different an solo act for GNR, maybe he imagine it as possibility he can attend, but always is the riesk factor. I hope he don't put himself in problems about it.
  17. In tomarrow show we will more look that can happen with Rick that own GNR show. Will be funny . But seriously, this guy take a riesk about it.
  18. Rick already post a pic with his wristband to Exit 111 tomorrow.
  19. Accord an Rick twitter he will attend the Exit 111 tomorrow. He said "just taking a chance" and "ready for tomorrow".
  20. Always call my attention that Axl name have only 3 letters and still have people that wrote it in wrong form, is funny. Is weird that Slash name is most hard to wrote, but in general the people write his name in correct form 😄
  21. 10/11/19 - Austin, TX - Austin City Limits

    Rare this today show isn't pinned still.