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  1. Dizzy Reed on Mitch Lafon

    It would be cool if he wrote a book.
  2. I think he's implying that he's going to have his own signature guitar soon. Doesn't have anything to do with GnR.
  3. Omg that would be amazing!
  4. What lies, she didn't say anything about new album in Feb, some fan did.
  5. Wait where? Can you post it here?
  6. Well it would be exciting for me. They can't record it anyways while Slash is doing GnR shows.
  7. I really just want another SMKC album and tour right now. That's a band that's worth getting excited about (for me anyways).
  8. Not necessarily, they usually don't do just one isolated date. If they're doing this festival then there's a good chance there will be more dates in February until the March festivals.
  9. And the tour continues...
  10. The Marshall Podcast | Episode 1 | Slash

    Agreed, host talked too much. I want to hear Slash talk about his amps, not the host's irrelevant thoughts.
  11. are you ever getting bored with GNR?

    Sums up my thoughts exactly. 100% agree