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  1. GN'R should make a movie

    I finally got around to watching the trailer for the MC movie... looks kind of silly tbh. The new song is cool though I guess, a bit modern sounding though. I wouldn't want a GnR movie to end up being silly looking like this one seems to be.
  2. 'Living The Dream' World Tour 2018/2019

    Excited about the new DVD, just hope it's not mixed terribly like the Roxy one was.
  3. The Case Against Woke Axl Rose

    This Also this. Again, who care what this guy thinks?
  4. The Case Against Woke Axl Rose

    Who cares what Art Tavana thinks?
  5. female Axl Rose reacts to Axl Rose

    She wore the bandanna!
  6. GN'R should make a movie

    Rock of Ages If GnR did a movie like The Dirt it wouldn't have the mainstream attraction that Bohemian Rhapsody had, and it probably wouldn't even tell the whole, complete story, just the watered down wikipedia version. Plus BR turned into the Freddy Mercury story which I wouldn't want a GnR movie to become. And they changed stuff around so parts of the movie were inaccurate.
  7. If/when the GnR record comes out all the naysayers will complain about Frank and Melissa being on it.
  8. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    How was it?
  9. Maybe, maybe not. Tbh I don't think it's going to be much CD2 material, probably more newer stuff. SMKC/Slash solo stuff is what got me into GnR, so I'll always be interested in new material from them. Especially since we know that they will be continuing indefinitely.
  10. I'm more excited about new SMKC tbh, just because that one will be here in a more timely manner.
  11. Sometime last fall I think, from HT.
  12. female Axl Rose reacts to Axl Rose

    I see the resemblance. She should've worn the bandanna too haha.
  13. I think he's just saying that only he, Axl, Duff, and 4tus have talked about it seriously so far. I'm sure once they get down to jamming on ideas and stuff that Frank and Melissa will be there too. And Dizzy.
  14. Yay! SMKC IV and maybe new GnR in the future for us. All the Myles and SMKC haters can suck it. It probably wouldn't be released until after the AB album/tour cycle. Starting to work on new material = jamming on ideas and playing around with stuff. They're not in the studio with Elvis yet.