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  1. In those two during Slash's solo, what the hell is he doing? I guarantee you that he's not sober there and I don't think Slash would want anyone like that on tour in his solo band. And in the second video he's a bit pitchy. I've never seen a Myles video (SMKC at least) where he didn't sound good. Even when he was sick or whatever and they had Todd do an extended bit of singing lead (doctor alibi etc) he still sounded great. Can't say the same about a certain other singer. Incredible range, very consistent and complements Slash's riffs and melodies very well. Yeah he doesn't rasp or have an edge, well not every singer needs to sound like that. He brings his own personality to the songs and I respect that. Every song from Slash's catalog that they've done he's been able to hit the notes and sound good, and that's why he asked him to come along on tour. Anyone who would prefer that he sounds like Axl or Eric Dover, well go listen to Axl or Eric then. I'm just sick of hearing the same people that complain about Axl sounding like Mickey and being out of breath and off tempo or key come here and complain about Myles and how he sings. Which one do you want?! What would you rather hear? Mickey with some rasp and edge thrown in there occasionally or someone who's always consistent and in tune? If you're not into the SMKC tunes for whatever reason then I don't see why you all come here to complain about it. I personally prefer to engage in threads and topics that I'm interested in, not ones that I'm going to go into just to troll and complain. Anyways, here's two Myles videos that I really like that show off his voice and range.
  2. He's a mess. See any of the videos from 2010 when he guested with Slash.
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Yeah I found a photo that wasn't too big. Every time I tried to do it before it would always say that the file was too big. However I want to find a photo that's more unique for only me so everyone will know it's me, but the files are too big :/
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    At least you missed out on the pubes discussion 😂 Hey I looked at your profile and it looks like you're in your 20s too?
  5. Todd is 50, Brent is 48. The only young guy there is Frank (29).
  6. Maybe Slash doesn't necessarily want a rock star personality kind of guy, since he's the star of the show. Plus guys like that usually tend to cause problems later on (like Scott).
  7. Adler's Appetite Has New Singer

    Oh yeah that singer is great. Love Tanya too. She's probably replacing Sean McNabb.
  8. I'm sure there will be other songs on the record that will be better. Either way these two songs blow away a lot of the shit that passes for "rock music" on the radio these days. Most of this record was written pre-reunion. And I don't think he's stocking up on riffs for GnR yet. He'll work on it when the time comes. Tbh I think he would save his "best stuff" (however he chooses to define that) for SMKC since that's his baby. This isn't just a side project for him.
  9. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    @Tori72 when was your birthday? Happy Birthday! 🎉🎁🎂 Anyone listen to the new SMKC song? Mind your manners.
  10. Maybe tomorrow. They usually end up staggering the releases.