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  1. Steven Adler *accidentally* stabs himself

    Seriously speaking... I'm glad that Steven is OK. I don't get why anyone in media would turn this story into a suicide attempt? People who try to kill themselves with knives tend go for the wrists, not stomachs. I guess some people will write anything for attention. When it comes to Gn'R camp, if somebody there would try contact (or already has) contacted Steven, I would be very surprised if it happened publicly. It's not their style, especially considering what their situation with Steven is.
  2. Well, according to some, nobody outside this forum gives a flying fuck about the guy ( and let's take that as a 100% fact - Izzy fans/ appreciators outside this forum do not exist -they're a myth. ) Would it really matter if few people here overrate him, since the rest of the world does not rate him at all? When it comes to this particular thread, IMO it' feels pretty redundant. Izzy has clearly moved on and so has Gn'R. I don't see him getting involved in writing new music.
  3. How are the vinyls...sound quality wise?
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    1000 $. Does that include temporary tattoos? ...or a turntable?
  5. Duff at Amoeba‘s What‘s in my bag?

    And this book
  6. GnR Pinball Machine

    The part of the machine where you literally "lose your marbles" has Axl's face on it. Is that on purpose?
  7. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    How about girls?
  8. Weren't they "pop" punk? Meaning two steps away from pop Blink 182 is a punk band the same way Coldplay is a rock band.
  9. And Metallica stole their idea of black album cover.
  10. Maybe he thinks it's based on true events
  11. Would this be a good way to spend time there? As Austin resident Luke Winkie wrote last year in possibly the best-ever story about Austin’s hipness for Vice, “People are very excited to see horribly self-involved white people tell puns at a bar. That’s something you do in Austin; it’s part of the scene.” https://medium.com/@shelleyseale/austin-the-greatest-city-not-to-move-to-95960d14a2e1
  12. People keep mentioning the upcoming Terminator film. Whether you think or not that the franchise is in the toilet (and IMO it is), how likely it is, that they would put Guns n' Roses music in a soundtrack of a film they market like this?
  13. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    I don't care if people want to wear a shirt of a band/artist they know nothing about. It makes them look clueless, but so what? This, however is another story: