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  1. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    1959 I don't know if this is a cheat because Tchaikovsky composed the melody in late 1800's.
  2. What happened to GNR?

    I wasn't aware that the other original members were offered a chance to make millions on this tour... where they?
  3. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    It's been discussed here before, apparently it's fan fiction... (or some other kind of fiction) here's the link to the page (I found it with a google search, otherwise it would've taken forever)
  4. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Izzy does have a very soothing, velvety speaking voice. If he doesn't like to use it on singing, how about an audiobook? Bedtime stories by Stradlin.
  5. What happened to GNR?

    Is that a good or a bad thing?
  6. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    @soon I was going to post There Was a Time at first for 2008, because it's probably the only song on CD that I kind of like... (though I have to admit that the live version of Chinese Democracy I heard this summer at the concert was pretty good too.)
  7. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    2008 AC/DC is like an opposite of box of chocolates - you always know exactly what you're gonna get. Deodorant commercial song... nice voice but she became a one hit wonder. P.S. @Oldest Goat I gave that dolphin to Patience, not One In A Million
  8. What happened to Steven Adler?

    I think RONIN meant that even Izzy outgrew Steven...
  9. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    I think my post was more an answer to Archtop's post than yours. (I should've quoted her instead of you). I was guessing that that even if Izzy doesn't like to be interviewed, that probably wouldn't have been an issue on this tour, because they don't give interviews. So I think we agree on that one. The legacy topic wasn't really about Izzy but about Guns N' Roses as a whole and the people who are in the band at the moment. The band has a great legacy and that is definitely a good thing. What I consider a bad thing is that, IF after this tour the band stays active, instead of making new music, they'll keep touring with the old hits over and over again. But that is something that we'll just have to see - I try not to judge them beforehand.
  10. Wacky World of The Ominous Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    You could be right. If we think about this tour... they really haven't done interviews.. sure Axl had the China Exchange Q & A and then there was the awkward as hell interview with Duff.... In a nutshell - they have been really quiet. I don't think that Izzy, who is famously quiet would been thrown in front of the press if he didn't want to. Art Tavana has said here; every music journalist in the country would like to interview him but still, would've they been bothering him constantly even if there was no interviews -policy? Obviously if we think this way, it doesn't mean Izzy thinks the same way.. (or that other people think the same way - I'm just guessing here) But after Izzy got sober and left Gn'R he had to do interviews during the time when he was with the Ju Ju Hounds ... was he horrified about doing it then? Or did he just got fed up with the whole Ju Ju Hounds -thing because he couldn't get rid of Gn'R:s ghost? That's the curse they all have (if you want to call it a curse) When Slash has toured and released music on his own all these years, for many it could be a consolation prize because they couldn't have Slash making music and touring with Gn'R. (obviously I don't mean that they really wouldn't like his solo stuff - I'm sure they do.) And the reason Axl released CD as a Gn'R -album, is because he knew that Axl Rose's solo album would get a lot less attention than a Guns N' Roses album. They are stuck with Gn'R. And if they don't start making new music, they also are stuck in the past - a legacy act that tours playing old hits.
  11. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    1998 You can tell from the lyrics that Billy Corgan is a hopeless romantic To be honest I like the video more than the song.
  12. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    1978 This song inspired me to read the book. @dcon This is the best use of the dolphin:
  13. MYGNRFORUM Through the Years Daily Song Challenge

    1958 This is bit of a cheat since it's a cover of a folk song...