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  1. A quick question

    Maybe she is using this:
  2. A quick question

    DVD? You mean Appetite for Democracy... would you like to buy one? It's cheaper than the box set. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Appetite-For-Democracy-3D-Casino/dp/B00K6D1HUI/ref=as_li_tf_tl?qid=1412243044&sr=8-1&keywords=0602537859160&ie=UTF8&tag=univemuisc-umc-21&linkCode=as2&ascsubtag=GUNSNROSESAppetite3ddvdPCm
  3. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    For me it's just generic and forgettable. and here's another one:
  4. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    IMO it's not horrible, but it doesn't really add anything new/different to the song either. I'd rather listen to Izzy & Axl.
  5. A quick question

    Let's not. If she shakes it, she breaks it. Axl would have flashbacks. Do you think this guy would be available? Or maybe Fermanager would like to extend his job description.
  6. Lame is not necessarily the word... but painful? Did Buckethead do something like this on stage?
  7. If we are using term "the riot show" what is the first image that comes to your mind? St Louis is THE riot show, period.
  8. I attended that gig too. When the band didn't show up on the stage on time, people around us started wondering if Axl had fallen back into his old habits. If I recall correctly, they started exactly one our later, it seemed like it was planned. Afterwards I heard/read somewhere, that the reason was, that they haven't taken into account how long the daylight lasts in middle of the summer in Northern Europe. Sun was shining brightly at 9 PM so they waited (because of the light show and fireworks wouldn't look so good otherwise) IMO this explanation makes sense, whether it's true or not. We weren't in the GC but pretty close to it, standing on a grass felt just fine. We were planning to arrive there earlier but we spend some time drinking downtown, so we came there when the last opening act (The Darkness) was finishing their set, so we didn't have to wait that long and my feet were just tired, but not sore the next day.
  9. Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Found the snake pic... Izzy pics -thread (page 16) What's that thing on the bottom of Izzy's boot?
  10. What is your quintessential Guns N' Roses song?

    What we are most likely going to get (if we're going to get anything in the first place) The instructions on that package include words coma and general... coincidence?
  11. Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Pocket Pool I like the use of that gif on that page...
  12. Wacky World of The Ominous Ninja Izzy Stradlin and NO! Gang

    Pocket Pool - Izzy
  13. GNR Women's Discussion - Part 2

    Why would this need makeup? One peculiar comparison I found (IDK if this has been posted here before). IMO Axl is prettier More pictures where Axl looks like a chick This is really weird:
  14. More takedowns?

    It's continuation of these discussions... no need to go trough the whole 3 threads from beginning to the end, but reading the first posts (and listening that podcast on the first tread ) gives some general idea about it.