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  1. Lio, you can find him on IG, he seems to be very willing to reply and appreciative of fans support
  2. Lithographs

    Hi Guys, I have the ones from Oslo and Goteborg. If interested PM me.
  3. Hi, yes I still have the tee, it is a size L. Are you in the UK?

    1. DeathCubeUK


      Hi, yes I'm in the UK. How much are you wanting for the shirt? I don't have any show specific shirts to trade unfortunately.

  4. New uzi suicide shirt wanted.

    Guys, I am willing to sell my t-shirt or trade it for another one (a gig specific would be great!). Mine is a size L. If you are interested get in touch with me. I will be shipping it from the UK.
  5. New uzi suicide shirt wanted.

    I have one
  6. Yes it did. A guy behind me had 2 of them. He tore the flat packs to be able to roll the lithos and used the cardboard to roll around them