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  1. I didn’t think there was any official live era home video releases.
  2. I’m not sure if your point is that NIN handles promotions better or you are more concerned with my sons baby clothes. I don’t mind intelligent dialog and some back and forth on opinions. I’ve never really cared for NIN so that’s all news to me. Personally though, your onesie joke just seems out of context with the rest of your argument. Lastly, my son doesn’t listen to GNR. He’s listens to starset or whatever that stuff is. But he thought it was cool and I’m good with that. The same way I “discovered” the Eagles in 94 with my dad grinning ear to ear. To each their own, my friend.
  3. And yet here you are on a post about that very nostalgia that you clearly dislike. I just don’t get it. By the way, I care that they’re back on the charts. My sons friends in school are talking about GN’R. It’s nice to see a new generation appreciating something that I do.
  4. GNR Videos Now in 1080p

    Since the Blu-ray videos are remastered, I wonder if they just did a quick polish or actually rescanned the original material.
  5. For CD, we got zero videos and one album in 2008. In 99 we received Live Era and 2 illusion era videos with footage that was already 7-8 years old. The band is doing more now than they have in 2 1/2 decades. Like it or hate it, at least they are back on the charts creating a buzz.
  6. I’d pay over 250 if it had quality. Realistically, I would expect demos and live cuts from the tour. Photos, posters and replica tour programs. Blu-rays with the videos and Paris at a minimum remastered. The lost documentary. They have literally thousands of hours to pick from for tour footage. No less than 10 CDs (UYI I and II, Live Era included), and 4 Blu-rays worth of content.
  7. My download was only 720p, 135mb on US iTunes. Curious how you ended up with 1080p. I’d like that if I could find out how.
  8. He had it in 89 with the stones and the VMAs with Tom Petty.
  9. Ya got me. I didn’t look at the whole pic.
  10. Don’t forget the original “old” song Bohemian Rhapsdy. Released in 75 and peaked at #2 in 92.
  11. That’s Axl’s silver mic stand seen prominently throughout the video.
  12. I purchased through iTunes. It gave me 720p which I converted to MKV for my personal server. Well worth the 1.99 to own something fresh.
  13. I tend to think it may. There is quite a bit of different footage in the video.
  14. Yes that one in the deluxe but I mean a rerelease stand alone disc since the garden was upgraded to 1080p.
  15. Makes me wonder if a Blu-ray videos disc is on the way