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  1. Help

    That was it thank you so much
  2. Help

    So I got the file from somewhere and it has a password on it and I can't remember/figure out what it is, can anyone help or send me a replacement? Or methods to getting into it/common gnr site passwords File Name: 1992-02-22 Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japan-SBD-FLAC (LaserDisc) [LIMULUS].rar
  3. The Ghosts of Mars Soundtrack has Robin and Buckethead all over it
  4. Ain’t It Fun

    The closest thing to a good song on TSI. The Spaghetti album just feels like its missing something *cough* izzy adler *cough * and could of been great but just missed its mark.
  5. I bought OMG off of Amazon and I was surprised when i looked in the metadata and saw the sole contributer was Duff. Is there any validity to this or is it just an error? Also is there a difference between the album version and the single?
  6. Preferred Democracy

    Damn, you know your shit
  7. Ritz 88 - Definitive Edition - Zodiac Records

    Can anyone send this to me?
  8. I.R.S. 2005 demo redux - Buckethead w/retail mix

    Itd like to hear this
  9. Preferred Democracy

    But Buckethead and Robin were in during the same era
  10. Preferred Democracy

    If you think Buckethead and Robin clash then I reccomend you listen to the Ghosts of Mars soundtrack, they also worked together on that.
  11. Preferred Democracy

    I thought we could PM anything (except maybe released albums)
  12. Preferred Democracy

    No Shackler's? Also could you send me those links?
  13. Preferred Democracy

    Could you send it to me as well
  14. With all the errands/lineups/leaks/changes that took place during the time period before Chinese what would be your personal choice to base the album around? I'm a giant buckethead fan and I also like Robin Finck. I also enjoy Brain's drumming. So personally the 2001 lineup for Chinese would have been perfect. Instead the work of those players get infected with nonsense from the other 2/3 guitarist we didn't need.
  15. UYI box>AFD box

    Listen to Don't Cry love from Felt Forum '88