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  1. With all the errands/lineups/leaks/changes that took place during the time period before Chinese what would be your personal choice to base the album around? I'm a giant buckethead fan and I also like Robin Finck. I also enjoy Brain's drumming. So personally the 2001 lineup for Chinese would have been perfect. Instead the work of those players get infected with nonsense from the other 2/3 guitarist we didn't need.
  2. I have CDs rips of The Ghosts of Mars Soundtrack Bucket and Robin did a few tracks on (including contributions with Anthrax and Steve Vai) as well as the both out of print Slaughterhouse on the Prairie and Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse. All in either Wave or MP3 formats. Send me a PM if anyone wants them.
  3. UYI box>AFD box

    Listen to Don't Cry love from Felt Forum '88
  4. Guns N' Roses aging together

    I think Steven or Duff did especially with their history
  5. REQUEST - Tokyo '92 Laserdisc

    If anyone has the '92 Tokyo Show laserdisc audio they could send/share with me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks
  6. Live Era '01-'13

    I too would love to know I'm new to Nuguns material live so this would be great
  7. REQUEST - OG Gn'R Lies

    Does anybody have a really high quality version of the original (Wife beating has been around for) Gn'R Lies album cover? Pls and thnx
  8. Your Dream Concert

    Appetite 5 Line Up It's So Easy Mr. Brownstone Out ta Get Me Back Off Bitch You're Crazy (Live Era) Nightrain Welcome to the Jungle Paradise City Patience Knockin' on Heaven's Door My Michelle Don't Cry Sweet Child O' Mine (Since I Don't Have You as intro) Used to Love Her You Could Be Mine Rocket Queen Civil War Mama Kin UYI Lineup You Could Be Mine Live and Let Die Dust N' Bones Dead Horse Double Talkin' Jive Civil War Right Next Door to Hell Perfect Crime 14 Years Estranged Sweet Child O' Mine (Sail Away Sweet Sister intro) November Rain Don't Cry Pretty Tied Up Yesterdays You Ain't the First So Fine Coma (Axl, Brain, Buckethead, Robin Finck, Tommy Stinson, Dizzy) Chinese Democracy Shackler's Revenge Oh My God Better If the World There Was a Time Sorry (Proceeded by more Chinese and songs that work well with this line up, tbh I havent listened to Chinese enough yet to really say what I would and wouldnt want to see but what I have listed I am 100% on)
  9. [REQ] Live Era Original Tracks FLAC or MP3

    Listen to Mr. Brownstone in the very beginning you can also hear them trying to edit out what he originally says to the crowd I believe. You may need to hear the original track to catch it
  10. Your Dream Concert

    Appetite - UYI = Gn'R OMG - CD = G&R
  11. REQUEST - Bootlegs I Need

  12. REQUEST - Bootlegs I Need

    I was pretty sure GnR Rock Wembley was audience but then there was another one that was soundboard
  13. REQUEST - Bootlegs I Need

    There's a copy that is
  14. REQUEST - Bootlegs I Need

    Damn I could of sworn there was a soundboard of it