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  1. Oh ok I thought you were saying it was the only song better than anything off Chinese
  2. Ok now you're just trying to troll the forum
  3. Shackler's is one of the four songs from CD I actually like
  4. Live and Let Die Mama Kin Down on the Farm (with Adler) Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Ritz) It's Alright for the sake of having a fifth
  5. Could you post that leak you were talking about
  6. Wow I never thought I could have such an opposing opinion
  7. Oh yeah I forgot about he said that during that whole thing
  8. I'm pretty sure people hate Sorry because they assume (despite Axl denying it) it's about Slash which I can see that being true and even if he denies it he could be lying as well as the fact that he could be writing it about Slash without actually realizing (hate towards something can come out with hate for something else) but I'm pretty sure it's about the media. Just look at the line "I’ll kick your ass like I said that I would", Get in the Ring maybe? Everything in the second verse following that looks like its about critics which leads me to believe its a mix of both.
  9. Since I guess nobody covered either of these two and I haven't checked much of the one and its impossible to really find one for the last track Shackler's Revenge and Sorry as well as If the World and Chinese Democracy: What are your thoughts on these tracks and other's. I really enjoy Sorry the opening makes me think of something that Black Sabbath would of done if they collaborated with Jimi Hendrix, as for Shackler's I love this song, to me it's Chinese what Mr. Brownstone is to Appetite it's a perfect example of Axl using his lower register plus Buckethead has a writing credit on it so you know it's solid. Chinese and If the World were originally the only two songs I really loved off of Chinese before I listened to Shackler's again (kinda forgot about it when I first listened through all of GnR's material, and when I heard Sorry live and went back to it. Chinese is also a badass song and between the album itself and live it's a great opener definitely worthy of being on the album. If the fucking World, I couldn't love this song more it's something I could not see the original lineup doing and is the prime example for me that proves GnR doesn't just have to be Appetite for Destruction (and the Illusion albums) they can be so much more diverse and just genre splitting if people would just fucking embrace it. These are the only four songs I have off of Chinese on my phone which is my main source for listening to music (fuck streaming services) but Better gets an honorable mention but it's a little too meh to me even tho the opening guitar and axl's vocal melodies in the begging is fucking amazing.
  10. I think he title track, shackler's revenege, if the world and sorry all sound fine as they are but the rest coulda been...better *ba dum tss*
  11. Farm Aid Request

    That's be great
  12. Illusion Notes

    Yes but there's still Civil War which the booklet claims Izzy didn't do rhythm on as well as the popular Double Talkin' Jive issue on UYI I so honestly who knows who did what on these albums
  13. Illusion Notes

    Yeah ik what you're talking about like I said it's probably just the booklet being all fucked up
  14. Illusion Notes

    Oh yes I'm listening to it now and I assumed it was some sort of effect/sampling not a literal nutcracker ?
  15. Illusion Notes