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  1. I love that he's so protective of his personal life. And I hate it at the same time. Does it make sense??
  2. That's because Izzy is gone. If he shows up somewhere, we're going to go crazy over here!
  3. Hey, @Politania, I'm pretty sure the Wall Street Journal was discussed here as soon as it came out. Don't remember which page though. But it was not long ago. Must be on the last 10 pages or less.
  4. Yes! I'm desperate! But if Izzy really reads here sometimes, as I believe, there was so many of us saying he didn't look well on that pic from January that it may discourage him (assuming that he gives a shit for our opinion on his looks. Lmao )
  5. Absolutely!! Thank you!!
  7. Thanks a lot!! Interesting the text below the video on YT. All the stupid Axl's actions that culminated at the Germany show's fiasco and Izzy's decision to quit. So sad...
  8. With pictures, please. And zoom, if possible.
  9. Thank you for this vision in the morning, @dgnr!! I wonder if that perrrrfect ass remains today (for some reason I believe so)...
  10. @marlingrl03, perfection. What else can I say? Just look at that perfect face.
  11. Precious seconds you posted here! Thanks! I can't really figure out if it's 2006 or 2012? How is Axl's hair on that screen? I can't see... Guess Izzy is just hitting some notes, not really joining the song.
  12. LMAO! I believe she's refering to something @Tori72 posted on the previous page. An interview with Jimmy Ashhurst by the Mikayla freak woman. Give a check at page 407.
  13. Totally agree. And I love it!!
  14. Credits to @Boogs!
  15. What the hell are those boots??