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  1. And where I can find this guy????
  2. I guess she's talking about the picture! Because I asked myself that the first time i looked at it.
  3. Ohhhh...how I wish... I wish... aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh
  4. I vote for no change at all!!
  5. Thank you @cindy1985 and @Tori72 for the last two posts. Just precious.
  6. LMAO! I'm out of likes, but I think being the bad boy he was it must have been after!!!
  7. I wonder if he bit it before or after it was inserted into his nose...
  8. That's because I have that disgrace saved on Google Drive with a suggestive title. The bolded. Just... no.
  9. I can't forgive you, @Politania, for making me go through this again!
  10. The discussion comes back some time after. Have you searched the word 'sandals' with the searching engine?
  11. Oh Lord! No!! It's a pair of horrible sandals he wore in 2006 while hanging out with Axl in London. It's somewhere in this thread and was heavily debated. Lol. Have you read the entire thread? I'm at work and can't search for it right now...
  12. Lmao! I HOPE he reads here and realize how much we hate the golden sandals so he may never, EVER again wear that in public!
  13. I know you are all probably right, but I can't accept that.