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  1. @marlingrl03, perfection. What else can I say? Just look at that perfect face.
  2. Precious seconds you posted here! Thanks! I can't really figure out if it's 2006 or 2012? How is Axl's hair on that screen? I can't see... Guess Izzy is just hitting some notes, not really joining the song.
  3. LMAO! I believe she's refering to something @Tori72 posted on the previous page. An interview with Jimmy Ashhurst by the Mikayla freak woman. Give a check at page 407.
  4. Totally agree. And I love it!!
  5. Credits to @Boogs!
  6. What the hell are those boots??
  7. Nooo... Izzyconda is right there for anyone to see at first sight. She must be referring to Circuncizzy.
  8. Simply A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!
  9. I hadn't thought about that!! Lol! I don't doubt it.
  10. @cindy1985, of course Lortus is not the real problem but he could at least create his own 'trademarks' to not look like a cheap simulacrum of Izzy. They would make a great team... not.
  11. I hope you have made an "I have no idea who you are" face. Don't forget to point out that sarcasm mode is on. Of course not. He doesn't have any!
  12. Wow! That's great, Cindy! Who is she? I'd like to meet everyone who posts on this thread in person one day.
  13. Because he can't even find his own self?