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  1. Nowadays, Izzy can't even play the songs he wrote 30 years ago. That's where the problem is. The dude can't play. Would you honnesly put him in a stadium in front of 60,000 fans for a show? Are you serious? He would be a total DISASTER! "Not reliable" = NOT GOOD ENOUGH in the GN'R world. Stop finding excuses. He is just NOT good enough to get the job. The truth hurts... sorry for that...
  2. Richard can play guitar like a genius. Izzy can’t even play like an amateurish. End of story.
  3. GN'R. Richard has been in the band for 16 years. It is said his studio contributions are massive. The album "Chinese Democracy" was mostly already written before he joined. But his contributions has been massive on studio for every post-Chinese Democracy material. He most certainely has written more than Izzy ever did in Guns N' Roses. And with much, much more lead parts, solos and riffs.
  4. Guys... You just all miss ONE point : nobody needs Izzy to come back. Nobody. NITL is the 4th biggest tour in music history... without Izzy. It's all about Slash and Fortus on guitar. They are the ones the entire world wants to see. End of story.
  5. At least, they can play. Matt can play but Izzy "lazy cheasy" Stradlin' can't anymore. Hearing Izzy play "Better" would be absolutely laughtable. The guy can barely play a 3 chords song properly nowadays. That's why nobody in the band wants Izzy to come back : It's not a question of money, it's a question of SKILLS. he would be a desaster onstage. His playing is amateurish. The guy has no skills. Fortus is a beast. He is reliable and credible for the legacy. He is the past 15 years, present and futur. of Guns N' Roses. Get used to it. BTW, the tour really needs to start again. This kind of thread is a loss of time. Who fuckin' cares about Izzy in 2018? 4 or 5 people on this message board? Come on!
  6. NITL Tour must continue as soon as possible. People are bored around here. 10 pages debating about Sorum and Izzy just show there is nothing interesting to talk about. What’s next? Pittman’s shoes? let’s talk about Axl, Slash, Fortus, Duff... you know, relevant musicians and artists.
  7. LOL! Currently, Richard Fortus is most certainely much more paid than Adler+Izzy would ever be combined. You people are desilutional : we ain't in 1987 anymore. There are other people in Guns N' Roses and Richard Fortus has been in the band for 16 years. He is the guitar player with Slash of the 4th biggest tour in music history. So trust me, Richard is paid millions for that. This succes is also his success. And he earns millions dollars for that. Don't be surprised if he is part of the partnership in a forthcoming futur...
  8. When (and IF) izzy returns, he will be the 3rd guitarist behind Slash/Fortus. Slash/Fortus are the guitar players of the 4th biggest tour ever in music history : izzy is out of the picture.
  9. Yep. CDII, aka WAR. Mark my words
  10. WAR = Axl solo record = Chinese Democracy part 2 Fortus + Ashba will be the guitar players on it. Richard Fortus is more than ever in Guns N' Roses and won't leave. He is an absolute key member of the band and everybody loves him : Axl, Slash, Duff and the rest of the band. It's simple : Project 1 : Guns N' Roses with Axl, Slash, Duff, Fortus and the rest of the band... this will be the SAME LINE-UP for the 2018 Tour. Don't worry. Project 2 : WAR = Chinese Democracy part 2 = Axl, Fortus, DJ Ashba and whoever... Mark my words
  11. Fortus deserves it. He is a guitar-hero by himself. So freakin' talented...
  12. Americans will never understand how fucking HUGE Oasis were in Europe in the 90’s : They sold more records than Mickael Jackson here!
  13. Insane groove... Brain is by far the best GN'R drummer ever