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  1. Listened to it live. Actually I thought it was good. Eddie didn't come across big headed at all and seemed to enjoy talking GNR. Thanks Brando!
  2. Matt played and sounded pretty good on that. Just wish there was more rasp on the outro.
  3. Finally got to listen. Great interview Brando. I think it is in the top five you have had!
  4. How many people (meaning non hard core fans) actually give a shit anymore.
  5. The album will never be a success if Axl won't release the god damn thing. Sitting on it does not make it more successful in fact it can do the opposite. Look at Chinese Democracy.
  6. At least Ozzie knows how to release music. I don't like his new record at all. I find it just plain stupid when Slash says they have material but don't know how to release it. For fucking sake Slash you played on they new Ozzy record and it was released. You have always figured out how to release you solo shit. What is so different with GNR? I think I know the answer....AXL. I wish he would just say it.
  7. "Not In This Lifetime ...Chapter2"
  8. I think anyone thinking there will be any new record coming out in the next 6 months is living in a dream world. TB and UMG would have already started promoting it big time, that is if they really wanted it to sell decently.
  9. Old School Tix

    I no longer have the stub, but it 1992 I saw GNR, Metallica and FNM for $35.00!! Good seats too. I miss those days.
  10. Holly shit I'm going to the store and buying this shit right NOW!....Just sad...I wonder who was the brain child behind this joke?
  11. Got to listen this morning. That guy seems really down to earth I did not know that. No rock star bullshit.
  12. Copyright Strikes....

    LOL, Mofo banned me for something I said on this site. All I said was I sometimes question the motives of some of the posters.. Never mentioned him by name.
  13. Great interview! I hope you can get him back on again. As for not asking enough GNR questions, I think you did just fine. Had you started asking him about GNR I doubt he has much info. It could've also pissed him off, ruining a future interview with him.
  14. Show Opener and Closer

    I would prefer WTTJ as the opener or maybe if they brought back Perfect Crime. I think Nightrain and PC are fine as the closers.