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  1. Now these are the kind of stories I want to hear when I posted this topic disscussion...any childhood stories about izzy and axl from her?
  2. Yes is that even a true story lol
  3. Axl Rose on Looney Tunes episode w/new song

    I hope this leads to real songs very soon from all of guns 'n Roses
  4. Hell no that is too long they need to hurry it up this time
  5. Yeah agreed he most have awesome story's to tell .maybe one day he will come out with a book or at least do a some what candid interview..
  6. Ok how did you know it was him?
  7. Interesting izzy is a Edward scissors hands lol🤔😅 Very cool
  8. Now that's a cool izzy story 😎
  9. It could be from when he was in guns or after ..
  10. Don't recall seeing that one?
  11. Yeah it's far from his patience classic look but a step up from the cowboy hats forsure
  12. It's a no brainer really duhh? wake up guy's and give us what we really want ...
  13. I think guns isn't pulling the trigger on a new album till they full reunion with Adler and Izzy happens, say 2019 or 2020 to milk the whole tour around the world in stadiums thing one more time..also I bet slash is not keen on releasing anything under the g'nr banner while fortus and frank and Melissa are in the group so he wants to wait for a real 5 member original album.
  14. Awkward poor Matt the guns question agian lol