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  1. Rockh...........Please, please and please mate ...lol
  2. Ive searched found jack all
  3. 1991 UK Documentary

    Yes mate going on the adverts I think it was screened in September 1992 as they advertising Football Italia match on the Sunday
  4. 1991 UK Documentary

    Yes just watched it over, No Aerosmith section......rest was in Kravitz and Beaty rant.....Wasn't live
  5. 1991 UK Documentary

    Jesus fucking christ......IT WAS SHOWN ON CHANNEL 4..........................fucking people lol Funny how people who don't even remember, then swear they know what happened.............Literally the whole of my college watched it, Maybe true it wasnt live as i didnt start college until September, so the dates don't match up.
  6. 1991 UK Documentary

    No mate in the uk it was on channel 4 A saturday night, It's sitting on vhs recorded on my shelf as I speak...
  7. 1991 UK Documentary

    I remember this so well, it was on a friday night shown on itv about 11.30. The ending of the programme had Axl on piano singing November Rain and the narrator saying " The biggest band in the world, but will they self destruct an the candle flame blow out" Almost other than Paris 1992 on channel 4 my earliest memory of the band.
  8. GUNS N ROSES Live At The Forum SIRIUS XM FLAC Tracked

    Fixed link
  9. GUNS N ROSES Live At The Forum SIRIUS XM FLAC Tracked

    OHHH shit ill edited it
  10. 11/29/17 - Los Angeles, CA - The Forum

    Unless it's a joke, stay off the drugs pal
  11. So many deluded folks out there, They are awful, Truly depressing....
  12. What's up with the tracker? (Looking for a succesor for it)

    I have almost everything...It would be good to have a download section...least 50% of my collection came from here when it was in good order for bootlegs