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  1. NITL live videos on youtube

    As an optimistic viewpoint this performance gave them a stepping stone and lots of different directions they could go. Will they always do 3 songs? What year will they choose? Will they go in "setlist" order? Will they include anything with guests such as Adler or Dave Grohl or Angus? Will they do some of the deeper/cut/less played songs such as Locomotive and My Michelle? While there wasn't a video this week (and honestly I wasn't expecting one) I think it was a good first start and am curious to see how it turns out in the end
  2. Live playing energy

    I don't like him because his drums (sound wise) and fills don't mix. I actually would prefer Brain or Brent Fitz if it couldn't be Adler or Sorum. And I know I won't see Adler full time or Sorum full time so that doesn't really apply to me. I'm a drummer myself and I don't like Frank due to his drumming style in the band. His snare doesn't fit, he over uses the china cymbal, and his cymbal sounds just don't work in most songs. As mentioned before, he doesn't play the November Rain tom fill correct and that pisses me off most. Many people would argue the only people that matter are Axl and Slash. People didn't show up just to see Duff when he was back in 2014. Slash and axl being back draws the crowd. People don't even know who 4tus is, they think he's izzy. 4tus also joined the band in 2002, not 2006. They did do something about it, Frank was taking drum lessons after the last leg of the Tour. I don't care who the drummer is as long as he fits. Frank is a decent drummer, but he doesn't have the groove or power. Brain and Brent are a perfect combo of this.
  3. Live playing energy

    Totally agree with this, then you see him playing with Myles and he's 100 times better. Even slash's solo spot in the GNR set he seems to noodle, but kicks it up a notch. It's almost like he's trying to distract people from Axl and doing too much. Again like Frank, sometimes more is less
  4. Live playing energy

    Frank lacks the power and groove that "fits" gnr. He's great on the Chinese stuff and isn't that bad of a drummer, but he sticks out like a sore thumb in this lineup. I think (at least in my mind), I'd like him more if he played some of the tom fills the same way. November rain intro comes to mind right away. Some things just aren't meant to be changed!
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Exactly. Like I said in my review when I watched slash jumped off an amp and there wasn't even a cymbal crash in the intro. So anti climatic. In the old band you would have had that. Something as small as that goes a long way and it all goes back to chemistry
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    Post video notes: Wonder if this becomes a weekly thing and they do 3 songs from each show and then make a "set list" playlist Please give us locomotive... Video was all slash but hey fine with me I thought the mix and quality was fine. As expected Now the chili peppers in 20 minutes getting their full show streamed...that'll be fun
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    1.) Just started watching so typing this while I'm listening 2.) ISE: Axl's low vocals are so weak sometimes and so strong other times. But man that rasp when he wants it is there and its awesome Slash plays so many notes during his solos now Duffs vocals should be turned up a bit I hate Frank but I'm pinning it down on his snare and ride cymbal sound. Snare is short and fat. He needs something that's high pitch and cracks. The ride needs more sound Overall not bad 3.) CD: The slash intro is such a poweful tone jeez Axls vocals start so strong Where's Richard in these mixes? Duff starts singing the chorus again the first time Wow lyrics axl Love Richard on this one Honestly the RIR 2017(?) version is better in my mind The mess ups make it feel so real its awesome Franks drumming fits this so well...way better than the AFD and some Illusion songs Overall very raw and even with the mess ups it wasn't bad 4.) DTJ That freaking china cymbal needs to be left off the next tour Can someone tune his floor tom down a bit for this intro its too high Slash is on fire The transition from the intro into the pre vocals part is so anti climatic. Slash jumped and there wasn't even a cymbal crash Vocals on this are amazing axl Frank should use the bell on the ride during the end solo. Just the cymbal hitting on the ride sounds so weak. Matt would be ashamed. Richards awesome. Great replacement for Izzy Wish they'd do the old outro where slash goes into the clean guitar effect Overall short and sweet but way better than nothing. Nice to see slash...and everyone else
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    If its the songs in the trailer that definitely meets the 13 minute time mark. Unless its just the full show condensed down to 13 minutes
  9. Matt Sorum's Autobiography

    So are you in Guns N’ Roses, or are you just playing with Guns N’ Roses? Oh, that’s an interesting question. From the moment we started playing together and embarking on this journey, I would consider it being in Guns N’ Roses, not just being hired to play Guns N’ Roses songs. So technically, legally, is it a band again? I’m in the band — there is no contractual anything at this point. So however you want to look at it. What can you say about the Izzy situation on this tour? Uh, I’m not gonna go anywhere near that. I thought what he had to say about it, from what I saw – I didn’t read the whole thing – but the basic come away, I thought, was well handled. I completely forgot about those quotes. Interesting looking back on it
  10. In fairness didn't they soundcheck this last year before the first LA show?
  11. Wait wait wait there's an official live stream for this tonight? Like RIR?
  12. Just saw what's been going on and heard the clips. I liked the leak hard school and can't wait to have slash on it. I considered this and perhaps as the closest to the GNR we know vs the Chinese GNR. I also think that if Izzy were to play tonight would be the night. Think About You was played with him a few times in the 2000s, and a lot of illusion deep cuts are now being rehearsed and played. Not to mention the usual AFD songs that are always played
  13. Best and Worst Axl/GNR Covers

    1.) Dust in the Wind 2.) Sailing 3.) Bohemian Rhapsody Worst 1.) Seaker cuz it's overplayed 2.) BHS 3.) Wichita (was a good one...until they brought it back...then back again...and again)
  14. If I go it'll be the day of decision going to Fenway.
  15. I wasn't going to go but I'm a huge Red Sox fan and Fenway Park....Damn it GNR you had to go there