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  1. That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe it’s a festival tour. Light dates to prep for a busy 2021? You really don’t need a tour name if you do festivals

    We get it, geography is hard. But putting out New music is harder
  3. All I want is 14 years 1 time with Slash. He's done it with Axl why can't he do it 1 time with them. I'll even pay Izzy to do it I got locomotive finally so this was the last song I wanted to hear. although I will say slither was a nice surprise when that appeared. didn't want it but glad I/we got it
  4. Slash Chad and Duff on a song would be a dream come true. Slash and Chad are my favorite Guitarist and Drummer. Now if only I could get Axl Slash and Chad
  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing them again only saw them once but missed shadow and slither. Locomotive is my dream to hear live. I’m extremely jealous
  6. which is understandable but with the current state of music could it fail? Shadow of Your Love was a B side turn single and did decent. If Hard School or an upbeat rocker like it was released I think i'd do quite well. I remember reading a comment slash made saying he focuses on the band he's currently working with when he's home or on the road. Now there's a decent break and Myles is touring with AB. Theoretically, he could do a few things. 1.) start another SMKC album 2.) record new stuff as "band jams" with guns 3.) dig into some old chinese leftovers
  7. Disagree. 2010 for me was Awful. For me it’s always been illusions (Izzy still here) 80s 91 post izzy now buckethead brain era 2006 2010-2014 i love the lineup now but it doesn’t compare to the Sorum Izzy illusion days or afd days. Gilby was great but this era is better in so many ways and it has a lot to do with the big 3 sharing a stage. I hate frank. Decent drummer but doesn’t fit this lineup. Fortus is actually quite amazing. He plays the Izzy party’s and Chinese parts very well and I loved wish you were here since he pushed slash to beat him with every solo. while the set list is somewhat stale there’s been a lot of changes over the years each leg has brought new things. Locomotive and coma? Come on that’s crazy. People in 2010 would have laughed if you told them we’d hear coma and locomotive. shadow of your love is a highlight of the show? Slither is a GNR song? We would have laughed and said “not in this lifetime”.
  8. He started this leg on fire. The first few shows he was quite strong.
  9. They’ll be headlining stuff eventually. Loved them when I saw them open for slash and Myles
  10. Technically these songs are played live? I’m trying lol yes Anastasia is great as is WOF but live extended solos occasionally get boring? Some days I can listen to him playing wicked stone for 10 minutes. Other days I respect it of course
  11. I agree but looking at his records there aren’t many songs that come close to the Snakepit era soul and feel that he’s put out post VR. His playing on illusions and Snakepit were amazing. Back to the moment is a beautiful song on guitar especially the solo. Is there anything he’s done with Myles that comes close to that? Not really it’s completely different. We see glimpses of it such as the end of the one you loved is gone. But even love he noodles around on that and sometimes destroys the heart and feel of the song.
  12. 10/29/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Smart Home Arena

    Places to be covers to sing!
  13. 10/29/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Smart Home Arena

    Dead horse actually really works with everyone involved. Richard sounds a lot like slash in 93 in certain parts. Sucks to not see axl on acoustic (anyone else hear the wreck my car part in the background?)
  14. 10/29/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Smart Home Arena

    Terminator comes out tomorrow. Vegas Friday hmmmm leaks on a radio station today
  15. 10/29/19 - Salt Lake City, UT - Vivint Smart Home Arena

    I see something different every time I look at it now