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  1. theres no money in releasing music anymore. Most of the money bands make is through touring. In order to keep touring, you usually need new music to tour with so yes, they will say or do anything to make millions in the process since this is there job and way to make money
  2. the vocals/lyrics were horrible and most songs. Musiclly though, it might be my favorite solo album by a GNR member. Love the drums and slash most. Gilby is solid and Inez was a great alternative to duff. Really played well on that album. Now if axl OR izzy had been on the album and or wrote lyrics it probably would have been a hit
  3. Yes I am! haha I just like the picture. I actually screenshot it and cropped it from the music video.
  4. Poor wording on my part... meant slash said slash himself isn't a good rhythm guitarist. I think Fortus is the best rhythm guitarist slash has played with so far in terms of technical skill. I also agree with slash's playing taking a hit but I don't think that was of Fortus. I think fortus outplayed slash in Wish You Were Here. To me, and what I hope, Fortus will bring a level of competition with slash like in sports. I don't disagree with you about Izzy, I'd love to have him back just for history's sake and recapture the old magic, but I would like to hear what fortus and slash can do in the studio with new or Chinese leftover material. Personal opinion
  5. Slash himself has said he isn't a great rhythm player though. I think fortus will bring out the best of slash. I love izzy, don't get me wrong. RQ lacks without him and 14 years is my second favorite GNR song, but I would love to see what Fortus and slash can do in studio
  6. 100% agree. If izzy wanted to do a show, izzy would have done a show by now. Money or not. In terms of Fortus, I can't wait for this. I think this might be the best technically skilled rhythm slash has ever played with.
  7. They keep adding festival dates. Maybe they'll just extend the tour so it never ends and they'll keep saying "new music coming. As soon as the tour ends". In all seriousness, every time slash has been ready to release music since the 2000s he's been honest and on time. Doubt he would lie to us at this point about music. In his mind, all systems are a go. If Duff confirms it as well, seems like that's all the confirmation I'd need. 2/3 of the big 3 confirming new music? Must be the best odds since the 90s. I saw a poster mention Melissa and Fortus going silent on Twitter. Instagram is silent too. I've noticed Frank has been as well. Steven went silent right before the reuninon right? He keeps promoting his solo band so seems to me he's still out. Matt too. He's been on tour with his new band. Looks like a current line up album with no originals. Maybe izzy on a song but that's just getting my hope up. Perfect scenario in my mind: Reworked Chinese stuff with parts rerecorded by axl to patch up holes, all re-recorded instruments minus piano. 96 session stuff or ideas from, and maybe 1 or 2 new songs. However, if they're smart, they'd do all reworked Chinese stuff to produce it and get it out ASAP since its already vocally recorded. Slash and Duff would go to town on songs with vocals and have a finished product real quick. It'd take a year, at least, to get a good majority new material album out. Bottom line is why would they produce new fresh music if there's a lot left in storage? They have no need to write new stuff until all the good unreleased stuff is out. Low effort, but high reward and they can release as much of it as they want using the timeline they want since the music is already made, or close to completely made.
  8. Loco-Motive

    Locomotive would be great. Think the slash/Richard combo would nail it. As for drums I have no faith in Frank. It would be very dry sounding. I think he's a decent drummer but the sound of his drums are very dry, especially the snare and toms. Cymbals he just needs to stop using the china. Axl could pull it off. Maybe not the chorus where he used to scream, but the verses he'd nail. I'd even like if they swapped it with coma every once and awhile. Comas great and all but would be a nice change every once and awhile. Now if they can do locomotive they could definitely pull off dead horse
  9. It was more of a joke than anything..GNR jus thas a history with Tuesdays and meetings. figured i'd just tie it in.
  10. behold the truly complete box set that will be released on the last tuesday of 2030 -Axl CDII- Slash and duff appear on 1 song. This is more of an EP with only 4 songs total. -The slash album: Songs entierly composed by slash along with lyrics and vocals by slash -The duff album: punk rock and plays all instruments. Slash and Axl do not appear citing musical differences -The izzy album: its one song long and its an acoustic cover he recorded on an iPhone 5 -the "aux" album featuring dizzy, melissa and teddy zig zag only -The "where do I go now?" album with Steven playing all of AFD on drums with no other instruments -The "so close" album with post-UYI demos with slash duff and matt. no vocals with the occasional skipping of the audio since they used original tapes -And lastly the box topper: Rock the Rock recorded in several languages. To appeal to all GNR fans. All for the low price of $3000 with special financing for 36 months no interest. Ships anywhere BUT the US. The liner notes future thank you's to team brazil and nothing else. On every page
  11. How to recreate the AFD sound in 2 simple steps Step 1: Fire Frank Step 2: Hire any new drummer
  12. Slash going to Axl's studio in itself is amazing... a few years ago if we heard that we would have laughed
  13. Wouldn't be shocked if slash and duff joined myles for a VR song. I feel like duff showing up with slash would be more likely than axl