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  1. GNR continues to redefine logic
  2. As I drummer I’ve been a vocal critic with Frank’s drumming. He’s impressed me a lot this leg. Really has improved. There’s just somethings he does that really irritate me (November rain intro). That being said I think he did well on locomotive. A few timing issues and seems like he tried to do too much at times but overall I expected a lot worse. Slither I actually think is his best non gnr song that he does. He really plays that song well.
  3. “Who is that drummer and why’d he somewhat ruin my song man”
  4. It’s one of the deepest of deep cuts and like someone else said, it’s a 9 minute song. Most people don’t have that attention span or desire to listen to a long song now a days. Even some of the above average fans probably don’t know it
  5. How do you film locomotive but stop at the best part
  6. It’s the most complete illusion song. So many changes and things to remember. When I first started learning it on drums it was a nightmare. I bet frank didn’t find it too easy at first either. Once you learn the pattern and memorize the changes it’s a lot easier. Even though slash helped write the song it’s been years since he’s played it. It’s not comfortable like sweet child o mine is at this point. frank did a nice job. Everyone did. Can’t wait to hear it again
  7. So is this the only video we have of locomotive? Nobody else filmed it/uploaded it to YouTube? Ah man that means we will get some good karma and get a pro shot of it at one of the festivals right?
  8. If locomotive is possible anything’s on the table
  9. If people complain about the set list after tonight i don’t get it. I complained too for a bit but 1.) I’m not there. I saw my show and did not regret going even though I knew the order (except prostitute bring played) 2.) these are all of their hits with some deep cuts 3.) the covers they play were chosen by axl duff slash more then likely. Or one of them. Don’t you want them to enjoy what they’re playing? They obviously enjoy playing lineman and they do play it well. 4.) as a college student I never saw axl and slash onstage together in my lifetime until 2016. Videos from 1980s-1993 don’t count. The young fan base is in awe at them sharing the same stage for the first time in our existence and STILL sharing it.
  10. They’ll play it after it’s released. Whenever that is
  11. As soon as they didn’t at the first festival my mind went right to Vegas. I still think they’ll wait till after terminator is released if it is part of the sound track
  12. i was at Hartford when they played prostitute. I left the show with that being my favorite chinese song
  13. I have an exam tomorrow and never reviewed material. As soon as I heard it was sound checked I stayed glue to the streams
  14. if they play dead horse or hard school i'll end up missing it but i don't even care. we just heard locomotive in 2019