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  1. Illusion I vs Illusion II

    UYI II all the way. There's YCBM, Estranged, Civil War, Locomotive, Yesterdays. Off to listen now.
  2. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I don't know and it sucks. It's up to us to continue to support them this way or move on.
  3. Are we too hard on Guns?

    I understand the no new music aspect is frustrating, I would like them to produce something too but this is unfair, they aren't forcing anyone to buy expensive tickets or lame expensive merchandise. You may not be happy but other fans are. I think by now with GNR people know what to expect. If you still want different songs, no covers, Steven Adler, Izzy Stradlin or something new, anything, don't follow them because apparently things won't change.
  4. L.A. Guns would be nice but put away your camera phones, Tracii doesn't like them.
  5. 08/11/17 - Winston-Salem, NC - BB&T Field

    That venue looks very very nice. I hope you all attending have a great show.
  6. Hated Illusions Songs??

    I became a fan of GNR with the Illusions albums so I can't say I hate one song in particular, although You Ain't the First is kinda boring and stupid.
  7. @Nosaj Thing great post!
  8. There is one thread full of hatred, over the top crap not just same setlist/Axl's voice suck hatred. Very sad and unfortunate.
  9. NITL for me. He's killing it every show without drugs or alcohol. Still the best.
  10. Axl still go it. He's a great performer/frontman.
  11. These random appereances by Axl are so nice to see. Something different every now and then. Very cool.
  12. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

  13. 07/27/17 - St Louis, MO - The Dome

    This band is fucking awesome