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  1. That's what people had been saying last year, before the Linc, but they were close to an hour late if I recall. Still better than when I saw them at the Spectrum in '91. I think they started at almost 11 and played until like 1:30 AM. SEPTA had stopped running by the time they were done LOL. Awesome, thanks! A DJ, though? Oh boy, shades of Mixmaster Mike in '02...
  2. Still nada on an opening band? Also, my tickets say 8:00 PM start time but the Wells Fargo Center website says 7:30. Given that it's GNR, I'm assuming we should NOT expect them to start that early, right? "Show usually starts around 7... we go on stage around 9..."
  3. Did you ever get anything back from the supervisor? Curious how it worked out for you. Hope you made out better than I did LOL.
  4. Saw them last year at the Linc and that's been it for this tour. It'd be nice to hear My Michelle and Patience this time, since they played Nightrain and Don't Cry then, but that's about the extent of my wish list. Honestly, as long as they show up, unlike the "noncert" in 2002 (hence my username) I'll be happy.
  5. Yeah, it's all good. As long as Axl is in full rasp on Sunday, it doesn't matter where we sit!
  6. Request denied already! At least they were quick about it. Guess I will just stick with Section 209A...
  7. Thanks! I just gave it a shot... I'm not very optimistic - the guy gave me a hard time about it, said the $50 seats are somehow higher up than ours, even though we are in the 3rd-to-last row, upper deck LOL. Said I would hear back from the ticket office within 3 business days. Of course I pointed out that the show is this Sunday. It was worth a shot, anyway!
  8. Where were you sitting? We got seats in Sec 209A Row 12 for $69.50 (plus BS fees), months ago. I tried checking for seats now but can't tell if those would be any cheaper. They have both $69.50 and $49.50 upper level seats now. Think it's worth complaining? Also, who did you call? Wells Fargo Center? LiveNation? If I can get a free upgrade to Club Box, I'll take it LOL.