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  1. Haha 40% is quite generous, you’re right. 10%?
  2. I’m with you man. I hope we’re wrong, but I would put odds of new music being 10%. I’m also not sold we’re going to even get the blu-ray. I’d give that a 40% chance. I hope you optimists are right!!!
  3. This is the most accurate reply thus far.
  4. If you could have any show on DVD?

    Selfishly, the 3 I attended.
  5. I didn’t go to any of the shows but I’m a big fan of cKy. Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild is a top 5 or so favorite album of mine. And their first 3 albums are terrific IMO. Can’t wait to give this a listen!
  6. Thoughts on Double Talkin Jive

    Fun song! Really happy to have had it in the NITL set.
  7. They should at least talk finally
  8. Ooo how about heartbreaker?? I’d Love to hear what slash would do with that solo!!
  9. I. Love. You. Ain’t. The. First. I want to yell it from a mountain top
  10. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    Haha it totally escaped my mind that Izzy was out by then. Second times a charm?
  11. Speculation: Skin N' Bones 2018?

    More so than NITL, a skin n bones tour would REQUIRE Izzy.
  12. Anyone have Shotgun Blues stuck in their head now too? I also like the hated songs, Shotgun, GITR, BOB, rhiad, scraped. They’re obviously not as great as some, but they each have a redeeming quality to them, IMO Not my world.