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  1. Yeah part 1 is a drama, part 2 is comedy
  2. VMAs, VR, wolf turds, chicken coop
  3. There’s a lot of delusion in this thread lol
  4. “Axl, when will the tour end?” ”Not in this Lifetime.”
  5. 0.01% chance of any new material being released as “Guns N’ Roses” i would love to be wrong, obviously.
  6. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    2019 will bring more speculation and disappointment.
  7. I only went to 2, 90 miles apart... NYC (East Rutherford, NJ) was frenetic!!
  8. I already love the new album!
  9. Man, I’m still grasping on hope we get a NITL tour blu-ray for Xmas. I’d give it a 0.5% chance.
  10. Thoughts on Street of Dreams?

    Big fan.
  11. November Rain Live Nitl

    The NR outro at MetLife in ‘16 gave me goosebumps. The sound, the crowd of 50,000+, whatever it was, I found it to be breathtaking. It honestly caught me off guard by how moved I was by the performance. Especially since it wasn’t high on my list of songs I was looking forward to seeing. Maybe I'm easily pleased, or maybe I was just caught up in the emotion of seeing Slash, Duff and Axl on stage when I never thought I would, but I personally would rate it song of the night!
  12. Who is the MVP of GNR?

    GNR forum members are the real MVPs