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  1. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    No one wants to do you any favors by making you a playlist I guess 😂 I’m not one of those “Izzy is the greatest thing” people but I really enjoy “Like a Dog” and “Concrete”. If you’re going to go in there and expect AFD or Lies or UYI, don’t bother. Izzy is a cool cat and is a bit laid back for your traditional GNR sound. IMO.
  2. Significant band locations in LA?

    The storage unit where they wrote/rehearsed/lived.
  3. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    This this this
  4. In the world today, Rock N’ Roll is underrated. IMO.
  5. 4 LPs do not warrant 2 greatest hits albums, IMO.
  6. He still can’t get out of his own way.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    For some of you complaining about complaining and saying we should be grateful that we can go, did you ever stop to think that they’re not grateful they can go, because they can’t go?!?! For some people here, I’m sure paying that much for a ticket could come with some extremely dire consequences. Anyway, I saw them twice, one stadium, one arena, so no matter what the price, I’m not interested unless there is new music involved. I had 2 magical experiences at the shows I went to, and its unlikely they will be topped. Thought I’d chuck my opinion out there.
  8. So could Axl release what was already “completed” with NuGuns as a solo LP or EP? Get on the side project train? I think that would be a great hold over while they work on new material.
  9. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    My guess is because American interest will wain faster. I appreciate your frustrations. If possible, pick a US date and make a holiday out of it!
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Sheesh you would think this was as American band or something. Of course they’re going to have more US legs than Europe, Asia, etc
  11. Duff's solo album Tenderness: OUT NOW

    It’s not for me. I haven’t liked a Duff song since Sleaze Factory.
  12. We went from no new album ever, to actually getting one, and people are already calling for a 3-disc set hahahahahaba