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  1. I typically shuffle their entire catalog.
  2. If Slash goes back to SMKC after the tour..

    I find it to be more realistic than hearing any new GNR material
  3. There's that optimism again.
  4. The Spaghetti Incident 2?

    I feel like I started a simialar thread and it got locked prettaaaaaay quickly
  5. Need advice on Izzy solo stuff

    I haven't listened to all his solo stuff but the album I enjoy most is Like a Dog.
  6. I can't wait for the tour to end just so I can see what happens next. I've gone to a stadium show and I'm going to an arena show in Oct so I personally got what I needed out of this tour.
  7. Edmonton Soundcheck

    holy optimism
  8. I was thinking the same thing. Very cool!
  9. I was in kindergarten (1991/1992) and my cool badass metal head aunt had AFD playing in the tape deck. Axl's voice had me immediately mesmerized. I would imagine what they looked like in my head. Then as I got a little older I started watching MTV (when they actually played music videos) and I saw WTTJ and SCOM M; and there he was... Slash. All I could see was his hair, his top hat and Les Paul and again, totally mesmerized again. A reminder to the younger fans here, the Internet was not what it was today. So here I was circa 1995 and I was a huge fan of GNR. But all I knew that existed was AFD and Lies. I didn't know UYI existed until I caught NR on MTV. And I didn't even know Izzy was out! So next time I was at Ames or Bradlee's or Caldor or whatever it was back then I ran to the music department and boom I found it there were 2 UYIs!!! To make a long story short, Axl's voice and Slash's look were the very first things that got me hooked. But what got me to love the band were the riffs, the solos, the lyrics and attitude
  10. Yeah I thinks it's Turbo or something. Faction was great! I wonder why that fell through.
  11. I totally agree. But that's exactly why I like it! A great mix of tunes with a heavy sprinkle of GNR.
  12. For the folks with SiriusXM taking advantage of the temporary GNR channel, What are your thoughts on the content? I obviously wish it would be a permanent channel. The mix of GNR tunes and the bands that influenced them or somehow connected with them is awesome. Also really surprised how infrequently CD tracks are played. Since you would think Axl would oversee the content to an extent.
  13. Not to be morbid but I think the vault material is more likely to be released posthumously a la Hendrix, Tupac etc..
  14. Hated Illusions Songs??

    Man, I guess I really like filler!!!! And you ain't the first is VERY fun IMO