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  1. Nightrain Nightrain Nightrain ok sorry, more seriously ... Nightrain Mr. Brownstone Rocket Queen Estranged Street of Dreams Garden of Eden Dust N’ Bones (and that’s alright!) Live and Let Die Double Talkin’ Jive Prostitute The reality is, I started drinking a coupla hours ago, so don’t take my list too literally. Ahh, Patience is another good one. Also, My World is the only song I can’t stomach. I like the generally hated songs too, like Back off Bitch, Riad, etc... Lastly, I WILL TAKE NO LIST SERIOUSLY THAT DOESNT NOT CONTAIN NIGHTRAIN AS A TOP 3 SONG
  2. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    Nope, my dog Tino
  3. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Pros: Slash left GNR when I was 10 years old and I (obviously) didn’t get to see my favorite band play live. It was crushing news. And for 20 years I thought I’d never see the day I’d see my favorite guitar player and favorite singer play together again. That pro outweighs any Con for me.
  4. Use Your Illusion Box Set?

    My dream is to hear is the UYI version Slash said he h had without all the synths that he mentioned in his book.
  5. How bad did the CD tour do?

    I mean I went to a sold out show in a 10,000 Mac amphitheater otherwise I have no idea.
  6. It available for Google Play subscribers yet?
  7. I really didn’t want to be a smartass but I can’t help myself.. ”Bucket Riff 38” But seriously, I’d pick Atlas Shrugged as my most intriguing song title.
  8. I’m done trying to get in Axls head
  9. Thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind! But seriously, I have attempted to watch the video a few times and I just can’t stomach more than the first 3 minutes.
  10. Since he refers to the physical material as “faux leather” so many times, shouldn’t he refer to some of the songs as “faux unreleased tracks”
  11. Fly GNAIR

    Kicked in the nuts by my favorite band... again. And again... and again... and again... since 1996.
  12. Two titled songs

    Riff 336 is in-fact, different than track 336