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  1. Happy Birthday Izzy!

    Who? Name sounds familiar...
  2. Hypothetically, IF they have started recording a new GNR record, could they have done so, without the news leaking? ps: I don’t think that happened and I honesty don’t believe we will hear new music.
  3. I just want to hear Axl sing new matierial at this point. dont care if it’s angus or slash playing guitar.
  4. Absolutely agree! If/when SMKFC comes out, I’ll listen to it and most likely enjoy it. I’m the ultimate GNR new album pessimists and I honestly don’t believe we’ll get it. Which makes me want it more. Almost the forbidden fruit effect
  5. Honestly, if there is no new GNR album, I don’t care what Slash does. There a whole lot of Slash material out there, enough so that I can easily get my fix. But Axl is a whole different story. I’d take anything “new” from Axl. Just to hear him sing something new/different. Thats why I don’t really care what Myles does with Slash.
  6. Next GN'R Album Name Rumors?

    “Soon” would be fun
  7. Hahah!! But that I agree on. Even tho I could rank Mets first 3 albums 3 different ways in 3 consecutive days
  8. Grandad that listens to kill em all is a cool grandad!
  9. I’m not a motley fan at all.
  10. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    To each there own pal. Like I said, just my opinion. But you seem to state fact so I dunno
  11. GN'R BOOKS - Where to start from?

    I’ve read Slashs’ and Duff’s (only it’s so easy) and IMO Slash’s is far superior. I did enjoy Duff’s but Slash is just better. More debauchery stories and more insight to writing, recording and touring. Not to mention how interesting his speedball stories are. Ive read it a good 5-10 times.
  12. I don’t imagine many bands “liking” opening for GNR back then. Also, that riff on that popular single from back when is killer!
  13. People who complain are just louder than people who praise.