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  1. I couldn’t disagree more with the past their prime part, besides Axl I guess.
  2. The first half of 2018

    Probably nothing. Silence.
  3. I’m so happy I went to a second show. I thought the arena show was much better than the stadium show. I dunno, I was 10 years old when my favorite band “broke up” and I NEVER thought I’d see Slash and Axl share a stage “in my lifetime”. So how could I complain about a dream come true!?!?
  4. I'll be the drunk guy yelling "FREEEEEBBBIIIIRRRRDDD!!!" But seriously, yeah I'll probably be there.
  5. Tour statistics

    I hate to break it to you but this tour isn't neccessarily for US. It's for the casual fan. At least that's how I feel about the tour.
  6. Tour statistics

    I love breakdown, PTU, locomotive etc, BUT casual fans would be just as confused hearing those tracks as they would hearing catcher, prostitute. Right?
  7. I don't think they will release any new music because Guns N' Roses.
  8. Any rumours regarding 2018?!

    Yeah time to put a bow on it and do some real interviews!!
  9. Are the shows to long ?

    Rewind to 10, 15 years ago. What would your past self think about you complaining about slash, duff and Axl reunion show set being too long? For 20ish years I thought I'd never see the day. I wish they played longer sets honestly.
  10. Are the shows to long ?

    I could watch slash solo for 3.5 hours
  11. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not really trying to get milked on releases of material I already heard. Unless it's a live reunion release I guess.
  12. I'd want the opinion of another bass player also want to inject a little love for Geezer in this thread
  13. Are the shows to long ?

    I disagree with all of that. Nonsense.