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  1. Two Mexico dates in October!

    Widely depends on the show
  2. Two Mexico dates in October!

    Estranged Live and Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine
  3. Extended Chicago 1992 Pro-Shot and some more

    Suppose it is not, as I hunted for the Chicago show for a quite some time a year ago and it was essential for me to get the best possible - therefore have found fan4fan version, where Pro-Short finishes shortly after Slash's solo, at the first verse or somewhere close, as I even edited together soundboard and audience for personal use and used a whistle as a transition between versions - I did it so early as there were no more complete verses or so. When I stuck at this one, was amazed how longer it is in terms what I saw previously. Maybe, it is some sort of Deluxe-deluxe edition, which I haven't seen, don't know, but for it is longer than anything I have seen earlier, including fan4fan's version.
  4. Extended Chicago 1992 Pro-Shot and some more

    A little bit "underwater", but still good - lyrics, riffs and backing vocals are distinguishable. The same it was on separate clips which were annihilated. With such a killer angle, audio is sometimes less important.
  5. Well, some good news, folks (seemed to me). Recently I stuck into an extended Chicago 92' Pro Shot footage. Don't know whether it's a rarity for now or everybody already has it, but I know that there was an issue about Paradise City cutting off just after (during) Slash's solo or even earlier. At a newly discovered Pro-Shot it lasts for two verses more - better than nothing. To avoid legal disputes, I would rather share a link via personal message, so you're welcome. Also, could provide a full Houston 2016 gig from that great front row angle, separate footage from which was deleted earlier this year. Update: this Chicago 92' Pro-Shot was indeed circulated before, so probably you've seen it, BUT it is still the longest and also is not an easiest one to find as it was widely deleted by now, so it is worth seeing anyway.
  6. Got two tickets to the Pit from Ticketmaster in 2017 (Finland) and 2018(Estonia), and one more to the pit using my local service (Russia). No problems at all. Even several days prior to the show saw some options.
  7. On the heels of the 32nd anniversary of AFD, let’s face the most painful topic – the upcoming album. Despite an awful retrospective of new recordings in a last decade, things seems to evolve positively this time – almost every band member confirmed that there are such talks, some material and also they’re planning a tour, which presumably is made for warming-up for music creation or even final recordings itself – Guns’ has a bad track of pieces falling apart while recording in a studio, so probably, this time they’ll do it “on the road”. Nevertheless, it is a perfect moment to start discussion about a possible release date – and to hope that this thread won’t stretch for ages. Firstly, I’ll give my thoughts and then would be glad to hear yours. At first, everyone who expects the album in 2019 is too naive – there won’t be. Suppose year 2020 and beyond are far more logical assumptions and here comes the trickery. Slash once said, that he had material for the new SMKC record prior to a reunion, but was able to put it together only on a spring break of 2018. So, it took more than a half a year for SMKC to release an album from point of mixing’s start. Assuming Axl’s perfectionism and band’s ambitions, it’s the least time we could expect from Guns’ to put things right – and better to raise this amount closer to a year. And that not takes into consideration possible side-projects and spontaneous tours. Well, if they would sit to record stuff in the studio/on the road in late 2019, it’s argumentative to expect the album’s release in Summer-Autumn 2020. But, as we know, things can’t be simple with Guns N’ Roses and probably we’re going to experience some label disputes, recording issues etc., therefore, wouldn’t be surprised if the release will be pushed forward to Early 2021. So, what I am trying to say, is that there's still time to pass for the new album to arrive and we need to be patient. At my point of view, the band has already gave us too much with their reunion tour and I am overwhelmingly grateful for that, so can give some credit for the nearest future. Anyway, I’m doubtful that they could pull off some new revolutionary sound, so for me it’s better them to stay strong and tight as a team, rather try to rush things and release just “something” as soon as possible. Though, even I have a breaking point at this contest and my deadline for them is early 2021 – if there would be no release date or even actual information on the album – they would have officially fucked up. Again. Positive Scenario – Summer-Autumn 2020; Realistic Scenario – Winter 2020-21; Negative Scenario – Spring-Summer 2021. Everything prior to that, I would interpenetrate as a miracle. “A miracle we need” ©
  8. Probably they would announce an autumn US arena tour and the album will be released around the same time. Next year - on the road in full charge.
  9. UYI - Boxset (wishlist)

    Well, I'm gonna play this game and dream on. 1991: December 16 Shows from Philadelphia's The Spectrum 1992: April 1st Show from Mexico's Palacio de los Deportes 1993: January 15 Show from Tokyo Dome. As alternatives, I'd like to see a warm-up show from the spring of 91' and of course an Inglewood show from August 3rd in full quality. Extras? Won't bother myself with that - all these posters, images amd merch are made/printed for nothing and cost too much. All I need is videos/pro-shots/live cocnerts. Maybe, demos and outtakes would be nice, but only for some "hardcore" edition, as are not essential after all.
  10. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Must say, it is a great comparsion - people spend thousands in Vegas just for fun, why do they should be bothered by the price on one of the biggest show acts in the world? And it has nothing to do with band's intention to rob ordinary fans.It goes not like "well, our fans can pay whatever high price for the show, let's put it as high as possible" rather than "well, it seems there are many wealthy people around, they are eager to spend money, so let's put appropriate price for them". And once more, suppose band or even management doesn't fully aware of all this stuff. They get their payment for the show and the rest is sponsor's duties. So, basically it's not Fernando or Axl who says "let's put sky rocket price here and extremely low here". Well, not Rose for sure - he is too busy drinking beer.
  11. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    ...and besides, by now on Ticketmaster you apparently can grab standing pit for $999 - it's cheaper then on Madonna (~$1500) and Sting in May (~$1200).
  12. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Don't know exactly about "Elton John Case', but I doubt that its pit cost about $200. Even Rob Stewart wants $600 for the "Fan Zone". Speaking of other artist, coming to Caesars Palace this fall, Journey's pit cost somewhere around $600 and Madonna asks $1,200. So, it seems the venue is indeed not friendly in pricing and Guns N' Roses is the biggest act of them all, so it explains so crazy price tag. Yet again, I'm not saying that it's cool or fair, it just doesn't suprise or piss me off - that's damn reality of Caesars Palace in Vegas, which isn't a cheap city by itself. By the way, T-Mobile Arena shows in 2016-2017 were highest grossing per arena gigs. Speaking of venue itself, of course it's not some sort of an exclusive private site, of course not, but Caesars Palace Hotel has a great track of famous artists performing there and holds some sort of a status of a sight in Las Vegas. Moreover, probably due to the fact, that Guns' plays there for the first time, tickets are more expensive that they could be for a "regular" appearance. Also, there is maybe something to do with residency status - as Guns' shows are not residency, the fee for the band could be higher. All in all, I just think it's not fair to forthrightly bitch the band itself as it has its own fee for a gig for and may not influence the ticket price which is put by the venue and at this case it has only 2X4000 people to break even.
  13. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Well, I haven't seen all the prices yet, but I can compare - for instance The Rolling Stones' pit on US tour on most venues goes bettween $500-800 - that's also pretty much for a "regular show". At Stones' FLorida show pit goes at $1,500 (that's Platinum ticket, but regular usually is not significantly cheaper. For sure, that's a bummer, but the venue always influences the price - open grounds are cheaper than stadiums, stadiums are cheaper than arenas and then there are "special venues" - like Caesars Palace. They can't break it even by number of tickets , so they use price.
  14. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Would you feel better, if they would have made it "private"? I mean no public listing, no formally "part of the tour"? Why do they have to decline an offer due to some what... price ethics? So, seems the problem is that they listed it as a regular show, but the price is far from regular, that's it?
  15. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Exactly! I can't get all these complains about the pricing of the show at Colosseum at Caesars Palace which are completely unjustified - it is a PREMIUM venue at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. These shows aren't made fore regular fans, they are for stars and millioners who like GnR and can easily afford it. It's some sort of intimate shows by invitations (Like Apollo), but this time "invitation" means you have to afford it. And it would be sold out as "GnR in Caesars Palace" is a huge and trendy deal. That's unfortunate - yes - but doesn't mean a "cash grab", "the band is greedy" and other stuff. Probably, the price was set by the hotel, not the band, because Colosseum is OWNED by Caesars Palace - one of the most legendary hotels in Vegas. If all the tour prices will be the same, it would be fair to bitch them for it, but I doubt that they will, so we have just to accept the fact that it is not a regular show in terms of an attendence.