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  1. That's what GnR thinks about the subject.
  2. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I think they just want to go for Super Bowl themselves and (maybe) they were offered nice stadium suite as a part of a deal. Or just want to spend time with pleasure and earn money as well. There is some scheme for sure.
  3. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    There is still a significant gap between Landgraaf show on June 21st and Dublin show in June 27th - any ideas, rumors of an additional date? Logically, there should one more show on the 24th of June.
  4. I still wonder how did they broke $10 millions in Tallinn. I was at this show and it was not an arena, not a stadium, but a field, therefore the prices were cheaper than usual. We got a Golden Circle for somewhere around 110 EUR. Even if to take into consideration expensive VIP packages, most of the tickets were less than 100 EUR, so they needed at least 90 000 on that show, but from my personal experience and photos from the gig, the actual attendance was around 50 000 - 60 000. So, either it really was the highest attended show on the tour (excluding festival appearances) or they miscalculated something.
  5. Show Opener and Closer

    I thought a lot about this actually, but, after all, ISE is a great show opener - energetic, lyrics starts fast and being short with smoothly turning into Brownstone. However, if to wonder, I think Chinese Democracy is also may be a good opener - energetic as well with iconic, but not too long opening solo. SOYL also may played out as well - it has a little bit too long opening solo, but fits as an opener. YCBM with the same concept. WTTJ is hardly can be opener these days - too iconic and too important to waste on the first song, when the audience and the band are not warmed properly. Nightrain is a perfect main set closer, doesn't see proper alternatives. And nothing will close the show as PC does.
  6. There's nothing I could severe disagree on! Indeed, the band needs new music as a logical continuation of their reunion, but I just don't see the rush in it as some people do. It doesn't bother me whether new album will be "on air" within a year or three, even more I don't give a damn about live premieres of new music - it will be done, when it is done. We owe the band some credit as I thought that even Led Zeppelin would reunite sooner. Of course, if after 5 more years of rumors and gossips nothing would be done, the questioning will be justified, but now I am just happy they are together, rocking the world and playing deep cuts. But some individuals act rather odd: after fulfilling their lust for seeing reunion Live 2-3 times, start to demand new music as if they are only listeners on the planet.
  7. Sometimes "succeed" and "do things outside the box" are alternatives - and to keep a success you need to play safe. And ironically releasing new music for GnR was always a risk. And even if they'll release it today, I doubt that it would become a huge hit in terms of profits and quality - even for fans. Of course, now we can dream about whatever we want, however, this lust for "just releasing music" is one step from becoming a blind addiction. After all, I personally don't mind if they'll come to a city near me and play the same set - will see them for 4th time on this tour and I am perfectly okay with that, because I love GnR not for they could do in the future, but because of what they've done in the past. I'll be very glad if they'll release some new stuff, but don't want see them spending a whole year in a studio recording, probably, some shit just to fulfill the idea that "we need new music" - after investing tons of money, album will flop, band will be caught in an another controversy and quarrel between themselves - and it will be the end. Quite a negative scenario, but the reality is that the world at large probably doesn't need new GnR music. Fans do, but no the general public from billboard charts - no. Maybe, Axl and Co will pull it off and create a next step in evolution of rock, but i doubt that. And even from the point of adding new stuff to the set it also doesn't work - better to include more deep cuts. Yet again, I'm totally for the new album, but also I get why the things are going like they do. This autumn tour was quite a success, I think - we got Locomotive and Dead Horse - in terms of previous years it's a huge step forward towards more deep cuts from classical albums. Though, Axl sounded not at his prime, but, well, at least far from miserable. Long live GNR.
  8. GNRCentral is getting worse. Can we ban it?

    Wow, that’s a decent thread - thought I was the only one being displeased with the latest videos, publications and overall attitude. Firstly, I’d like to say, that I am a big fan lf the channel - in-depth analysis of stories and up-to-date news and gossips makes it an essential GnR source. However, there are some basics where the channel is becoming really annoying: 1. Hating every band’s misstep and mega-bias attitude towards GnR management. Of course, things might be managed better in GnR world, but bitching high ticket prices and boring setlists is just odd - music is business nowadays and its not surprising that money is above fan stuff. Though, must say, was on 3 EU shows and all of them was priced reasonably. The set is pretty much the same, but awesome at its variability. 2. Blind biases towards Izzy and Steven - They are untouchable there and Axl & Co are the main villains at every dispute - c’mon, let’s not be childish or romantic - this page of GnR is already turned around - Izzy and Steven are not the part of the band now. And it’s not Axl’s or anybody’s fault - things just happened(or not). Nobody was fired or forced to leave the band as it is sometimes sold. 3. Boring recent concert recaps and news - when I spend at least 5 minutes of my life on YouTube, I want to get some valuable information or insights, but reviews are basically the set and the news sometimes is so irrelevant - and quite often they are just hid under hot headlines. Preferred to have more scoops and theories (as it was in other day). 4. Just annoyed with “Hey Everybody, What’s Going On”. All in all, I still subscribed and not planning to leave... but the channel knew better times.
  9. Two Mexico dates in October!

    Widely depends on the show
  10. Two Mexico dates in October!

    Estranged Live and Let Die Rocket Queen You Could Be Mine
  11. Extended Chicago 1992 Pro-Shot and some more

    Suppose it is not, as I hunted for the Chicago show for a quite some time a year ago and it was essential for me to get the best possible - therefore have found fan4fan version, where Pro-Short finishes shortly after Slash's solo, at the first verse or somewhere close, as I even edited together soundboard and audience for personal use and used a whistle as a transition between versions - I did it so early as there were no more complete verses or so. When I stuck at this one, was amazed how longer it is in terms what I saw previously. Maybe, it is some sort of Deluxe-deluxe edition, which I haven't seen, don't know, but for it is longer than anything I have seen earlier, including fan4fan's version.
  12. Extended Chicago 1992 Pro-Shot and some more

    A little bit "underwater", but still good - lyrics, riffs and backing vocals are distinguishable. The same it was on separate clips which were annihilated. With such a killer angle, audio is sometimes less important.
  13. Well, some good news, folks (seemed to me). Recently I stuck into an extended Chicago 92' Pro Shot footage. Don't know whether it's a rarity for now or everybody already has it, but I know that there was an issue about Paradise City cutting off just after (during) Slash's solo or even earlier. At a newly discovered Pro-Shot it lasts for two verses more - better than nothing. To avoid legal disputes, I would rather share a link via personal message, so you're welcome. Also, could provide a full Houston 2016 gig from that great front row angle, separate footage from which was deleted earlier this year. Update: this Chicago 92' Pro-Shot was indeed circulated before, so probably you've seen it, BUT it is still the longest and also is not an easiest one to find as it was widely deleted by now, so it is worth seeing anyway.
  14. Got two tickets to the Pit from Ticketmaster in 2017 (Finland) and 2018(Estonia), and one more to the pit using my local service (Russia). No problems at all. Even several days prior to the show saw some options.
  15. On the heels of the 32nd anniversary of AFD, let’s face the most painful topic – the upcoming album. Despite an awful retrospective of new recordings in a last decade, things seems to evolve positively this time – almost every band member confirmed that there are such talks, some material and also they’re planning a tour, which presumably is made for warming-up for music creation or even final recordings itself – Guns’ has a bad track of pieces falling apart while recording in a studio, so probably, this time they’ll do it “on the road”. Nevertheless, it is a perfect moment to start discussion about a possible release date – and to hope that this thread won’t stretch for ages. Firstly, I’ll give my thoughts and then would be glad to hear yours. At first, everyone who expects the album in 2019 is too naive – there won’t be. Suppose year 2020 and beyond are far more logical assumptions and here comes the trickery. Slash once said, that he had material for the new SMKC record prior to a reunion, but was able to put it together only on a spring break of 2018. So, it took more than a half a year for SMKC to release an album from point of mixing’s start. Assuming Axl’s perfectionism and band’s ambitions, it’s the least time we could expect from Guns’ to put things right – and better to raise this amount closer to a year. And that not takes into consideration possible side-projects and spontaneous tours. Well, if they would sit to record stuff in the studio/on the road in late 2019, it’s argumentative to expect the album’s release in Summer-Autumn 2020. But, as we know, things can’t be simple with Guns N’ Roses and probably we’re going to experience some label disputes, recording issues etc., therefore, wouldn’t be surprised if the release will be pushed forward to Early 2021. So, what I am trying to say, is that there's still time to pass for the new album to arrive and we need to be patient. At my point of view, the band has already gave us too much with their reunion tour and I am overwhelmingly grateful for that, so can give some credit for the nearest future. Anyway, I’m doubtful that they could pull off some new revolutionary sound, so for me it’s better them to stay strong and tight as a team, rather try to rush things and release just “something” as soon as possible. Though, even I have a breaking point at this contest and my deadline for them is early 2021 – if there would be no release date or even actual information on the album – they would have officially fucked up. Again. Positive Scenario – Summer-Autumn 2020; Realistic Scenario – Winter 2020-21; Negative Scenario – Spring-Summer 2021. Everything prior to that, I would interpenetrate as a miracle. “A miracle we need” ©