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  1. Well, it's, for sure, a combination and synergy of factors: 1. GnR has released a long-delayed CD and Axl finally ended this struggle. 2. I also heard about Axl being bipolar, as it was mentioned before (Hi, Carrie Mathison), and probably he started to treat himself properly. In addition, there were less stress as CD was released, and an outside mdeia pressure was also reduced. He even occasionally played with Duff and Izzy in 2010 and in 2006 - tensions were coming off. And it's really importaint for bipolar as well as to establish yourself properly. Watch Homeland. 3. Finally managed to back on good terms with Slash and Duff in 2015. For sure, it was burdening him in some way. 4. The reunion went very well - no more financial complains for rights, no more negative media gossips and, of course, a great financial success. Axl even opened about reuniting with Izzy and Adler, but it has just didn't played out. 5. Suppose, better time- and anger-management, less public appereances also helped much. Well, must say, in 2016 that was complete surreal. In 2014 I thought, that even Led Zeppelin will reunite sooner than GnR.
  2. Wow, a great thread - I was always thinking about it. And indeed I have doubts about ISO as a perfect opener. At least its kinda bored me at this stage of the tour. Jungle is not a best choice - it matches conceptually, but the crowd simply is only warming-up, so for a better effect it should be played later - # 4 is perfect I suppose - teased by waiting, warmed-up by previous songs. For me perfect opener is CD - it has a memorable and a long enough opening riff, from low to high pitches and a good opening lyrics "moment" for Axl to show up in a cool fashion. Is there a thread for a whole set? Always wanted to share my ideas with shaking it up.
  3. The whole PC is treamed through Meegan's. Cute. Let's make a bootleg from Insta Story.
  4. DID AXL JUST SING OWB, the first time since Prague? Or it's just misinformation from setlist?
  5. Best show of the tour so far, but Axl still struggles sometimes, particularly with Civil War. Well, keep waiting for a total comeback.
  6. The crowd is awesome. Even better than in Download Fest.
  7. San Diego on 28th November 2017 is far superior than others. Moreover, it's one of the best shows of the whole tour. A must.
  8. It seems we have here a die-hard Izzy fan, and it's okay. I've counted on it. The funny thing about Izzy is that situation is so clear, that I don't understand all the disputes. He left in 1991 by himself, I hope here you are agree? And if a talk about "money sharing" nowadays may have some place, then in 1991 it's complete obvious that the lead singer and the lead guitarist would get more money than the rhythm-guitar player. And it was justified by an amazing Axl's vocal performances and Slash's guitar magic. And being an asshole by Rose has nothing with money sharing - it's personal and it's bussines. But Izzy still was dissatisfied about his loot. Morover, for me, bands are like brotherhoods - together till the end. But I can't say that about Izzy - even if you don't believe facts about his more "chamber" nature, if he would be a true "bro" he would stay till the end, like Duff, Slash and even Dizzy did. But he left to preserve or comfort himself, it doesn't matter, but he said "Goodbey" to his fellows at crucial point of their path. I don't wanna bitch him, but it shows what attitude he has towards the band. And I understand why they did not want to "share loot equally" - because they are not in equal postion towards band's history and therefore its legacy.
  9. I would deeply appreciate from the button of my heart, if You, Sir @rockphantomwill share with me a link with this treasure.
  10. Indeed, he does good on AC/DC anyway. Well, I can assume that the whole set is easier to thing and it allows him to save some voice on potentially more "problematic songs". After all, AC/DC's set is shorter than GNR's, maybe that's also a factor. However, correlation between fast or low-temped songs and rasp presence on GNR is absolute positive and consistent.
  11. Four sure, have nothing against Izzy, he earned some money to score, but if to think logically, from existing members perspective, the line of contributers would be - Axl (always in the band, most of the songs), Slash, Duff (stayed from the beginning, till the end of the best Era 93') and Dizzy (although, joined only in 1990, stayed more than for 20 years, being loyal, participated on songs) - even if to take into considiration Izzy's contribution to songs, I would doubt that Dizzy was ready to be paid less. So, Izzy, probably, if try to be honest and fair, should be paid more than Dizzy, but less than Duff (for some fans, Izzy's more importaint, but speaking on "group experience") and probably they has stuck on this step. SO, Izzy wanted more than Duff and Dizzy more than Izzy - confusing shit after all. And even if the fans may acknowledge that, bussines side is much more complex.
  12. Yeah, it's harder to him. As it was also mentioned here "Listen to TNT / Dirty Deeds from earlier in the tour and you will hear how much he struggled to put any rasp into them" - indeed I also watched Dirty Deeds live once and caught myself on an idea, that he didn't nail it and after that stuck in comments and forums sections, where many others confirmed my concerns about Dirty Deeds and TNT. I am not a pro in vocal thing to explain, but you can just observe different songs performance. Watch November Rain - first party is, basically, mickey and the second, where "You're not the only one..." - is mostly raspy. What the differnece between them? The second is much higher and faster. Move further - "This I Love" - when he ends verses with high pitched scream he usually get distortion (not always, though, harder song, but he does). The same thing with Don't Cry. YCBM, for example, is more complex song - we have a high instrumental tempo, but vocal is various. And it's easier to him to end with rasp "You can call my lawyers etc..." (though it's sometimes even hard to understand that), but opening's not always good. And finally, Nightrain - the song where he shines almost every gig - fast-tempo, high-pitched, just scream and run-over. And also PC - opening verses were complete or almost Mickey on 90% of shows - but the main part - raspy. Also because of that, SOYL is played and sounds decent. It's a typical AC/DC song. So, it could sound ridicolous, but as the song faster and higher, it's better for Axl. I think, it can be explained by distortion specs - to do that, you need control an opening of your vocal cords and it seems, with age, Axl could do that only if he produces loud and harsh vocals as he does not need to think of a distorion amount or its quality. So, if their set would have consisted of MM, OTGM, Nightrain, WTTJ, WLR and other such stuff - the show would be mostly raspy, just like Axl/DC. Maybe, not for the first couple of gigs, but it would.
  13. Well, I am not "believing", it's a fact, maybe not so famous, but Izzy Stradlin always wished that GNR remained a "club" band, and not a stadium/arena band. Also, he was always in some way an aloof member of the band as well as the most fastidious - partly he has left the band because of delays, mayhem and other brutal stuff of typical GNR in 90s. That's why Axl often reffers as "Izzy it's Izzy", as well as in 90s he mentioned something like "We wouldn't be here if Izzy was here" - because they literally would have avoided these "big gigs shit", if Izzy stayed. Probably, he was ready to participate in the reunion, but only for a bigger money stake than he was offered. He also said the same in 90's after leaving the band - about not equal loot sharing. Well, Izzy remained Izzy. And, well, with all do respect to Izzy, GNR is far from "Izzy and others". For sure, Stradlin is a crucial part of GnR story, but yet again, most of the UYI tour was made with Gilby Clark or, for instance, Dizzy Reed was even more loyal to the band. And choosing beetween Dizzy and Izzy I would think twice as Mr. Reed is much more consistent. The thing is, if Izzy wanted to be paid as much as Duff or even Slash, well, he's out of his mind. He left by himself and demanded too much after all. So, I do not see any unfairness in this story with Izzy and reunion.
  14. Axl sounds better on AC/DC because there are a lot, how better to say, high pitched songs - and it’s easier to him to sing them. Look at Nightrain, WTTJ, MM and most of PC - he nails it pretty well most of the time. But when it is time for medium tempo ballads like Estranged or SCOM he just can’t do it. He’s old and seems can’t control distortion on calm songs, only when he need to scream and don’t care about it’s proportion. In Axl/DC, for example, shit’s getting real on Dirty Deeds. So, suppose, he, basically, just can’t do anything about it. Agree, I like how the Stones perform and enjoyed them in October, but still, they demand much more for tickets. Especially on this summer tour. Guns offers 3 hours show for a half of that price. And the stated problem is not a big deal actually - GNR gigs in live are a blast. I screamed a lot a don’t cared about Axl’s voice cause basically I did not hear it. On YouTube, for sure, you can judge but at the venue it doesn’t really matter. Unless you’re just stay and stare. And I’m really tired of this “Izzy complaining” thing - he has left by HIMSELF, and clearly said that he DOES NOT LIKE stadium gigs and prefer club ones. How does other’ll change his mind? Only if like in Westworld. And he’s not a soul for sure - left band on its peak due to self-rightness and preservation. So it’s complete ridiculous to demand Izzy at this situation. Band is cool, band is tight enough, Axl’s not always at form, but it doesn’t matter if you are on a gig, and if you’re not, just wait for an another Houston-Forum show.
  15. Axl finally managed to beat the scream at Civil War during this tour. What a relief. However, he did it only in the first verse and almost in the second... so, keep waiting.