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  1. Live recordings from NITL

    Oh, congrats! Maybe in terms of vocals it wasn't the best-best, but one of the best on US 2016 and especially in terms of energy - for instance Civil War and Nightrain were really charged up!
  2. Live recordings from NITL

    7* IEM was only from the first night. Best audience: Tokyo January 29th 2017, Coachella April 16th 2016 - very, very solid, just occasionally listened to some tracks from MSG October 16th, 2017- fair enough and the best one as far as I know is Philadelphia July 14, 2016. Pobably there are more. Actually, I would like to know myself if there are some. I've got most of them, could guide to essential ones and provide them if you want. Though, in ALAC only - did for myself.
  3. There are so many bias opinions about Melissa's social media. I've been following several GNR accounts for over a year and can assure that her's is quite "okay". For sure, there's nothing special, particulary for an old-fashioned people (as myself, for example), but other band's members and stuff accounts is not pretty far in terms of decentness: Meegan posts just everything all along with some kinky ideas and everytime glamorizing Slash with hashtags and photos, all-punk Duff has a dozens of cute family photos, Fernando is all about food and posh life and I'm not even talking about Slash's account, lol. I'm not bithcing anybody at all - it's okay, it's a modern social media life style. But the thing is, that everybody has where to carp to. And it's not fair to get more attention to a new band member, just because she's not from their world entierly. Actually, Melissa's posts appear with the least frequency and the most of the time used for sharing gratitude and respect for the band. And the others are mostly about her personal news, recordings and media publications. So, it's the stuff which basically you can find at almost everyone's social media account. I don't know about the years ago, but in recent times her posts're not annoying at all. For her part in band's live performances I can't say much as I'm not a pro in terms of sound management, but I know 2 things. First: the band sounds at its best since 1993, as it completely avoids this "punk-undeground" notes that it had 2001-2014. It's a pure rock/glam whatever. For sure, it's mostly Slash and Duff's merit, but as Melissa is a part of it, probably she's also doing some good job. Such a perfectionist as Axl wouldn't allow it another way. Second: her backing vocals are amazing. That what we missed since 90's also. And actually on many songs: Better, Live and Let Die, Civil War, November Rain, Paradise City etc... Almost at everyone basically. Somewhere more, somehwere less. And if we gonna run into her stage style and precense, then let's start a topic where we're gonna scold backing vocals from UYI tour - as they looked too pop in their tricot and needed to be in Erin Everly's look from It's So Easy. And who doesn't like her stage movembents... WTF? If Slash, Axl and others can run from one side to another, why couldn't she permorm at her little perimeter? That's completely bias. Al in all, I could understand if she was fat, ugly or something, hired just for sjw-fans, but at this case, come on! If you can't stand a hot girl in tights in a rock band at 21st century, who does her job pretty good.... well, either you have some personal issues or you... bias.
  4. So, seems you also were bitching Buckethead, who was dressing up in cueless Michael Myers-type clothes and wore a ridiculous KFC bucket, as well as Chris Pitman's period gay look, and for sure was not glad about Axl's complete rap-hobo style of 2001-2002? Or it's just agression towards "Japaneese Pop Girls"? By the way, most of the time she looks pretty badass. Don't see any pop-notes or something - look at Gaga or Swift - that's pop.
  5. Fortus Interview KSHE

    Yeah, that’s weird and funny at the same time. You may notice here a lot word-of-mouth like “Gnr is dead”, “Axl can’t sing”, but at the same time many others notice how things are going really well. As for me, Guns’ are liver than they have ever been, so I’m quite optimstic. Though, must say, started to listen GNR in 2009 and even then did not take all “those days” stuff too seriously, the band for me was some sort of dead from 1993. But some people take things too personally and when the band member says about “releasing new music soon”, they overreact when it’s not happening. For me all these release days and promises are complete shit in terms of accuracy, you just need to keep them in mind with irony, not like fact. And nowadays I don’t give a shit whether the new album would be released in 1 year or 5, I want the band just keep working - live releases, touring and not falling apart after all.
  6. What would be the best NITL compilation?

    Thinking of a possible compilation is not kind of a big deal as the prescription is quite simple: take a some 33-34 song show with Rosie and Madagascar from 2017 as a structure basis, add Shadow of Your Love and bring the best versions of them. And to say what are the best is more up to someone who has an access to SBD - sometimes it's hard to justify unbias just watching the vids from the show. However, what I really would like to see is a video release and its theatrical run. It would be weird to see a video compilation, so we need either a full show or a some live documentary. As Axl's tiop form was in 2016, it's logically to choose a show from this period, however, none of them have both Patience and Don't Cry as well as sometime we also need to be "mix" to get the best show, so I'm coming with the some sort of documentary with the set as follows: 1. Introduction - montage of media reports of Slash sayng about negative stuff and Axl telling that they'll reunite "Not in this lifetime" 2. Backstage video about stage and show design for NITL 3. It's So Easy - Detroit 2016 5. Mr. Brownstone - Detroit 2016 5. Slash interview 6. Chinese Democracy - New York, 16 october 2017 7. Welcome to the Jungle - New York, 16 october 2017 8. Mellisa Reese Interview 9. Better - Houston 2016 10. Live and Let Die - Houston 2016 11. Dizzy Reed Interview 12. Estranged - Houston 2016 13. Frank Ferrer Interview 14. You Could Be Mine - Orlando 2016 15. Duff Mackagan Interview 16. Attitude - Houston 2016 17. This I Love - Houston 2016 18. Civil War - Houston 2016 19. Band shares their memories about Troubadour reunion. 20. Band Introductions/Godfather Theme - Troubadour 2016 21. Sweet Child O'Mine - Troubadour 2016. 22. Axl Rose interview, tells about the throne on the first shows 23. Don't Cry - Coachella 2016 24. Crew Interview about band's guitars and gear 25. November Rain - Foxboro July 20, 2016 26. Richard Fortus Interview 27. Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Houston 2016 28. Nightrain - Houston 2016 29. Backstage with the band preparing for cocnerts, bloopers and funny stuff. 30. Patience - Gdansk 2017 31. Final thoughts of everyone involved in the reunion 32. Paradise City - Detroit 2017. It's pretty hard to choose a particular show for an audio/video release as, of course, I'd have chosen Houston 2016, but suppose broken piano sequence won't please November Rain fans, so probably go with Foxobro July 19/20... However, 2017 arena leg was also decent and had many songs in sets, so maybe it would be a fair alternative to go with MSG 3rd night on October 16 or San Diego November 28. Something like that.
  7. Not In This Lifetime Tour is coming to an end, but for now the band’s plans beyond that are only rumors and uncharted waters. Nevertheless, it’s a safe bet to anticipate a LIVE release based on this enormously succesful ride all over the world. But what kind of a release it would be? Let’s discuss what would you like to hear and in what form. Here’s 6 common live album ideas and types of releases. You have to choose TWO(2) trom this - which you would have released, if you “were in charge”. Also you may add some thoughts about what concerts it should be based on. 1. NITL Live Documentary: ~2 hrs of a Live footage of the best performances of top songs + 30 mins of backstage video & interviews - home video release / theatrical run. 2. Standard “Live Bootleg”: a complete 2 hrs 40 mins show from a particular date - audio & home video release / theatrical run 3. Extended “Live Bootleg”: a complete 3 hrs 20 mins show from a particular date - audio & home video release. 4. Tour Compilation: 3 hrs of the best performances - audio release. 5. “Double” Bootleg: 2,5 - 3 hrs live album from two/three shows at one place (Coachella, LA, NY, etc.) - audio release. 6. “Frankenstein Album” - 2,5 - 3 hrs of a single footage with an audio source from several gigs - video & audio release As for me, suppose gonna choose 1 & 4. We have enough full concerts: in SBD (Forum, Apollo, Rio), IEM (San Diego, Vegas, Tokyo etc.) and in a decent AUD quality - maybe not all of them represent the band in the best shape, but in a case with NITL tour there is hard to find a concert where an every song was in its best - they are distributed among several. So, to get a full pro-shot would be cool, but will need several gigs to get a full experience, so a “compilation” with a montage of a new backstage footage and interviews would be a perfect match. And of course a compilation album (no oberdubbs!!!) is an essential addition. Preferable gigs for the song selection: Houston 2016, Foxboro 2016, MGS third night, Detroit 2017, San Diego 2017...
  8. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    The NA Arena Leg 2017 was not bad either!
  9. Not In This Lifetime Tour: Best Moments

    Thanks @GNRfanMILO for the cool list and especially pointing out #8 - I was wondering whether that ever happened or not on this tour. Actually, once I was searching for a perfect PC and have listened to this show, but after the first verse cocluded that "this was not enough" and closed the video. Wish I've listened it further! Thanks to @Dean for acknowledging OWB on Buffalo show and @GoForJMark for finding the footage. Always thought that Prague show was the only one! There were so many cute and epic things, so it's kinda hard to choose the best. Well, let me also put some interesting facts and ideas: 1. Axl sang the original lyrics of Civil War from the first main verse "... with the brainwashed pride" only two times - Vegas 04.08.16 and Moscow 13.07.17. It wasn't good enough, but still. 2. Axl sang "Oh God" in the intro of WTTJ at Osaka show 2017, the first time since 1993. The only time on tour, I suppose. 3. Axl fell after curtain hall at Coachella show. Hopefully, it was the last time he has ever done it, as I remember. 4. Melissa Reese's different wadrobe was great. I also liked the band's overall clothing and styling on it's tour - it was classical, but not plain, distinct for every member and dropped some unnecessary punk/undeground/deviant items like in 2001-2014 period. Axl was good in particular. The only question on which I'm still loookin' for an answer is... was there a proper SCOM? With rasp or it's variations? Almost every song Axl covered at its best on different shows, but not SCOM. There were some sights at Troubadour and Coachella gigs, but maybe there is something better? And for a desert probably the best PC on tour - with the smoothest rasp intro.
  10. It's bizarre, that if to be an outsider, reading random comments, you may think that Guns N' Roses = Izzy Stradlin and what we've got today is a collaboration kinda of Queen + Adam Lambert/Paul Rodgers...
  11. Are there some SOYL footages from Abu Dhabi? Can’t find even a single one. As YCBM, Civil War and some other difficult songs were dropped maybe here’s the same case and there’s a mistake in overall setlist?
  12. But imagine how it would be EPIC, if they managed to go up to Paradise City and Axl would have performed it stayng right next to a backstage, from time to time running to spit up.
  13. Not In This Lifetime Tour has become a safe heaven for Guns N' Roses - no serious delays, incidents or fails were observed during the whole tour. However, a recent concert in Abu Dhabi slightly reminded about infamous times of the band's inconsistance. Guns N' Roses was headliners at the concert associated with F1 Championship in Abu Dhabi on November 25th, but the gig didn't go as planned - due to Axl's sickness half of songs were dropped and the set ended with November Rain. Total of 17 songs were played and it has become the first major concert-related issue for almost 3 years. Mostly, everybody and especially the fans, were supportive for Axl and the band, however, some individuals expressed critical dissatisfaction of the gig and how the band handled the situation. As for me, I have full respect for Axl, shit happens and nobody's perfect. Hope he'll be okay and put all the critics to their knees on the next gigs. Though, must say, probably the band and stuff could manage the situation better - to short the set in favour of hits and to jam after the most of the songs. Suppose, if they ended with Paradise City, prevailing "not target audience" wouldn't have noticed a thing. Maybe, it was initially planned, but Axl just couldn't take it anymore and they left earlier. So, not a big deal, all we're humans, nobody was hurt (except for Axl), life's go on. However, if to look from a more proffesional point of view, the thing is not so clear as there can be two sides of the story. If the band and management were fully aware of Axl's conditions (seems they were, as he did IV) and gave some options like changing the set or even cancelling the show, but Axl said, that he would do it anyway, then Axl is a real hero as he tried to satisfy the fans against all odds. But, we can't exclude the option, where Axl, as usual, was having fun all night, drinking etc., caught some shit and the band's management said "whatever, we are busy watching F1" and even knowing about Axl's condition, nobody was really concerned and the band was changing the set already during the show.... well, then it may rise some concerns about handling the situation. Yet again, if Axl didn't do anything excessive (got high, seriously drunk or something), therere no blame for him. So, what do you think about the situation? Was it anybody's fault? Will be there serious consequences?
  14. They all just wanted to catch F1 champions’ honors.
  15. Full respect to Axl, shit happens, but probably they could handle the situation a little better - to drop SOYL and Slither, with Duff taking one more spot and to play Paradise City after NR with no encore. Suppose many fans would be pissed off takin the fact, that tickets were available only with pricey F1 entrees.