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  1. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Actually not - I can watch it through my iPhone YouTube App, but not via PC. Did not try to use VPN, but the thing is wierd as iPhone and PC share basically the same network and region.
  2. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Indeed. But some people just watched Rock in Rio (as it was highly promoted and discussed) and decided that "Axl's voice is dead". Typical story.
  3. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Hello darkness my old friend...
  4. To start with, Guns' role as an opening act for The Stones was actually secured in 2006 for two Germany gigs during A Bigger Bang Tour, but Keith infamously fell off a tree and theese shows were cancelled. For sure, now Guns N' Roses is a much bigger band than in 2006, but before you'll say that the idea is too far-fetched, listen how well it could play out. I mean, it probably won't ever happen due to money/contract obligations/schedule or something, but this year just seems so right to do this. Firstly, No Filter Tour was postponed from original April-June dates due to Jagger's surgery. Rumors say that it'll start in July, so if the dates' order will be be the same, in mid September The Stones might be heading to New York or Chicago just before Guns N ' Roses festival gig in Louisville. Solid spots for the participation. Best Guns'-oriented choice is California's Rose Bowl gig, but apparantly it would be in August, so too early to catch, but, yet again, the dates are subject to change. Secondly, from the band's perspective I don't see any "status" problems, as The Stones is Slash's favourite band and Axl respects them for sure. At third, from historical perspective, it also would be really cool, as it may take place exactly 30 years after the previous joint gig in 1989. At fourth, Guns' are planning small tour in September-October, so they will be rehearsing prior to that and what could be better than a warm-up concert with 10-15 song set. Axl usually doesnt't warm up properly, so maybe this mini-gig will allow him to do that. At last, it will benefit for The Stones - viewers must be pissed off because of tour's delay, having a high ticket price in mind, but would be really pleased with two biggest bands on the planet at one concert. All in all, I know it all sounds wierd and unrealistic, but still just a right thing to do. At least to try. If I were in either band's management, I would make some calls for sure.
  5. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Are you sure about YCBM and Paradise City? YCBM from Coachella 2016 and PC from San Diego 2017 are even more raspier. Though no proper SCOM was spotted.
  6. Indeed! But, at least they've kept addictions in hands, was together till the end and finally have settled up their shit.
  7. Wow... Let me think for a second... what would be a real reunion? The return of an ex-junkie and a Mr. Inconsistency? Well, this way we wouldn't have seen a new album at all. Moreover, the whole "reunion" thing wouldn't have last long. For sure, would've been glorious, but short. That's too orthodox.
  8. What's your unpopular GN'R opinion?

    - I don' get all this "Izzy hype". He's a great musician and an essential credited member, but he quited the band by himself and avoided it's live peak period, so wasn't a "Gunner" till the end. Yet again, whatever the reasons, he has avoided the reunion. Key members reunited, Adler joined, Gilby said that he turned down, only Izzy cried about sharing the loot. Coincedence? Think not. Of course, I'm not bitching him, but as Axl said "Izzy... it's Izzy". For sure, it would be awesome if he would show up, but I don't mind if he won't at all. His choice, not others. - I don't mind, if Guns' will tour for a little whille more. I'm really fascinated to get the new album, but after all, it's hard to imagine that it'll be innovative or at least half worth of AFD or UYI. I eventually liked some titles from CD after Slash and Duff played it, but that's not the thing I would like to get one more time. I'm honest with myself - what I want to hear on Guns' show is its instant calssic - Jungle, City, Civil War, YCBM, some original deep cuts and other warm and fuzzy stuff. I enjoy hearing some CD songs as well, but nothing will compare to the earlier material. All in all, the new album should be released as it would be a logical continuation of a current life cycle, but I don't see an urgency in it. What they should do now is to start playing deep cuts. SOYL was a some sort of a revelation. All for now...
  9. Totally agree. Guns has reuinited after 20 years, how somebody could ask for more? There might be complains during Axl & Co years, as they could have been pleasing fans with something intresting other than reuniting, but now I easily get it and the things go in the way, which I wouldn't change for any pro-fans activities. For sure, their "publicity" could be more fans-oriented, but still, they have created an atmosphere some sort of a mystery, so every event or news is valuable. Long live GNR.
  10. AC/DC line-up discussion

    Suppose if something can be done, it would be done already done as AC/DC is a massive brand and they should have solutions for an every case. Hearing was always a problematic issue for musicians. IEM save the day now, but it seems, Brian just got unlucky at these point. Probably, if they'll keep touring "lightweight", avoiding back-to-back concerts and tight schedule, Brian will endure. They even could extend Angus' solo or something to give him a rest every gig. P.S. Sorry for lateness - was gone from the forum for a while as Guns' were on hiatus.
  11. Sorry for responding so late - was gone from the forum for a while as Guns' were on hiatus - but now can give you a full-dress answer. Speaking of Europe 2018 tour, the best gig, undoubtedly, was in Mannheim. Just watch how Axl nailed Paradise City! There were several others really strong - Tallin, Poland, Paris and Graspop. Moscow was a really good gig, but at the second half Axl had sank just a little bit. Though, the first part of Moscow's gig stoods pretty high - as where This I Love was played. At least, the band's efforts were decent. Attended both Moscow and Tallin. And Hamenlina 2017 (good, but ordinary). Speaking "globally", the best Guns' 16-18' show was in Houston 2016. Orlando and Foxboro 2016 go up next. And San Diego 2017 is close behind - just a wonderful gig given a so long setlist into considiration. Detroit and New York (October 16) in 2017 were also great.