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  1. I thought a lot about set listing and has come to an opinion, that I am okay with the current songs' order and selection, especially after unveiling some deep cuts in 2019 / 2020. I mean, they play all the hits, what more could we ask? More deep cuts? Yes. More variability? Yes. But, after all, if it's not your 10th or 20th concert, probably you have come to listen to WTTJ or PC or whatever. But, anyway, here is how I wish to organize the thing (sort of): 1 It's So Easy (CD, SOYL seems to be OK opening, but given the fact that Axl doesn't give a damn about much preparing for the show, ISE seems the best fit for him at any case. Nevertheless, good choice, short, easy to listen and fast paced) 2 Mr. Brownstone (fits perfect as a continuation of ISE) 3 Chinese Democracy 4 Welcome to the Jungle (with long solo in the beginning for Axl resting his voice after first 3 songs) 5 Double Talking Jive (long solo after and a first big break for Axl after killing it on WTTJ) 6 Live and Let Die 7 Shadow of My Love 8 Rocket Queen (solo in the middle to let Axl's voice to rest after basically 3 songs again) 9 Slither / Wichita Lineman / Feel Good / or other boring cover-filler 10 There Was a Time / Coma / Locomotive (Never was really keen or Coma or Locomotive, but I feel it's a good idea to have them and switch from a show to show. And with There Was a Time (another pretty long song) just fill the 3rd optional spot) 11 You Could Be Mine (almost 1-minute of song's opening and allows Axl rest his voice, before going full rasp on YCBM) 12 Attitude / New Rose / So Fine (other Duff's choice, another big break for Axl) 13 This I Love (Axl tries his best after resting during Duff's spot) 14 Sorry / Catcher in the Rye / Prostitute / some other CD democracy stuff nobody cares about, Axl may doom it. 15 Civil War (Axl's trying to kill it as he will have a break after anyway) 16 Speak Softly Love (big break for Axl after he's done well with TIL and CW (or not) 17 Sweet Child O' Mine (tries his best, but, ya know) 18 Used to Love Her / Yesterdays / Dead Horse (Some not so important / easy to sing after trying his best at SCOM) 19 Don't Cry (Long solo before the song to give Axl time to prepare for the decent "And please remember..." part) 20 Wish You Were Here (Love Fortus and Slash duo, let them keep it) 21 November Rain (rested and prepared Axl nails November Rain (ha-ha, actually not) 22 Better (Long opening solo allows to move down the piano without interrupting the show) 23 Estranged (just think that Estranged should be in the second part of the show. Wish it could be exactly after NR to put so called song trilogy together, but this way its okay as well). 24 My Michelle / Out Ta Get Me / You're Crazy (easy, high-pitched song for Axl) 25 Knockin' on Heavens Door (OWB + solos during the song allows Axl to prepare for the grand finale) 26 Nightrain (a perfect closer) Encore Break 27 Patience (jam as an opening solo) 28 Madagascar 29 The Seeker / Whole Lotta Rosie / Black hole Sun (depending on Axl's state: if he feels good, can try WLR, not so — The Seeker. Feels sentimental — BHS) 30 Paradise City
  2. NITL live videos on youtube

    Download Festival? Really? The haven't found anything better? Beginning of the leg, Axl is still in "charging up" mode, and we've already seen footage from there. Seems to me it was just available from promoters.
  3. New Melissa Reese Article

    The times when you know more about band’s inner life from interviews (the first one from Mel was in autumn 2018) of a keyboardist and background vocalist rather than the lead persons. Guns’ has finally achieved the privacy of touring. For better or for worse...
  4. NITL live videos on youtube

    Well, frankly he did’t messed up as during the whole NITL he changed the second lines of 1st and 6th verses to “Guess I‘ll keep it to myself”, so he was right on his own terms if we are talking about this case. Also I re-listened and didn’t find other deviations from the original lyrics.
  5. NITL live videos on youtube

    Yeah, I do! Actually, I even saved audio from Coachella pro-shots and keep it in iPhone for listening — they were mixed sound-wise with distinctive instruments and perfectly balanced crowd. And Nightrain from this show, which appeared later on SiriusXM, sounds perfect and is the best “Official” recording that we got from NITL. So, seems it depends on the venue — maybe festival teams are just more professional. Yet again, I’m not completely bitching the new release’s mixing...but it sounds like a video segment from a morning show. I think so anticipated live footage might have been treated better and produced to show all the mightiness of the band, not just to remind that they are still out there.
  6. NITL live videos on youtube

    There is no a single aspect which I genuinely liked about the video apart from the fact the it’s been finally released and the things are in motion now. 1. That would be a shame if they’ll ignore 2016 just because don’t want to look silly realising those videos only now. As the band was at its prime back then, I would rather listen most tracks from there plus some deep cuts from the following years. But I hope they just use 2017-2019 to fill the songs which Axl can sing in any state to create the visibility that they have covered all the years and more crucial performances will be taken from 2016. 2. No shots of Dizzy or Melissa (or did I missed them?) — are they in the band after all? Backing vocals and piano still play roles in given songs. 3. Not enough close ups at action moments — the experience feels too distant. 4. Too many shots from above the FOH, distant views — they are too static and useful only when pyrotechnics are in charge. Not great for arena shows. 5. No or low crowd noise — is it a live video or studio-live-Frankenstein? Return the audience! 6. Transitions between songs were also a little lame — it is a live video from the same show, what’s the point of mini-intermissions? Use crowd shots, mix the audio and create a seamless experience. 7. Strange choice to use an arena show instead of a stadium one, as the latter is usually better for video Pro Shot. Hope they won’t choose a strategy to show songs which aren't on YouTube yet. I’m doubtful, that in the era of iPhones we’ve not captured all the epic performances already. 8. I’m not a sound engineer, so hard to tell objectively, but the sound also was not at its best. Okay, its a lossy YouTube track, but still it’s possible to make a good mixing with deep sound and all the instruments in charge. Sometimes, it felt like just Axl and Slash was in the mix. Glad to see the video after all and anticipate the next ones, but if they would be the same quality and not concert-wise, I’d rather return to fan-made pro-shots or first row videos.
  7. NITL live videos on youtube

    We should be careful with sharing the links! The vengeful spirit of copyright claims may accidentally take down the official footage as well and for sure that is the only copy they have. The management will deny everything for real this time.
  8. NITL live videos on youtube

    As The Stones is my #1 band, probably I would be bias and say that I'm hoping the farewell tour won't happen in the nearest future, but if to be realistic, it is up on the horizon. Still, I think 2022 is too early as there will be for sure a 60th anniversary tour and a show in London. Maybe even in 2023 as they did in 2013. Unfortunately, it hard to tell from this point as only Mick knows for how long he could keep his shape. He will be 80 in 2024, so probably 'Farewell+anniversary tour 2022-2024" is the most logical assumption. However, if to recall earlier interviews, all band members more or less agreed, that only death will apart them and are going to play as long as possible. Therefore, several tours after No Filter is still a possibility and 65th anniversary in 2027 and 70th in 2032 could actually happen. Most likely it will be one at a time shows with 5-10 songs in setlists.
  9. NITL live videos on youtube

    Sup, folks. Writing to you from the year 2025: Covid is thankfully wiped out, Stones released several albums (a new one + vault series) and are doing a farewell tour. GnR stuff is also in motion — Fernando is still trying to release new Pro Shot Clips. Rumors circulate, that he is doing all the editing and mixing on his own, thus it takes so long. Best wishes to him and still hoping to get at least one pro-shot video in an upcoming decade. Nevertheless, genuinely anticipate to see these clips and re-experience many times watched YouTube "on site" videos with a professional shot view. (Hope it won't be Rio... Or Mother of all festivals... Or Sao Paolo Trip...or Berlin 2018...or an another dozen of shows)
  10. That's what GnR thinks about the subject.
  11. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    I think they just want to go for Super Bowl themselves and (maybe) they were offered nice stadium suite as a part of a deal. Or just want to spend time with pleasure and earn money as well. There is some scheme for sure.
  12. Europe 2020 Tour Announced

    There is still a significant gap between Landgraaf show on June 21st and Dublin show in June 27th - any ideas, rumors of an additional date? Logically, there should one more show on the 24th of June.
  13. I still wonder how did they broke $10 millions in Tallinn. I was at this show and it was not an arena, not a stadium, but a field, therefore the prices were cheaper than usual. We got a Golden Circle for somewhere around 110 EUR. Even if to take into consideration expensive VIP packages, most of the tickets were less than 100 EUR, so they needed at least 90 000 on that show, but from my personal experience and photos from the gig, the actual attendance was around 50 000 - 60 000. So, either it really was the highest attended show on the tour (excluding festival appearances) or they miscalculated something.
  14. Show Opener and Closer

    I thought a lot about this actually, but, after all, ISE is a great show opener - energetic, lyrics starts fast and being short with smoothly turning into Brownstone. However, if to wonder, I think Chinese Democracy is also may be a good opener - energetic as well with iconic, but not too long opening solo. SOYL also may played out as well - it has a little bit too long opening solo, but fits as an opener. YCBM with the same concept. WTTJ is hardly can be opener these days - too iconic and too important to waste on the first song, when the audience and the band are not warmed properly. Nightrain is a perfect main set closer, doesn't see proper alternatives. And nothing will close the show as PC does.
  15. There's nothing I could severe disagree on! Indeed, the band needs new music as a logical continuation of their reunion, but I just don't see the rush in it as some people do. It doesn't bother me whether new album will be "on air" within a year or three, even more I don't give a damn about live premieres of new music - it will be done, when it is done. We owe the band some credit as I thought that even Led Zeppelin would reunite sooner. Of course, if after 5 more years of rumors and gossips nothing would be done, the questioning will be justified, but now I am just happy they are together, rocking the world and playing deep cuts. But some individuals act rather odd: after fulfilling their lust for seeing reunion Live 2-3 times, start to demand new music as if they are only listeners on the planet.