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  1. AC/DC line-up discussion

    It would be wired for Axl to sing someone's songs which were just recorded. 2016 experience was a some sort of an emergency and required mostly "classics" singing, so this situation is more questionable. Can't imagine Rose in the role of substitute, not his type. Maybe they're going to record the album together and tour together as well with Brian filling 1-2 spots on an every concert - seems reasonable... or probalby, they've just fully reunited without Axl- as Brian said, if doctors will allow, he would countinue to perform live.
  2. Quite obvious. 1. Remixes are mostly suck. 2. CD is not a widespread acclaimed album just to get hyped from the re-release. 3. Instead of remix, for them is better think to about of a new live release or a brand new album or even a "Lies" remaster.
  3. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    The best PC on tour. Unfortunately, the whole show was less stellar and don’t know if there is somewhere in quality.
  4. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Mmm... Nice, I’ll also be intrested to see them.
  5. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    I got the full Philly show flac/alac. May give you a link, if you want.
  6. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    IEM/Soundbord - The Forum Show - though the concert is not the best vocally, but in overall probably the most importaint on the current tour - the longest in GnR hostory, well-played, well-sang and recorded in a great quality with decent sound-mixing. AUD - Philadelphia 2016 - not the best show from the leg, but the bootleg is absolutely amazing. The show was recorded in 24bit and it’s a pure joy to listen 1500 kbs tracks. Fabulous Nightrain and Civil War. P.S. I’ve chosen not by concert-quality, but by a correlation beetween bootleg and show quality. Of course, there were great shows in Foxborough, Houston - 2016, Detroit, San Diego - 2017, but their bootlegs or fair, or didn’t got into it. (San Diego IEM bootleg is very good, but I’ve found vocals too upfront. IEM, hah)
  7. The future for Guns?

    Guys, don’t dramatize situation too much. 3 years ago we couldn’t even possibly imagine GnR reunion, ever the return of Led Zeppelin seemed more likely. 3 years later Axl, Slash and Duff play together Shadow of Your Love and Slither on big-scale gigs. Quiet surreal at some point. So, give them a credit. Of course, Tour is the money machine at first and, of course, they want to grab as much as possible. Slash have obligations with SMKC and he’s eager to release the new album, which he started before the reunion. So, basically he have to end it first, including a world tour to promote. I can’t imagine Axl fully working on the new music, while Slash’s playing with MK and it’s understandable - if they will do the new music, they have to do it togeher. Moreover, since Axl’s collaboration with AC/DC was succesfull, and Angus want to produce more music, it’s foolish to decline such offer. So, we have to wait new Axl/DC stuff first too. So, as Slash’ll finish with the tour, Axl with album and probably some concerts, they’ll start to produce new own stuff. 2021-2022 release seems a safe bet. The new GnR album is a big deal, they won’t just let it go - all we need is just a little patience. And when I see all that negative stuff about the absence of new material, it reminds me of those nonsense fans who say that without Izzy and Steven GnR is dead and reunion doesn’t make sense. One is socially awkward person and other is ex-narc. Just take it. Whatever “the price”, thing are good today and whats more inportaint - things are keep rolling. So, don’t be mad - one way or another, they’ll end in the studio. They just have to finish the tour and side projects which, basically, doesn’t connected with the fact of the reunion.
  8. Every GNR song in your favorite order.

    Good question, used to think about it. Here's my top 20. I rolled until got into some CD stuff to include it. Also, excluded all the covers, thought many of them are pretty decent and definetely would make top 20. 1. Paradise City 2. Sweet Child O'Mine 3. Welcome to the Jungle 4. Civil War 5. You Could Be Mine 6. Estranged 7. Nightrain 8. November Rain 9. Patience 10. Don't Cry 11. Mr. Brownstone 12. It's So Easy 13. Shadow of Your Love 14. Rocket Queen 15. My Michelle 16, Double Talkin' Jive 17. Chinese Democracy 18. Used to Love Her 19. This I Love 20. Madagascar
  9. Well, hopefully, therefore, we won't see your ideas about the set.
  10. Indeed - on Moscow show by the end of November Rain, I was almost done. And after Nightrain all I wished is them to end the show and PC wasn’t so epic for me. The things were better in Tallin and Finland a year before, probably due to a better air circulation on open ground, but still, sometimes it becomes challenging to support the band on such a long show. Especially if such high-octane songs as WTTJ, RQ, YCBM & SOYL are at the first part of the set and soft songs as WL, UTLH, DC are at the second.
  11. You know, that may reject some people, cause it would be like to tumble on the same place with the same songs. There should be a space for an imagination - 1-2, maybe 3 new songs are okay, just don't wanna turn thread's setlists into defferent combinations of Bad Apples, 14 years, My World, IRS and other more fan-oriented stuff. Moreover, this discussion seems already useful (for me at least) - Move to the City is a decent addition to the set, as they've released a lyric video, probably, at some point we could hear the song. Never thought about it seriously before.
  12. Seems many’re seekin’ for Locomotive! They could rotate it with Coma - that would make sense. Especially, as both somgs were rarely played in 90s.
  13. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! 2 encores, wow, hard to expect from them such a charity, though.
  14. Refreshing. Just like in old times, hah. Bringa back 92’ set! That’s not a Pink Floyd show!
  15. Haha, and that's why it's called "dream setlist NITL". Just wondered are there any fan's ideas within the existing songs, cause they started with performing 22-25, and now does 30-33. And obviously, North American Tour 2016 with 23-25 was a highlight. After all, maybe someone wants shorter/longer set, different order or something. If we took into considiration all of the songs, there would be too many opinions on that. After all you can add one song. Personally. I thought a lot about this stuff.