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  1. Listened to the album prior to any “reviews check” and indeed many songs seemed to me pretty much the same, so completely agree that “the similarities between many of the riffs”. Though, must say I liked the record, however, at this point there is only one song I’d like to return again - Driving Rain. Maybe, I’l catch up with some more, but for now all of them more like “fillers”. And have nothing against Myles Kennedy, he’s a really great guy and a decent singer, but yet again, agree that “great for sharing a tour bus but more like call of the mild on the record”. As for me he’s too simple, there is no wide range in voice and style, no aggression. Though, he sings well. Don’t know whether Slash’s forgotten to put a heart, but probably there is not much to tell for an aged rock star, especially when it’s not a challenge but just a “one more record to do a one more tour”. Hope he’ll put more efforts and a diversity in Guns’ album.
  2. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Yeah, you're absolutely right, but like I said "excluding Rock in Rio and several other shows" - they indeed attended Rock in Rio in September 2017 as well as some other local festivals in SA, but that wasn't a "full leg" with 10-20 shows, so does not count. They made two full runs in EU and US, but not in any other region yet.
  3. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    I also hoped that they will extend for December this autumn’s leg to other major cities of a region - some Japan dates, Tokyo (preferably Tokyo Dome), Sydney, maybe New Zealand. That would make sense abd with 4-5 more shows they would end just before Christmas holidays. Maybe Slash will come at this time, but I’m not sure is it okay to play in Australia in this period of year? I mean, most of bands play in Oct-Feb there, and Guns did so, maybe there are reasons for this...
  4. Guns N' Roses 2019 Plans?

    Well, to predict what 2019 will be, let's check the facts: 1. "World on Fire" tour lasted aprx. 20 months, from July 2014 to November 2015 with visiting Australia, South America, North America (x2) & Europe (twice). If "Living The Dream Tour" wil go the same way, it'll end somewhere in Spring 2020 at the worst case. Maybe this time around the tour will be a bit shorter or "tighter" or less consistent as Slash has some Guns N' Roses obligations. So, probably The Top Hat guy will be fully free by the end of 2019. 2. In conversation with a fan this summer Beta said, that Guns are about to return in Europe next year, but Fernando said they won't. So, the truth is somewhere between - they may come back in 2019 for a couple shows to keep band fitness, for example to attend summer festivals. However, excluding Rock in Rio and several other shows, South America is the only major market, they didn't attent twice during NITL (apart from Australia) and probably Fernando will prefer to visit his homeland, rather than Europe, if they'll get a free spot. So, either way we can hear them live next year, but a break is also possible. I'll count for a break in a probability ratio 60% to 40%. 3. Slash said, that everybody wants a new album and basically they have a material to record, so they need just get things together in a studio. I doubt that they will record a new album before Slash ends his tour, so unless we'll get some updates, the album won't hit the world until 2020 for sure. So, therefore, a schedule prediction: Feb-March 2020 - Slash Tours Europe; Spring/Summer/Autumn - Slash may tour through North American again and a short break for SMKC may take place, maybe some shows for GNR - most probably in US or Europe, as nobody goes to SA in summer, at the same time Guns may end up in a studio to put things into work. Oct-Dec 2019 or Spring 2020 - Slash Tours South America & Australia. Spring/Summer 2020 - Slash returns to Europe. The Rest of 2020 - Guns finishes the new album with a release date in a late 2020 or an early 2021.
  5. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Let me be curious and take a guess: you’ve got tickets to 25.11 LA show as “for the last on the tour”? But then they announced a couple more, suppose you were pissed off a bit. The same with Sweden 2018 - the last show in Iceland was announced later. So unlucky, huh?
  6. Final thoughts on NITL tour

    Actually, that's quite inaccurate. April shows were a spotlight of the tour. Despite the band's overall sound was in a search for a perfection, Axl has rocked. We still did not get (or rarely did) YCBM of a quality that was in Coachella and some other songs were also one of the best on the whole tour. Morover, the first leg (US 2016) was the best - after that, they were mostly on auto-pilot with some improvments in US autumn leg in 2017. Though, must agree that the first shows on the following legs after 2016 were a bit underwhelming - Axl indeed should prepare better. Hah, you should look through The Stones prices - GNR's really democratic in this terms. Maybe in US it's too much, don't know, but mostly all EU gigs were priced fair. I mean, it wasn't cheap at all, but still a good bargain for a 3-hour shows with classical songs and rock icons on stage. Have to disagree here. Steven was kicked out of the band for a reason in 1990 and I doubt that he's the same drummer. For sure, he's still a top player, but to endure 3-hour set for an ex-junkie would be not the easiest part. And to do that consistently for 3 years and more than 100 shows. Maybe Frank is not the best option available, don't know, don't have anything against him as not so "nerd" in professional terms. The same with Izzy - he quit by himself in 1991 for a reason. And he keeps this attitude. He don't want big gigs and attention. Moreover his carrer is not so consistent, so, again, there may be some "stamina" and "form" doubts. Cause to play music is like football, driving, art - without practice you may deteriorate. Yet again, have nothing against Izzy, would like him to show up some day, but Fortus is a great choice. Maybe, evnen a better choice, as I don't want the atmoshere in the band to be spoiled. The problem with Steven/Izzy that some people think that they are the same energy-driven and music-crazy guys like in 1987 with the same set of skills. And if they'll return, the things will be the same. They aren't (guys) and they won't (things). Don't be bias. And I'm absolutely okay with Melissa - who do you want to fill this spot, Pitman? And this spot will be anyway. And I favour girls in rock as there always were some. Was on 3 cocnerts and ready to pay for more. Maybe not as high price as it was (travel, accomodation etc), but still want more. New album will be a marvelous thing, but at this point my live experienced is not fulfilled yet. And agree the setlists were too predictable. However, that's die hard fans who want to see new and new stuff, but an ordinary listener want to hear what he expects - all the hits and the most popular spots - and they managed it very well with some ocasional deep cuts. All in all, I think it was probably the best period in GnR from a professional point of view. For sure, guys can't be compared to 90's, especially Axl, but they matured and finally learn to deliver a proper modern show. No incidents or sagnificants delays for three years! For GnR it's an achievement. Also, the band is tighter than ever - no feud, misconception, drugs and other stuff. You may say that nothing compares to 1991-93 shows, but the thing is at this case the show you attend or about to might be cancelled or the band will show up drunk and deliver not full set or screw it up. So, hope this line-up will live as long as posiblle and succeses with the new album. Steven/Izzy is participation favourable, but not essential.
  7. The answers are complete bias (for now). In 2017 we had Slash, Duff, Dizzy and Axl together, a hell of a setlist and a tight, decent and positively handled band. Yes, Axl wasn't in top form, but he wasn't in 2001 either. So, anyone who votes for III is just a fan of those band, or prefer to trash Axl's voice every time when he gets a chance. For me, 2001 is rather a joke than a real return of GnR. Strangely to see these answers.
  8. Yeah, to be in a studio is an essential thing, but for an album they will need to collaborate much more longer and closer. To release a single is easier in terms of ideas and recording. Just mix what you have basically. But in the album case you need to think about the whole concept, theme, premise etc. Also, as in 90s, probably, Axl and Slash still have different view on favourite genres - one's more in ballad style and another's more heavy, hard rock style. So, the thing is to avoid personal egos for a greater good. That's the main thing and a question for the album.
  9. The new Guns N' Roses album is getting closer and closer to be recorded. Slash mentioned that "everybody wants it" and he has many riffs and ideas, as well as Axl's recorded "tons of shit". So, that's a quite possible that by the end of the next year, Guns will end up in a studio. Dream comes true, isn't it? Finally we will get some new material, morever, with an original trio on tracks. I really want it to be released as soon as possible, however, if to think more practically, it also concerns me. Just remember how many problems caused Chinese Democracy - many producers and labels were changed, as well as musicians' line-ups and stuff. Buckethead was fired. Despite that by 2000 about 50 songs already was "in work", the album was released only seven years later. One of big issues was Rose's behavior, in which he showed up in a studio and worked whenever he whanted. Not all problems were caused by Rose, though, so it's unceartain that they will find a way to deal with all of them again. Many of these problems, such as Rose's inconsistence took place already during Illusions' recording. And then in 96' the band ended up partly because of these lack of a collaboration. What I am saying, is that, even if today everybody is cool and an inner atmosphere is great, there some chances that the story may be repetead. Of course, now we have Slash and Duff back and Axl seems to deal with all his mental issues, as there were no single incedent during 3 years of touring and for sure, he will be working more thoughtful, as his old bandmates here, but if it happened almost three times, what are the chances that this time everything would be smoothly? And if they'll feud again, we are at risk of loosing Slash/Duff or somebody else, or all of them in this production hell. That will be sorrowfully, as, must say, I really like this line-up, not beause "the best shape" or some members, but just for its maturity and decentness - show up on time, avoid incedents, play long sets with all classical songs. And want them to perform more and more in the future. So, the question is, isn't it a peril to record the new album, taking a past retrospective into a consideration? Maybe, for keeping this line-up safer, it's better for them to keep touring, occasionaly releasing singles and other periodical stuff? Or will they endure and will work on the album properly?
  10. What are your opinions on the UYI albums?

    Actually, there is nothing to discuss - two amazing albums with very different and thrilling songs. Though, the albums itself was not so “breakthrough” as AFD was, but some some song are even on par with AFD. YCBM and Civil War are one of my favorites from GnR library. Estranged, November Rain - also magnificent songs. Maybe, it was not so “rocky”, but still has songs for different tastes. II better than I.
  11. Axl's voice is a matter of such a big dispute, however, some things are the fact and should be considred: 1. It's easier for him to sing AC/DC stuff (at least, sing properly) as it faster and higher pitched. Therefore, most performances of songs like Nightrain, Jungle, My Michelle, SOYL, parts of Paradise City are decent - they math AC/DC style. 2. Axl gives different efforts to different legs of tour - on US legs he sounds much better than on others, due to 'homeland status", I suppose. Summer 2016 shows were almost perfect (well, he wanted to show "they're back", anyway), while at South America in autumn his voice worsened a bit. Pacific, Asia and Europe Legs in 2017 also were weaker, however, despite not the best summer US gigs, in US arena tour in autumn 2017 he sounded much better. Of course, in 2016 AC/DC shows played some part, but what a chance that even after "full-packed" 2017 year he would sound great at dozens of arena shows. Europe 2018 was an intresting one - they completely fucked up the beginning and Axl started to sound properly only after 5-6 shows, but at the same time, overall, he sounded better than on EU gigs in 2017. 3. Seems weather conditions and venues type also affect him - I don't think that he meant to screw up at such a classical Rock in Rio again. Moreover, most American gigs (and therefore - the best ones) were at indoor venues (even in 2016, for example, at "roofed" NRG Stadium, probably the best on the tour). So, it seems venue type really matters. Tokyo had two really good shows - Saitama is also an indoor arena. All in all, I stay for Axl here, he did a pretty good job with his voice in recent years. Even, it's not on par with 90's or even 06-10, but it was decent. Though, probably, I would recommened them to shake up the set a bit in favor of Axl, maybe add more jams or reduce its length. Or at least, put SCOM earlier.
  12. AC/DC line-up discussion

    It would be wired for Axl to sing someone's songs which were just recorded. 2016 experience was a some sort of an emergency and required mostly "classics" singing, so this situation is more questionable. Can't imagine Rose in the role of substitute, not his type. Maybe they're going to record the album together and tour together as well with Brian filling 1-2 spots on an every concert - seems reasonable... or probalby, they've just fully reunited without Axl- as Brian said, if doctors will allow, he would countinue to perform live.
  13. Quite obvious. 1. Remixes are mostly suck. 2. CD is not a widespread acclaimed album just to get hyped from the re-release. 3. Instead of remix, for them is better think to about of a new live release or a brand new album or even a "Lies" remaster.
  14. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    The best PC on tour. Unfortunately, the whole show was less stellar and don’t know if there is somewhere in quality.
  15. Favourite NITLT Bootleg

    Mmm... Nice, I’ll also be intrested to see them.