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  1. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Must say, it is a great comparsion - people spend thousands in Vegas just for fun, why do they should be bothered by the price on one of the biggest show acts in the world? And it has nothing to do with band's intention to rob ordinary fans.It goes not like "well, our fans can pay whatever high price for the show, let's put it as high as possible" rather than "well, it seems there are many wealthy people around, they are eager to spend money, so let's put appropriate price for them". And once more, suppose band or even management doesn't fully aware of all this stuff. They get their payment for the show and the rest is sponsor's duties. So, basically it's not Fernando or Axl who says "let's put sky rocket price here and extremely low here". Well, not Rose for sure - he is too busy drinking beer.
  2. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    ...and besides, by now on Ticketmaster you apparently can grab standing pit for $999 - it's cheaper then on Madonna (~$1500) and Sting in May (~$1200).
  3. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Don't know exactly about "Elton John Case', but I doubt that its pit cost about $200. Even Rob Stewart wants $600 for the "Fan Zone". Speaking of other artist, coming to Caesars Palace this fall, Journey's pit cost somewhere around $600 and Madonna asks $1,200. So, it seems the venue is indeed not friendly in pricing and Guns N' Roses is the biggest act of them all, so it explains so crazy price tag. Yet again, I'm not saying that it's cool or fair, it just doesn't suprise or piss me off - that's damn reality of Caesars Palace in Vegas, which isn't a cheap city by itself. By the way, T-Mobile Arena shows in 2016-2017 were highest grossing per arena gigs. Speaking of venue itself, of course it's not some sort of an exclusive private site, of course not, but Caesars Palace Hotel has a great track of famous artists performing there and holds some sort of a status of a sight in Las Vegas. Moreover, probably due to the fact, that Guns' plays there for the first time, tickets are more expensive that they could be for a "regular" appearance. Also, there is maybe something to do with residency status - as Guns' shows are not residency, the fee for the band could be higher. All in all, I just think it's not fair to forthrightly bitch the band itself as it has its own fee for a gig for and may not influence the ticket price which is put by the venue and at this case it has only 2X4000 people to break even.
  4. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Well, I haven't seen all the prices yet, but I can compare - for instance The Rolling Stones' pit on US tour on most venues goes bettween $500-800 - that's also pretty much for a "regular show". At Stones' FLorida show pit goes at $1,500 (that's Platinum ticket, but regular usually is not significantly cheaper. For sure, that's a bummer, but the venue always influences the price - open grounds are cheaper than stadiums, stadiums are cheaper than arenas and then there are "special venues" - like Caesars Palace. They can't break it even by number of tickets , so they use price.
  5. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Would you feel better, if they would have made it "private"? I mean no public listing, no formally "part of the tour"? Why do they have to decline an offer due to some what... price ethics? So, seems the problem is that they listed it as a regular show, but the price is far from regular, that's it?
  6. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Exactly! I can't get all these complains about the pricing of the show at Colosseum at Caesars Palace which are completely unjustified - it is a PREMIUM venue at a luxury hotel in Las Vegas. These shows aren't made fore regular fans, they are for stars and millioners who like GnR and can easily afford it. It's some sort of intimate shows by invitations (Like Apollo), but this time "invitation" means you have to afford it. And it would be sold out as "GnR in Caesars Palace" is a huge and trendy deal. That's unfortunate - yes - but doesn't mean a "cash grab", "the band is greedy" and other stuff. Probably, the price was set by the hotel, not the band, because Colosseum is OWNED by Caesars Palace - one of the most legendary hotels in Vegas. If all the tour prices will be the same, it would be fair to bitch them for it, but I doubt that they will, so we have just to accept the fact that it is not a regular show in terms of an attendence.
  7. NITLT 8 New dates Announced

    Indeed it was, but still, Europe had its fair share - 38 shows in 2 years. NA had twice more (88 gigs), but in the US the market itself is bigger and Guns' is an american band after all. So, I'm quite pleased how Europe was treated, especially how shows was spread across the continent. I've attended 3 of them and, of course, as for now want more, but my appetite was mostly fulfilled.
  8. **FAKE** GNR 2019 Leak? Found on Youtube

    If Ozzy hadn't got drunk and drugged so much, he would have sounded like that.
  9. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    Wow, it's a an honor to meet you, Fanfzero! Actually, I have this "Fan4fan" version and I explicitely remember that PC lasts not for too long because I mixed it for mysel with AUD version just after the whistle and Slash's first main solo. If it would last for a verse or more, I doubt that would have cut so early. But, yet again, no guarantees for now as it was quite a time ago. Nevertheless, watched a lot Guns' pro-shots, including Rosemont, and was very amused, when saw seemingly an extended version.
  10. New Proshot ? Stockholm 1991

    I’ve recently found an almost full pro shot of Chicago 1992 with as I supposed a longer Paradise City version. Pro Shot ends with “Rags to riches” verse (after “Ya treat it like a capital crime”). Have it existed earlier or is that something new? I mean, I thought it was much shorter.
  11. Interestingly how just a gossip could shake the fandom and the internet. And frankly, it affects the band itself not in the best way. I get that as an experienced musicians they should endure all that media pressure but sometimes it really goes insane - what will happen when Slash hints that he had finalised some recordings or got the job done... I know it's invetible, but yet agian, explains why Slash himself can finish his own record in a blink of an eye - because basically nobody cares. I mean, he just works and finishes whenever he wants. Even if he and Myles miss some inner deadline, nobody would bitch them from outside cause not much people know what's really happening. But in case with Guns' N' Roses, fans and press usually make deadline by themselves, putting unnecessary pressure on the band. Of course, they're professionals and have to stand it, but also they're artists and need some psychological space to work at. As for myself, I don't expect any sufficent album news or even a release date until the end of 2020 - that's my personal deadline for the band. But if they would't release a thing until early 2021 - even I would be mad and it'll show that production issues at large still exist. Something earlier - would be a miracle we need.
  12. Once I have precisly listened and compared Axl and Myles' singing and style and that's just ridicilous when somebody compares one of the best vocalists of all time and an average singer from a local US band. Only when Axl goes complete Mickey he could be challenged by Kennedy in other 70% of cases he's easily superior. For sure, Kennedy is a decent singer and he perfectly fits his owns songs, but when the thing comes to GnR stuff...well... most of it just not his type of songs - too aggressive, fast. For instance his Civil War is a prime example of how the song shouldn't be performed - messes with lirycs, fails the tempo.
  13. There is no other band like The Rolling Stones today. They have some sort of a Universe status for their contribution and influnce on rock & blues music. Speaking of money, they're much bigger than GnR - Stones' financial machine is steady running from 70s with tons of releases and productions. Ticket prices reflects it - if Guns' Golden Circle in Europe 17/18 was about 100 EUR, Stones's wanted 250 EUR (2017) - 400 EUR (2018). And people had it, stadiums were packed. If Guns' had $4.4 million from Friends Arena in 2017, Stones brought $7.8 millions from there the same year, Guns' earned $4.4 millions from Prague show in 2017, Stones did $8.6 millions in 2018. So, you can't compare their fees - I would even say that they are from different categories. Speaking of an opening band status, such big rock legends as AC/DC and Metallica at their prime opened for The Stones. So, as for me it's only a schedule/money break-even point thing rather than "Oh, we are GnR, we are too big and expensive to open for The Stones". Hands off Frank/Mel/FOrtus!
  14. NITL Tour DVD/Blu Ray ?

    Actually not - I can watch it through my iPhone YouTube App, but not via PC. Did not try to use VPN, but the thing is wierd as iPhone and PC share basically the same network and region.
  15. Rumors of Izzy & Steven returning?

    Indeed. But some people just watched Rock in Rio (as it was highly promoted and discussed) and decided that "Axl's voice is dead". Typical story.