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  1. Wow, I can't think any ways how she could make it more obvious that she's still sour because Slash found someone less tasteless and more respectable woman for his side.
  2. Guns N‘ Roses Tattoos

    I'd love to get a tattoo of my favorite lyrics some day but it needs some thinking though because I can't decide which lines I like the most and which are the most meaningful ones for me. Damn Guns and their genius writings
  3. I was shocked when I checked (after quite a long time) my YouTube playlist of Guns n' Roses' live performances. Originally there were about 160 videos on the list, but now most of them have been deleted so there are only about 20 left. That's so ridiculous, I don't understand why fans wouldn't be allowed to enjoy the performances of their favorite band during their early/best years
  4. I think that cultural differences are very interesting, but I am surprised to hear so many saying that American crowds were lame because I thought that they were the ones to be crazy and so on
  5. Well, I saw Guns in Finland 2017 and again in Estonia 2018. In Estonia I was in the Golden Circle right in the first row while in Finland I was quite far from the stage, so that may explain the difference. But anyway, in Finland the crowd was pretty calm, some people were even chatting with each other and I didn't see any crazy head banging or singing around me. In Estonia the atmosphere even before the concert was way better and the people were amazing, they were clearly having a good time. People around me knew the lyrics to most of the songs and so on. Maybe the fact that Guns were playing in Estonia for the first time ever had also something to do with it. As a Finn, I know what other nationalities think a stereotypical Finn is like and I have to say that the majority of the crowd in Hämeenlinna in 2017 was pretty much showing as little emotion as we are known for, so that was sort of lame compared to Estonia.
  6. Already here in Golden Circle, a lonely girl sitting on the ground. Btw, a greatlooking venue and beautiful weather!
  7. I'm already in Tallinn, just came from Finland and I was wondering if there is a place where people are meeting before or after the concert? Yolo